20 Delicious Chocolate Bars That Americans Aren't Familiar With

20 Delicious Chocolate Bars That Americans Aren't Familiar With

Aside from your classic favourites like KitKat, Snickers, and Hershey's chocolate bars, there's actually a whole world of unique chocolates out there for you to explore. Coming from other countries around the world, we've curated this list of 20 delicious chocolates that you Americans probably never tried or even heard of before. It's time to start expanding your chocolate horizon!

1. Terry's Chocolate Orange (United Kingdom)

While chocolate and orange might not be everyone's favourite flavour combination, you can't deny that this packaging and shape is beyond brilliant. Terry's Chocolate Orange is a British classic - it combines sweet and creamy milk chocolate with a distinct orange flavour. To enjoy this treat, slam the chocolate down on a table or a hard surface to break it into its fun orange slices.

1024Px-Terrys-Chocolate-OrangeEvan-Amos on Wikimedia Commons

2. Cadbury Dairy Milk (United Kingdom)

Look, we know Cadbury Dairy exists in America too, but trying the British version of this chocolate is a completely different experience. It's like a whole new chocolate bar! It's been said to have a much creamier and smoother taste, likely due to the higher milk content in the UK version. Don't forget to grab one if you ever get the chance (try doing a side-by-side taste test!).

ChocolatezzAkshaya Soundararajan on Wikimedia Commons

3. Cadbury Wispa Gold (United Kingdom)

The more luxurious version of the classic Wispa bar, this chocolate hailing from the UK has a decadent layer of caramel atop its airy chocolate core that's all covered in smooth milk chocolate. People absolutely love this bar, especially for its velvety texture and rich flavour profile.

Wispa-SplitEvan-Amos, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

4. Milka (Germany)

Famous for its soft and creamy texture, Milka is a chocolate brand that's not as accessible in the American market as other classic ones. Offering consumers a wide range of flavours like Milka Daim and Milka Oreo, you shouldn't be sleeping on this delicious chocolate - you're seriously missing out.

Milka Alpine Milk Chocolate Bar 100GUbcule on Wikimedia Commons


5. Tim Tam (Australia)

While the Tim Tam is a bit more than just a chocolate bar, we couldn't leave out this beloved Australian biscuit. Composed of two layers of chocolate malted biscuit, it's got a creamy chocolate filling and a smooth chocolate coating. Everyone who tries one falls in love with them immediately. Though you might be able to find similar products in the US, you'll never find something that replicates it just as well.

Tim Tams (1)Bilby on Wikimedia Commons

6. Ritter Sport (Germany)

Compared to big names like KitKat and Snickers, Ritter Sport isn't exactly a chocolate brand that Americans are all too familiar with. Made in Germany, these bars are renowned for their wide array of flavours, like Marzipan, Yogurt, and Cornflake, all of which are not available in the US. 

Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate With Marzipan 3Mx. Granger on Wikimedia Commons

7. Galaxy (United Kingdom)

Known as one of the UK's best chocolate offerings, the Galaxy bar is beloved for its smooth, creamy, and rich chocolate taste. It's a definite favourite over in the UK, offering a different taste and quality experience compared to American chocolate. It even comes in various flavours like Caramel and Fruit & Nut which are hard to find in the US.

1024Px-Galaxy Honeycomb Crisp FrontArjun G. Menon on Wikimedia Commons

8. Fry's Turkish Delight (United Kingdom)

Ever watch the first Narnia movie or read the book? Then you'll remember Edmund was tempted with these delicious sweet treats! Fry's Turkish Delight takes a spin on the classic by encasing the soft jelly with a thin layer of milk chocolate. It's a unique flavour combination that's hard to find in the American candy/chocolate landscape!

1024Px-Frys-Turkish-Delight-SplitEvan-Amos on Wikimedia Commons

9. Aero (Canada)

Famous for its bubbly, airy texture that is achieved by aerating the chocolate, Aero strangely hasn't found much commercial success in the US. This chocolate bar is beloved in other countries around the world though, thanks to their wide variety of flavours and fun texture.

Aero Chocolate SplitLearningLark on Wikimedia Commons

10. Lion Bar (Switzerland)

The Lion Bar is a Swiss chocolate bar that combines caramel, wafer, and crisped cereal covered in milk chocolate. Sounds pretty good, right? Its satisfying crunch and rich flavors are not commonly found in American chocolate bars, making it a sought-after snack for those looking for something different.

1711658819006.pngEvan-Amos on Wikimedia Commons


11. Flake (United Kingdom)

With its short and simple name, the name "Flake" perfectly encapsulates the unique crumbly texture of this chocolate bar. It's got a distinctive melt-in-your-mouth quality that's attracted plenty of chocolate connoisseurs. It's one that's definitely challenging to find in the States! 

1024Px-Cadbury-Flake-SplitEvan-Amos on Wikimedia Commons

12. Picnic (Australia)

What a cute name! The Picnic bar that's available in Australia combines a variety of textures for the ultimate sweet experience. It's got peanuts, caramel, and biscuit, all covered in creamy milk chocolate. It's dense, chewy, and crunchy, offering consumers a satisfying bite each time.

1024Px-Cadbury-Picnic-Aust-SplitEvan-Amos on Wikimedia Commons

13. Plopp (Sweden)

With such a unique name, Plopp is a popular Swedish chocolate bar that's got an equally unique taste. Featuring a soft and gooey caramel center, the combination of sweet caramel and smooth milk chocolate will be enough to send you on a sugar rush. 

1024Px-Plopp Close-UpTktktk on Wikimedia Commons

14. Smarties Chocolate Bar (Canada)

For one, while Smarties in America are known as a type of tablet candy, in Canada, Smarties are colourful chocolate candies similiar to M&M's. But we're taking it up a notch to introduce you to its lesser-known chocolate bar form. Incorporating these little candy-coated chocolates into a milk chocolate base, you're left with a fun and crunchy bar that's got amazing texture.

1024Px-Smarties RiesenrolleFaldrian on Wikimedia Commons

15. Bounty (United Kingdom)

Bounty bars are beloved for their moist and tender coconut filling encased in a thick layer of milk chocolate. While coconut is a common flavor in sweets worldwide, the particular texture and richness of Bounty's filling set it apart from coconut-flavored candies available in the U.S.

Bounty-SplitEvan-Amos on Wikimedia Commons

16. Crunchie (United Kingdom)

A unique chocolate bar, Crunchie is known and beloved for its honeycomb toffee center, something not commonly found in the US. Covered in sweet milk chocolate, this bar provides you with a satisfying crunch and a melt-in-your-mouth sensation that can't be beat. It's a favourite in the UK, but certainly not very common in the US.

1024Px-Crunchie BarAdambro on Wikimedia Commons


17. Violet Crumble (Australia)

Similar to the Crunchie bar but coming all the way from Australia, the Violet Crumble features a honeycomb center that tastes crispier and has a chocolate coating that's richer. You'll have to try both the Crunchie and Violet Crumble to see which texture and taste you prefer!

Violet-Crumble-SplitEvan-Amos on Wikimedia Commons

18. Chokito (Brazil)

Here's a fun one: Chokito is a Brazilian chocolate bar that's less known in the US, but deserves more attention because of its delicious chewy caramel, crisped rice, and thick layer of milk chocolate. Its rich caramel and crunchy texture combination make it everything you want in a delicious chocolate bar.

1024Px-Chokito-SplitEvan-Amos on Wikimedia Commons

19. Coffee Crisp (Canada)

Coffee Crisp is a Canadian favourite; this chocolate bar layers coffee-flavored wafer with a light coffee cream filling, all enrobed in milk chocolate. Its distinct coffee flavor and crispy texture are hard to find in American chocolate bars, making it a stand-out treat that needs to be tried.

Coffee-Crisp Mocha-CanadaEyreland at English Wikipedia on Wikimedia Commons

20. Double Decker (United Kingdom)

The Double Decker bar is another gem from the UK that's as big and grand as it sounds. Boasting a unique dual-layer structure, it's got a nougat-like top layer and a crispy cereal bottom, all covered in milk chocolate. We never thought we'd use the word "hearty" to describe a chocolate bar, but this one certainly is!

1024Px-Cadbury-Double-Decker-SplitEvan-Amos on Wikimedia Commons