The 10 Most Hated Vegetables & The 10 Most Loved

The 10 Most Hated Vegetables & The 10 Most Loved

While eating your share of vegetables is an important part of keeping your body healthy, that doesn't mean you have to like every single one. Each vegetable is so different from one another when it comes to taste and texture, so you likely have your favourites and ones that you hate. But as it turns out, your list might look a lot more similar to others than you might think. That's because some flavours and textures are just universally disliked or loved. Here are the 10 most hated vegetables and the 10 most loved. How many do you agree with?

1. Kale

Although kale became quite the popular vegetable for blending into smoothies, that doesn't mean everyone loves it as a vegetable on its own. With its tough and fibrous texture, it isn't the most enjoyable to eat. Not to mention, kale has a rather bitter flavour that doesn't appeal to many, making it a challenging vegetable for most people to eat.

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2. Celery

Although celery is known for being essentially zero calories, it's hard for many people to get over its incredibly stringy and weird texture. On top of that, when you eat it alone, it has a uniquely bland taste that people don't like. 

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3. Brussels Sprouts

When it comes to Brussels sprouts, preparation is so important. When cooked poorly, this vegetable is everyone's enemy; it can have a rather unappetizing bitter taste and weird texture. Sadly, because most people aren't aware of how delicious Brussels sprouts can be when roasted or sautéed properly, it's become quite the hated vegetable.

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4. Spinach

For vegetables like spinach, it's mostly a texture thing that throws people off. When cooked, spinach grows to have a very mushy, slimy texture that is unappealing for many. Combined with its earthy flavour, it's simply one that's hard for people to enjoy.

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5. Okra

While it may be a Southern staple when fried as an appetizer, okra is generally disliked by the mass majority because of its slimy consistency and unique flavour. It's also not a vegetable that people eat on the regular, so it's unfamiliarity plays a part too. It's definitely one that has to grow on you. 

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6. Eggplant

Despite its beautifully vibrant purple colour, it's not enough to get people to like this vegetable when cooked. Eggplant is known for having a spongy and mushy texture that doesn't sit well with a lot of people, and a slightly bitter taste that furthers the dislike. Although dishes like eggplant parmesan may be popular, anything tastes better when you throw loads of cheese on it. As a standalone vegetable, it's certainly not a favourite for most. 

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7. Beets

You know a vegetable is unpopular if most people describe its flavour to taste like dirt. Beets often find its way onto the most hated vegetable lists because of their incredibly earthy taste. Unfortunately, it's just something too hard for some people to overcome. 

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8. Cabbage

When cooked, cabbage can grow to have a strong, funky smell, even if its taste remains a bit bland. Because most of us eat first with our eyes and nose, it can be offputting for some people. 

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9. Asparagus

If you ask a group of kids and adults, one vegetable that typically stands out as very disliked is asparagus. Whether its because of its scary appearance, strong flavour, or weird ability to make your urine smell bad, you never hear many positive things about this vegetable. 

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10. Radishes

Having a uniquely sharp and peppery flavour, radishes are usually a hit or miss for most people. Basically, you either like the taste or you don't. The stronger the flavour of a vegetable, the more divided people seem to be about it. 

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1. Carrots

Most people are a fan of foods with a satisfying crunch, which is why carrots stand out as a beloved vegetable. Eaten raw or cooked, carrots don't have an overpowering flavour that turns people off, and its texture is enjoyable when raw and crunchy, or cooked and soft. 

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2. Potatoes

It's safe to say everyone loves a good potato - they're arguably the most versatile vegetable! Often featured in the most homey, comforting dishes, people associate great food and memories with potatoes. Whether it's eaten as a fry, beaten into a mash, or simply baked whole, you can never go wrong with this one.

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3. Lettuce

Known for having an exceptionally mild taste, lettuce is popular thanks to its crisp, refreshing texture. Commonly used in salads and sandwiches, people generally don't have a problem with this vegetable. While it doesn't have the highest nutritional value of all the veggies on this list, it is low in calories.

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4. Bell Peppers

Whether you prefer them orange, red, or yellow, bell peppers are quite the popular vegetable thanks to its versatility and sweet, mild flavour. They're great for salads, stir-fries, stuffed recipes, or simply eaten raw with a side of ranch. While they do have a very mild bitter taste, it's not enough for most people to complain about it.

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5. Sweet Potatoes

If potatoes are already popular root vegetables, you can expect sweet potatoes to be just as loved. Sweet is in its name after all and that's what you get from this tasty veggie. People love eating sweet potatoes simply roasted or baked until cooked, turning it into a soft and delightful snack.

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6. Cucumbers

Crunchy, refreshing, and mild in flavour, cucumbers are a popular favourite for most people. And with them being so low in calorie, they're often eaten as a snack when dieting. Its inoffensive taste, satisfying texture, and versatility, make it easy to see why this is a beloved veggie.

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7. Corn

Perfect for summer barbecues, we're not surprised to see corn make it onto this list. Having such a sweet flavour, corn is enjoyed straight as it is. While it tastes even better with some butter and mayo rubbed on, no one would ever complain about having it plain. It's that good!

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8. Peas

Peas are adorable little bright green balls that tend to be a favourite for many. They have a slightly sweet, slightly earthy flavour that works well in a lot of dishes like stir-fries, soups, and sauces.

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9. Zucchini

Ever heard of zoodles? For those of you on a diet, zucchini noodles started trending on social media as a delicious pasta replacement. This just proves how adaptable and versatile this vegetable is. Combined with its mild flavour that pairs well with a lot of other sauces and flavours, zucchini tends to be a loved vegetable.

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10. Onions

Whether you enjoy this vegetable raw for that sharp bite or slow-cooked till sweet and caramelized, onions are used in such a wide variety of dishes they're hard not to love. You can cook them however you like, meaning there's likely some form or consistency of onion you can enjoy. Used as toppings on pizza, a filling for sandwiches, a component in stir-fries, and so much more, there are countless ways to eat and use onions.

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