Forget Mr. Noodles, Try These 20 Delicious Instant Ramen Instead

Forget Mr. Noodles, Try These 20 Delicious Instant Ramen Instead

When you're too busy to cook dinner or just want a quick snack, nothing beats the convenience and speed of instant ramen. While sure, the classic Mr. Noodles cup while suffice when you're in a cinch, did you know there's a whole world of delicious instant noodles out there? Expand your horizons and reach new flavour heights with these 20 amazing instant ramen packs you absolutely need to try.

1. Nongshim Shin Ramyun

Nongshim's Shin Ramyun is a South Korean favourite that has gained popularity around the globe. It's best known for its rich beef broth that's got a seriously spicy kick. The noodles are on the thicker side, but they're nice and chewy, perfectly absorbing the flavours of the spicy, umami-packed broth. If you love a bit of spice in your noodles, this is a hearty and satisfying option you'll absolutely love.

Tasty ShinAnonymous

2. Samyang Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen

Known for the infamous Fire Noodle Challenge trending throughout social media, these hot chicken flavoured noodles seriously pack a punch. For anyone who loves a good challenge, these are a must-try. While they're definitely spicy, these noodles taste delicious too! There's a reason why people keep buying them; there's a unique, slightly sweet and savory chicken flavour that coats every inch of the noodles. Your mouth will be on fire, but it's got an irresistable taste that'll keep you going back for a second bite.

Buldak Ramen 20210114 004Mobius6 on Wikimedia Commons

3. Maruchan Seimen Japanese Instant Ramen

For something more traditional, Maruchan Seiman is an excellent option; this flavourful instant noodle will bring you closer to traditional Japanese ramen with its non-fried noodles and rich, authentic broth. Each pack comes with a liquid soup base that'll blow your mind - the depth of flavour it reaches is shocking!

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4. Indomie Mi Goreng

For a cheap, tasty, stir-fried option, Indomie's Mi Goreng will never disappoint. Offering consumers a delightful twist on instant noodles, these Indonesian-inspired street noodles are bursting with a savory, sweet, and slightly spicy sauce. Once you start eating them, we're guarantee you won't be able to stop.  

Indomie Mi Goreng (03-07-2021)PaulGorduiz106 on Wikimedia Commons


5. Mama Tom Yum Shrimp Flavour

Bring the iconic Thai soup right to your kitchen! Mama's Tom Yum Shrimp Flavour instant noodles are a quick and easy meal that's loaded with flavour. The tangy, spicy, and sour broth perfectly complements the chewy noodles, creating a satisfying and exotic taste experience you just can't replicate at this price point.

Noahs-Knight-5Accwpxe5L0-UnsplashPhoto by Noahs Knight on Unsplash

6. Myojo Chukazanmai

If you don't want the same old basic instant noodle, go for something more premium, like Myojo Chukazanmai! Providing you with an upscale instant ramen experience, these air-dried noodles go perfectly with the rich complex soup bases. Each bite will transport you to heaven thanks to the amazing textures and flavours.

Cody-Chan-Gxhmqt6Mfx8-Unsplash (1)Photo by Cody Chan on Unsplash

7. Paldo Bibim Men

The best of sweet and spicy flavours, Paldo's Bibim Men offers a unique experience: cold noodles! The addictive sauced combined with the chewy noodles creates a refreshingly different instant ramen dish that'll taste amazing especially on a hot summer day.

1024Px-Paldo Bibim Men 20201123 003Mobius6 on Wikimedia Commons

8. Sapporo Ichiban

Sometimes, classic flavours are the way to go! And what better brand is there than Sapporo Ichiban to deliver the best variety of flavours like miso, soy sauce, and tonkotsu. Each ramen pack will feel like a warm hug in a bowl; a comforting, savory broth and firm noodles awaits you!

1024Px-Sapporo-Ichiban Miso Ramen (Instant Cup Noodle)毒島みるく on Wikimedia Commons

9. Mama Pho Ga

If you love the Vietnamese classic dish, Pho, Mama's Pho Ga provides you with a quick and easy way to satisfy your cravings. With light and tender rice noodles mixed in a fragrant chicken broth, you'll be amazed this is even instant ramen to begin wtih.

Kirill-Tonkikh-Nfqi 2Hunri-UnsplashPhoto by Kirill Tonkikh on Unsplash

10. Nissin Raoh

Transport yourself to a Japanese ramen bar right from your very home with Nissin Raoh. With high-quality ingredients like air-dried noodles and rich, flavourful broths, this is an amazing option if you want something a bit more authentic and restaurant-style. It seriously doesn't get better than this.

Bon-Vivant-Qom5Mpoer-I-UnsplashPhoto by Bon Vivant on Unsplash


11. Hwa Ramyun by Paldo

Are you a big seafood lover? You'll be happy to hear you can get a delicious spicy seafood broth with this hidden gem, Paldo's Hwa Ramyun. Rich and full of umami, this ramen is unbeatable. It's got the perfect noodles to soak up all the broth, leaving you with a harmonious balance of spice and seafood in every bite.

Teum-Sae Ramen (Paldo) 20210817 002Mobius6 on Wikimedia Commons

12. Jin Ramen by Ottogi

Mild and comforting, Ottogi's Jin Ramen is a comforting choice for people who prefer less spice (or simply just can't handle it). It features a savory, beef-based broth that tastes luxurious, and if you add in some extra toppings like an egg and some vegetables, you've got a wholesome, filling meal waiting for you.

1024Px-Ottugi Jin Ramen (Spicy) 20201129 003Mobius6 on Wikimedia Commons

13. Neoguri by Nongshim

If you prefer your noodles to have more of a chew to them, you'll love Nongshim's Neoguri. With its thick, udon-style noodles, it's complemented by a deep, seafood-flavoured broth that's got a mild spice to it. Bringing together the best of both chewy udon and Korean flavours, this one's an absolute must-try. 

Nongshim Neoguri 20201112 003Mobius6 on Wikimedia Commons

14. Chapagetti by Nongshim

Have you ever tried korean black bean noodles, jajangmyeon? If you haven't, try a sampler with Nongshim's Chapagetti. It's a Korean favourite, with thick, chewy noodles coated in a sweet and savory sauce. It's a delicious stir-fried option that'll introduce you to a whole new world of flavour.

Nongshim Sacheon Chapagetti 20210105 003Mobius6 on Wikimedia Commons

15. Cup Noodles Curry by Nissin

Curry and noodles? How come we didn't think of it before? Nissin's Cup Noodles Curry brings the beloved flavours of Japanese curry into a convenient cup. The noodles are swimming in a rich, slightly sweet and savory curry broth that's an explosion of flavour. 

Cup Noodles Curry 45Th Anniversary VersionTokumeigakarinoaoshima on Wikimedia Commons

16. MAMA Pork Flavor

MAMA's Pork Flavour ramen is a popular option that features a light yet flavourful pork broth. It's the epitome of what instant ramen stands for: simple, quick, and super customizable. The noodles are thin and springy, and the broth is gentle but aromatic. Throw in some of your favourite toppings and you've got a tasty meal waiting to be devoured.

1024Px-Mama Instant Noodle BlockTakeaway on Wikimedia Commons


17. Ibumie Penang White Curry Mee

Here's something unique and exotic: Ibumie's Penang White Curry Mee is a Malaysian favourite, best known for its creamy, spicy, and rich curry broth. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? The addition of chili paste and non-dairy creamer takes it up a notch, creating an indulgent experience you never thought you'd get from instant ramen.

Jeff-Siepman-3Zlddr7X52W-UnsplashPhoto by Jeff Siepman on Unsplash

18. Sapporo Ichiban Shio Ramen

Simple with a clean, refined taste, Sapporo Ichiban's Shio (salt) Ramen is a testament to simple flavours. It features a light, clear broth that has a delicate but salty taste. For those of you that don't want something too heavy or just want a light snack, this is a great option to consider.

1024Px-Sapporo-Ichiban Shio Ramen (Instant Cup Noodle)毒島みるく on Wikimedia Commons

19. Itsuki Kumamoto Spicy Ramen

Garlicky and spicy, Itsuki's Kumamoto Spicy Ramen has a flavourful broth that tastes like it came straight out of a Japanese restaurant. And when it's paired with its firm and thin noodles, it'll taste like comfort in a bowl. It's the perfect instant ramen for busy weekday nights when you want something more substantial and tasty, but still super quick to put together.

Yuika-Takamura-Vbx6Qu249Z8-UnsplashPhoto by Yuika Takamura on Unsplash

20. Acecook Super Cup Shoyu Ramen

Now here's a classic flavor that's been elevated! Acecook's Super Cup Shoyu Ramen delivers on all levels with its classic soy sauce-based broth. It's got a ton of flavour that you won't believe is coming out of this cup! The noodles are also surprisingly thick, making them deliciously slurpable as they absorb all that rich broth.

スーパーカップ1.5倍 豚キムチラーメン1871 01経済特区 on Wikimedia Commons