Airbnb Hosts Share Their Nightmare Guest Stories

Airbnb Hosts Share Their Nightmare Guest Stories

When you welcome someone into your home -- especially someone you don't know and met over the internet -- you're taking a huge risk. You could end up with damaged property, unpaid bills, angry neighbors, or just a bunch of really uncomfortable memories.

These Airbnb hosts from all over the world recently took to the internet to share their best stories of weirdo tenants. Hospitality is too easily and often abused these days!

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32. "We'll pay for the damages"

I had two.

The first was actually an AirBNB exec who messaged me saying that he had stayed in my building before, his brother lives in the building as well and would be in and out with no issues. My apartment was a $2,000 per month luxury 1 bedroom in a major city with doorman etc.

When the guest arrived he messaged me to complain that the building location was too noisy, the bed wasn't comfortable and that he wants to end his stay early. I agreed to let him leave early within the terms of the listing. He ended up disputing the charges, got refunded and left me my first review with less than 5 stars which made my account ineligible for "super host" status.

My second incident was a few people who were coming in for a conference. Long story short, they had a party and trashed my apartment. Toilet was a mess, holes in the walls, stained the carpet etc. A few thousand dollars in damage.

When I found out about this, I had another guest coming the next day. I contacted Airbnb about the incident, but they were more concerned whether I was going to be able to get the apartment ready for the next guest. They guaranteed me that they would repair all the damage, I just had to submit photos as proof. I got the apartment cleaned up and ready for the next guest.

When I filed my claim with AirBNB I was told that since I hosted another guest after the incident, i was unable to file a claim. I fought this for a little while but got nowhere and just left the guest a negative review. A few months later I got a notification from Airbnb that they were removing my negative review of the guest who trashed my apartment.

I am no longer an Airbnb host.

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31. Fake profile

The guest that stole everything from our house. They used a fake profile and when we got back from vacation everything of value was gone. Still trying to recover damages two months later from Airbnb.

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30. I'll pay extra for cuddling

I was new to Airbnb and my prices were very low. At that time I was 21, and thought it was only boys and girls like me who used the app. Signed up pretty much to hang out with people my age, show them the city, have a great time.

My first guest was a middle aged woman who was attending a Robbie Williams concert in the neighbor city. She was very sweet and kind when I talked to her through Airbnb, so I let her use my cheap apartment (in which I live also). She didn't "check in" before 3 in the morning, and she was very hammered when she arrived. I had work the following morning, so I really felt like sleeping.

When I let her inside she was very noisy. After about 30 minutes she fell asleep. I was woken up suddenly by her trying to "sneak" into my bed (keep in mind she was not in her right mind) so it was not very smooth. I asked what she was doing, and told her to use the other room. She refused and wanted to cuddle with me -- also saying she was willing to pay more.

I told her, quite aggressively, to use the other room or leave. At the point she simply got mad at me. After about 15 minutes she busted the door open and came back into my room trying to sell me some of her organic product called vitamin plus or something. I was furious. She kept going for about 1 hour before the almost fell asleep in the door opening. She gave me 5 stars.

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29. A little home cooking

My mom helped manage some Airbnb beach houses and apparently someone tried to substances in the kitchen of one of the rentals. That was the craziest thing but there were a lot of partiers who trashed houses which was more annoying than weird.

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28. Air in the wrong condition

Everything was great until the last night. She called and said the house was very warm and she didn't think she would be able to sleep that way. So I said just turn the AC on. I didn't hear anything back from her until the next morning. She said she could barely get through the night and it was so hot because the AC was broken. So I get home and notice that the AC unit was on and blowing cool air but she had moved the unit close to the bed and detached the exhaust hose so all the warm air was blowing out the back and into the room.

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27. A film set

I had one "tenant" make an adult film while staying in my home. I didn't find out until I was cruising online and stopped because I noticed my living room and kitchen. I guess my house is internet famous?


26. A sweet kind of weird

My wife and I used to rent out our upstairs when Airbnb first hit our region of the country. Back then, all of the guests were amazing. One of our favorites was a German couple and their daughter. The husband and daughter spoke English well enough, but the wife never said a word. They stayed for 3 days or so and were very polite. When they left, the wife left behind a sheet of card stock for us where she drew a replica of one of our wedding photographs that was hanging on the wall. It was amazing and we framed it and now it hangs on our wall as well.

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25. You can't run far enough

My wife rented out our spare room to earn extra cash and I didn't get involved with it at all. She met me for dinner one night after work and casually mentioned that we had a couple from Germany staying with us.

No big deal, we had dinner then came home. When we got home they were sitting on the couch and I immediately recognized one as my student at the university I teach at. We said an awkward hello and my wife and I went to our bedroom.

We heard the door slam and the guests were gone. They had rented our place to get out of the dorms for the night and thought they were renting the whole apartment, not just one room. I think we may have arrived home just before they started doing it on the couch. We live far enough away from the university that the students assumed they'd be staying with total strangers.

I saw the female student in class the next week and she was pretty embarrassed. It was difficult because I wanted to convey to her that my wife and I didn't care and that is what being young is all about. Instead we just chose to pretend that it never happened.

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24. A couple of knobs

Not me but a friend. She rented out a 100-year-old house that had been renovated but still had its original doorknobs. When the guests moved out it turned out they had taken the door knobs.

Apparently the AirBnB guests were renovating their own house in California and thought that the doorknobs would look really nice in their home. Nine of them. They stole nine door knobs! So then insurance gets involved, my friend refused to settle because she wanted the original door knobs back, insurance offered her $27,000 -- that’s $3000 per door knob -- but she still refused and threatened to file a lawsuit etc. Finally she got her doorknobs back but it was a lot of trouble.

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23. Standing in the toilet

After getting no response from the guests since the day of the booking, they showed up 8 hours late and were super angry that I had left. Called me at 2:30 that night to say the key was not working. I went over and the key worked first time,

"Oh you turn the key that way!"

Night two, at 3:30, they called because they were locked out. I go over to find they went to get food, back in an hour. In the mean time I discover they left the key in the lock so the door couldn't be opened. Enter the locksmith.

On the day of the check out, they left before I got there. The front door was wide open as were the windows. Obviously illegal substances everywhere. Rubbish on the floor and four full, used rubbers on the floor around the bed. Bathroom looked like they had stood in the toilet and pooped and peed on the floor.

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22. "Did you think we'd want to come out here if we knew it was like this?!"

Well, the thing is, they appeared nice -- charming, in fact. I waited for them so that I could give them the key to the cabin, and we chatted for a while about what to do, places to see, etc.

The next day, though, I came by at noon to see if they needed anything as the closest grocery store was 45 minutes away and my husband and I were going. The woman to whom I had spoken was with a different guy and the one I had met previously was nowhere to be found.

Now, this is mid August in California, so it's pretty freaking hot. After asking how everything is, she slams the door in my face without answering. So, I knock again. The new guy opened the door. Again, I asked how everything was. From inside, the woman screams, "It's too bloody hot! Why didn't you tell us how hot it was? Did you think we'd want to come out here if we knew it was like this?!"

After this, I let myself inside to see if they had issues with the AC... The Air Conditioning unit had been vandalized, the toilet was plugged and smelled horrific, and the bed sheets were strewn about the cabin. What in the world is going on?!

So, I started questioning them. First, I gave them the benefit of the doubt, and asked if they had been robbed. The woman shrugged and said, "Nope. This place is so crappy, I just wanted to add to it."

Before I could muster up an answer out of my shocked stupor, the man I met the day earlier came in smelling of drinks and smokes. He stumbled in, cursing out the woman for kicking him out and replacing him, and went immediately to the bathroom... Where the toilet was clogged. He opened up the seat, saw what was there, and immediately started vomiting EVERYWHERE, including on my sandal wearing feet.

Not knowing what else to do, I went outside to the hose and rinsed myself off. Meanwhile, my cabin became an arena for their screaming match. After it seemed to have cooled off, I went inside and snapped pictures of everything so that I could sue them for the damages.

Yeah. What a nightmare.

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21. That guy really loves to shower

Not a huge thing, but a guy left all (and I really mean all) my dishes and plates greasy after staying for just one night. Weirdly enough, he also used an entire bottle of shower gel.

If someone wants to make up a story of what he did in my apartment, I'd love to hear your theory. I sure don't have one.

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20. Bird brained

My in laws used to Airbnb their house while they were travelling. Once, the people staying there left the deck doors and windows open all night (despite the instructions being very clear that this should not be done). A bird got into the house and in its stupid attempt to escape bloodied itself all over the main floor and died in the living room.

The people staying there decided not to mention anything and just left it like that.

Two days later they get back and see the mess. What the heck, people!?

I mean, I get that it was kind of a crazy situation, but staying quiet and leaving was not the best way to handle it.

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19. Made a mess without even staying

My wife and I are hosts, and had a young French couple show up on a Friday evening.

We had guests checking in on Saturday afternoon and needed to clean the room between guests, but by midday (our assigned checkout time) we hadn't heard a sound from the room. By 1pm we were getting anxious so I began knocking on the door. After 10 minutes of knocking and not getting any responses, I went into the room.

The guests had gone, spilled chocolate ice cream on the white sheets and left used rubbers on the floor.

We cleaned the room for the next guests and then noticed that we were reviewed by the French guests - they were demanding their money back because they didn't realize my wife and I would be home (even though we advertise as a private room), because the place was dirty and the common stairs in the apartment building were dirty. Turns out, they'd not stayed the night, but left and stayed in a hotel.

Needless to say, we did not refund them since they made more of a mess than any other guests we've had.

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18. Review blackmail

Rebecca Bahr

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17. An unexpected wedding

They had an Indian wedding without telling us. The place was trashed. Stank like Indian food that was going bad. They left a hot iron on the kitchen table and left a burn mark. There was pizza face down and smashed into the carpet of the kids room. Garbage in the pool. Trash all over the yard. Never again.

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16. I just met you and I LOVE you

Back when couch surfing was big I hosted a lot of couch surfers at my house. This one dude (who I think had pretty good reviews?) stayed with me for two days. On the first day I was nice enough to give him a little tour around my neighborhood.

We stopped in at a local cafe and he very earnestly told the server that he and I were on a date. I was like "no we're not" and he just laughed and told the server I was crazy.

I figured he was just trying to be funny, but after he left my house he found and followed all of my social media accounts and started sending me nonstop weird messages begging me to be his friend. I blocked him, but then he just created new accounts to re-follow me. This went on for years.

His reviews on the website didn't indicate that anyone else had had an issue with him, but I think that I may have been the first single lady he had stayed with and so it finally gave him a chance to release his inner weirdo. Rest assured that the review I left him was NOT favorable.


15. Just take your shoes off, lady

Old lady who wouldn't comply with one of our clearly listed rules about no outdoor shoes in the house. First she tried to make us think we were gonna lose a potential valuable guest because she was "really considering staying long term". Got upset that "kids" not half her age were telling her what she can and cannot do. Sent me a wall of text of her complaints, all of which were nonexistent before the shoe issue.

Eventually she called me to tell me my family was stupid for not knowing our place in life. Threatened me with "trouble" if I was gonna cause trouble in her life then followed up by saying this is not a threat. Told her she was no longer welcome and she asked me if I was kicking her out. Said no, your lease is ending in 2 days you are just no longer welcome and can't extend.

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14. Difference is the whole reason for traveling

I think this was just a bit of a culture clash.

They complained that our house, a 100 year-old cottage in the New Forest, southern England, didn't have a particular type of bedding (only found in America), and didn't have 'bug screens'.

We tried to explain that 'bug screens' simply don't exist anywhere in the UK, but they didn't really get it.

We got a so-so review for having a house missing these so-called 'basic conveniences', despite our trying to explain that things are a bit different in the UK compared to America.

We were their first stop before they headed up to Edinburgh. I hope the rest of their trip didn't bring them too many surprises, but I have a suspicion they would have spent the whole two weeks complaining about how things are different from back home.

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13. The only unforgivable thing is the glitter

I rented to two well-dressed and well spoken art students. At about 4am the neighbor called me asking what in the world was going on. I could hear this crazy music and loud screams in the background.

So I drove over. They have about 30 people in my one bedroom. Naked. Covered in glitter, paint, drinks. They're all banging. One dude is sitting in the corner looking at them like he's examining a painting, making suggestions to add to the "art piece". There are naked people everywhere. A TON of drinks. Piles of substances.

Drinks, glitter, bodily fluids, and paint covered EVERYTHING. There was a random feral cat in the apartment as well. There's a dude screaming randomly in the middle of the road about nonsense. My apartment was used to film some weird psychedelic art adult film, I guess? Yikes.

The good news is I now have a pet cat.

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12. Peter's parting gift

Summer 2015. It's a smaller, 3 bedroom apartment in Lakeview, Chicago. One of the rooms was being rented out.

I had a guy book for an entire month. SUPER excited because I didn't have to worry about filling the that month AND I would be getting that money up front. Look at the guy's profile. From Switzerland. Seems alright. No ratings. That worried me a little bit, but he was staying for a month. Whatever.

The day the guy is supposed to arrive, I'm calling him, texting him, messaging him. Nothing. It gets to be 10pm on a Friday. Screw it. I'm going out. I've been waiting all day. Fast forward to 1am. My phone rings.

"Hello?" "Hey, it's Peter. Where the [bleep] are you? I've been waiting for two hours." "Hey, Peter. Sorry about that but I never got a call or text or anything from you. Be there in a minute." "You should have been here. Why should I have had to call you?"

It's at that point I knew I was in trouble.

I saw him. Dirty shirt, unwashed hair. I greet him. Kinda smells.

This guy was the WORST. Refused to do dishes. Left his mess EVERYWHERE. Hogged the TV at night. But the worst? There were pubes. Not just a stray hair here or there. Freshly cut piles. On the toilet. In the shower. Just disgusting. That was at two weeks in. We had to have a talk.

"Hey man. You're completely disrespecting this space and myself/roommate." "Yeah, well I already called Airbnb and told them this place is terrible. I'm outta here tomorrow. Your bed sucks." "Cool."

That was the last time I heard from him. But not the last time I had to deal with him.

I kid you not. This guy took a DUMP IN THE ROOM'S SMALL GARBAGE CAN AND LEFT IT.

Peter's parting gift.

I had to call Airbnb and go through an entire ordeal to make sure I got all my money from that turd.

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11. Pole to pole

I've lucked out so far but I have a small apartment so it's just small weekend stays usually. But my first guy baffled me a little. I come in after he's left and my shower curtain is in my bedroom with half of the shower pole. The other half I've never seen again. It was a $10 fix so I didn't even report it. I was more confused than anything. But no note, no sorry ... If I did that to someone's place I'd freak out real quick then scramble to fix it.

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10. "I'm not having a party!" Has a party

Converted a rental house for Airbnb use. Bought furniture from Craig's List and Ikea, fixed it up, found a property manager for it. Turned on the listing.

Second booking was a 20-something woman with no previous reviews on airbnb. She booked the whole house for just one Saturday night. Our manager warns us "that sounds like she's planning a party". We respond that the listing makes it very clear that parties are not allowed. My girlfriend, who runs the business, writes to this woman twice and phones her once to remind her of the "no parties" rule. The woman keeps assuring us "Oh no, I would never do that. It's just me, my two friends, and my brother coming over for dinner."

Saturday comes along, we're staying in the house next door, and around 9:30 we hear music coming from our rental house. We look out the window and disco lights are running in the house. In the kitchen, a group of women are moving huge pots into the kitchen. A little later, we see them emptying ice, fruit juice, and several bottles into the pots.

My girlfriend decides enough is enough and goes over there to remind them of the "no parties" rule.

"Oh, no, we're not having a party, just my brother and his wife coming over for dinner." "Ok, then, where's the food? Who are all these people?" My girlfriend turns away about twenty people who show up at the door.

After breaking into tears and telling my girlfriend "you're ruining my life!" she agrees to leave, and the party is over. My girlfriend still had to turn away a couple of carloads of would-be partiers.

The night ends with two of the woman's friends pacing back and forth in front of the house screaming at my girlfriend. "You [bleep]! You [bleep]! Give us our deposit back! Come out and fight me, [bleep]!!"

Plants in the garden are uprooted. Pots are smashed. Neighbors start to gather. Police are called.

The next morning involves cleaning up, repotting plants, and writing letters of apology to the neighbors.

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9. Imagine having the nerve to call at 2 am looking for an Airbnb

I’m an Airbnb hostess.

I was on vacation, and was woken by my phone ringing ringing like mad at 4:45 AM one Sunday morning. I had 6 missed calls. I didn’t recognize the number, so I silenced my phone and went back to sleep. 6 AM, and my phone kept vibrating off and on, so I finally dragged myself out of bed to answer it.

It turned out someone had made a booking at 2 am and expected to check in at 4 am. Our normal check in time is 3 pm. She claimed to be in a taxi looking for my place. My first reaction was guilt at not having woken up to pick her call. If I had thought more rationally I probably would have reminded her of our check in time, but well, I was half asleep. I gave her directions and then called home and woke my family.

And there started our experience with my worst guest ever. She had a little backpack which she handed to my bro in law, asking him to carry it up to her room. She wanted someone to go mop the bathroom floor every time she was done with the shower. She took everybody’s number and kept calling at odd hours with random requests for specific cookware etc. Every time someone took them up to her she would refuse to open the door saying she was busy.

I had to silence my phone when I went to bed because she kept waking me about random stuff. She’d made an initial booking of three days, and wanted to extend it. I ended up blocking my calendar on Airbnb to prevent her from extending her stay. She complained saying she was ill, she knew the house was available, I was doing it on purpose etc., but by then we all just wanted her gone.

I’ve now disabled instant booking on Airbnb.

Sandra Livingstone

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8. "Brown lumpy water"

The worst guest we ever had was a very overweight guy. We will call him Willie. He seemed nice enough but he had a tendency to leave his milk cartons in the sink with the cold tap running instead of using the fridge 'because he didn't want to bother us'. This of course led to a flood in his room in his upstairs room but we didn't realize this until after Willie's other problem came to fruition.

Willie, due to his size, had a tendency to take mammoth dumps, so massive that our plumbing had issues dealing with it. Because he couldn't use his toilet and didn't want to trouble us with the overflowing toilet situation, Willie had started going directly in the shower and tried to use the hot stream of water from the shower to melt his waste down the drain. Lovely.

Anyway, Willie thought he had the problem solved, but all it did was delay the inevitable; the shower drain started flooding soon and this was where the fun part started.

A guest on the ground floor was complaining about the power cutting out to his room, turns out the problem was larger than that, something was tripping the power on that entire half of the building. We tracked it down to the bathroom light in the room directly beneath Willie's. I removed the casing for the bathroom light only to be greeted with a facefull of brown,slightly lumpy water.

This was how Willie wrecked two rooms, caused over $10,000 in damages and created electric problems we are still dealing with.

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7. Ten minutes early is on time

My worst guest left a dirty nappy (diaper) sitting on the couch for me to dispose of. They generally left things in a state of chaos. The bedding had all been removed and put on the floor so they could sleep on the floors. Breakfast looked like they had been raptured half way through. I remember thinking it was really odd that a big family breakfast had just been abandoned... toast... coffee.. half full bowls of cereal. And they just stood up and walked away from that. I wouldn’t be able to not tidy that up for my host at least a bit. But to some extent they pay enough money I don’t get annoyed when I get in to find a mess. The nappy though, I was not happy about that.

The most annoying thing that guests did was show up early to be honest. I was inevitably cleaning the place from the last guest and didn’t want them to see it in a state. And they just wanted to get in and start enjoying their trip. I just found that way more stressful than I would imagine from the other side.

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6. I'm here to convert you

I had a guest who lives and runs an Airbnb on the east end of town who wanted to stay on the west side where we live (it's where all the beaches are).

She's a Francophile, but in the same way as DiCaprio was in Django Unchained. Her picture on Airbnb is her in a black and white striped shirt with a red bandana around her neck, a beret on her head, and a bottle of wine in hand. She greeted me with a butchered "Bon jour!"

I took French for three years in high school, and though I'm nowhere near fluent, I'm definitely conversational, so I tried. She told me she didn't understand "ca va" and I froze. She dropped "merci" and "au revoir" a few times over her stay, and at one point met our other guest, and when she introduced herself, shook the woman's hand with both of her hands and said "enchantée." It was awful.

After that whole mess, we sat down and talked. The first thing she did was ask me where I go to church, which was already kind of weird. I told her I'm Jewish and she contorted her face in a way where I could tell she was really uncomfortable, then through clenched teeth said, "that's great."

Then she told me about how the amount of chlorine in tap water can kill you if you take a steam shower.

I asked her what she does for a living. She said she goes into people's homes and rearranges furniture to help with positive energy. I asked her "like Feng Shui?" "What's that?"

I kind of avoided her the rest of the time she was there, but she did invite me to eat vegetables she brought from her garden. That was nice.

The next morning after she left I went to flip the room for the next guests. She had taken all the art off the walls and shoved it in the closet. She moved furniture around. She took the items off the top of the dresser and put them in the laundry basket, which she shoved under the bed, and in their place she left a pile of lavender that looked like it had been through an herb grinder.

On the bedside table was a bible, open to a specific passage and marked with the built-in bookmark ribbon. This was the worst part for me, because not only had she insulted my home and my art, but this felt pretty anti-Semitic.

I moved everything back and flipped the room for the next guest, then checked my messages. From her:

"Merci. Thanks for the stay."

I responded, "Hey, you left your bible here! Do you want it back?"

"No, I left it for you."

"Cool, I'll toss it."

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5. The guest who was actually too clean

An Airbnb guest took it upon herself to weed the garden, clear out a side strip (huge job), sweep the driveway and sidewalk and rearrange my patio furniture. She was staying a week. She texted me two days in to set up a time to talk. She wanted to show me how to properly clean baseboards.

On her first day she requested a mop to rescrub the floor and a standing fan for more ventilation. She had concerns about a low hanging electrical cable - she was sensitive to EMF exposure. And she recommended I get a new housecleaner. (By the way, the cottage is really clean. I’m a long time Superhost. I very rarely get complaints.)

She told me the place was not that bad. She kept saying, "I can help you."

When they heard about this, some of my friends wanted this lady to visit them because their own gardens were overgrown. Others didn’t know that people even clean baseboards. People were intrigued. I figured this lady had some real psychological issues though. Her anxieties stressed me out. What I really wanted to ask was, "How did you allow yourself to become this way?"

But I listened as this guest showed me how to wipe down baseboards and described the cellular damage caused by EMF exposure. I thanked her for all the work on the driveway side strip and I refunded her a day for her troubles. I hoped and prayed she would leave on time, which she did.

And then I changed the door code and blocked her in my phone. I know it doesn’t sound like a real fear but I really do not want to look out my window one morning and see this lady reorganizing my tool shed.

Lisa Meckler

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4. The missing electronics

Got a last-minute booking from someone who lived in our same city, which was a little suspicious. However, he (let's call him T) had a few good reviews so we decided to let him stay. The next day around check-out, I called to see if he was out of the apartment so we could come clean it. T responded by booking another night.

On the third day, he called with a long story about getting mugged on the beach, blacking out, and spending the night in the hospital. Pretty shady, but at least we were going to get him out of the unit and move on.

I let him into the apartment, and immediately things just seemed a little... off. I noticed that the electronics were unplugged and a few were missing. Then, I went into the bedroom, and saw his set up.

T had a television, laptop, and camera set up in front of the bed. He had most of the other electronics in the house sitting in a pile next to the bed. He had one duffel bag full of electronic cables, etc, and a few tools. He had another bag full of 20-25 brand new hats.

He was extremely apologetic and embarrassed, and hurriedly packed up his car and left. Super nice and polite otherwise.

We changed the locks.

Afterward, I saw his profile get updated with a new review saying he left blood and poop smeared all over a bathroom wall. So, uh, we got off pretty easy I guess.

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3. Meeting the SWAT team is not the best 'welcome to America'

Nothing bad about my guest, but the whole timing was horrible.

This Korean Kid (probably 20-22yrs), spoke very little English and it was his first time in America. He arrives at my house about 8:00pm. He was renting just a single bedroom for 4 days. I will add at the time my house was not in the best neighborhood.

He arrives and I am not home yet, so he lets himself in and probably reads the info sheet I left out... I get back about 9:00pm and the entire area around my house (4 blocks in all directions) is locked down by the police. They tell me I can't enter but I explain the scenario about this new international kid staying at my house so they escort me through the alley to my house.

I go inside the house and he is in his room kind of scared to come out. By this time the SWAT team is in front of my house, news crews up and down the street. I find out the brother of the person across the street just beat his GF with a bat, then ran a couple blocks and broke into his brother's house to hide. He is a felon with a warrant and they believe he may be armed.

The poor Korean kid asked me if this is what America is always like as we watch out the window. Anyways, 2hrs later they kick in the door, throw flash-bangs inside and go in, 5 minutes later they carry him out, limp, handcuffed and ankle cuffed and lay him on the street while medics look at him.

This poor kid was very frightened to do anything the whole time he stayed with me because he thought it was very dangerous to go outside. Not his fault, but definitely my weirdest experience as a host.

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2. Airbnb cheater

I have a couple. One guest used my house to cheat on his wife and then proceeded to proposition me.

The reason I quit hosting though was because of a couple who stayed with me for $500 for a whole month. They had a two room suite with a bed and TV in one room and a futon, TV, computer, printer, small fridge and microwave in the other room a very very large walk in closet and an en suite bathroom, and they still took over my entire house.

I ended up staying in my room if I wasn't at work. They ate all of their meals for the day from the breakfast food I provided so I was spending about $50 a week on breakfast food. I forgot to preset the coffee maker ONCE and the wife complained about it the entire day. She was unbearable, nothing was good enough for her.

The next year, even though my home wasn't listed on Airbnb, they had the nerve to email me and ask me to stay with me for 2 months at a much lower rate.

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1. "The trouble was just beginning."

I just had my first experience as an Airbnb host. I was really excited to try it out - cleaned my house like crazy, took some pictures, wrote up a house manual and bought new sheets, towels ...

In retrospect, I should have suspected trouble from the get-go. The guest wanted to pay me in cash rather than go through Airbnb and I told her that I was only accepting people through Airbnb.

Before she even arrived, a package had come in the mail for her from India. Granted, I never put "No mail" on my  house rules so I let it go.

Once she arrived, with no car, she locked herself in the bedroom. I saw her very briefly  over the course of 4 days. When I did see her, I was polite, asking her if everything was okay, if she needed groceries or help since she had no car, how previous visits had gone before, how she liked Airbnb. She was very distant and removed, hardly giving me answers which was just fine - I respect a person's need for privacy and space.

The trouble was just beginning. I did not receive payment from her for all of the days she had requested and so I had to ask her to leave. It was incredibly uncomfortable. That night, she informed me that another pharmaceutical shipment from India was coming and that I would need to send it to her. At that point I told her that I had wished she had asked permission before shipping things to my home. This was going to create an inconvenience for me since I don't get out of work before the post office closes and I am often away on weekends. But, rather than apologize or show some kind of gratitude (since I did say I would be willing), she got incredibly angry at me.

The next day, I came home and she was gone. But not before leaving the garbage literally overflowing with food so that it was spilling everywhere. My room was a shambles, the towels left on the bathroom floor and she left a fair amount of food in my fridge (which I was clear about in the "rules" section - please take any food you bring in with you).

I just received an awful review from her - she said that I was asking lots of questions and was incredibly suspicious. (I was trying to be friendly and make some light conversation.) She said my house was "dusty, dusty, dusty!" (I had my house cleaned and I personally spent hours making sure things were impeccable - I even scrubbed out the closet.)

The thing is - this was my very first experience and it was just awful. I ended up with someone who turned out to be a nightmare! I had visitors last weekend as well and I am quite sure they will leave me a good review but I feel as thought the damage has been done.

I did reply to her after she reviewed me but I am not sure people are interested in hosts who get that kind of negativity. Does anyone have any advice? I put so much into getting my beautiful home ready only to be rated poorly.

Gillian Andrews

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