The Best Netflix Shows That Are Rarely Mentioned

The Best Netflix Shows That Are Rarely Mentioned


Every time you log into Netflix, there are always new shows at the top of the screen that are critical darlings, but what about the shows that are hidden on the streaming service that are true fan favorites? These shows have been picked by fans as the best series on Netflix that are rarely mentioned. 

Some of them are comedies that will make you bust a gut and others are dramas that will have you looking at life differently. But they’re all ready to queue up and binge watch at a moments notice!

“Documentary Now”


“Documentary Now. Hilarious mocumentary TV series, each of the 7 episodes is a totally different "documentary" about characters played by Bill Hader and Fred Armisen” - Reddit / Coolman_Express

“Almighty Johnsons”


“Almighty Johnsons. Norse gods in modern day, with a quest, great humor and many touching moments. Thor season 3 especially.” - Reddit / neverp0st



“Occupied - Great show about Norway being invaded by Russia” - Reddit / passengerv

“The Heavy Water War is also a pretty good mini series centered on Norway, based on a true story, of allied operations to disrupt the Nazi nuclear program. It was on swedish netflix but I'm not sure about US.” - Reddit / sharkington

“Mind of a Chef”


“I really like cooking shows that actually teach you something new, innovative, and interesting. I've gotten really burnt out on the same old reality-style competitive cooking shows. That said, Chef's Table and Mind of a Chef are two excellent binge-worthy programs.” - Reddit / JuanOrTwo




“River. It's a British crime drama starring Stellan Skarsgaard as a London detective who's trying to find who murdered his partner in a drive-by. He's also a schizophrenic, and often finds himself talking to the victims of crimes he's investigating. It's a beautifully-made show.” - Reddit / hilltotheologian

“The Detectorists”


“The Detectorists is perfect. It's one of the few comedy shows I've seen with extremely likable characters and organic development. Mckenzie Crooks writes and stars with Toby Jones, what more could you want?” - Reddit / raider02

“And beautiful music!” - Reddit / hazza86



“Life. Damian Lewis is incredible as an LA detective who gets out of prison after serving 12 years of a wrongful murder conviction. He plays a very eccentric character and it's a great watch. Plus it's only two seasons, so a pretty easy binge.” - Reddit / presciiient

“The Fall”


“I binge watched The Fall and absolutely loved it but I totally forgot/didn't realize season 3 was coming. It kind of seemed like the story was over at the end of the season 2. There are so many shows like this that complete the natural arc of a story but then try to milk more seasons out of it when it makes no sense. Like how they continued Prison Break after the actual Prison Break. These shows would be better as miniseries.

In fact, it's probably because they have no idea where to take it now that season 3 has been 3 years in the making. But yeah, it is coming this fall.” - Reddit / fielderwielder



“Okay, bear with me here. The title is absolutely awful, but the show is so good. It's called "Scrotal Recall." A guy finds out he has an STD and decides to call up his previous girlfriends to let them know. In doing so he relives his past relationships, and it comes out as a lovely series of stories. His two roomates (a girl and guy) are main characters with him, and it has great humor, character development, and unexpected romance. Really great show, but you wouldn't know it from the name.” - Reddit / Rhizoma

“They actually changed the title to Lovesick.” - Reddit / IDontKnowHowToPM

“The Bridge”


“The Bridge, Scandinavian crime show Ascension - Kind of sci-fi ish” - Reddit / JayStarCanada

“The Bridge/Broen is visually stunning and such a pleasure to watch. Love Saga so much. The humor they throw here and there in between all the super dark scenes is fantastic.” - Reddit 




“I was going to write Ascension, I really liked it. The only problem is that it was cancelled after season 1 and it's very obvious that it was meant to have more seasons, there's no real closure and it ends on a cliffhanger. I think it's fine if you go in knowing that it's just one season and that there won't be closure to a lot of the plotlines, but for me who expected it to be a long series, I was very disappointed when it ended.” - Reddit / tobberoth



“Broadchurch. David Tennant's performance is great and the mysteries are compelling and wrapped up in a satisfying way.” - Reddit / ambiguouslaurels

“Olivia Colman is fantastic in this, too. I feel like she is often forgotten in the shadows of her (admittedly brilliant) male leads (Tennant, Mitchell et al)” - Reddit / alicegirl28

“A Young Doctor's Notebook and Other Stories”


“A Young Doctor's Notebook and Other Stories. It's got dark, English humor and an interesting storyline. Not to mention a great cast. John Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe star as the title character in different stages of his life, which, as strange as it is, makes an incredible show. It was so captivating that I ended up buying and thoroughly enjoying the book that the series is based on.

Seriously, give it a try. The only person who I've recommended it to that couldn't get into it has an irrational hated for Daniel Radcliffe. Definitely my favorite show. Unfortunately there are only two relatively short seasons.” - Reddit / mviv99

“Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries”


“Miss Fisher's murder mysteries. Lady detective in 1920s Melbourne. Funny, beautiful locations, sets, clothing (and cars), fantastic writing.” - Reddit / BiblioHermit

“I love Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries a truly ridiculous amount. It's mostly in that tradition of oddly soothing show about murders, but it's just done so well. And so many fabulous dresses, hats, and cars.” - Reddit / ceeceea

“I bypassed this show many times because the title made me think it was going to be stodgy. Oh, was I wrong! Phryne Fisher is the most glamorous detective on television.” - Reddit / Leia1979



“Wentworth. Season 4 just wrapped up and all of it is up on Netflix. It's sort of Orange is the New Black but more..gritty, I guess?” - Reddit / Symbolis

“I try to force all my friends to watch Wentworth, it's just so good! Wentworth is to Orange is the New Black as Breaking Bad is to Weeds.” - Reddit / u1tr4me0w

“Peep Show”


“Peep show is one of the best shows ever. The only show to ever overtake It's Always Sunny as my favorite comedy.” - Reddit / birfudgees

“To call this show hysterical is an understatement. Brilliant acting, hilarious dialogue, can't get enough.” - Reddit / nishbot


“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”


“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is brilliant, hilarious, self-aware, with damn catchy musical numbers every episode.” - Reddit

“Didn't expect to love this show, but got sucked in by all the funny awkward moments!” - Reddit / alibear11

“This started playing when I was reading description and I was hooked. Usually I hate musical stuff but the songs are hilarious. I also love that Josh is Filipino, it's cool seeing us on tv finally.” - Reddit / kodiakchrome

“The Killing”


“The killing” - Reddit / regdorsey

“Just a word of warning for people who watch this show. It's a slow burn. A very, very slow burn. Like, this show makes Luther and The Fall look like a thermite burn lit with gunpowder. You are going to have to stick with it for 2 seasons, or 26 episodes in total before you get any closure at all. I enjoyed the show, but it's not for everyone. If you don't have a lot of time to really get invested in it, it's probably not for you.” - Reddit / WLBH

“Marco Polo”


“Marco Polo. Incredible costuming, set design, film locations, the writing is well done with enough twists to keep it interesting. It's like game of thrones with actual historical figures. The casting is well done and diverse, so we don't see any white people playing Asian characters. Actually, they hired an Italian actor to play Marco, and he learned English for the role.” - Reddit / MirtaGev

“Hundred eyes might be one of the coolest characters ever created. Love when he just walks through a crowded battlefield just cutting everyone down.” - Reddit / nobodylieksgeorge

“Lady Dynamite”


“Lady Dynamite is pretty great.” - Reddit / ohdudemybad

“Great show, I hope it turns out to be very popular and the writing continues to be so good.” - Reddit

“as someone who has bipolar, this is the only show/movie that got it right” - Reddit / 2chainz_1cup



“I started watching Legit after I realized how much I like Jim Jefferie's stand-up. My god is it dark and hilarious. If anyone tells me they like either Wilfred or Bojack Horseman, I recommend Legit” - Reddit / Soccerspartan17

“Black Books”


“Black Books. I wish they had made more episodes.” - Reddit / TheGreatDefector

“Scratch the itch by watching The IT Crowd and Father Ted, both by the same creator!” - Reddit / Flamo_the_Idiot_Boy


“Better Off Ted”


“Better Off Ted. Freaking hilarious” - Reddit / TLDR2D2

“It should not have gotten a second season. The ratings and DVD sales were abysmal. The fact that we got two seasons was a miracle of television. It was a great show, but they lost SOOO much money by making a second season. Even I thought it was a dumb idea, but I was so happy about it.” - Reddit 

“Peaky Blinders”


“Peaky Blinders is the best show on television. It's on UK netflix at least but I never hear about it. Everything about it is stellar. if you can't get into it then you are [bad] at watching TV” - Reddit

“Black Mirror”


“black mirror.” - Reddit / McLongshorts

Yes, that is an incredible show. And, in the British tradition, seasons are about four episodes long and are released every three years or so.” - Reddit / Pompous_Italics

“It's so well written and intuitive. It is without a doubt my favorite thing on Netflix. - Reddit / LawlSquidSnake

“Master of None”


“Master of None. I hear everybody talking about Bojack Horseman, OITNB, Daredevil and others, but nobody ever mentions Master of None” - Reddit / It_Is_Not_Butter

“It just got nominated for a ton of emmys. It's not as big as the ones you mentioned, but it's still popular.” - Reddit / Hogwartsreject1912



“PSYCH” - Reddit / ItsDat1Guy

“I've watched through this series several times and it's one of my all time favorites and something I can always throw on and not be tired of.” - Reddit / DJSwindleDeez

“Chef’s Table”


“Chef's table is outstanding - it does everything a great documentary should do. I recommend it to anyone who likes documentaries or food. It's been somewhat life changing to see the dedication these chef's have and how differently they pursue their passions.” - Reddit / manachar



“Longmire. Just love the cowboy and western feel if it” - Reddit / Narwhal95

“This series is great! I'm Navajo and the show does a great job with the Native characters. Generally the portrayal of Natives in movies tends to be very flat or stereotypical but these characters are developed. Love it!” - Reddit / Bloodlustt

“Blue Mountain State”

“Blue Mountain State. I've seen it mentioned once or twice on here but not nearly as much as I would have guessed. Absolutely hilarious show. Thad Castle is one of the funniest TV characters ever. The movie came out earlier this year too, and that's also on Netflix. - Reddit / Kingindanorff

“The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret”


“Not mentioned here yet, but I gotta give it to The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret. Great show, very funny, and as always David Cross does a fantastic performance!” - Reddit / Oblivionmaster79

“I've tried to get people to watch Todd Margaret. I never see it listed when people bring up Netflix shows. New season too and I'm pretty confused about what actually happened on the show.” - Reddit / Matloc



“Sirens.” - Reddit

“They ended the show and I almost cried” - Reddit / jland97

“Yes! Every one of Billy's lines crack me up.” - Reddit / cn4221



“Narcos. Whenever people in my life ask for a Netflix rec I always say Narcos and get blank stares. I seriously don't know a single person who has watched it. But everyone has seen Making a Murderer and OITNB. Maybe I just need new friends.

I have to add that my friends have heard of it. They either aren't into the whole subtitle thing or they're repulsed by Pablo Escobar. More of the latter by a lot.” - Reddit / Sprinksies92



“Sense8” - Reddit / jessflyc

“really cool concept, and wonderfully done. Good acting, great transitions, gripping story. I avoided it for a long time cause I thought it looked like a horror show, but then I read the description. I am really hoping for a second season!” - Reddit / Rhizoma

“Gilmore Girls”


“I am a straight 20 year old male.... And I just fell in love with the Gilmore Girls” - Reddit / Jooshwa

“I am a 29 year old male and am HOOKED. I get so much hate from all of my friends, but I'm on season 3 and will finish before the revival in November. The writing is so perfect.” - Reddit / bruce_dedeuce

“Halt and Catch Fire”


“Surprised I didn't see Halt and Catch Fire on this list. Probably one of the most bingeable series I've ever watched. Also the 100 is amazing if your willing to deal with a little CW every once in a while.” - Reddit / Too_much_Redbull



“Rectify. This is an excellent drama about a man who has recently been released from jail (after 19 years) based on new DNA evidence that clears him of the crime. I first started watching the show because the interesting story line but was hooked because it is one of the most well written shows in terms of characters. The direction is superb. It is something of an "acquired taste" so you need to stick with it till at most the first season, but I assure you, if you do...the show won't disappoint.” - Reddit



“Derek. It's the most beautiful show I have ever seen, and it's also very funny. It genuinely changed the way I look at life and want to live. It made me appreciate things so much more and want to love people so much more. It's just fantastic.” - Reddit / SpacebornKiller



“Flaked.” - Reddit / SOwED

“This is a seriously under the radar show. Will Arnett blows it out of the water, and the characters are constantly developing throughout the season. Unfortunately, Netflix only picked up 6 episodes for season 2. People really need to watch this. I can't have it end after 2 seasons.” - Reddit / DowntownBrownsTown



“Definitely Love, the Netflix original. You can relate to everyone and feel every emotion a just in the first season..i can't wait for the next season!!!!” - Reddit / TeamDelSol