10 Fast Food Items You Can Only Get in Canada & 10 Only Found In The USA

10 Fast Food Items You Can Only Get in Canada & 10 Only Found In The USA

Fast food is quick, convenient, and quasi-affordable—and despite warnings of too many calories lost in puddles of grease, we’ll never part ways. Unfortunately, not every menu item is available in every country, so let’s explore who can find what and where. 

1. McDonald’s Poutine

Canada and poutine go hand-in-hand, so it’s no surprise you’ll often only find it on Northern menus. You won’t have to look further than popular fast-food chains like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and even Burger King for this classic dish exclusive to Canada.

Mcdonald’s Poutine (47271532861)Paulo O on Wikimedia Commons

2. DQ Nanaimo Bar Blizzard

Nanaimo bars aren’t as big a delicacy in the United States, which is probably why the flavor migrated to Canada. Dairy Queen dedicated a whole blizzard to the traditional dessert, and you’ll likely only find it overseas.

1024Px-Dairy Queen Cups (14583425987)Mike Mozart on Wikimedia Commons

3. Burger King Lemonades

Burger King has big plans to beat the heat this summer, but it seems only Canadians can indulge. Pineapple lemonade and cherry limeade are the two latest thirst-quenchers, so here’s hoping popularity soars to the States. 

Burger King (Bk) - Fontaine-L'évêque (Belgique) - 2023-09-01Le Sharkoïste on Wikimedia Commons

4. Taco Bell Fries Supreme®

All that cheese, ground beef, and sauce slathered on a bed of french fries is only available in Canada. It makes sense the more you think about it—Fries Supreme® is like nachos and poutine had a baby, so it’s best reserved for the north.

Taco Bell, Camilla (Cropped)Michael Rivera on Wikimedia Commons


5. A&W Burger Family

A&W is no stranger to the States, but the good ol’ burger family sure is. The Papa Burger is the sole family member on American menus whereas Canada has Grandpa, Mama, Uncle, Teen, and Buddy. 

Co-Branded A&W And Long John Silver's In Gillette, WyomingMr. Satterly on Wikimedia Commons

6. McDonald’s McShaker Fries

McShaker fries were one of the greatest things on McDonald’s menus, and Canada seems like one of the only countries to bring them back. America has yet to see a resurgence, but those lucky moose people can indulge in masala and churro shaker fries. 

Hk Food 麥當勞套餐 Mcdonalds 馬鈴薯條 French Fries N Shaker Inside Fresh May-2012 閃光燈 With Flashlighting.jpgKa Ho Fa Yuen on Wikimedia Commons

7. Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry

Cadbury Creme Eggs aren’t exactly good for you, but that hasn’t stopped us from eating our body weight in them every Easter—and some kind McDonald’s executive brought a Creme Egg McFlurry to Canada. The only sad thing about them is that they aren’t in the States yet. 

Creme Egg Mcflurry (3434831135)Magnus D on Wikimedia Commons

8. Pizza Pizza Pizza

No, you didn’t misread that! Pizza Pizza is a novelty Canadian chain specializing in affordable pies, and Americans don’t have access. However, if you’re really jonesing for the experience, the chain’s first international endeavor was to Mexico, so you can always make the journey south. 

PizzapizzamarkhamtownsquareRaysonho @ Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Engine on Wikimedia Commons

9. McDonald’s Double Big Mac

Just when you thought the Big Mac couldn’t get any better, McDonald’s restaurants doubled it. It’s no easy feat, but lucky (and hungry) Canadians can sink their teeth into four patties wedged between three buns.

Mcdonalds, Bigmac Na TáciBill Benzon on Wikimedia Commons

10. Tim Hortons Donuts

For those unfamiliar, Tim Hortons is a classic Canadian donut shop loaded with baked goods, coffee, breakfast sandwiches, and the odd venture into items like pizzas or artisan grilled cheese. Visiting Americans can always dip a toe in, but don’t expect the chain to cross the border anytime soon.

Tim Hortons, Calgary, Alberta Province, Canada 🍁 April 2022 - 03Sharon Hahn Darlin on Wikimedia Commons

Though America may be missing out on some fast food delicacies, they’re home to exclusive items of their own. 


1. A&W Cheese Curds

You’re familiar with classic A&W items like their golden french fries or affordable chicken nuggets, but Americans can also indulge in cheese curds as a side. Participating restaurants have delectable bites of Wisconsin white cheddar cheese, and they’re not available in Canada.

1255Px-A&W Restaurants Cheese Curds (21584324093)Willis Lam on Wikimedia Commons

2. Burger King Birthday Pie Slice

Those rainbow sprinkles and whipped cream topping can put anyone in a celebratory mood—so long as you’re in the right country. Luckily, Canadians can still enjoy pie from Burger King, but birthday slices are reserved for Americans. 

Burger King, E Oglethorpe Blvd, AlbanyMichael Rivera on Wikimedia Commons

3. McDonald’s Sausage Biscuit

McDonald’s shared the love with McGriddles and McMuffins, but breakfast biscuit sandwiches are strictly a U.S. thing. You can nab sausage or sausage and egg, and sure, they aren’t fancy, but they are just for you. 

Mcdonald's Sausage Biscuit (15854363554)Willis Lam on Wikimedia Commons

4. Starbucks Orange Cream Cake Pop

Cake pops are common in every Starbucks, but the flavors vary depending on your location. Locations in the States are home to orange cream pops while Canadians are often treated to lemon cake.

Starbucks Birthday CakeCarol VanHook on Wikimedia Commons

5. Krispy Kreme Mini Strawberry Iced Donuts

We don’t know about you, but our math reveals that smaller donuts mean more health (don’t question us on that). Luckily, U.S. Krispy Kreme locations offer mini donuts, and though Canadians also have them, you can only find mini strawberry iced donuts in the States. 

No-Revisions-Uukdqshjpe4-UnsplashPhoto by No Revisions on Unsplash

6. A&W Corn Dog Nuggets

We can’t always run to the store for a box of corn dogs, and forget about making our own on a busy schedule—but American A&Ws have the next best thing with their exclusive corn dog nuggets. You can score them in a five or ten-piece and they aren’t available anywhere else.  

David-Lusvardi-Oikwv7Cac9K-UnsplashPhoto by David Lusvardi on Unsplash


7. Starbucks Maple Butter Sandwich

Starbucks’ chicken, maple butter, and egg sandwich won the hearts of Americans for a while, but it was quietly recalled for not meeting food standards. However, anyone missing this diamond in the rough can officially grab it again in participating American locations. 

Tr-Jy4T6Sy9Ax0-UnsplashPhoto by TR on Unsplash

8. Orange Julius Blended Flavors

Orange Julius isn’t specific to the States, but they do have flavors reserved for the States. Canada really only has a handful of juice options whereas Americans can slurp on Coconana Berry, Orangeberry, and strawberry and watermelon (among others). 

1024Px-Orange Julius-SgTerence Ong on Wikimedia Commons

9. A&W Chili Cheese Fries

Okay, so the Fries Supreme® may not be available, but it’s A&W to the rescue with their chili cheese fries. It’s almost as good considering you get a nest of fries drenched in cheese sauce and chili, and best of all, it’s only in the States. 

A&W - Cookstown - 20221023 224405778Sikander Iqbal on Wikimedia Commons

10. Dunkin Donuts Donuts

Dunkin Donuts tried their best to make it on Canadian soil, but there’s no place like home. This tried-and-true American chain set its roots back in the U.S. and continues to offer coffee and delicious donuts to this day. 

Isabella-Fischer-P6Kmvnpjcco-UnsplashPhoto by Isabella Fischer on Unsplash