40 Memes Everyone Can Relate to if They Don't Cook

40 Memes Everyone Can Relate to if They Don't Cook

40 Memes Everyone Can Relate to if They Don't Cook

Are you the type of person who sets off the smoke alarm every time you step into the kitchen? Does the mere thought of cooking send you running for the nearest takeout menu? Well, fear not, because we've got a hilarious lifeline for you! In this article, we're serving up 40 memes that are piping hot and ready to tickle your funny bone, even if your culinary skills are more microwave than Michelin star.

1. When The Wife's Away


When the wife's away, the husband will pay. 

2. Ma, Make Me Something


You have no choice but to scour the pantry for something you don't have to whip together yourself. Usually it's junk food. 

3. Chef Excellence


Call me Chef because I didn't burn the frozen pizza this time. 

4. Important Information


It's probably information you should disclose on the first date. At least give them a heads up. 


5. Fake It Until You Make It


I guess it's not my fault I'm such good liar. 

6. Meal Fit For A King


When in doubt, Dino Nuggies with a side of mac and cheese. A combination fit for a king. 

7. Never Too Much Spaghetti


There really are no guidelines for how much spaghetti is too much spaghetti. Just go with what your heart tells you. 

8. Fancy Meal For Two


Something fancy for you, my dear. Would you like some freshly cracked pepper with that? 

9. HorrifyingScreenshot%202023-11-07%20at%203.58.01%E2%80%AFPM.pngcheezburger.com

Yeah, I'd be horrified too. 

10. Water 


How does he like his water? Boiled? Frozen? Room temperature? 

11. How Do You Like Your Burger


Asking is just a courtesy. You're lucky I'm making you something in the first place. 


12. Should've Looked Before


I guess it would have been a good idea to check before. How long does it need to cook for? Let me check the trash. 

13. Is Something Burning? 


Nothing is burning. It's all good over here. 

14. Just Chilling


Did they mean me, or the food? I guess we'll never know for sure. If you need me, I'll be in the fridge. 

15. Tummy Grumbling


Sometimes you just gotta starve a bit because you're way too lazy to cook anything of substance. 

16. Oops


Starting with onions and garlic is always a safe bet. You can't really go wrong. 

17. No? OK Good


If you're alive and well, you have no right to complain about my cooking. Deal with it. 


18. Just Winging It


Sometimes you just gotta wing it. Do it for the plot, you know? 

19. This Is Fine


We were off to a great start. I'm not sure where we went wrong here. 

20. Anyone Got Milk? 


I mean, I guess it could have been worse. As long as nothing is on fire. 

21. Success Story


Call me a pizzaiolo because I did it all on my own. Ship me off to Italy already! 

22. The Oven Is Broken


Call the oven repair guy, something's wrong and I can't figure out what it is. 

23. It Was An Accident


Bad at cooking? Or just really good at science? Lava is pretty impressive, if you ask me. 


24. The Holy Grail 


You can't go wrong with this combination right here. Even if you're making something totally bizarre, the beginning stages will have anyone in the vicinity with their mouth watering. 

25. What Do I Look Like? 


That's too difficult for me. Give me something easier than that. I don't understand science. 

26. Just Following Instructions


Bird's chilling, what could go wrong? He's had a hard life, he deserves to relax before he gets cooked. 

27. Totally Worth It


Did you really make something worthwhile if your kitchen doesn't look like a disaster afterward? 

28. Top Chef


Watches Top Chef once, suddenly you could out Gordon Ramsey to shame. 

29. Salad Burning


How does one manage to burn a salad? Not really Top Chef material, in my opinion. 

30. Pioneer Times


Just call me old fashioned. We don't need Uber Eats around here. 

31. A Delicassy


Mmmmm, fried air. An absolutely delicassy where I'm from. 

32. Not That Simple


Food bloggers are really putting ingredients in their recipes that you only have on hand if you own a farm. 

33. A+ For Effort


Why do all internet recipes call for a million steps? Can't they make it simple? 

34. What Are Serving Suggestions?


Again with the lack of measurement instructions when making pasta. Can't they be more specific on the packaging? 

35. Cooking Instructions Be Like


Why do they always give a life story about how they started cooking when they were 9 years old? 

36. Cooking Spinach Be Like


I still don't know how this happens. You put a whole package of spinach in a frying pan and it somehow turns into 3 singular leaves. 

37. Delicious and Fancy


Mmmmm, fancy. I could really go for some pommes frites with a sweetened tomato reduction right now. 

38. Frying Pan Tips


Just leave it there, it needs to soak. Forever, apparently. 

39. Just Watching


Just let me know if you need anything, honey. I'm here to help. 

40. Voila


Where did I go wrong? Why isn't my recipe as "voila" as it should be?