Students From Around The World Share The Stories That Got Them Expelled

Students From Around The World Share The Stories That Got Them Expelled

Your college years are supposed to be the best years of your life... at least, that's what everyone says. The truth is, students are plagued by stress, bad roommates, bad diets, and the constant threat of being expelled. It's tough spending four years that way, but these wayward academics didn't have to when their run at school was cut short. We asked students from around the world to tell us the outrageous tales of how they got expelled.


32. At least he's consistent.

I had a friend who skipped all classes and failed everything because all he wanted to do was play video games. He got a warning that if he didn't get his grades up he would be suspended for a year. He got suspended. When he went back to the school a year later the same thing happened again. Now he can't go back to that college again.

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31. He should know better.

This is not my story. It's the story of a classmate. We will nickname him The Idiot.

The Idiot was the top student in my promo in journalism school. This was a good school, known to create good journalists. This was because we had four mandatory internships, in four different medias. The school already had partnership with said medias, and chose the internship for you, based on your preferences, your skills and your results.

The Idiot got the best internship there was, at my country's most important newspaper. (Think something like The New York Times.)

3 weeks into it, The Idiot is caught for plagiarism. He is fired from the internship, and immmediatly expelled from the school, in shame.


30. On a time out.

I had a particularly rough semester and got D in a class that I had previously dropped after about a week the prior semester because my schedule was too busy then. Department rules say that you can't attempt a class for credit more than twice (including drops) so I got kicked out of my major. I was 14 hours away from graduation at the time. The academic advisor said that I could either change my major, so basically start college all over, or go away for a year and then come back on probation. So I guess I'm not expelled per se but I'm taking an involuntary gap year.

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29. It all works out in the end.

My roommate got expelled for basically never going to class, not even when there was an important exam. He spent all night smoking weed (with me) and playing video games (not with me), and then slept all day until about 5 PM. Like I would wake up, go to my 8:30 lecture, get lunch, go to lab 2-5, then come back to my room and my roommate was STILL sleeping! I found out the following summer that he had gotten a letter from the university asking him not to come back. Last I heard of him, he had enrolled at a commuter school, where he made the dean's list.

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28. Hard to feel bad for this guy.

It happened to a teammate on my rowing team. He got busted for drinking which isn't an expellable offense. But to get back at the RA that caught him, he pooped into a bag, went to the guy's first floor window, and threw it into the RA's room. What made things worse is that the RA had a box fan in the window. The contents of the bag hit it and sprayed everywhere in the room.

Literally, the poop hit the fan. He was promptly expelled.


27. 10 out of 10.

I was up for expulsion but got saved in the nick of time. I was making a search engine for our school teacher evaluation page. It absolutely blew up in popularity and a large portion of the school was using it (about 5k views per day). Essentially it was like rate my professors except it used the evals that they force students to do at the end of the class as data. I also added features that made it more desirable to students.

It became so popular that it was showing up on the front page of google for certain teacher names. Some of those teachers had low ratings and got mad off and complained. I had unintentionally violated IP laws because the evaluations were under password protections and my site was not. The only reason I didn't get expelled was because the dean of my department had my back. He did research and concluded the information should not have been private in the first place, then sent a public information request to make it so my project did not break the law. I definitely had people asking for my expulsion for a scarey amount of time.

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26. Too conservative.

Not me, but a friend, let's call him Ben, was expelled his sophomore year.

Ben came from a very conservative Christian family. His father and grandfather were pastors. Ben went to the same religious college they did. That college had strict rules about dressing modestly and fraternization of opposite sexes. If I recall, there were different levels allowed that depended on age/role at school.

Ben was caught off campus seeing a movie with a girl. Apparently they should have had a chaperone. I think it was also not the first time he had broken the rules.

Ben was promptly expelled. His parents were so upset they sent him on a year-long mission over seas.

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25. Diamond in the rough.

I spent too much time drinking and not going to class. I was a junior with a 1.6 overall GPA. University said they didn't need my ilk around there and would open my spot for someone who would appreciate it. This got my attention. I went to the dean and talked with him for a couple of hours trying to get back in. He said no, 19 out of 20 of you guys go back to doing the same thing. I told him I would be the exception. He gave me another chance. From then on out it was 4.0 every semester. I finally got my GPA up over 2.5 so I could graduate. I made sure and went back to the dean's office to thank him and tell him that I was that 1 out of 20 that made it.


24. There's always a next time.

I was expelled the first time I went to college, back in the 90s. I remember on orientation day, we walked by the fraternities and my dad got all excited. Walked up to the Phi Kappa Taus - they were pretty cool. Acted all interested in me.

I didn't look around anywhere else, I was 17 and very intimidated. I rushed them - and turns out, they were massive party animals.

I lived and worked 40 mins away from school, and had a girlfriend back home (so far, right?). I scheduled all my classes at 7-11am. It was hard to get up at 5 and drive in to school and pay attention in a 1000 seat lecture hall.

So I started to stay at the frat house and blow off my classes. The first semester I got a 0.0. The next, I got a .33 (one D!) I wasn't the only one expelled from school that and 4 other guys were competing for the lowest GPA.

What a waste. Stupid college is wasted on the young.

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23. Seems like a good reason to put off school.

I got expelled for calling my professor a [bleep]head. Why? He cracked a joke about why I was coming back to college after so long. I was in the military serving in Afghanistan.

In class we were assigned a group project, of which I was older than everyone by nearly 10 years. We got to a part where we were discussing technology, and the kids in my group were snickering about how I didn't have a cell phone until my senior year of high school, and describing the old Nokias. It was in good fun, and I was actually enjoying acting like an old timer. I was around 30 at the time, but whatever.

The Professor heard the laughing and came to see what it was all about. One of the girls repeated the conversation, and he made a comment along the lines of "I guess he joined the military because he couldn't make it into college the first time around." That's when I called him the name.

Now mind you, I WAS in college before I went into the military. I left for real reasons. I come from a very poor town, and had no parents to pay for my college. I knew that if I joined and did my 4 years, I would get my GI bill, which would prevent me from going into massive student loan debt. This was also not long after 9/11, so I was also feeling very patriotic and wanted to serve my country. Of course, after I got out, I went straight to work in another career field, and it took some time for me to go back to school.

The professor, who was also younger than me by several years by the way, lost his head and got me expelled. But I won the appeal and got back in. [Bleep]head.

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22. Careful who you copy-paste.

I unintentionally got another student expelled. We were critiquing websites we had built when I noticed one that looked exactly like mine with a few tweaks. I popped open the source and noticed it was a line for line copy of my code with a few changes to the CSS. We routinely critiqued work in class, most of our sites were built through code pen, all he needed was any students code pen username and he had access to the code. I am about 99.3% sure it's how he did it.

I brought it up to the professor to protect myself in case he noticed them (though I doubt I would have been suspected, mine was more cohesive. The changes he did make didn't make the site appealing). Anyway, apparently it was his 3rd time plagiarizing after twice you go "on trial" with the school. If you don't get expelled then, a 3rd time is the nail in the coffin.

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21. What a waste.

Personally knew a bright individual that was kicked out of a prestigious university for skipping too many classes. He showed up for the important classes, got A's on all of the tests. But due to the fact that he had missed too many classes, he failed all of them.

Must not have read that page of the handbook. He now works at the local grocery store and I see him when I come home on breaks. That college was Princeton. He was on a full ride.

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20. Christ.

My dad teaches as a Christian college. I was forced to attend because hey, free tuition. I lasted one year then got kicked out for not being "godly" enough. I was SO HAPPY.

It was a stressful environment. Not the classes or professors, some of the nicest people ever. It was the students and RA/RD in my dorm that made it awful. I'm not social. At all. Or religious. I also don't like being awoken at 2 am by other girls on my floor blasting pop music as loud as possible.

So I'd often get "confronted" about my attitude, and why I didn't want to sit with my dorm mates at meal times. And they took my antisocialness as me being "not right with the Lord."


19. How about that local sports team?

I got kicked out of BYU (the Mormon private university) for not going to church. You have to maintain 80% church attendance alongside a whole slew of things or your local religious leader can "pull your ecclesiastical endorsement" which gives you the ok to keep attending. I had stopped believing in the Mormon faith my senior year of high school, but only applied to BYU because I loved the sports program and thought I could fake it for 4 years so I could get sweet student section tickets.

Only applying to one college, a religious school, entirely for cheap sports tickets was a terrible mistake.


18. Burning down the house.

I got expelled when I was second year medicine student. Came back from a heavy night of drinking, lit up a Marlboro red and subsequently passed out from the drink. Woke up dazedly to huge hands grabbing me by the scruff of my T-shirt and tossing me from the room and dragging me backwards out the shared flat we had. Firefighters had responded to the multiple phone calls of smoke coming from my window and saved me from death by smoke inhalation.

I slept at a friends house that night, I was a mess still not fully comprehending what happened, when we went back the next day to collect my belongings and the full room was torched, surprisingly the rest of the house was left intact. I lost everything, and I mean everything. My family's home was 200+ miles away and I had no phone, wallet, clothes. Everything I owned destroyed because of my own stupidity.


17. He deserved it.

I hacked into my IT Security professor's Blackboard account and posted a general notice to the class about the importance of choosing a strong password. In my defence we were challenged every exam that if we could guess the test login password, then we got an automatic perfect score. Really, that may have been said in jest, but I decided to try instead for the professor's master password. A short dictionary attack later, and I had it. It was actually a pretty weak, common, non-capped, alpha-only, word. I waited until after the final exam, and posted a quote from our textbook about weak passwords that seemed to come from her account. When I showed up for my test results, and another final exam, I was escorted, by security, to an emergency dean meeting. A couple of weeks later I received mail telling me I was suspended for a term. I fought it, and lost. The college claimed I had "incited panic amongst the students." The suspension disqualified the funding I was receiving to help pay for the school. On an update, I transferred to a different college and finished by Bachelor's degree in IT last year.

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16. Keep on trying.

Was expelled my second semester at a northern US school; think Michigan, Montana, North Dakota. It was my second semester being an older transfer student from the mid-Atlantic. I ended up slipping on ice and fracturing my femur, my humerus and two fingers on ice outside my apartment. I spent 3 weeks in the hospital during that time recovering and doing PT. Finally got home (my apartment was 30 mintutes away from campus) since I couldn't drive nor did they have cabs I could afford or public transit. Ended up failing everything and having to move back home.

Only a year later I find out about an office that can help you out with getting tuition back and expunging your record of classes due to medical issues. Had to wait a year to get back in.

This year I'm finding myself in the same situation with a aplastic anemia but I only got diagnosed one week before my insurance expired. I'm 16 credits from graduation and I'm stuck with the bureaucratic processes of trying to take classes of the summer. It'll probably take me to mid July which means I have to come back in the fall to finish up. I'm about ready to give up.

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15. He wasn't expelled, he escaped.

So I attended BYU from 2006-2009. For those that do not know BYU is an incredibly religious school with some pretty insane rules. One of those is the Honor Code, it has made the news recently so I won't go into detail about what it all entails but here is the gist of it.. ANYTHING THAT YOU THINK IS FUN ABOUT COLLEGE.. DON'T DO IT.

Anyway, I was starting my senior year and we had a party, I was one of those party kids that had a place in Salt lake that we would go up to and get crazy for a weekend and then go and pretend it never happened. Party was great the guy to girl ratio was awesome and then people started pairing off.... then one girl ended up texting her roommates and before I knew it I had 13 missed calls from the ecclesiastical leader. Whatever, we all knew at one point this was going to happen.

Monday rolls around and I get drag out of class like we're in high school all over again and escorted to the Honor Code office. There is an entire office at BYU that is solely dedicated to enforcing no drinking, no hooking up, no cheating, and to make sure you go to church. I sit down in the office knowing fully well what is going to happen. The guy asks me who all was at the party, Which I thought was odd. Apparently the girl that was texting could only remember my name in the whole fiasco and I was the only one that was called in.

I was given the option to tell the school who all was involved at the party and stay in school, or I could not tell on them and be kicked out. Now this enraged me at the time, a religion that focuses solely on "Christ, choices, and repentance" wants me to force others to confess? I tore into the honor code cop letting off an exquisite string of swear words at close to the top of my lungs. After that I was escorted off campus, told to pack my things and leave. Worked out pretty well though in the end.


14. So heartless.

Did very well in high school, 4.8 GPA, 100+ hours of community service, played football for two years, played hockey the last 2 and was named team captain for my senior season of hockey, etc.. earned a 3 year army rotc scholarship.

Then, my mom died unexpectedly the 5th week of my freshman year. Got back to school after being home for 2 1/2 weeks and none of my professors cared except my rotc cadre. Failed every class except rotc and French (got a D, but Ds get degrees right?) and during my academic hearing after the first semester they literally laughed at me when I told them the reason for my poor performance was the the 2 1/2 weeks I missed due to my mom's passing. After I wasn't able to raise my gpa to a 2.0 after the second semester (which was my fault, lacked a will to be there and was pretty depressed) I was expelled. Lost my scholarship. And couldn't talk to my mom about it. Screw private colleges. Wasted 20k+ there.

I'm doing great now for all of those who are wondering, currently set to leave for the Air Force may 23rd and am going to get my degree through the Air Force. Looking back I wish I would have taken that semester off but hey what can you do. One thing I learned from this is that no matter how messed up your situation may be some people (or institutions) just won't care, while a parent passing is a valid excuse I feel, you can't let anything get in the way of your dreams. As my odd friend Shia once said, just do it!


13. What a rollercoaster ride.

I'm bipolar. Rocked college and got straight A's while I was manic, sleeping 3 hours a night for several years, drinking, partying and all that.

Then I curled up in a dark hole and cried for several months and couldn't even hardly wake up enough to go to any of my classes. Got academic probation and told my advisors I had no idea what was happening to me. This wasn't the real me. Managed to pull off another year of straight A's and little to no sleep.

Then I crashed again and did nothing but sleep for months on end wanting nothing more from life than for it to end. As soon as possible please. By my own hand if necessary. This time I got kicked out completely.

Fast forward a few more years of the mania/depression cycles and it eventually got so bad that I stole a car while manic and drove 800 miles across the US on some paranoid delusional insanity. (I thought I was phasing between alternate realities and the government was going to try to capture me and study me to see how I was doing it. Don't ask.) Luckily I ended up in the hospital instead of jail and I got diagnosed finally.

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12. Too smart for teacher.

I didn't show for my two classes on a Friday. I had an almost two hour commute every day and the classes on Friday were a joined class with our mentor to see if you were getting on well, and if you were you would basically waste a good hour and a half while others moaned about how hard certain subjects were. We also had a class that was in preparation of a mandatory test (you had two go's throughout 3 years, if you failed both you were done). Neither of these classes were mandatory.

When I took the test the first time and got the highest score of anyone who took the test without ever being to the preparation classes it surfaced that my mentor had actually decided that, since I was never in her class, I must have stopped attending altogether and expelled me.

Loads of hassle after that, decided to get my certificate for this test approved and then said goodbye to the whole institution. I never went back to a college or uni afterwards and I'm in a really good position in my career now, 6 years later.

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11. Lateral thinking saves the day.

I was expelled because my gpa dropped below the competitive level for the engineering school at my college. I was given the option of transferring to a different school (they recommended I go into the humanities) or be expelled.

Well, thankfully I had a job from the previous summer that was willing to hire me on full time before this happened, so I took the expulsion and went to work full time. Since then, I've gotten my certifications and work in the trades doing fairly well for myself... So, yay?

I left with a 2.9 gpa. I needed to maintain a 3.25 in order to stay in the program I was in, as it was also providing a scholarship; couldn't afford school without it. I went into hvac in the trades, with an emphasis on programming.

If people are genuinely struggling in school, I highly recommend looking into the trades. Some people just aren't meant for university (not saying they're not smart; for instance, I graduated high school valedictorian, with a 4.45 gpa); some brains just aren't set up to be sitting learning in a desk for 4+ years. There's a stigma that it's a lower class job, but don't let that stop you! I payed off the student debt I had within a year and a half of working, and at 23 am looking to purchase my first house. The trades (assuming you get technical training, or go into a highly sought trade) pay extremely well. I make a little over 48k a year after being in the trades for a little over 3 years. And that's still as an apprentice.

Also, not bashing the humanities one bit. My brother went that route, and he's one of the most intelligent people I know. I just have a mechanically inclined mind, and it would've been wasted going that direction.



10. Up against an evil institution.

I got thrown out after I graduated from a Master's degree program. The teacher asked me out for drinks when I asked to talk about one of my papers. I turned him down. I had to take a class with him in my next to last semester and he tried to throw me out for plagiarism. I tried to press harassment charges and the ombudsman talked me out of it by saying I would be stuck in his class if I pressed charges. The Ombudsman asked to contact administrators at the school and urged me to get an incomplete in the guy's class and just graduate next term.

After graduation I am getting ready to go on job interviews and I receive a letter telling me I have to enroll in 4 courses and get A's to offset the F the teacher in question wants to give me. I follow up and the teacher, who is now the Chair of the program elects himself my academic advisor and takes over the situation. He fakes my grades and tells me I have six weeks to complete the entire course all over again. He tells me if I do my best he will make it possible to graduate as it's mathematically impossible. I can't complete the work in time and he throws me out. I'm given permission to reapply and soon it becomes apperant they are not going to let me in to fix the situation.

I contact the Graduate Department and meet with their legal counsel. I show them the faked grades, explain the rule violations and inform them of my having reported the guy. They tell me to try to work with the program again and then they will intervene. The program refuses any solution involving my readmission. The Graduate Dean allows me to file academic grievances and rules that there are lots of things wrong but does nothing about them. He concludes by telling me I can either get readmitted or give a replacement course via transfer. I take the course and submit it. The Graduate Dean says they can't accept the course if I can't get enrolled. Dean rules the matter reviewed and closed. I sue the school alleging unjust enrichment. I provide all of the documents and records as it was all conducted via email and I have my student folder. These get certified via discovery. The school evokes Sovereign Immunity and says that since the fraud and negligence happened more then two years before I filed. They are immune to prosecutions. Judge agrees. I file appeal.

As of August of this year, it will be 10 years.

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9. Tied up in knots.

Freshmen year of engineering and I was all of 3 months in.

I had invited the RA over to play some halo. As he walked through the hall he noticed my dorm neighbor had his door open with beer cans everywhere. He shakes his head and reluctantly tells me he can't game and has to write this guy up.

The night after.... I wake up to a loud knock on my door, thinking it's some prankster I mumbled "I'm sleeping." I then hear my RA's voice "No joke, open up."

Adrenalin kicks in and I bolt out of bed. It's the RA with 2 security guards. I was told that they were notified I had "made dangerous sounding comments" and had to search my room.

They found a disassembled airsoft gun (battery+spring) that I was...well....taking apart. A length of rope, and a standard toolbox, and an electronics kit.

This is where it got horrible. The length of rope was wrapped neatly around a water pipe in my room. It was black and purple and my girlfriend at the time was way into bondage and I was too lazy to put it away (note: I was just storing it on the pipe not hanging someone from it)

The security officers claimed it looked like a noose, despite no knots. The electronics kit. They said looked like bomb parts, to which I gave them the exact name of the professor who was helping me with my project. They also took several of my tools from my toolbox.

I was immediately marched to the security office and at 2am had to wait for my parents to pick me up. Talk about the worst car ride ever back home. I had no idea what had happened and I wanted to just throw myself out of the car.

A day later we went back to talk to the administration. It was recognized that I was thrown under the bus, but that was the extent of any sympathy given. I was faced with a full semester suspension or leave and have any judicial records sealed. I chose the latter.

That day, in front of half the dorm, my parents and I packed up the car and left.

I was able to apply and get into a different school for the spring semester. Though without the $35k scholarship I had previously received. But now I'm an employed Civil Engineer and life's been going pretty well.

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8. Always ask for help.

Throwaway because I truly am ashamed of myself to this day.

Came to the US to do my masters at a state university. Had research assistantship and found a job at the university library a week after I landed. International student association was friendly and helpful, made a few friends at campus. First semester everything was going good, not great but I was holding a 3.75 gpa.

A few months later, I get introduced to the world of MMORPG by one of the kids. I started playing and soon got addicted. I'm talking serious addiction. Didn't leave the room, ordered pizza in, gained 150 lbs, didn't do much work, didn't show up to classes, stop showering...the whole shebang. End of the semester, grade dropped to 2.9. Intentional students are not allowed to have their grade drop below 3.0. RA got cut off for sure. Kept the library job because I showed up for most shifts (I also needed money for pizza).

Got called into department head's office. He asked me what happened. I was already freaking out about the RA loss and was not ready to talk about the addiction with someone that barely knew me; he also didn't appear really keen on finding out the real issue. Because I couldn't give him a good reason he gave me 2 options.

1> Get expelled and get deported back home.

2> Transfer the first semester credits over to another university that will have me.

I made the dreadful call to my parents and sibling to let them know what happened. They wanted to know what happened, and were disappointed but helped me out eventually. Got transferred to another university who's dean agreed to let me in if I checked in with him every few weeks.

Finished my degree, got offered job, stayed in the US. This was 12 years ago. I'm now gainfully employed and in a much better place. Addiction to games is no laughing matter. If you think a friend is addicted to games, say something.

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7. Got there eventually.

I started studying immediately after gratuating from the German gymnasium (basically highschool). I had no idea what I wanted to do in life. My parents wanted me to go studying instead of just sitting at home doing nothing all day. They chose the university for me which was 6 hours away from my home (doesn't sound much for my fellow Americans but that distance is half the country here in Germany).

We were pretty late with renting a flat there and eventually I got into a dorm with five other students which were 5 years older than me.

Went to the lessons and tried to make friends. But as it turned out most of the people in class already knew each other because they were in school together. It was pretty hard to fit in at first. Found a decent guy eventually but he quit university after 2 month.

So there I was... basically alone in a big city knowing no one. Far away from my everything I knew.

Studying wasn't that good either. Mathematics of economics were the first lessons and I was completely overwhelmed. In my school there wasn't any kind of economics taught at all. We also had a decent amount of Advanced accounting... which I haven't heard of before. I couldn't visit the informatics lesson because they happened at the same time as the math class 3 kilometres away. The university was kind of bad in that regard.

So I started gaming a lot because I could stay in contact with all my old friends there. After a year I got a letter that I am expelled for not showing up. Went home and showed the letter to my parents. They were furious.

After that I wrote some job applications and got an internship at a major bank in Switzerland because I was quite good at programming. After half a year they gave me non limited contract. Went studying in Zurich while I was working. Made lots of friends. Met my future wife a few months into the internship.

10 years have passed. I left the bank and start a new job in software engineering which brings 140k a year. Got a big house, drive a Tesla Model S.

So things worked out in the end. Never give up. Just keep going and explore possibilities. Never be ashamed when something doesn't work out the way you thought it would and you want to quit.

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6. Completely unjustified... ?

Oh man. Some dude was creeping around trying to get into women's rooms in the dorms. Every guy (including myself) that matched the description was pulled aside and questioned. They decided it was me. My roommate vouched for me and I offered to keep a Webcam or something to that effect in my dorm on loop to prove my whereabouts (like I'm gonna be up at 5am doing anything). They weren't interested in proving my innocence, that much was clear.

After continued harassment including then waking me up early accusing me of skulking around minutes earlier (as if I was faking my morning stupor and my roommate was lying to cover me being a creeper), finally they smelled the devil's plant in my dorm. They asked permission to search - I refused. They asked repeatedly, and I refused repeatedly. Finally they decided they could just lie in their report and say I gave permission anyways (I was separated from anyone outside of law enforcement, who would believe me right?) and away they went.

They found my weed, some shrooms I'd had for a few months and a lockpicking kit buried in a drawer that my friend had given me for my birthday some time earlier. Jackpot. Clearly I was sneaking around and picking locks on doors in a massively populated dorm. Brilliant. Got some felony charges for possession of the lockpicks (It's a felony in California) and I spent the night in jail. Wasn't allowed to go back to my dorm, but I went straight there anyways and slept for the rest of the day because I was tired. And then I was expelled.

Now for the kicker: I reapplied as a former student (they had some special provisions for that) and because my grades were fine they let me back in. Graduated with my BS in Physics minoring in Math. Best revenge I could have possibly hoped for. Screw you campus PD, you incompetent dolts.

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5. As if school wasn't hard enough.

I was going to the Art Institute of Philadelphia, one of the few places I legitimately consider the worst place on earth. The school paired me up with various roommates who had severe issues (refusing to shower 6 months straight, hardcore addicts, a guy with a fondness for pictures of dead bodies... Nightmare fuel.)

The entire dorm was terrible. People were constantly kicking or punching body-sized holes into and through walls. Elevators would drop multiple floors when you were in them. It was a nightmare. And then, one winter, a fire alarm started going off every single night around 2:00am and we'd have to evacuate the building into the dead of Winter. Nothing quite wakes you up like fire alarms and freezing cold.

I mentally started to lose it. My grades dropped, and I failed the semester because I could never sleep. Between the fire alarms and overwhelming funk I was getting extremely worn down and stressed.

This continued on.

One of the deans calls me in one day and accuses me of credit card theft. According to the school, I had stolen a credit card from one of my roommates... and racked up a massive bill at Lane Bryant and they had proof.

Lane Bryant, which I didn't know at the time, was a women's clothing store that specializes in plus size apparel. It was implied I was buying these for my girlfriend, but I had to point out to the school that I was gay. They changed their story to the fact that I must have been buying them for myself, implying I was a cross dresser. I kind of lost it, and asked them to provide ANY shred of proof to back up their claims. They had none, but proceeded to harass me about this for weeks, demanding I pay back the money I NEVER took or they'd have to escalate things.

Then I ended up with a roommate who was caught growing shrooms in my closet. He got off, but the school decided that chaperoning the guy was NOT their responsibility, and the guy ended up stealing half my stuff, to which the school was like "Did you have insurance? No? HAHA! Not our problem. Please get out of my office."

After that everything tanked. The stress piled on, and the crappiness from the school got to me and I failed out. As I said, I was able to appeal, get back in and later graduate.

This school was an absolute nightmare.


4. The perfect storm.

I got expelled at the end of my second year (out of three total) in my undergrad/bachelor due to an administrative error.

I am a 20 yr old woman who suffers from severe fibromyalgia (diagnosed last year, but onset late 2013 due to a bad motorbike accident). I have also had depression and generalised anxiety disorder since ~2012, compounded with severe arachnophobia. Given that I live in Australia, I'm sure you can imagine why that last part is particularly unfortunate.

I was very lucky to do well in my final year of school, and I got into my first choice course at the best University in the country. This was all well and good until I realised that I would be getting up at 5-5.30am every day to travel 2.5 hours for an 8-9am class. I had 5 hours of classes every day with a 2hr break in the middle every day. I wouldn't get home until 6-7pm every night. This totalled 50 hours, meaning I had no time for a job (not that I could get one because I'm literally disabled and only legally allowed to work 15hrs a week now that I'm on the proper support, what was I thinking). And we all know how hard it is to "just do your work on the train."

After all that, can you blame me for wanting to defer a semester? That's what I did, because it was getting to me - I had no life, no time with my friends or boyfriend, mildly abusive parents and an assortment of various unlucky issues that I was not being treated for.

When filling out the online form, I was asked what date I would like to return. Nowhere was it specified what date the leave started, so I assumed it meant all subjects I was currently enrolled in. This was not the case. I was taking a compulsory mid-year subject in the break, July, (nope, I don't even get a break on the holidays) and that subject continued over the second semester with a few tutorials, the exam was at the end of the year, November.

When trying to enrol for my subjects at the start of this year, I was informed that I couldn't because I had an outstanding request for a meeting with some kind of committee to tell them why I was failing. I was obviously surprised because HOW DO YOU FAIL SUBJECTS YOU ARE NOT ENROLLED IN? Turns out, the system read the July subject as already being finished, so I technically 'failed' it.

In the end, I just decided to say screw it, left it till I got expelled (after printing out my transport concession card and making sure my student card was valid, of course) and now I am waiting to enrol in a course that I really love, at a university that is well renowned in the field. The best part? The campus is ten minutes from my house and on the same bus and light rail route as me.

Yeah, I'm still sick, and I just lost my job because I can't do as much as other people, but at least I'm a little bit happier - and I'm not a zombie. Now that I actually have the time, I might find a hobby to take up. I've never really had the chance before.


3. It's a marathon, not a race.

I was expelled back in my 4th year of college. I've dealt with social anxiety since childhood and it came to a head in my 3rd year when I was having panic attacks frequently. I got help but by then it was too late for my grades because I had been barely passing classes by the skin of my teeth.

I was a 4th year computer science major who didn't know how to program. At all. I tried to get back on the horse after going through therapy for my anxiety, but I felt so defeated that my grades slipped further into the hole I had dug for myself.

I think the quarter I got kicked out I had 2 Fs, 2 Ds and a C. The dean sent me a letter saying I was done with engineering.

I took time to get my act together, got a part time job, lived in a gross apartment with 7 people living in a space meant for 4 people at the absolute max. I worked minimum wage and realized I needed to finish school.

I saw my undergrad counselor numerous times, who very graciously helped me. I needed to write out a contract addressed to the dean with my detailed plan on how I was going to prove I was worthy of being readmitted, and the classes I would take to qualify for graduation.

It took a while but I eventually managed to get readmitted by working my butt off, taking summer school courses which counted toward my major and getting a 3.0 average, then following up by getting good grades once they let me back in.

It was tough because I needed therapy for so many years but I didn't want to accept it until my breakdown in my 3rd year. I wish I had gotten help sooner but I truly thought I could handle it all on my own and I felt ashamed that I wasn't able to.

But I'll say this, I don't regret for a second that I ended up getting help. I was a little embarrassed about it first but I soon got over that. I still have some days where anxiety is in the back of my mind, but I'm a lot better now (and I graduated).

If you're struggling in school, just know that even if you get kicked out that doesn't mean it's the end for you if you honestly want to finish.

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2. Doesn't add up.

I was expelled three years ago from a small private liberal arts university two weeks before I was supposed to graduate.

I was in an upper level algorithms course for my Computer Science major, and instead of a final the professor assigned a large research project on an extremely niche area of the subject. I had other classes to worry about finishing as well, so admittedly I didn't prioritize the paper as much as I should have. Three weeks before it was due, the professor required us to submit a rough draft so he could critique and help us. My topic was so niche that I was only able to find one text on it, but it was a really good source with a very long mathematical proof, like 3 pages worth, so obviously I was going to cite this proof as the fulcrum for my paper --- there was no way I could do this sort of math on my own. I could only find a physical copy of this source from the library, there was no digital copy, so in order to use and cite it in my paper I would have to transcribe 3 pages of mathematical proof by typing it in. That sounds easy enough, but the thing with mathematical papers is they use a lot of symbols, it's how the math is demonstrated. I used a language called LaTeX, which allows you to input things and make everything look nice, but it's time consuming. This took me nearly 4 hours, but I finally had a digital copy of my proof. I didn't have time to write anything more than an abstract for my rough draft, and I cited my source in the works cited section, so I turned in this to my professor as if to say, "I don't have much, but this proof was hard to acquire and I will be basing my paper around it."

He calls me in the next day to inform me he has reported me to the academic affairs council for plagiarism. I am dumbfounded. I explained my reasoning for what I turned in and how I had no intention of plagiarizing work that I clearly cited, on a rough draft no less, to which his response was, "That is for the council to decide."

I appear before the Council, try to explain everything in laymen's terms, how I had no idea it's even possible to be found guilty of plagiarism for an incomplete work, how I would never try to steal intellectual work two weeks before I'm supposed to graduate, how if I had known this was possible I would I have turned in nothing, but they are having none of it. I will never forget how they asked me why I, "didn't just photocopy the textbook and submit that."

Given that I had a derogatory mark on my record from my sophomore year when I (stupidly) cheated off my friend's test, they found grounds to immediately remove me from campus. As in, they told me I had 6 hours to pack my things and leave or they would call the police and I would be found guilty of trespassing. I cried as I had to quickly pack my things and move back in with my parents who were beside themselves. My girlfriend left me later that week and the silence I received from friends was deafening. I had been deeply involved in the campus community, at one point serving as the Vice President of the Student Body, serving on the committee that selected the new University President, and many other groups on campus. I was to be one of the three students who spoke at the graduation ceremony, and I was to carry our class banner as we entered the ceremony.

Thankfully my story has a happy ending (so far). By the time my classmates were crossing the stage, I had already found a job and was gainfully employed. Where I had been myopic about my future after college, I now suddenly had a fire to regain what was taken from me. I'm on track to finish my bachelor's this year while also working at a Fortune 500. I've never shared this story with anyone who doesn't know me closely, and I'm hesitant to speak to a professional counselor about my struggles with this and an abusive ex-girlfriend, and perhaps that's something I should do. I hope someday I'm able to prove that you can lose everything and still persevere and rebuild. Every year on April 25th, the day they expelled me, I take myself out to a nice restaurant and promise not to let something like that happen again.

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1. Too crazy for college.

I was not expelled but when I was an RA I got someone expelled.

It is worth noting that this kid was already on probation for constantly throwing parties in his dorm room, lost his scholarship in the first three weeks, and had been caught twice in the same week for throwing parties after being told he was on Suspension II. Suspension II at my university is where you're soft suspended basically meaning you are allowed on campus and in the dorms during the weekdays but must return home on weekends. It was likely that this was his time to go. But we had no idea that he was going to find time between then and his discipline hearing to cause an actually unique problem we would not have been aware of without a conveniently timed avocado allergy.

It was a normal weeknight and I was on the ninth floor of my building hanging out with a friend. I get a panicked text from one of my residents because her roommate has been developing a rash over the course of the day and it's spreading from her hip all the way up her chest and they're both worried about what will happen when it gets to her neck. Never fear, the RA is here. I ran down the three flights of stairs to help the possibly overdramatic theater majors but on the way I slip.

What do I slip in on a Monday night? That's right. It's mostly dried puke. I'm in tights and don't really have that much time to change so I quickly get to the girls and tell them to grab coats after checking out the rash and agree it's better to be safe than sorry and we head to the ER. I tell them I need to grab my coat and quickly peel off my tights, trying to not think about what I've stepped in.

We go through her admitting papers and try to see if there was anything out of the ordinary she had interacted with i.e. food, place, sick person. No food, no weird places, oh except there was that dude who just showed up in our room and started puking on everything and then took his pants off. What?

That Saturday the girl with the rash was out late with her parents to celebrate her brother's birthday. Her roommate left the door unlocked since she'd gotten a text saying she'd forgotten her keys and wouldn't be back until after 1AM. At around 12:30 she hears the door open and assumes roommate is home early. Nope. Not long after roommate does get home and texts girl on the top bunk because someone's in her bed already. Top bunks now believes she is in a low budget horror movie and starts screaming her head off. This only angers and confuses her bunkmate.

Intruder sits up quickly and slams his head on bed above him, rolls over, and promptly poops himself. The roommate outside hears the screaming and thuds and rushes into the room to figure out what is going on. They both try to get this random dude out of their room but he is not having it because this is his room. It was not his room.

They argue with him for a few seconds more and he ignores them and goes to the bathroom where they both hear him puke all over the sink, toilet, and shower curtain. Wonder boy then comes back out to the room, peels off his pants but not his underwear(?!), and lays down on the futon with his butt facing up so (blessedly) no poop stains on their bright pink futon. I'm not sure how they did it, but they get him to wake up and tell him to go back to his room and he just sort of agrees this time, tells them his room number, and off to the stairwell he goes.

I ask for the guy's room number, not to get him in trouble, but because his RA might want to have a conversation about safe drinking and making sure your friends are always with you. And of course it's problem child's room number. And of course it's only one floor above us so it means that I got a preview of this story on my way down and it's currently sitting in my dirty clothes hamper.

We get the girl admitted because the nurse is actually worried about the rash and anything she might have been exposed to after we give the sparknotes version of the last few paragraphs. God knows what was festering in this guy and they were too embarrassed/never thought anyone would believe them to ask for help cleaning their bathroom. We wait for a few allergy test to be done and I excuse myself to make a call to his RA. The tests would later reveal she'd developed an avocado allergy that had not previously presented itself and would be totally fine.

He was moving out of the dorm by Friday. In that timespan I got to have a real fun FaceTime conversation with his mom about how I ruined his life. She was a real peach.