Stop Buying These 20 Things From the Grocery Store

Stop Buying These 20 Things From the Grocery Store

Skip the grocery store for fresher, better-quality foods like produce, meats, and specialty items. Try farmers' markets, local butchers, and specialty stores for tastier options that support your community and could even save you money. Here are 20 foods to avoid buying at the grocery store and where to find them instead.

1. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Head to your local farmers' market for the freshest fruits and veggies, straight from the farm to your basket. This means top freshness, flavour, and nutrients, unlike grocery store produce that's often stored for a while and travels long distances, losing quality. Plus, buying from farmers' markets helps local farmers directly.

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2. Organic Eggs

For the best organic eggs, check out local farms or farmers' markets. Chickens on smaller farms have more space to roam, leading to tastier eggs with richer yolks. They might cost more than grocery store eggs, but the flavour and nutrition make it worth it. Plus, you're supporting better conditions for the chickens.

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3. Artisan Breads

Artisan bakeries use top-notch ingredients and traditional baking techniques, making bread that beats grocery store options. Since they skip preservatives, their breads are fresher and tastier. They might be pricier, but the delicious flavour and texture are worth it. Plus, buying from local bakeries supports your community's culinary scene.

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4. Fresh Seafood

If you're not near a coast with a fish market, opt for seafood from a specialty store or local market instead of the grocery store. They have faster turnover, meaning fresher products. Specialty stores offer a broader range of top-quality, sustainable seafood, giving you tastier meals and more nutritional value.

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5. Local Cheeses

For the best cheese, skip the grocery store and head to local dairies or specialty shops. They use better milk and artisanal methods, making tastier cheese. While they might cost a bit more, they're often made with ethical and sustainable practices. Plus, local cheeses can showcase unique regional flavours.

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6. Free-Range Chicken

For top-quality free-range chicken, check out butchers or local farms. The chickens are raised better and eat natural diets, making the meat tastier. Unlike supermarket chicken from mass production, local options are healthier and more ethical.

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7. Grass-Fed Beef

For top-notch grass-fed beef, go to a local butcher who gets it from nearby farms. This beef is healthier, with more omega-3s and vitamins because the cows eat grass and are treated better. It costs a bit more, but the health perks and great taste make it worth it.

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8. Honey

Get local honey from farmers' markets or health food stores. It helps local beekeepers and is less processed with no additives. It might have pollen from your area, which could help with allergies. Plus, its flavour changes based on nearby flowers, giving you a unique taste you won't find in mass-produced honey.

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9. Herbs

Herbs from local farmers' markets are fresher and tastier than those from grocery stores. They're picked just before market day, so they're bursting with flavour and nutrients and last longer. Buying local herbs supports sustainable agriculture in your community. If you have garden space, you could even grow them yourself and save a trip to the market.

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10. Craft Beers

For the freshest craft beers and more options, go to a local brewery or specialty shop. They have a bigger range, with unique and seasonal brews you won't find in grocery stores. Buying from breweries helps local businesses and lets you meet the brewers. Also, many breweries have tastings, so you can try new beers before you buy them.

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11. Specialty Coffees

Specialty coffee shops and roasters have better coffee options than grocery stores. They roast beans freshly and get them from ethical sources. They often work directly with farmers and tell you about the beans' origins and flavors. Grocery store coffee can be old and dull, but local roasters give you a fresher, tastier cup.

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12. Spices

Specialty spice shops have fresher, better spices than regular grocery stores. They get them straight from where they're grown and store them well to keep the flavour strong. Getting good spices can really improve your cooking, so it's worth going to a specialty store.

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13. Pasta

Pasta from specialty shops or local Italian markets is usually better than mass-produced ones from grocery stores. It's made with top-notch ingredients and traditional methods, so it tastes and feels better. Even though it costs more, it makes your homemade meals taste much better.

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14. Olive Oil

For top-notch olive oil, go to a specialty shop instead of the grocery store. They have a wider range of high-quality oils, including first-press ones with richer flavours and more antioxidants. You can also try them out before buying to find the perfect one for your taste and cooking.

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15. Wine

Local wine shops or vineyards have a better selection of wine than grocery stores. You can often try before you buy, and the staff can give you good advice based on what you like and how much you want to spend. This makes your wine experience better and helps you get the most for your money.

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16. Pickles and Fermented Foods

Local producers often make pickles and fermented foods that are fresher and don't have preservatives like the ones in supermarkets. These small-batch foods taste better and have more probiotics. They often come in unique varieties that can make your meals more exciting.

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17. Nut Butters

For the best nut butters, check our your local markets. They're usually made fresh without extra oils or sugars, so they're healthier and tastier. Whether you want almond, cashew, or peanut butter, local producers have fresher and more flavourful options.

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18. Granola

Homemade or locally-produced granola available at health food stores or markets often features better ingredients and less sugar than the commercial types sold in supermarkets. This not only makes for a healthier breakfast option but also supports local artisans who use organic and locally-sourced ingredients.

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19. Sausages

You can find delicious, fresh sausages with less additives and no preservatives at local butcher shops. They're made with locally sourced meat and tasty spices, giving them great flavour and texture. By buying from local businesses, you're supporting your community and might find new flavours you love.

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20. Gelato and Ice Cream

For the best gelato or ice cream, go to nearby creameries or specialty shops. They make their treats with higher-grade ingredients and traditional methods, giving you rich, creamy flavours you won't find in regular stores. Plus, by buying from them, you're getting a special treat made with love and skill.

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