20 Amazing McDonald's Items You Can't Get in America

20 Amazing McDonald's Items You Can't Get in America

McDonald's is iconic in the world of fast food, providing customers with comforting, nostalgic goodies they can always rely on. But after eating so many McDoubles, Big Macs, and Oreo McFlurries, aren't you a bit curious as to what else is out there? More specifically, is McDonald's the same all around the world? Let's satisfy your curiosity today by sharing some of the best unique items out there. Here are 20 amazing McDonald's items from around the world that you can't get in America.

1. Ebi Filet-O (Japan)

Head over to McDonald's in Japan for a seafood treat. The Ebi Filet-O is a unique sandwich you definitely won't be able to find in America - it has a crispy shrimp patty! Made using succulent shrimp, it's coated in a breadcrumb layer to achieve maximum crunchiness. It's then finished off with lettuce and a tangy sauce, all wrapped up in a perfectly toasted bun. Sounds pretty good, right?

Mcdonald's Products In China(51)Dinkun Chen on Wikimedia Commons

2. McSpaghetti (Philippines)

Let's step away from burgers for a minute to explore this wonderful McDonald's item you can only find in the Philippines: the McSpaghetti. That's right, in this lovely country, you can find pasta which is a delightful fusion of fast food and Italian cuisine. This filipino-style spaghetti has a sweet and savory tomato sauce, slices of hotdogs, and a sprinkle of grated cheese on top. It's a unique but definitely beloved option in the Philippines.

Mcdonald's San Jose Del Monte Muzon Centro 09FBenjr123 on Wikimedia Commons

3. Green Curry Chicken Burger (Thailand)

Curry...on a burger? Didn't think it would work but it does! Found in Thailand, this cool twist on the classic burger has customers lining up just to try it. The Green Curry Chicken Burger includes a juicy chicken patty that's drenched in a rich, spicy green curry sauce, topped with some fresh lettuce and a soft bun. It's the perfect blend of Thai flavours and fast-food satisfaction.

Mcdonalds MealDavid on Wikimedia Commons

4. McAloo Tikki (India)

Vegetarians, we've got something for you too! The McAloo Tikki is a very popular menu option in India. It's a true vegetarian delight, consisting of a spiced potato and pea patty. It's served with some fresh red onions, tomatoes, and a special vegetable sauce, all sandwiched between two warm, soft buns. There's no meat, but you'll definitely be impressed with how much flavour its got!

Mcaloo TikkiIan Brown on Wikimedia Commons


5. Bacon Potato Pie (Japan)

Japan just never stops with the amazing food! Coming on this list again, we've got the fan favourite Bacon Potato Pie. We know you all love the classic McDonald's apple pie, now imagine if it was savory. With bacon. And potatoes. This fried pie is stuffed with a delicious creamy mixture of bacon and potato, all wrapped up in that crispy, flaky crust we all know and love. It's the best comforting snack out there. 

へーホンホヘホハイ (37670765961)KniBaron from Bangkok, Thailand on Wikimedia Commons

6. Poutine (Canada)

Up in good ol' Canada, you can find a delicious, hearty snack on their McDonald's menu: the classic Canadian dish, poutine. This rich, filling meal features the amazing McDonald's fries loaded up with rich gravy and cheese curds. It's the best of salty, savory, and cheesy flavours in every bite.

Mcdonald’s Poutine (47271532861)Paulo O from Halifax, Canada on Wikimedia Commons

7. Chicken McDo with Spaghetti (Philippines)

Another Filipino speciality, the Chicken McDo with Spaghetti offers customers a satisfying and filling combo. Who wouldn't love a juicy, crispy fried chicken drumstick next to their famous spaghetti? It's the combo that keeps on giving, leaving you feeling nothing but satisfaction as you enjoy this delicious meal. We can't believe it's fast food!

Boshoku-Mrx9Wqk4W7A-UnsplashPhoto by Boshoku on Unsplash

8. Prosperity Burger (Malaysia)

Popular especially around Chinese New Year, the Prosperity Burger is a seasonal favourite in Malaysia. This burger is definitely unique - it includes a beef or chicken patty that's covered in a savory, peppery black sauce, topped with onions, and served in a long sesame seed bun. It's a flavour combination the Western countries aren't as familiar with, but we can tell you, it's definitely worth trying.

Prosperity Burger Packaged From Mcdonald's In China 20210814SmileYuki on Wikimedia Commons

9. Baci McFlurry (Italy)

Let's switch things up and visit the sweet side of things. Let's talk about a delicious sweet treat you won't be able to find in America. In Italy, you can get a decadent Baci McFlurry at McDonald's. It blends rich hazelnut and chocolate flavours of Baci (an Italian chocolate) with McDonald's iconic creamy soft serve. The result? A truly irresistible dessert.

Mcflurry Baci (243386957)Leandro Neumann Ciuffo on Wikimedia Commons

10. Rice Fun Bowl (Taiwan)

Now let's travel all the way to the east to visit Taiwan and their McDonald's offerings. Here, you can get a unique item, a Rice Fun Bowl that features a bowl of aromatic rice topped with different options like crispy chicken, beef, or vegetables. You even get a choice with the sauces! It's a comforting and homey meal that really showcases the versatility of rice in the fast food world.

Vladislav-Bogutski-2S3Zfcswmfk-UnsplashPhoto by VLADISLAV BOGUTSKI on Unsplash


11. Camembert Donut (Germany)

Now you're really going to wish you could order this at McDonald's in the US. In Germany, McDonald's offers customers a gourmet twist on the typical sweet donut. Let's make it savory and cheesy...and that's how the Camembert Donut was born. This indulgent snack features a donut-shaped piece of creamy Camembert cheese that's breaded and deep-fried to golden, crispy perfection. Cheese lovers will love this option!

1705520597014.pngLubnakarim06 on Wikimedia Commons

12. Nasi Lemak Burger (Singapore)

Putting an innovative spin on the traditional Malay dish, Singapore's McDonald's introduces us to the Nasi Lemak Burger. This inventive burger includes a coconut-flavoured chicken thigh patty, a fried egg, cucumber slices, and sambal sauce, all served within a semonlina bun. We never thought it would work so well, but it perfectly captures the essence of Nasi Lemak in a handheld, easy-to-eat form.

1024Px-Mcdonald's Changi Airport T3SmileYuki on Wikimedia Commons

13. Chorizo & Egg McMuffin (Mexico)

Given how delicious the classic Egg McMuffin already is, we're surprised Mexico was able to somehow make it even better. How? They put a little Mexican twist on this breakfast classic by using chorizo. This flavourful spicy sausage really ups the taste factor. Combined with a freshly cracked egg and topped with a slice of cheese, this combination nestled between deliciously toasted English muffins offers a great start to any day. 

1705521057491.pngGlane23 on Wikimedia Commons

14. McKroket (Netherlands)

All the way from the Netherlands is the McKroket, a unique take on a Dutch snack. To put it simply, it's a deep-fried croquette filled with a creamy beef stew, all encased in a crunchy breadcrumb coating. Don't you wish we had that here? Served in a bun with a special mustard sauce, it's such a delicious savory snack.

Mckroket, Winschoten (2020) 02Donald Trung Quoc Don  on Wikimedia Commons

15. McCurry Pan (India)

Now that's a fun name to say. The McCurry Pan, available in India, is another tasty snack vegetarian's can enjoy. It's simply a rectangular baked bread filled with rich, aromatic curry consisting of mixed vegetables. When served hot, it's so enjoyable to eat.

1024Px-India Trip 2009 (3991752867)Flying Cloud from Australia on Wikimedia Commons

16. Shaka Shaka Chicken (Japan)

Back to Japan folks! This time, we've got the Shaka Shaka Chicken which is a fun, interactive snack. It's a piece of perfectly fried chicken that comes with a seasoning packet. There's loads of different flavours, from cheese, red pepper, lemon, and so on. All you have to do is pour the seasoning into the bag, shake it up ("shaka shaka" in Japanese), and enjoy a flavour-packed piece of chicken. Fun and tasty!

Mcdonald's Products In China(14)Dinkun Chen on Wikimedia Commons


17. Brie Nuggets (Russia)

We already love Chicken McNuggets here in America, but in Russia, they've taken it up a notch. For a classier option, McDonald's in Russa offers Brie Nuggets. These nuggets are really small pieces of creamy brie cheese, coated in a crispy breadcrumb shell, fried till golden and perfect. It's served with a sweet and tangy berry sauce that works great with the creaminess of the brie!

Vkusno I Tochka, Novosibirsk 01К.Артём.1 on Wikimedia Commons

18. Gazpacho (Spain)

Offering a healthier and lighter option in the realm of fast food, Spain's McDonald's menu offers a delicious Gazpacho during the summer months. Gazpacho is a chilled and refreshing tomato-based soup that tastes the best during hot weather. 

Mcdonalds-Madrid-060216FDV on Wikimedia Commons

19. Georgie Pie (New Zealand)

New Zealand's McDonald's resurrected the beloved Georgie Pie, a classic Kiwi favorite. The pie is stuffed with savory fillings like steak & cheese or mince & cheese, encased in a flaky, buttery crust. It's a nostalgic nod to a New Zealand culinary staple, reinvented in a fast-food setting.

1024Px-Georgie Pie RelaunchJustin14 on Wikimedia Commons

20. McMolletes (Mexico)

For a unique breakfast option you can't find anywhere here, Mexico's McMolletes (catchy name) are seriously good. They're open-faced sandwich buns topped with refried beans, cheese, and pico de Gallo. This hearty combination offers customers a flavourful and filling start to the day. We love seeing McDonald's combining traditional flavours with the comforting taste of fast food!

Joshua-Austin-5So Izhcldm-UnsplashPhoto by Joshua Austin on Unsplash