5 Pandemic Safe Road Trip Tips

5 Pandemic Safe Road Trip Tips

The weather is heating up and online school is coming to a close for the summer. After losing a summer last year, it's a no-brainer that people are looking for ways to get out and enjoy the sun. That's why we've complied 5 pandemic safe road trip tips for you and your loved ones to finally, enjoy the outdoors.

The CDC has rolled out new no masks mandates, most state officials are following suit and, allowing residents to enjoy indoor activities as well as outdoor gatherings. But if being around large groups of people with no masks is still a bit too risky for you and yours, road trips are the way to go.

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5. Book A Socially-Distant Stay At A Hotel

Some hotels are operating under strict covid policies and have aligned their cleaning protocols with the help of health professionals. Research hotels that are not looking to overlook and make a quick buck but that car for keeping vacationers safe. A few things to look out for include virtual check-in and check-outs, limited spaced-out dining options and digital room keys.

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4.  Consider Booking A Private Vacation Rental

If you can't seem to find high-rated hotels with evident vetted protocols, it may be time to consider a private vacation stay. Plenty of home away from home services like Airbnb and Vrbo a great way to ensure you and yours are isolated from other travellers. By way of design, these services are contactless, all the while limiting your interactions with others. It's a win-win.

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3. Hit The Road, Jack

If you are a real trooper and aren't into hotel or bed and breakfast stays, you could very well gather you and a bunch of friends and say in your car. Road trips like they do in those 80s films, rotating drivers and never stopping until it's time to eat and take an epic photo.

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2. Hit The Road And...Go Camping

Another way to have a socially distanced vacay is to camp in the woods. You could book an RV or resort to good old fashion setting up a tent. Maybe even investing in one of those high-tech tents to house a number of you–it may take the entire day to step up, but it's a road trip and, chances are you've got time to spare.

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1. Consider Booking A Private Tour

If you don't trust yourself to book a jam-packed trip that you'll likely enjoy, try speaking with a travel agent or trip advisor to help plan your road trip instead. As the world begins to open up, places that provide extended stays have activities that adhere to socially distancing, like touring a historical landmark or hiking in unknown territories.

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