Students From Around The World Share The Dumb Things That Got Them In Trouble

Students From Around The World Share The Dumb Things That Got Them In Trouble

We feel for teachers. They're underpaid, overworked, and worst of all, they have to deal with brats all day. (Did we say brats? We meant kids.) So you can hardly blame them when they go off on a student for something that seems like it shouldn't be a big deal. We asked students from around the world to tell us the dumbest thing they got in trouble for at school. Final verdict? The kids in these stories are guilty of nothing more than being kids.

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48. Well, he's not purple.

I colored Darth Vader black in kindergarten, got put in timeout and had my "Student of the Month" pencil revoked. The reason was because other students were scribbling on every page of the coloring book with black crayons just to destroy things, meanwhile I was actually just coloring Darth Vader (who is all black). I couldn't explain myself because I'm Asian and couldn't speak English properly back in kindergarten.

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47. Sweet photo, dude.

The first day of high school was picture day. For my photo I brought a Snickers bar, and framed my face with a snickers bar on one side, and a thumbs up on the other. They refused to deliver my photos, or include them in the yearbooks even after I paid for them due to the 'inappropriate content'.

Later that year I was playing around with the Trojan virus SubSeven and had infected 5 or 6 computers around the school which I used to open unsuspecting victims CD-ROM drives and participating in their chat sessions.

I was caught, and banned from computer access for the remainder of the year. They put signs up in the library instructing the staff not to let me use the computers. In a school of 1000+ they had to include my photo... it was my snickers photo. Heh.

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46. It probably deserved it.

I got kicked out of summer camp for kicking a tree. It wasn't even a particularly special tree. I was just frustrated about forgetting something or other. Apparently, kicking it meant that I had violent tendancies and was a danger to the other children.

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45. security?

During a computer applications class, while in high school, I changed the background color from green to blue. The teacher accused me of "hacking." I was escorted to the office by security for the remainder of the class.

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44. The ultimate skipper.

I was charged with Truancy. I was actually brought to court, sat in front of a judge, was convicted and almost sent to Juvi because I skipped school. Got 2 years probation. I was told it was the first case of Truancy actually being brought to court in 50 years in Ontario.

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43. No mercy for little criminals.

I nearly got kicked out of school for firstly, graffiti, which was assumed to be mine because it was my first name... I was 10, with a rather common name. Secondly, I was then deemed to have assaulted a girl because I was playing football and sent a wayward pass into her face causing her to cry... the ball was made of sponge. Then, based on our schools 3 strike policy, I nearly got in trouble for knocking over some paint but luckily my favorite teacher vouched for me that it was an accident.

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42. No art goes unpunished.

Got yelled at in art class twice in the same week. Once because I brought my own art supplies from home, and once because I told the art teacher that using complimentary colors was a better way of toning down a color's saturation than adding black.

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41. Hair control.

My high school had a "no facial hair" rule. They didn't seem to have a problem with sideburns though, so I would just grow huge sideburns in rebellion (basically a beard with a gap shaved in between and no mustache).

Most teachers acknowledged it as a loophole and didn't care, but one teacher would always try to find me and send me home to shave. It amazes me thinking back on how much time she spent on the most harmless of rebellious teenage acts.

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40. Highly sneaky.

In Year 3 I used to have an elaborate system for passing notes to my best friend, which involved various letter drops in different places - we wanted to be spies, because who wouldn't?

Anyway, one time I got shouted at for getting a new piece of scrap paper when I already had a blank piece. The new piece was for my note, but despite a lengthy interrogation I never revealed my true purpose. Like a boss. A spy boss. Yeah.

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39. 10 out of times 10.

We had a substitute in 3rd grade, and a classroom helper (a student's parent) was visiting. I dropped my pencil in the middle of a lesson, and couldn't write, so I bent down to pick it up. The sub yelled at me for being 'rude and disrespectful' and to 'wait until she was done so I wouldn't embarrass her in front of the helper'. So I wait for 10 minutes and miss a crap ton of notes on multiplication tables, and bend down again under my desk. I got sent out in the hall.

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38. She probably didn't know.

We were having 'quiet reading' at school in Year 3 and I read the word 'encylopaedia' spelt such in my book. I got up to get the dictionary to check the spelling. My teacher sharply told me to sit back down, and flat-out refused to answer my question about the spelling when I told her why I got up and asked her instead.

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37. No loud noises.

In middle school during lunch I popped a paper brown bag. Our cafeteria was a huge gymnasium so the "pop" echoed and was so profound it sounded like a gunshot. The room full of a hundred kids went silent while my buddies and i sat laughing hysterical at what just happened.

I was sent to the principal, he asked what I did, so i told him. "I popped a bag." He laughed and sent me back where I was greeted with applause.

In retrospect that was probably a sticky situation as this happened shortly after Columbine.

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36. Falsely accused.

When I was 11, I was at my sister's High School Graduation. The ceremony was held outside in the football stadium. As the ceremony droned on, my mom had set her camera case by her feet. She accidently hit it with her foot and it fell below the bleachers.

So I volunteered to retrieve it. When I reached the under side of the bleachers and grabbed the case, this old woman started screaming "Thief, thief!" It was loud enough for most people to hear and slightly threw off the graduation speaker.

Well she also attracted the attention of a cop and he grabbed me by the shoulder and brought me from under the bleachers. I had to lead him to my mom and he tried to begin that he caught me stealing. But my mom had asked me to get it and she ripped the cop for interrupting the ceremony for her.

The cop apologized and the old woman had followed us and my mom flicked her off. Then, when they left, she yelled at me for causing trouble.

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35. The incredible fork bender.

I once got in trouble for PRETENDING to bend a fork.

There was this magic trick of sorts I used to do where I hold the fork a certain way and act like I'm bending it on the table, then snap my fingers and reveal it's alright. Teacher saw me doing it and gave me a detention, even after I showed her I hadn't actually done it.


34. Recess isn't for everyone.

When I was in second grade, I got in trouble for reading inside instead of going to recess. It was cold out, and I didn't feel well, and I didn't want to go outside. Although that same year during recess, my friend and I went into this area next to a parking lot in the school yard and threw rocks at cars. Never got in trouble once.

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33. Stay inside the lines.

In second grade, I was partnered to do an assignment with a girl I wasn't particularly fond of, she sat a couple tables over. The assignment wasn't difficult, and I could do it on my own, so that's what I started to do. She made no move to come over to me, I made no move to go over to her, and a little while later she started working with the teacher-helper lady. The teacher came to me and asked me why I wasn't working with her, and being a relatively shy kid at the time, I didn't know what to say. I was sent to the 'Thinking Chair' where I bawled my eyes out, and subsequently transferred to another class the next day.

Also, in first grade, I had a thing for colouring everything 'rainbow', scribbled every colour in the crayon box all over. This was all fine, until I was given a picture of a street with shops lining it, coloured it the same way, teacher got upset and made re-do it. Coloured it black and grey, and this was okay.

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32. Boy erased.

In 6th grade I was really shy and didnt have any friends (no one seemed to like me). Anyway, I was in science class and the teacher kept yelling at me to be quiet. I wasn't talking. I got yelled at about three times and started to cry. I pulled my hands off my desk into my lap and dropped my eraser. I bent down to pick it up and the teacher ran across the classroom into my desk and started screaming at me for interrupting the classroom. Even though I didn't have any friends, the entire classroom stood up for me. The teacher apologized but I still felt like crap.


31. He's not over it.

In primary school, I often got in trouble for swearing at the kids who always bullied and taunted me. Any attempt to explain the context my "bad language" was in was met with "don't tell tales", so I eventually gave that up and just moved straight on to crying hysterically. Took me a surprisingly long time before I understood that my teachers were all a bunch of abhorrent, incompetent horros. Hope they're having painful and lonely descents into old age.

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30. Detention coming achoo.

I got detention when I was about 7 for sneezing in class. The teacher came over to our table and asked who 'made the noise' and the rest of the table pointed to me. My mum came in and spoke to the teacher after she asked why I'd been in detention that day.

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29. What a savage.

I was in my fifth grade music class, sitting on the floor by a girl named Yasmeen. Out of nowhere, she leans over and bites my arm. Hard. Understandably, I shouted, "You bit me!" Twenty minutes later, we're both getting detention, she for biting me, me for disrupting class. She said I stepped on her jacket or some nonsense so we both got in trouble.

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28. Bring it down a notch.

I got kicked out of baseball practice as a little kid for catching a ball in the air rather then let it roll on the ground and pick it up. Why punish the kid for getting the out instead of letting the opponent reach first base baffles me. I understand the point of the drill. But as a little kid, I couldn't comprehend it. And getting kicked out of a practice was still too harsh in my opinion.


27. Playing pretend.

In 5th grade, there was a kid no one really liked. This was the time we were all playing Runescape. Probably about 5 of my friends and I challenged him and his supposed Runescape friends to a duel in the wilderness. He told the principal that we were planning to kill him on an online game. We all got detention.

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26. Disappearing act.

Walking about a meter out of my fourth grade classroom to grab a pot of paint. I didn't think to tell the teacher because she could see me if she stood at the door. When I came in I got a phone call home for, "leaving the class for an unknown amount of time to an unknown location, without telling the teacher."


25. Better book it.

I was in first grade and was the nerd of the class. Little girl me wrote her book report and was so excited to read it in front of the class, that I skipped ahead of the line to read mine it.

We had corporal punishment at my school, so I went to the Principal's office, got a paddling, and I had to sit in detention for an hour after school.

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24. She's no fan of yours.

When I was about 9, my classroom was the school's computer room, which had 30 computers and no ventilation. It was the middle of june and the entire class was melting. I stood up and turned on the tiny desk fan in the corner. Our teacher came into the room, and demanded to know who turned on the fan. I stood up, she yelled at me saying that it was dangerous and sent me to "the corridor" which is roughly the equivalent of detention to a 9 year old.


23. Unsatisfactory ambitions.

This is something that I was told about by my parents, as I was too young to remember now. They went into my school to pick me up from kindergarten, and my teacher pulled my parents aside to tell them that I had done something that day. My mom told me her first thought was that I had gotten in a fight, or did something terrible. My teacher proceeds to tell them my problem: the teacher had apparently asked my class about what we all wanted to do when we grew up. Everybody else gave stereotypical answers like fireman, astronaut, etc. When it was my turn, I said that I wanted to be a stay-at-home dad, so I could be with my kids. This disturbed or angered my kindergarten teacher enough to pull my parents aside after school.

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22. Haven't heard of that game.

In 6th grade I had bronchitis and would occasionally have these intense coughing fits that were really hard to stop. So one day during silent reading, one of these coughing fits comes on, and I try my best to silence it, but it goes on for 10-15 seconds. Well, my teacher got mad and threatened to give me detention for "playing the coughing game". Nothing came out of it, but I was a tender 6th grader and getting yelled at freaked me out.


21. So yummy, but so dangerous.

I don't know if this is the dumbest, because I understand the reason why now but it was very upsetting for years. Everyday my dad made PB and J sandwichs for his lunch. He always let me lick the knife after he was done making it. One day in my new kindergarten (we moved) we were making pine cone bird feeders where you put peanut butter on pine cones and then sprinkle bird seeds on there. So I put peanut butter on the pine cone and then licked the knife. I remember getting yelled at so much and I burst into tears. I understand that it was not sanitary now but I thought it was a dumb reason at the time.


20. Duck, duck, oops.

In first grade I decided to discover all the words that rhymed with 'duck' in alphabetical order. After not getting very far my mumblings were outed by some kid who shouted "He said the F word!". My teacher freaked out and sent me to the back of the class. I sat there, distraught, wondering what I had done wrong, and which word was the F word they spoke of.

I was not the sharpest kid while in first grade.

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19. Lock her up.

I got detention because when I put my backpack in my locker, I didn't see that one of the straps was sticking out beneath the locker door. This was at a Catholic school that emphasized the importance of appearances a little too much.


18. He was framed.

While waiting in line after lunch some classmates teased the special ed student in our class - one of the boys smacks her on the head. She starts crying getting the teacher's attention. When the teacher asks her who did this to her, she, with her eyes closed and still crying points over to my direction randomly....and that is how I was suspended for beating a special ed student.


17. Sheesh, adults these days.

On one of the last days of 8th grade, I put on a Pikachu costume. Within minutes of putting it on, I was pulled aside by some administrator-type person. I was then given detention, on the grounds that said Pikachu costume represented a major threat to the health of myself and those around me. I was also threatened with the threat of not graduating middle school if I did anything else bad. Clearly, they confused Pichu's problem with controlling its electricity and hurting itself with Pikachu.

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16. Punished for excelling.

When I was 12, first year of secondary school, we had an IT test and it turned out I got the highest score in the class. I got detention because the teacher claimed I must have cheated as "girls are rubbish at IT". Fortunately my form tutor told him where to go. Also frequently got told off in English classes for reading ahead when we were supposed to be reading a book as a group - ridiculous!

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15. It's all the same to me.

I got into trouble for mixing up reds and greens in all of my elementary years. Apparently they assumed girls couldn't be colorblind (it's pretty rare, so I mean... safe assumption I guess) so they thought I was mixing up reds and greens on purpose to "be rebellious." My color blind Dad laughed and laughed and laughed.

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14. Not worth the trip.

My school is pretty much across the road from my house, almost like someone chose this house for that reason. So twice a week, after classes, they would pack us all up in a bus to drive 10 minutes to a basketball stadium for training. After they refused to provide the return bus service, I tried the public transport alternative and a 10 minute trip became 45-60. I stopped going and received detention.

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13. Totally worth it.

I got detention for untucking my shirt and not wearing a belt.... In detention we were forced to transcribe the passage from the bible about the wise, simple, fool and scorner and then write a paragraph on which one we were. I chose scorner because I thought it was stupid that I got detention for something so harmless and said I would continue doing it. In turn my parents were called and I got another detention.

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12. This one's real bad.

In year 2, I was playing soccer during lunch when I got kicked in the leg. The pain was excruciating, I could hardly walk. I went to the nurse but she told me to stop faking.

I went a further 3 times during the day due to my inability to walk and the fact you could see my leg was out of shape. They gave me a detention for repeatedly trying to get out of school by faking an injury.

I will never forget the look on their faces when I came back a week later in a wheelchair after finding out my leg was broken in 2 places and had had surgery.


11. Got trust issues.

In kindergarten I was sitting at the the lunch tables with my friends, and this kid who has severe social and some minor physical disabilities walks past, and I reach out a hand and ask if he wants to eat with us. Completely sincere and really just wanted this guy to fit in somewhere.

Unfortunately here comes this teacher aide who just swoops in, calls the kid out and guides him away from us, whilst giving me the most evil eye ever.

She came back to chastise me in front of everybody that I shouldn't tease other students, and while I attempted to explain my side of the story, she just leaned in closer and said "I know what you meant to do, don't play me like a fool."

I lost so much trust for those adults in elementary school.

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10. So immature.

I've got 2 absolutely ridiculous stories from primary school:

The first was when I was bored and had nothing better to do, I just stood there watching something like 18 kids climbing a tree in the hope that they would "take it down". I was watching from quite a distance in fact, but I still got given detention. For watching someone climb a tree.

The second was only a few years later. A wallpaper for one of the computers was a supermodel. Someone had used it and inadvertently left the cursor pointing at the model's breasts. A kid noticed and word got around the class and then people started giggling but then (note: we were quite young and immature, though I couldn't have cared less, I didn't even notice until...) the teacher realised what everyone was laughing at and wouldn't let anyone leave the classroom until someone admitted to placing the cursor there. No one did it intentionally so we were there for a very long time.


9. Unholy school rules.

I went to catholic school in elementary school. A classmate knocked me into a table that had a Virgin Mary statue, which shattered on the floor. The teacher demanded that I replace it. I go with my dad to buy the nicest replacement we could, and I give it to my teacher. not even a week later, the statue gets broken by some other classmate. I was devastated because I'd spent so much time picking it out to please this teacher. Did the kid who broke my statue have to replace it? Nope. needless to say, my parents pulled me out of catholic school not much after.

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8. What is it with teachers and bathrooms?

In elementary school, I had to stay after school in "after-school care" because both my parents worked late and couldn't pick me up. The teacher in charge got mad at the kids for asking to go to the bathroom so often, so she decides to have -only- one bathroom break for all 40+ kids as soon as we get out of school. She lines us all up outside the bathrooms and lets us go in 2 by 2. When it get to my turn, I've been standing in line for about 20 minutes and just want to sit down, so I tell her I don't have to use the bathroom and start walking to sit back down. She grabs my arm and pulls me into the bathroom with her, makes me sit on the toilet for a minute, flush, and wash my hands, all the time yelling at me about how disrespectful I am in front of all my classmates. After all that, I have to sit in a corner and write, "I will go to the bathroom when I am told." for 2 hours until my parents came to get me.

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7. Tyrannical teacher torture.

One day while walking home circa 1st grade, I kicked a pine cone out into he road pretty forcibly, and it landed behind a passing school bus from my school. The driver somehow identified me and I got dragged into he principal's office the next day and yelled at with my mom present.

I also got in trouble for reading ahead in class and telling my friends the ending to Of Mice and Men. Another time I got in trouble for handing a girl a tissue during the 7th grade writing test, which almost caused the whole 7th grade to retake the test, and my dad had to come out to the school for a conference. In 9th grade I got in-school suspension for "insubordination" when our student teacher asked us what we though a poem meant, and when I responded with exactly what the book said it meant she told me I was wrong and said it meant something else, when I told her that is what the book said, she told me that I wasn't to argue with her and she dragged me out of class.

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6. Being read the riot act.

When I was in kindergarten, we had to look at the alphabet posters that were hung high up on the wall where it meets the ceiling. I was confused, because I couldn't see them and so I got up and stood right below them to try to see better. My teacher started yelling at me to get back to my seat and I explained to her that I couldn't see the letters to write them. She called me a liar and told me that I had to stay in for lunch recess and do my work instead of going outside to play.

I told my mom about it and she was furious. She came to the school and explained to the mean teacher that near-sightedness runs in my family and so I was telling the truth. The teacher continued to argue with her, but in the end my mom yelled at her enough that she shut up.

And yes, I am indeed nearsighted and have the worst sight of anyone in my family where almost everyone wears glasses.

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5. A marked problem with authority.

I was a bit sensitive as a child, and although I didn't really realise it at the time (oh, childhood unawareness!) things were rough at home and I was feeling particularly bad and I cried very easily.

So one day we were marking out some spellings from our book that we had to learn that night. I couldn't find a highlighter so I got out my jumbo-pack of markers and took out the lightest green I had and used that instead. My teacher told me "don't use that, you'll find it hard to see the words."

I ignored her, because I wanted everything to be the same colour for symmetry's sake, and because that green was light enough, in my opinion. So she told me off in front of the whole class about using a marker instead of a highlighter and not obeying her orders. She made me stand up and I promptly burst into tears. I kept sniffling for the rest of the day and at the end of the day she called me up to her desk.

That day I hadn't done as well as I normally did in my spellings test (I got 18/20 or some still very good result but just not as good as I usually did) and combined with the marker incident, caused my teacher to ask "what do you think you're doing? Why are you messing around and slacking off? Why do you think it's okay to disobey my orders?"

... I burst into tears again.

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4. Detention finally has a purpose.

I've only gotten detention twice in school. Both times in 8th grade and for eternally stupid reasons.

The first time was because I was doing morning announcements for the school w/ a friend of mine and after morning announcements, my teacher decided it was Reading Period for us. I head back in there, she tells me it's Reading Period and I ask her if it's okay if I grab a book from my locker, since I didn't have time to grab it in between (since I had no idea). She gets mad at me and gives me detention. All over something she decided to have us do in homeroom at the last minute that I possibly couldn't have known about.

The second time was because I forgot my gym clothes at home. In school, we had some insanely ridiculous rules about what were grounds for detention. I remembered in detention that time, however, I ended up standing up for myself when some kid tried to steal my Powerade. This tough douchebag kid. He grabbed it from me without me looking. He then stops sipping and is like "Okay you can have it wait" and went back to drink it again. I took the bottle and yanked it from him. He was angry at me while I just sort of stood there in fear of what he'd do. He just calmly handed me back the bottle cap and then chuckled saying "I like ya, kid, you're alright" and took his seat. Nobody messed with me that day in Detention. (note: My school had a bunch of wannabe badasses whom were actually douchebags).


3. Down in front.

A few months ago during my university's football season, my friend and I snuck into the lower section (like row five or six) where there were some open seats so we could watch the game from there rather than in our nosebleed seats. It was really great, the stadium was packed, and everyone was getting wild and crazy, plus it was a close game. Unfortunately for me, the tallest man I had ever seen was standing in the row in front of me and I couldn't see the field at all. In past games, the solution that had worked for me was to stand on the bleacher seats so that's what I did. As soon as I did so, a policeman/security guard guy comes out of nowhere to ask for my student ID. I give it to him and he looks at it for a second them tells me to come with him. I follow him into an office where he starts asking me why I was standing on the seats and why I failed to notice him escort out ten people a few rows in front of me for doing the same thing. I meekly answer that I all I wanted to do was watch football and that was my reason for standing on the seats. He said that wasn't a good enough excuse and I should have learned from the "example" he made of the people before. He wrote me up and walked me out of the whole stadium and told me if I returned that day then I would be legitimately arrested and charged with trespassing. I also had to call student legal services to deal with my "crime"--something I did a few days later only to get laughed at by the legal service advisor person and my name completely cleared. Apparently, a record number of people were thrown out of that game. Go figure.

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2. When the student becomes the teacher.

In eighth grade science class I would consistently get in trouble for putting correct answers on my homework and tests. Despite the books being brand new they were riddled with errors. I would usually go up to the teacher with a more accurate source and the right answer and get the points back. For the first few months it wasn't a big deal, but then things changed.

Someone wrote a letter to the local papers about the quality of these textbooks and the science education in general, and a whole bunch of us signed it after that pretty much hit the fan. The principle caught wind of the letter before it got published (he was friends with the editor). The person who wrote the letter (a 13 y/o girl) got pulled into the principal's office and the principle tried to intimidate her into retracting the letter to the papers before they published it. After that I would get yelled at for putting the right answers and not get points back because my teacher knew I signed the letter. I refused to put the answer from the book just to get points. When she stopped giving me points I started correcting her in class and generally just causing a bit of of a stir.

The whole thing almost came back to bite me in the butt too. In order to get into honors science (basically skip a year of science classes in high school) you pretty much had to have your science teacher give permission. She tried to make some noise about me not having too many 'incorrect answers on tests' to be in honors science. I looked her straight in the eye and told her that she can either sign the paper putting me into honors science and I could behave the rest of the year, or she can find out just how much of a disruption I could be and I'd find a way to get into honors science anyway. Honestly I'm surprised she didn't just kick me out of class right then, but I guess she decided signing the paper was the easier way out.

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1. There's always that one kid.

In Kindergarten, I got timeout for going to the washroom and coming back "uninvited." My teacher was like WHERE ARE YOUR MANNERS??? YOU DO NOT COME BACK IN WITHOUT KNOCKING THE DOOR! The door was open, wide open. She made me stand for the rest of the week. She didn't do the same with the group of girls who just walked back in and sat down. I was like WHY TEACHER?

I got in trouble for using too much paper towels to dry my hands, she was like KID YOU ONLY NEED ONE SHEET OF PAPER TOWEL TO DRY YOUR HANDS! I ended up being banned from using the paper towel dispenser. But my classmates were nice so they handed me some paper towels when we washed our hands. Then the teacher yelled at the other kids for being nice to me.

I got in trouble for throwing a ball onto the wall, the same teacher was like KID YOU ARE GOING TO BREAK THAT WALL! Got banned from recess for like two weeks I believe.

I got in trouble for picking up toys after other kids, as they ran out for recess. The same teacher was like KID WHY YOU TAKING OTHER KIDS TOYS? WHERE ARE YOUR MANNERS? I was just cleaning up after the other kids. Got banned from the toy station thingy.

I got in trouble for talking to the older kids when I was in Grade 1, the older kids were like Grade 5+. I was talking to them about Pokemon and stuff and one of the supervisors was like KID GET OUTTA THERE! I was like what? Funny how I knew every one of those older kids.

I got in trouble for bringing food outside, one of the supervisors was like KID, WHY YOU LITTERING THE PLAYGROUND? When it was a piece of cookie or something.

I got in trouble for "littering" food, it was like sandwich bits and I just dropped them, hoping for the birds to come and take it away. But no, one of the teachers was like WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU KID? THAT GOES INTO THE GARBAGE! Funny how we had a compost bin too. I ended up having a debate against the teacher, then got sent to the Principal's office. The Principal was totally chill about it, he understood me. I think the teacher got yelled at.

I got in trouble for changing the computers wallpaper. The original one was this boring school/board logo, so I changed it to something related to the day, or month. For an example, I changed the wallpaper to a Christmas style wallpaper since Christmas was coming soon. I got in trouble, the computer teacher told me that I broke the computer and I had to pay for it. I was like what? So I changed it back, the teacher told me that I was vandalizing school property and banned me from using the computer or a month or something.

Yeah, my school is stupid.

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