People From Around The World Who Have Lived In Weird Old Houses Share Their Stories

People From Around The World Who Have Lived In Weird Old Houses Share Their Stories

Some people don't believe in the supernatural, be it ghosts, demons, or an afterlife. Others do, even without proof or personal experience. Then there are those (consider them lucky or unlucky) who have had a personal encounter with supernatural forces. Some people have even had more than a single encounter, being forced to live in a house that was possessed by some form of spirit. Haunted houses, we call them, the places people live in, but not necessarily alone. The stories in this list come from people who lived in just such a house, tales of their experiences inside of those accursed walls.


47. Believe The Grandma

My grandma swore up and down that our house was haunted, but nobody ever thought much of it. It turns out she wasn't messing around.

I went downstairs at night once with my sister and she turned around and then took off running. I went to see what her problem was and there was a random cloud of smoke just slowly moving around in the living room. Nothing was burning, no one sprayed anything, it was just a random smoke cloud in the middle of the room. I swung at it and ran off too.

I was trying to sleep one night and looking across the hallway into my mom's room and seeing a stuffed dog looking in my direction. Since I didn't like the way it was facing me, I got up and moved it. Shortly after going back to my room, trying to sleep and being unable to do so, I opened my eyes to see the stuffed dog looking in my direction again.


46. Like This, Child

A woman died peacefully in my childhood bedroom. When I was young and learning to read, I’d stay up late sounding out words in Harry Potter. Once when I got stuck, I heard a soft female voice say the word correctly. I thanked her, assuming it was my mother, but looked up to see an elderly woman who disappeared a second later.

A few years past this, I struck up a friendship with an elderly lady down the road who liked to bake and feed me cookies. She had been close friends with the woman that lived in our house (her name was Rose) and showed me a photo of her. It was the woman who had sounded out the word for me.


45. Closet Norman

One of my exes lived in a haunted condo, but the ghost was pretty cool. He would just open doors and cabinets at night. Of course, she had failed to mention this to me when I started staying over so the first time it happened I thought someone had broken in. When I woke her up to tell her to listen she said, "Oh, that's probably just the ghost. Hey, Norman? Could you please stop for tonight? I haven't told him about you yet." There was one more sound of a door closing and that was it. "You should be fine now. He went back in the closet." Then she went back to sleep.

Me though, I couldn't sleep after that so I went downstairs to check locks and windows. Everything was secure, but most of the cabinet doors in the kitchen were open.

The next morning she told me all about old Norman. I guess when her kid was smaller, he used to talk to Norman. That's how they knew his name. He was just an old happy guy who had lived there at one point and wanted to stick around. Eventually, the kid could no longer talk to Norman, and that's when the door and cabinet thing started. From what I understand, he also used to move things around, but that stopped when my ex asked him to.

23165-1552330082231.jpgMingo Hagen/Flickr

44. Doppel House

I lived in a house that seemed to be haunted by "doppelgangers." Every event that happened never involved some mysterious figure, but a known person being in a place where they should not have been. Here is the best example.

I was a teenager at the time, and I was instant messaging my girlfriend with my webcam turned on. I had the viewer up so that I could see myself in the webcam. Behind me were the stairs leading up (left of camera view) and the entrance to the living room (right of camera view). My younger sister would typically fall asleep every night on the couch in front of the TV and make her way up to bed in the middle of the night. At one point in my webcam view, I saw my sister leave the living room and go up the stairs.

The thing that struck me as odd was that I didn't hear anything. It was an older Victorian house, so the wooden floor and stairs were loud as heck. Without saying anything to my girlfriend, I got up and looked into the living room and there was my sister passed out on the couch. I sat back down and asked my girlfriend if she had seen anything in my camera. She said, "Yeah, I just saw your sister go upstairs."



43. Obnoxious Roommate

I lived in a house for about 5 years that was haunted, but not in a malicious way. In an "annoying roommate" kind of way. I'd come home to the windows on the second floor open when it was raining, to food containers opened in the fridge that I hadn't touched yet.

The worst was that the "ghost" hated clocks. She hated them. I had antique cuckoo clocks that had worked for 50 years that would just stop. Brand new wall clocks that ate through batteries like it was candy. My watch ended up on the floor one morning, the crystal shattered, even though I knew I slept with it on. The one that ticked me off the most was that I got a brand new clock for Christmas and the jerk threw it off the wall. I was cooking and out of corner of my eye saw the cat freaking FLY. Turned around and it was across the kitchen. Broken. It was brand new!


42. Figure By The Bed

When I was around 9-10 years old, I remember waking up to see a large shadow standing at the foot of my bed.

I was living with my dad at the time. He has a very large (5 floors) terrace house built in the 1800s, and every so often unexplainable events would happen, such as footsteps or voices when there was no one there.

On the night this happened, it was just my dad and me in the house.

I woke up and noticed the door to my room was wide open. (I normally sleep with it closed.) Then I became aware of a large (around 7-feet tall) shadow-like figure watching me from the end of the bed.

When the figure noticed me, it seemed to "melt" into the floor and the door to my room slammed shut. Understandably, I was slightly traumatized by the whole experience.


41. Play With Kitty?

I watched one of our cats being pulled backward about 5 feet by her tail. She was walking through the dining area and suddenly... she was sliding backward, as if someone was pulling her by her tail. Only there was nobody there. She freaked out and tried to run, but couldn't as something held on for a brief second before letting her go. I tend to think that was the handiwork of a 4- or 5-year-old girl ghost who hangs out and she just wanted to play with the kitty.

23169-1552330639024.jpgIan Weddell/Flickr

40. A Maid Long Gone

My uncle's house in eastern New York was said to be haunted by the stableman and maid of the family who owned the place in the 1800s.

My uncle's friend and her sister stayed over the house one night and the friend noticed a maid bringing towels down the stairs when she awoke. She saw the maid again, bringing what looked like a percolator down the stairs.

This woman went back to bed and woke up later downstairs to see my uncle and his friend just chatting.

She asked where the maid went and she thought that the maid was cooking breakfast. My uncle had no idea what she was talking about and asked what she looked like. The sister explained and he laughed. Walked her to the living room and pointed to an old picture. She said that was the woman.

My uncle replied, "Yeah, she has been dead for about 100 years."

23170-1552330909247.jpgArt Gallery ErgsArt - by ErgSap/Flickr

39. The Eternal, Unjoinable Party

We had ghosts in an old house that I lived in as a child. One night when I was home alone, I could hear sweeping downstairs, and the tinkling of China and crystal from the dining room. It sounded like a party was happening and you could hear a victrola. I walked downstairs and it all stopped.


38. The Ghost's Not-So-Secret Room

My dad bought a house that was famous as the home of a black widow -- she had two husbands die on her there. The first one hanged himself from the rafters in the garage and the second one fell ill and died in his bed in the basement.

I lived in the basement room and often just felt like I was being watched all the time. The bedroom in the basement has a secret storage room behind a bookshelf with a locking latch. I would always wake up to find the door wide open. It happened so often that I would wake up cold and routinely go shut and lock the latch of the door in the middle of the night. For the longest time, I thought it was my dad or stepbrothers messing with me but it wasn't. My stepbrother now occupies that room and he says it still happens to him and that he's even seen it open on its own! There are no air vents or anything so I've ruled out wind.

23172-1552331338125.jpgLachlan Hardy/Flickr


37. Part Of The Family

We moved from the US to the UK and our parents bought an old beat up house. It still had lead pipes for the water. Nightmare all on its own. Anyway, work proceeded on the house whilst we lived there.

We started seeing bright lights in the corners of the rooms at night. We heard footsteps on floorboards, but the house had carpet. I was about 6 at the time and started getting woken up in the night by a little girl who would dance on my chest of drawers for me. I was frickin' terrified. My mom just fobbed it off as me dreaming. Workmen complained of strange things happening like tools being moved and feeling like they were being watched.

After about a year of this, my eldest sister's friend stayed overnight. She woke the whole house screaming, saying a little girl had been in her room. She had apparently pulled her from the bed. The friend left the house and refused ever to come back. Mom decided she might need to do something about it and got some advice. The guy suggested we should treat the presences as part of the family. So when we got home we shouted, “Hi, we’re home, did you have a good day?” Over time, the house settled and we didn’t have any more trouble.


36. Alone In A Large House... Or Not

I used to live in a big house by myself. The first couple of months were fine, but when winter came I started hearing things coming from the second floor. (I lived pretty much exclusively on the 1st floor). It started with little bumps and bangs coming from above where I had my computer set up and progressed to distinct footsteps pacing up and down the hall.

I had been up to the second floor to check up on it from time to time and I knew that there were unfinished areas up there. One place always stuck out -- an unfinished room that was a sort of walk-in closet for one of the upstairs bedrooms. It was attached to the garage attic (completely un-lit). It was open when I went up to investigate the noises. I shut the door and locked it.

Two nights later, more noises: footsteps leading from the unfinished room to the bathroom, then nothing. The worst part was the door. The door that led to the unfinished room would not stay closed or locked. I tried everything.

As time passed, I would hear noises all over the house. Mostly footsteps, but the occasional thump with no explanation. I cannot explain how horrifying it is to hear little taps up and down the hall from the other side of a bathroom door during your morning shower.

23174-1552331563421.jpgJohn M/Flickr

35. House Comes With A Pet Now

I grew up with a cat, Boots, who was just a year my junior. Boots was motivated only by food and spent his later years sleeping on my parents' bed until someone came home. Then he’d jump off the bed, with a “thunk-thunk” of his front and back paws hitting the ground, and run to his food bowl to beg. He had to be put down when I was 18.

My parents moved out of my childhood home during my first year of college. I went back a few times before it sold. Every time, I was certain I felt a cat’s presence. Like, I’d hesitate because I was sure a cat had just walked under my legs. Also, upon walking in, I’d always hear a thunk-thunk, like Boots jumping down to beg for food.

My mom and I went back for the last day my family would ever be in that home, and I told her on the way what I’d experienced. To my surprise, she had felt the exact same sensation.

Before leaving, we stood in the hallway outside my parents’ bedroom, hugged each other, and cried, saying bye to my first home. I said I thought Boots was still around and suggested we take his spirit to the new house. She agreed, so she called out, “Bootsy!” From my parents’ room: thunk-thunk.

We both heard it.

I don’t think he came with us. He never liked car rides. But I hope the owners since us have enjoyed their ghost kitty. He was a good boy.

23175-1552331665501.jpgJose Rey/Flickr

34. Family Not Home

One recurring incident involved hearing the voices of family members who weren't home. Sometimes I would wake up to hear my parents fighting, or my brother and one of my parents, but would find myself home alone when I went to check. It would usually occur on the opposite floor -- upstairs if I was downstairs, downstairs if I was upstairs -- and would stop as soon as I got onto the same floor.

One time was different, though. I was brushing my teeth with the bathroom door shut when I heard one knock and my dad saying my name in a strange and teasing voice. When I opened the door he wasn't there, and when I asked my mom where he was, she said he'd gone out to work hours ago. I went back to the bathroom and almost right after I shut the door again I heard more knocking. I didn't open the door that time.

23176-1552331853428.jpgJenn Durfey/Flickr

33. Attic Of Fear And Loss

Our upstairs had two large closets or attics. It was essentially a crawlspace that was maybe 30 feet long.

It started one day when a friend and I went crawling from one side to the other with flashlights, like kids normally do. I saw a girl sitting there in the corner, acting like she wanted to play with us.

This girl looked normal, had blonde hair, a nice dress, and seemed friendly. I stayed silent, kept crawling behind my friend, and got out of the closet. I told him what I saw in there, and he said he didn't see it. But he felt like he didn't want to go back in.

When my parents would occasionally send me upstairs to get something, I would see the doors swing open -- as if they were trying to beckon me inside. I would lose toys and wouldn't be able to find them anywhere. Later, my parents would be fishing Christmas presents out of the attic and would find my lost toys in there.

We moved out of there when I was 10. Not a week passed before the new owners called us up to ask if the house was haunted. Their daughter slept upstairs, and she told them she had been playing with a blonde-haired girl at night.

23177-1552332135448.jpgAndrew Fresh/Flickr

32. Made A Believer Out Of Me

I used to write off anything spooky as tricks of the eye, ears and/or mind. Then one night in my 20's, while staying at an apartment my brother rented in Spain, I saw and heard a human-shaped shadowy apparition standing by the side of my bed. It was whispering my name while reaching out towards me and pulled on my pillow dragging me towards it.

I pulled away and hid under the covers until I fell asleep. It was such an extreme encounter I chalked it up as a vivid dream and never said anything about it. But 3 days later at the airport, my sister-in-law told me she saw a ghost the night I stayed at their place. She said a dark shadowy figure came out of my room and then stood in the living room for a while before disappearing. So we both saw the same thing the same night, but she verified it before I had ever mentioned it.



31. A Variety Of Haunting Expressions

I live in a house built in the 1800’s. It’s survived the two world wars and it’s seen some stuff, I imagine. One of the previous owners had two sons who both committed suicide.

A lot of strange stuff happens. The animals (dog and parrots) will wake up from their naps and follow something with their heads just as they would follow me if I walk around. Also, before I switched rooms in the house, my brother had a room and he refused to sleep there as he would hear voices. He slept with my parents (he was a child) until the day he got my old room and since then has slept in that room without problems.

There’s also a whole floor we don’t use. I sleep in the attic, and I pass through that floor to get to my attic (weird explanation but it’s a weird house) and I have a motion-activated light there that goes on as I’m walking the stairs to that unused floor. It would also switch on in the middle of the night while nobody is walking under the motion detector.


30. A Conversation Partner

My son, about 4 years old at the time, would jabber away in his room by himself. One day, my wife asked him who he was talking to. He said he was talking with Alice and that she used to feed the men who lived here. He went on to say that she died because she couldn't breathe. Our house used to be a boarding house before World War II...


29. Like An Alarm

 Lived in a house that was built in 1938. I would wake up and sit up in bed every single night at 2:59-3:01 am. I thought I saw something move quickly out of the corner of my eye on occasion but assumed it was me being sleepy/bad vision without my glasses.

One night, the curtain on my closet moved. I pulled the lamp chain and the room lit up. My husband thought I was crazy. I saw nothing, so I pulled the chain again to turn off the lamp. I tried to sleep again but a few minutes later I heard the lamp chain swinging against the lamp base. When I reached out to see if I felt it swinging and to stop it, something cold touched me. It didn’t feel like the shape of a hand or finger but like a wet washcloth.

We moved soon after that; I stopped waking up every morning at the new house and haven’t had any weird feelings since.

23181-1552332572656.jpgPaul Bischoff/Flickr

28. Can Get Used To Anything

From ages 5-17, I lived in a house with paranormal activity. It was all pretty basic run-of-the-mill stuff: footsteps, voices, lights turning on and off, doors opening and shutting, batteries draining, etc. If we started renovating, which we almost always were, they’d get more active and start throwing stuff. I got used to it. They didn’t hurt us, so we just let it go. Even my father started believing after a while.


27. Bug-Friendly Ghost

We lived in a haunted pub on the site of a former Catholic abbey that Henry VIII had destroyed. We saw some weird stuff.

The weirdest was the insect lamp in the kitchen. Something peeled it apart in the night. No sign of a break-in, all the doors were locked and the alarms set. It wasn't smashed, not an explosion, the metal was just peeled outwards.

23183-1552332909371.jpgAdam Bartlett/Flickr

26. Musical Appreciation For Spirits

Backstory: The house we lived in was photographed in the 1860s in a book in the local library. It was shown to be one of the first houses to have a radio and some sort of headphone device on top of someone's head.

The story: I go on my merry way to school one day. My mom is home alone cleaning up after breakfast not too soon after I leave. So she is doing her thing when she begins to hear music upstairs. She thinks to herself that I must have left the radio on. She is upset because we are poor and try to save every penny we can on our electric bill. When she gets to the top of the stairs, which has an open railing, she looks to the right and sees a pair of legs standing there tapping feet to the music. Mom didn't even stay to look up for a body. She ran right back downstairs, terrified.

23184-1552333123411.jpgJoe Haupt/Flickr


25. Continuing Good Work

My grandparents have a helpful ghost. Their house was built in the 1860s and they've lived in it since the late 1960s. Over the years, various family members have heard the vacuum cleaner turn on on its own. Clothes and towels are dropped on the floor before they have been folded and placed at the foot of the bed by morning.

In an intense burst of procrastination one day, I looked up every mention of their address in their town's online newspaper archives and found out that the family that built the house had a daughter who grew up there, never married, and took care of her widowed father until she later died of old age. So I figure the helpful ghost is just the daughter continuing to take care of people like she did for her entire life.

23185-1552333303573.jpgMatty Ring/Flickr

24. Girl By The TV

When I was a kid, about 8 or 9 years old, I had a TV stand in front of my window. The lights from the street were always on so in the dark I could easily make out the outline of where my TV was. I started seeing the shadowy figure of a girl standing right next to my TV. I could make out her figure so clearly. There were nights I passed just looking at her. I couldn’t even sleep.

One night I got sick of it and threw a pillow at her. As soon as I did, I put my head under the other pillow. I gave it a couple of minutes and looked up and she was right next to me at the edge of my bed. I screamed so loud and my parents came in and turned on the lights. A few days later, my little sister told me that she had been seeing a little girl in her room. I never told my little sister about my experience prior to that.

23186-1552333352979.jpgSatish Krishnamurthy/Flickr

23. The Landlord's Mother

I was living in Chicago last year in a top-floor apartment of a three-flat building.

My housemate was cooking; she left the back door open as we had no AC or windows big enough for ventilation. As I walked into the kitchen she ran to the back door and slammed it shut as I heard a woman’s voice saying “hello” over and over coming from the stairs. We stood behind our door listening and we could hear someone was coming up the stairs really slowly, the steps creaking all the way up to our back door. Then they reached the top, turned around and went back down again.

A lady did live in the basement apartment but would never have any reason to come upstairs to the top, and was nowhere to be seen either. The landlord then let us know his mother haunts the whole building.

23187-1552333457935.jpgEduardo Wall/Flickr

22. This Is Not The Restroom

When I was helping clean out my deceased grandmother's house (it was a months-long process), the living room would constantly smell like poop. It was an old, low income residence, so the smell wasn't out of the ordinary. What was strange was the intensity and frequency the smell would return. It was eye-watering, to the point where we had to open the windows and it would persist no matter how much we cleaned, returning at seemingly random intervals.

Once, when I was in there cleaning up alone, I felt as though I was being watched... again, a rather common occurrence. On impulse, I said, "Excuse me, sir, please don't poop in here. Use the restroom for that." The smell did in fact migrate to the restroom within an hour, and persisted there instead.

23188-1552333620964.jpgRocia Garro/Flickr

21. The Burned Smith

I didn't have a lot of friends as a kid. Except for the man in the attic. He was very sad and his skin was burned. He didn't like many people, but we were friends. I'd talk to him and sometimes we'd play. It creeped my mom out, but she assumed maybe I'd seen Nightmare on Elm Street and was imagining the Burnt Man. Years went by and we stopped playing, but I always felt SOMETHING.

A few years later as an adult, we were visiting with new neighbors who happened to have ties to the community. Somehow the subject of imaginary friends came up and my mom enthusiastically told the husband about the Burnt Man. He looked really serious and informed us that the land our house had been built on was the site of an old blacksmith's shop. The blacksmith had accidentally suffered severe burns and later died of his injuries.

23190-1552335760855.jpgWizrd of X/Flickr

20. Oh, It's Just Gran

My mom worked 3-11 and usually got groceries and whatnot on a Friday or Saturday night when she knew I'd be home to help bring them in. I was playing video games and she called the house phone to let me know she was almost there. Normal.

I went and waited for her to pull in the driveway and noticed a woman that I didn't know standing behind me in the reflection from the light in the kitchen. She stared at me for probably 5 seconds before walking into the adjacent hallway leading to my bedroom. I asked my mom about it and she said it was probably my dead grandmother and to not worry about it.

Yeah. Okay.


19. Loving Care Continues

After a long search, my husband and I found our dream: a beautiful, affordable cabin in the woods. The previous owner of the cabin died in a motorcycle crash. Prior to our moving in, I dreamed that the previous owner left me a fruit basket and a handwritten card which read, "Take care of it for me."

When we moved in, I found vintage Mason jars with fruit baskets etched in them. That first year it seemed whenever we needed something like a simple tool or screw to fix something in the house, it would just turn up in the shed or in a cabinet. He had built the house with his own two hands. It was a labor of love for him. Here is the crazy thing: we decided to research his accident. He died three years before we moved in, on the exact day that we lost our first house.


18. Contemplating A Decision Long Passed

I lived in an older home for about 5  years or so. My stepdad, who knew the man who had lived there before us, told me he hanged himself in the attic. I honestly didn't think much of it; that is, until I heard the footsteps.

Like clockwork, every night at 3 am I would hear footsteps walking along the length of the attic, which would go over my room. The steps were heavy and you could clearly tell the pace was at a normal walking speed. It sounded like a man contemplating something, thinking about his next move. If it was really the former owner, were those his final moments being played out every night before his fateful decision? Who can say?

There were other stories, but those footsteps, which went on for years, still freak me out.

23193-1552336087823.jpgPetri Damsten/Flickr

17. Furnace Safety Ghost

Our new, haunted loft apartment had a weird wall furnace in it and when winter came on my new boyfriend lit up the furnace for me. Just as he did, everything went crazy. We heard (but didn't see) doors slamming and footsteps running up and down the stairs. The lamp hanging above the table began to swing wildly.

I was standing there in shock while all this was happening. My boyfriend then turned the furnace off and took the front off of it. It was filled with a mouse nest that was just starting to smolder. How he knew what to do is beyond me, and when I asked him he said he didn't know why he did that. That ghost saved us that night. Lots of strange things happened there, but only that first encounter was scary.

23194-1552336320163.jpgChris Frost/Flickr

16. Sympathetic Groaning

Too many experiences to tell, but I'll share the one that messed with me most. I work the night shift, so I sleep during the day. My boyfriend and mother-in-law went out for the day. I know for a fact no one was home. I woke up, laid there for a second. When I groaned and stretched, a man's voice groaned back right beside my head. Freaked out, I checked the house and confirmed I was home alone. Fun fact: the previous owner was an elderly man who died in the front room. He likes to shut and lock our doors when we're not paying attention.

23195-1552336493169.jpgAlyssa L. Miller/Flickr

15. Trying Doors And Placing Things

I lived in a big 1840s colonial house with three of my friends for a while. It was set back in 80+ acres of state wildlife property and it was a gorgeous house.

The bedrooms were all upstairs and all lined up down the hall. Our third night in the house, about 30 minutes after we had all sort of called it a night, my doorknob rattled like someone was fiddling with it. Then I heard the door next to mine rattle, and the next, and the next, all the way down the hall one at a time.

The next morning, one of my housemates asked why I was messing with the doors since she had asked the two guys in the house and neither of them knew what she was talking about.

Weird things would happen there. Strange objects would show up in the basement or crawlspace, like old suitcases or a kid's rocking chair. Just random stuff.

I could go on. That house was really strange.

23196-1552336608288.jpgPablo Reinsch/Flickr

14. The Disappeared, Reappearing

My apartment used to be a bar owned by some mafia types and it is deeply haunted. The day I moved in, some guy down the street casually walked up and mentioned that it used to be a mob bar. "People were disappeared in your basement," he said.

The basement is unfinished and full of the old bar equipment -- stools, tables, and an extremely ugly old mirror that used to hang behind the bar. We never stay down there long, and I have never looked into the mirror for obvious reasons.

Multiple times, I've been alone in the house and walked past the guest bedroom and seen, out of the corner of my eye, a man sitting at the desk in there. He's never there when you look at him straight on.

Another time, I was taking a nap in the guest room with the door closed. I woke up and saw a man walk slowly from the (still closed!) door to the desk. Then he climbed on top of the desk, bent at the waist, and then just stood there, swaying, with his arms dangling down. I did the only thing I could think to do under the circumstances. There was no way I was getting up and walking past that thing on the way out of the room, so I grabbed my phone and stared at it very determinedly for like 10 minutes until my boyfriend came in to check on me. Of course, by then it was gone.

23197-1552337040434.jpgIaon Samelli/Flickr

13. Something In The House

I lived in the basement of a duplex that I believe was haunted. I had a few experiences there involving seeing a shadowy figure. One night my wife woke me up and said: "Someone's in the house."

Okay, my heart is pounding already. I get out of bed and look down the hallway and see a figure standing there at the end of the hallway in the kitchen. Then the figure turns and walks out of view. I walk a few steps into the hall to turn the light on and start yelling at this person I think is invading my home. When I get into the kitchen, nobody is there. I didn't hear any noises or see any sign of anyone being in the apartment. They would have had to cross my field of view to leave the apartment.

I got back in bed and asked my wife how she knew someone was in the house. She said she woke up and looked down the hallway and saw someone standing there.

23198-1552337285967.jpgBrian K YYZ/Flickr

12. The Raking Man

My first house growing up always gave me the creeps. Even though I was super young, but I remember it well. I hated nap time and being in my room. I felt fine everywhere else in the house, but didn’t even like playing by myself in my room, and would often hear “breathing” in my ears similar to when you can hear blood pumping in your ears. Somehow I convinced my parents to let me sleep with an inflatable alligator pool floaty because I thought it would “protect me from the ghosts.”

One night I was waiting to go to sleep with my gator/suffocation hazard, and in the dark, I see a figure of a man form in the middle on my bedroom. He looked like my grandpa (who was alive at the time) had clothes which look like they were maybe from the 30s/40s, and was just silently raking my bedroom carpet with one of those longish metal rakes. He did that for a few minutes then vanished.

23199-1552337385290.jpgChris Bertram/Flickr

11. Fanning Belief

I had fallen asleep at night with my fan running, and woke up freezing. I turned it off. Not long after, I woke up hot, and turned it back on. This happened several times. The last time, I woke up hot once again, and the moment I opened my eyes, I heard the pull of my fan and looked up to see it slowly start speeding up.

I said, “thank you,” and fell back asleep.


10. Fred Showers At Night

My grandmother lived in a house that was haunted for a few years. We called him Fred. You could hear Fred walking around in the attic, pictures would regularly fall off of the walls, and sometimes the silverware drawer would be open and its contents all over the floor.

One night, my great grandparents were sleeping in the guest bedroom. My great grandmother woke up to use the restroom but heard someone taking a shower in there. She assumed it was my aunt and waited outside the door until she was done.

Anyways, whoever was in the shower got out and used the hair dryer; then the door opened and no one came out. My great grandmother got so scared she woke up my great grandpa, packed her bags, and had her drive him home.

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9. Beings Of Light In The Night

I lived in a house growing up that I was convinced was haunted. I would have reoccurring nightmares of finding my family murdered. My sister had reoccurring nightmares of my dad murdering our family. When I had nightmares I would walk downstairs to sleep with my mom and every time there were human-shaped light beings walking up the stairs. I would press my back against the wall as I walked down. Most of the time the beings just continued up without noticing me. Sometimes they would look right at me, though.


8. An Apologetic Spirit

My ex-wife was staying at her grandparents' house which used to be a church. All the cousins have stories from this place, but my wife's was an odd one. They are all listening to the radio one night when the window drapes start moving a lot and nothing but static started coming from the radio. The girls freaked out and started screaming. As soon as they started screaming it stopped and a voice came out of the radio saying, "Sorry to have bothered you, I'll leave you alone now..." Drapes went back in place, music comes back on.

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7. Interrupting Ghost

My wife and I were laying in bed and I was facing the wall and she was holding me. I heard a very heavy breath that definitely didn't come from her because her mouth and nose were buried in the back of my neck. At the same time, she went, "Was that you?! Did you breathe in my ear?!" She felt the breath that I very clearly heard. We've also had hangers come flying across our room. We had shower rings go missing and then while playing DnD they came flying from our empty kitchen 3 months later. It's bizarre.

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6. Calling And Dancing

I live in a mildly haunted house.

When we first moved in, we sometimes could hear footsteps coming through the front door at about 6 pm. I know it was not just me because my son thought his dad had come home (he hadn't).

We changed the back part of the house to remove an old veranda to extend the living area. One night I heard someone on the old veranda call out "helloooooooo." I was just around the corner and it totally freaked me out for a second because I thought someone had broken in. Nobody was there.

We had a door that refused to close (too old!) so we did a makeshift thing where we tied a string around the handle so if anyone wanted to shut it they just put the string over to a hook. I was just sitting near it and string "danced" for me one day, just like someone was playing with it, letting me know they were there.

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5. A Ghost Of Randomness

Small two-bedroom apartment next to an old farmstead. I was about 14 at the time when I started to notice weird things happening such as the dishwasher randomly starting (it was old and had to be started manually) when I was home alone. Laundry detergent would fall off the shelf and spill everywhere despite it being a foot back on the shelf and being closed. Another thing that stood out to me was random yelling. The yelling was very unsettling considering our neighbors were an old frail woman about 80 years of age and a young male who was never home due to him being a nurse. The yelling sounded like a young woman and was more of a scream of pain.

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4. The Way Is Shut

I was a complete skeptic before this incident. My wife and I rented a secluded, small 2-bedroom cabin in the Mount Rainier area of Washington. Upon arrival, my wife walked into the house and said there was no way she was sleeping in one of the bedrooms because there was "bad energy" in the room. In her defence, it was a bit creepy: weird doll dresses on the walls as decoration, a rickety rocking chair in the corner, and an oddly-placed door that was locked but presumably led to the attic.

Once we got settled we discovered a cabin journal with entries from a past guest. There were multiple terrifying entries. "My husband woke to the smell of bacon and eggs cooking, but no one was awake yet." "The doll dress in the bedroom is the gateway to hell." "We woke last night to the sound of something pacing in the attic." "The locked door was unlocked and open when we woke in the morning."

I didn't believe any of this. We decided to sleep in the living room on the floor nonetheless and closed the door to the creepy room while we were there.

The next night, after hiking all day ,we were eating and drinking outside at night by the fire. A few drinks into the evening, I started daring her to go into the bedroom. She was freaked out and wouldn't. So I said I would go inside to explore the creepy room.

When I tried to enter the room, the door opened about ten inches and stopped. (It opened into the room.) The door seemed to have hit a chair or something that was propped up against it. My mind quickly calculated the logistics of the situation -- door opens inward, room with only one entrance, chair on other side of door keeping me from entering that was somehow placed there from the inside...

I let out a little girly scream, slammed the door shut and played it off to my wife like I was trying to scare her.

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3. The Spotless Ghost

I was staying with a friend at a remote rental house in Scotland. At midnight, I woke up to go to the bathroom. While I was in there, it suddenly became very, very cold. I heard a voice complain: "They always make this room dirty, always, always, and I'm cleaning all the time and still it is dirty." It was freezing cold for a moment and then the feeling passed.

The next morning, I told the house owner that it was very cold when I went to the bathroom. Before I could finish telling the story, he looked at me, very concerned, and barked, "Who have you seen?" Not what, but who. Only later did he tell me the story of what had happened.

His daughter and son-in-law had lived in that very room and the son-in-law had died in an accident. He loved to keep the room spotless, and apparently continued to do so after his death.

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2. Little Kevin

Two weeks before we moved in, my dad and I toured our house and I noticed this guy was painting the water heater. I thought that was weird, but I was like 10, so what did I know?

We moved in on a Wednesday and my parents let me stay home from school until the following Monday. I was kept busy with coloring books and a new dollhouse. In my brand new crayons pack, there literally wasn’t a blue crayon. It was a 64-pack but there were only 63 crayons in it.

One day, I went downstairs into the basement and found the elusive blue crayon on the floor. When I went to pick it up, I realized there was a message scribbled on the hot water heater: “Hello, Katie. —Kevin.” I was so confused -- until I started school and my new classmates asked me, “Do you live in Kevin’s house?” It turned out that Kevin was an 8-year-old boy who had lived in our house until he got hit by a car and killed.

He would write notes if you left out a pen and paper, he would open and close doors, adjust the thermostat, and always turn on Christmas music when it was that time of year. We had a swing set in the backyard and even on the hottest, calmest days of summer, only the left swing would be moving back and forth.

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1. In The Mirrors

I lived in a house my friends said was haunted when I was 9-14 years old. Nothing particularly weird happened except I saw large white figures from the downstairs mirrors. They looked like they were about 2 meters tall and were slightly humanoid. Their faces were full white and their hands were much shorter in proportion to their size than on a human.

They also spoke in a language I couldn't understand, it sounded like my native language but some words were completely different.