Twins From Around The World Share Their Hilarious Mistaken Identity Stories

Twins From Around The World Share Their Hilarious Mistaken Identity Stories

Every kid grows up wanting an identical twin. The possibility for shenanigans is endless--fooling your teachers, playing pranks on your parents, tricking strangers into thinking they're seeing double. Well, it turns out having a twin is just as awesome as you thought it was. We asked twins to share their funniest tales of being mistaken for one another.

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50. Twice the chances of success.

My brother went to a job interview pretending to be me. I (he) got the job, and I've been working there for just over a year now.

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49. Table for one disloyal jerk.

My twin brother recommended a restaurant to me. Said that he and his wife went there all the time, good food, really friendly staff. So I took my wife there. Food was as advertised, but the service... somewhere between cold and openly hostile. Like they resented our presence. I was puzzled by the contrast between what I'd heard and what I saw.

Suddenly from the front of the restaurant, explosion of laughter, much rapid talking, suddenly the waitress is there, smiling and all... just as my brother and his wife walk around the corner. They thought my brother was cheating on his wife with some blonde... Yeah, it's funny now.

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48. It must be the Rogaine.

I went to a party once, and my bald identical twin brother had yet to arrive. His girlfriend was already there, so I gave her the obligatory friendly hug, then sat on the other side of the room to hang out.

This other guy, a mutual friend of his and hers, kept staring at me, then staring at her, with this real nervous look on his mug. For about fifteen minutes, every so often, this guy would look around nervously and then furiously text on his phone.

Then my brother arrives. He kisses his girlfriend and says hi to everyone, and this guy blows up.


... My brother is bald because he shaves his head. My hair is receding but existent.

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47. You could say they're too alike.

I'm married to an identical twin. When I was dating my wife, she and her twin sister had a bunch of friends over. I walked over to her and put my arm around her and she leaned into it. I leaned in for a kiss but then she pulled away. I thought, well maybe she's not comfortable with a little peck in front of our friends since we hadn't been dating for too long. Then I scanned the room and made eye contact with my girlfriend. I looked back in awe that I had my arm around her sister (who was messing with me until things went too far). I then tucked my tail between my legs, walked over to my girlfriend, put my arm around her and said, "Well, will you give me a kiss?"

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46. Caught red handed.

My twin brother had a huge stash of girlie magazines in his closet and I always wondered where he got the money to buy them. One night I walked into a nearby convenience store with some friends and the guy behind the counter threw me out. I had no idea why. When my friends asked he told them he had caught me stealing those same magazines the week before.

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45. Who doesn't?

My brother and I look startlingly similar, even being almost 2 years apart. I've gotten harassed by teachers, faculty and other members in grade/high school for being 'in the wrong room' or 'this isn't your lunch schedule' or had people get furious that I didn't know what they were asking for/about (homework, sports practice, whatever).

What takes the cake is I had leg surgery in high school and somebody called me out for 'faking my injury' because he saw me at practice at night (my brother), and in a wheelchair during the day. Don't flip somebody out of a wheelchair at school. Seriously. Who fakes broken legs to be cool?!

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44. What a coincidence.

My father is an identical twin. He was mistaken for my uncle while walking with a woman hand in hand down the street in London, England.

The witness was a friend of my aunt, and immediately called her to accuse her husband of infidelity. She was at that moment sitting beside my uncle in Ontario, Canada.

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43. They like to share.

I was dating a girl in college, and the first time I went to her house, she opened the door and I told her I liked what she did to her hair and kissed her. She kissed me back, we went inside, she then yells "your boyfriend is here," to her sister, which was the one I was dating. They were weird girls.

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42. Twin life is confusing, sometimes.

I've been called my twin sister's name my whole life... So one day I accidentally introduced myself to someone as her. When I caught and corrected myself after, they thought I was straight up crazy for not knowing my own name.

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41. Only one of two?

I dated one of two identical twins. They used to play pranks on me where they would pretend to be the other one / switch places to test me. That all stopped when I walked up to the wrong one, grabbed onto her butt, and told her some of the very explicit things I had planned for her booty later that night.

Needless to say one twin found it hysterical while the other one less so. Pretty much for the following three years we dated the other twin used to say "Goodnight and guard your booty" every time we went to bed.

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40. Come up with a better excuse.

When we were in the 6th grade, my brother decided he wanted to stay at home because he wasn't feeling well. So far, there had never been a day where only one of us was at school but I didn't think anything of it. I was walking down the hall and all of a sudden I was pulled in by a teacher who I had never seen before and she started yelling at me (and I mean yelling at me) because I had skipped her class and I had the audacity to walk in front of her class right after. It was really awkward to just say, "Uhh, I have an identical twin brother." She of course, thought I was making a terrible excuse and I had to go get another teacher that knew I had a brother to come tell her that I was telling the truth. She never bothered me again!

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39. How dare he.

A friend and his wife go to the same supermarket every week. His identical twin also goes there, with his wife.

One day, after summoning up the courage, the cashier pulls my friend's wife aside and says:

"I'm sorry to have to tell you this but I've seen your husband here several times with another woman."

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38. She's a mirror image.

My grandmother was an identical twin. Her sister passed away before I was born. She didn't like to tell stories from when she was little, but she did tell me one mistaken identity story.

She was in their bedroom one night when they were really young and saw her sister through the window. She started talking to her sister to see why she was outside at night. Then she realized it was her reflection. My grandmother had mistaken herself for her twin.

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37. He is not your friend.

Not a twin but had an embarrassing moment with one. I was close friends with a twin named Bill but didn't know his twin Marvin at all. I was at the movies and saw Bill, ran over, hugged him and started talking to him. He was acting strange. He proceeds to tell me "Bill should be getting here soon" I literally froze for like 10 seconds and then just walked away awkwardly, realizing I'd just hugged Marvin.

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36. They travel.

A family friend was in the air force and while in boot she became mortal enemies with another woman who would constantly try to one up everyone and win any argument for whatever reason. Our friend found her sleeping around with some other officers a few years later and got her discharged from service because of it.

10 or so years after that our friend's twin was walking around town on the opposite side of the country and this woman barges across the street and starts berating her for ruining her life and all this stuff. And the twin just laughed it off because she knew it was probably her sister's fault.

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35. Likely story.

Not a twin, but my boyfriend is. We were walking to class when a girl approached us. She confronted my boyfriend about why he stopped talking to her/hanging out with her. At first it was extremely awkward for me. But I figured out what was going on and laughed it off. Turns out she was a crazy girl that his brother saw/talked to one time in their dorm laundry room and didn't talk to again after that instance.

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34. This is not fair.

Not an identical twin. But I worked retail for a few years, and had a lot of regular customers. This one girl would come in and she was awesome, she loved the product, always made conversation over what she was doing, what she had done, we always connected. Sometimes she would initiate the conversation, sometimes I would. Never really learned her name though, which is pretty embarrassing in sales.

About a year and a half after knowing her, she walks in one day and I wave to her, she excitedly waves back. All of a sudden, a perfect clone, in a similar outfit but different colors, walks out from behind her. My jaw literally dropped, I was in disbelief. I had been talking to two twin sisters thinking they were the same person for over a year. When I asked why they never pointed it out to me, one goes "well you just seemed to talk to me like you knew me, so I went with it."

Surreal experience, honestly.

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33. You put the wrong uniform on the wrong brother.

If you're a twin, you're bound to eventually have a few embarrassing stories. My whole life has been a system of awkward hugs or ducking a kiss from a girl and yelling, "Wrong one! Wrong one!" Brother's girlfriend jumps in your lap while you're watching movie? It happens.

My personal favorite has to do with situations that have occurred due to mistaken identity with my brother now that he's a marine officer. I joined the Peace Corps shortly after he became an officer (yea, we're a sitcom setup), and worked as a teacher in Eastern Europe. Over drinks at a dinner during my service with friends of my host family, one of the gentlemen tells me that he used to be a Soviet helicopter pilot and asks me if I'd like to see his uniform. He brings down the full outfit in all it's medaled glory. We're almost exactly the same size, and he lets me try it on. Thinking how cool this is, I post a picture online wearing it to show everyone.

My brother calls me a few days later furious because during his screening for a security clearance someone finds pictures of him wearing perfectly tailored soviet regalia. He yells at me for getting brass up in his business and complains that he might get his clearance postponed. We still laugh about it.

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32. We bet Seal was playing in the background.

It was during those awkward middle school days and my twin sister got her first boyfriend. We had our first 8th grade dance and thought it would be soooo funny to switch places with each other to see if her boyfriend noticed....he didn't and proceeded to go for the big first kiss. Didn't go so well. They broke up and it was an emotional 2 weeks for my poor little twinny. Ohhh middle school.

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31. From the back they looked the same.

My two friends are twins (one boy one girl). We rented a house in Wildwood NJ after our senior prom. The girl twin brought her boyfriend and the boy twin brought his girlfriend. Me and the boy twin were sitting on the couch of the house when the girl twin's boyfriend came home from a run, leaned over the couch and gave the boy twin a kiss hello. He didn't realize what happened until he stood up. It was hysterical to me because the twins resemble each other but not enough to make that mistake.

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30. Every mom wishes for a twin.

A while back when I was in middle school I went over to one of my good friends' houses. His mom comes in, we start talking about random stuff, then she asks my name... I had known this women for 5-6 years at this point so I was pretty confused. The conversation continues for a very awkward minute or two, then my friend's mom walked in. Didn't even know she had a sister till that day.

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29. There's another possibility.

I'm not a twin but my mom and aunt are identical twins and my girlfriend's parents own the only restaurant in my small town and they have told me how they thought my mother was having an affair. Also have had texts from friends that my mother was with another man. I send a picture of my uncle and it's always him.

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28. This time, it's true.

A good friend is a twin. I only know one of the twins well and have spoken to the brother maybe twice in 15 years.

My friend is the wild twin and the brother is very laid back. I live in a big town of 100,000+ people with plenty of pubs and clubs. My friend ended up getting barred from most of them over a period of a few months and then started drinking out of town, his twin didn't know how bad it was until he was out one night with his wife and the bouncers let him in anywhere, much to his wife's fury. Twin tried to tell the bouncers it's not me, it's my twin. Didn't work at all.

Eventually got settled when he rang his brother, made him come into town and go around to every bar to the bouncers and prove he wasn't the banned twin. They took note of his ID, kept the ban on for my pal and let his twin go on enjoying his night. One bouncer joked with them both and said he has heard that twin story hundreds of times and never thought he would see the day it was true!


27. Awkward for everyone involved.

When I used to live at home with my parents and twin sister, I was blow drying my hair in our bathroom. I was in my bra and undies because gosh it gets hot in there, and I had just gotten out of the shower.

I crack the door an inch to get air... I am busy drying and I see my sisters boyfriend coming into the bathroom (he wasn't over before). I was like UMMMMM heeeyyyyy and when I turn he FREAKS because he thought it was my sister. He was at the door waiting until my sister noticed him, which backfired, because it obviously wasn't her, it was me.

It was more embarrassing for him because he felt bad. Honest mistake...

Other times I'll be out and about and people will come up and hug me out of nowhere. I love hugs, but it's more embarrassing for the person when they realize I'm not my sister. I don't think it's a big deal but they always are so apologetic!

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26. Scarred for life.

My brother and I both entered into the science fair. Before the awards ceremony, he got sick, so I went with just my mom. My brother won first place and I didn't place at all. When they called his name, my mom made me go up for him. I stood on a stage, looking out at the sea of friends and teachers clapping for me while a medal was hung over my shoulders and a certificate was shoved into my hands. In the moment, I should have felt proud of my brother, but instead, I just started crying on stage and weirded everybody out. I think they must have thought I was just overwhelmed with happiness, because even when I stepped off of the stage and made a beeline for the back door, people continued to congratulate me and try to shake my hand. "Congratulations, (my twin's name)!" It was such a bizarre emotion. Like a blend of jealousy and shame. I walked straight to the back, passed my mom, and left.

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25. Doubly adorable.

As children, my sister and I were near identical despite almost two years gap between us, and even close family friends couldn't tell us apart.

During preschool, I had a "boyfriend" (which meant I gave him a rubber band and said we were married now) who I quickly dumped after realizing how much maintenance a boyfriend needs when he's five.

Cue later that day, this boyfriend runs up to me in the lobby right before my mother comes to pick us up. He tries to plant a big one right on my face, but unfortunately he mistook my much more temperamental little sister for me.

She slapped this kid in the face and strutted off with her pink toy purse like she was in a 1940s romcom.


24. Some men can.

Back in high school we had a teacher with an identical twin who did substitute teaching work for our school. The only physical difference between the two of them was one sported a classy mustache, the other was clean shaven.

You'd go to Math in 1st period of the day and have Mr. K then show up in Physics right after lunch and it'd appear as though Mr. K had grown a glorious Burt Reynolds in just under 4 hours.

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23. Defending the country, twice.

Got my brother in trouble when with his First Sergeant, when I went to pick him up from his base after flying home on R&R. I was still in uniform and had a friend pick me up and take me from the airport (sea tac) to his base. (FT. Lewis.) They're not that far from each other.

After arriving to the base, I went to my brother's unit and asked if he was around. They just stared at me like I was crazy. Then one ran off to grab his Sergeant. It pretty much kept going until I made it to his First Sergeant.

After making it to the First Sergeant. He lost his it and started grilling me for not wearing the right patch and wearing a combat badge. I laughed and then told them that I was his twin. Right when I finish explaining the situation he walks in. Watching their jaws drop and move their heads back and forth was priceless.


22. Aren't they... identical?

I'm an identical twin, and my first husband was also a twin. You'd think I'd have TONS of stories, but I really only have two. Warning: the first one is pretty stupid.

When he and I were dating in college, we loved to dress identically (like, matching plaid shirts and stuff). Because people would ask us all sarcastic, "What are you guys, TWINS?" and we'd just laugh to pieces at them. Because we were. Just not to each other.

I told you, that one's stupid. The next one is actually pretty embarrassing.

When we were planning to get married, our pastor (who was going to officiate at our wedding) asked us to tell her the story of how we'd met. So we told her - it was our first day in college, and my roommate and I had assigned seats next to each other in assembly. We were sitting there admiring all the boys around us, and making comments (like you do). She pointed out a guy down at the front, and I remarked that I recognized him, because I'd seen his twin around campus, and his twin was actually a lot hotter. A few seconds later, some guy plops down in the seat next to me...and it was the "hot twin" future husband.

That's how we met, and that's the story we told our pastor. We never in a million years dreamed she'd be so tactless as to RE-TELL THAT STORY in her opening remarks at our wedding...yes, with my husband's twin brother, the "un-hot twin," standing not five feet away as best man, and his wife in the front row of the church. They were both deeply humiliated, and would barely speak to us afterward.


21. That's one observant teacher.

In senior year of high school, my brother and I decided that it would be funny to do the ol' switch-a-roo. The teachers at our school always had a really hard time differentiating us because our similar mannerisms and obviously our identical physical features.

My brother sailed through in my class (photography) with no incident. However, I got caught. Reason? Because I was working extremely hard on the in-class assignment to avoid detection while in reality, my brother never did anything in class but goofed around.

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20. Too lucky in love.

I'm married to a twin. However I didn't know he was a twin when we first met. I was at a bar with a coworker who introduced me to a few of her boyfriend’s friends. One guy in particular was really cute, but after getting a chance to talk to him I saw he had a wedding ring. Since that’s not my style I basically lost all interest. Then a few weeks later the same coworker invited me over for a BBQ, I had a couple drinks and then see the same guy I had met at the bar was there, but this time no ring. Obviously I was confused so I asked my coworker about him, to which she laughed and said “oh, that’s his twin, he’s single!” I thought I had hit the jackpot, because honestly what are the chances? My husband’s brother still gives me a hard time about thinking he was cute first.

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19. He only had to write one set of vows.

My cousins are identical twins. Even though I've known them for 34 years I still can't tell them apart. They were both nurses at the same hospital in there 20s when one started dating a doctor. After a couple of dates she realized that they weren't compatible and convinced her sister to go on the next date and break up with him as the doctor was persistent. The second sister and the doctor fell in love and married soon after. It's not terribly awkward at family gatherings but I can imagine everyone secretly wondering whether the doctor had intimate relations with both sisters.

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18. Masterful.

My twin brother and I went to different colleges and didn't generally reveal to the friends we made that we each had a twin. One day a group of people approached me in the street, calling me by my brother's name and asking me if I would like to join them in the pub. I knew that my twin brother was already at the pub so I said I'd bet them free drinks if I beat them to the pub in a foot-race, even if I gave them a headstart. They agreed and ran off at top speed while I stood there casually checking my watch and buffing my fingernails on my lapel, only for them to arrive exhausted, and find 'me' standing at the bar, drink already in hand.

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17. Banking bypass.

While in Iraq, I signed all my legal rights over to my twin brother. That give him legal rights to my bank account. When my family was in financial trouble, I gave the ok for my brother to take money out of my account. The bank refused to honor the legal document and would not let my brother take money out. Next day he went to the same bank with my passport and took the money out of my account.


16. They're multiplying.

I had a friend who had an identical twin, and they both spent the first month of University (they went to the same school) convincing everybody that there was actually three of them and that they were triplets!!

By the time they decided to come clean, nobody would believe them that there wasn't a third of them around somewhere. "You can't trick me, I've hung out with Luke countless times!!"

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15. Laughs all around.

My dad is an identical twin. When he was dating my mom in college, he used to play a game with his twin. He would call my mom and part way through the conversation hand the phone off to my uncle. My uncle would see how long he could carry the conversation before he had to tap out and hand the phone off to my dad. Anyways, the first time my mom ever said "I love you" to my 'dad', she was actually talking to my uncle. My uncle faltered, and that was when my mom realized what had been happening.

They must've straightened everything out because they ended up married and had me, but seriously. What a colossal strategic error on my dad's part.


14. Hard to tell with the uniform.

I knew a pair of identical twins in high school who messed with people all the time. I quickly learned how to tell the difference out of self defense, and they always gave me grief for ruining their fun. We'll call them Steve and Dave.

Anyway, here's the story they told me. At their tiny high school, they were both starters on the football team. One was the running back, and the other the fullback. For four years, Dave blocked for Steve, as Steve got the yards, the touchdowns, and the records. In the final game of their senior year, they switched jerseys without telling their coach, and for one game, Steve blocked for Dave. Dave set the school single-game rushing record under Steve's name.

Because they were blabber-mouths, the story got out, and the coach was ticked at them for lying and for making him look like he'd put the wrong brother at running back the whole time.

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13. Anything for a free buffet.

My boyfriend and his twin went to different colleges in the same large city. He would go to his brother's campus and eat meals on his meal plan and vice versa. Also use the gym and other amenities. My boyfriend had to be careful as his brother's was a smallish college and he would often meet his brother's professors (and one time the Dean) walking across campus and would have to carry on full conversations about topics discussed in class, etc. At least their parents got their money's worth out of their meal plans.

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12. The gag that never gets old.

My mother is an identical twin, yet her sister lives in another part of the country. Every time my aunt would come down to visit when I was younger, they would mess with me so bad. They once dressed the exact same at Disney World when I was 5 years old and when we all split up and I spent maybe 2 hours with my aunt before I realized it wasn't my mom. My mom and aunt are 61 now and still mess with me to this day when they get around each other.

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11. He seemed like he was somewhere else.

I had an employee working as a construction superintendent. He was in charge of a project, and I saw him 3+ times a week and talked to him on the phone several times a day. I started to notice that sometimes he was a bit more focused - most of the time he was really spacey. One day I called him, and he said he was onsite, but I showed up without telling him, and as soon as I arrived and tried to pick up the conversation, he acted like he forgot everything we were talking about. I just thought whatever. One day he mentions he's a twin - about 45 years old by the way - and he shows me a picture of his twin and they're indestinguishable. So, eventually I have to fire him for bothering the receptionist in the office next door. So, he shows up at our office with his brother, and tries to convince us to hire his brother in his place. How that would work confused us - but the guy was crazy. It was a trip how identical they were. After that conversation, I was convinced that his brother had been working the job in my employee's place - I didn't know when or how often, but THAT was the more focused version. My employee and I were on good terms, so after we let him go, I called and asked him about it; and he admitted, on at least 6 occassions, he was sick or had to do something and had his brother wore his clothes and drove his car into work; and yes, there were times he met with me; and his brother pretty much knew everything about the job and I never realized he wasn't my employee. It really tripped me out. I've never met twins, especially at that age, who were so hard to tell apart; and honestly, I think they did stuff like that all the time.

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10. It's real magic.

My wife is a twin. Her sister and her both worked at the same camp. My wife worked at the camp during the school year while my sister-in-law worked during the summer when there was a lot more staff. Basically they were trading places all the time, but staff of the camp would change during those times as well (summer staff vs not summer staff) so it was never really an issue. My wife worked mostly in the kitchen while her sister worked as a counselor. Generally the two were never seen together when they were both working there. It should also be said that my SIL was often mistaken for a few other people around camp anyway, which only helped the situation in the end.

At the end of the week, the groups of campers would do skits. One group of campers decided their skit would be about a machine that would multiply things. So, my SIL decided to help them out.

The skit came down to the campers saying that my SIL was such a hard worker that she needed a clone to help out around camp (at this point the campers in this particular group knew about her twin, but most of the other campers did not). They turned on their machine and put my SIL in. Out came her and a boy that had the same hair color and style, but that wasn't quite right. They got rid of the boy and put her back in. Out came a girl with different hair color, but at least it was a girl this time. Next the machine spit out a girl with the right hair color but not quite the same build. The fourth time, the machine spits out my wife. Being a nearly identical twin, this basically blew the audience away. Those kids minds were blown.

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9. The fastest twin in the West.

My grandfather had an identical twin, and they both were in the air force. First trick was that my grandfather was blind in one eye due to a childhood accident while running with scissors. His brother went and took his physicals for him but they caught them just before pilot training.

Fast forward, they are both active duty during world war 2, and one is stationed in California, while the other is stationed somewhere at a U.S. base in the pacific. My grandfather, Earl, was the guy who would put pilots in their cockpit and make sure it was sealed correctly before they took off. Mind you these pilots are flying the fastest aircraft manufactured at the time, and nonetheless, my grandfather tells them right before they leave, "I'll see you when you get there" with a wink. His brother, with the same last name on his uniform, was the guy who would undo the cockpit for the pilots after they landed in the pacific, and he would say to them, "Hey you made it! I got here pretty fast, huh?" producing the most astonished look of bewilderment and amazement one could muster. They ran this joke for quite some time and even got written up in the newspaper about it later on.

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8. The double switcheroo.

My sister and I were handed each other's picture forms on our senior year picture day in high school. We thought it might be funny to not switch them back, take each other's yearbook/school ID card pictures, and have few people know we did it. Harmless shenanigans, right?

Then one day at the end of the year, after SAT's, AP tests, and collage applications were all over, I got called into the principal's office. This had never happened to me before, and I had no idea why on earth I would be called down, since I hadn't gotten into any trouble. I get there, and my sister has already arrived, and I'm just like "oh no."

Principal sits us down and tells us that, when cross referencing our school ID photos and the driver's licenses we provided at the SAT, College Board found a discrepancy and was investigating the possibility that we may have taken each other's tests. I hadn't even thought about that being a possibility, and all the blood went to my stomach. My sister and I freaked out, and as calmly as we could tried to explain what we thought was a harmless prank, but he kept a straight face and insisted that if there was any possibility that we had switched tests, our scores could be invalidated.

After about 10 minutes of explaining and reasoning with him about how we'd comply with any investigation but we swear we took our own tests and so on, he calmly told us it was all a joke. I felt like I was going to pass right out. He was laughing and saying things like "got you good," and reassuring us that everything was fine and that we should go back to class.

Turns out that since we have family in the school district, the principal had heard that my sister and I switched and decided it would be brilliant to make us think our futures were in danger. In his defense, it was objectively a fantastic prank, and his delivery was so level and authoritative it at no point occurred to us that College Board doesn't reference yearbook photos to confirm identities. Props to him for creativity, but what goes around comes around.

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7. He shoots, the other twin scores.

I'm an identical twin, have been my whole life. We did pranks and what not, but mostly maintained our individuality. Only time I recall being embarrassed was when the two of us started working for our dad on construction. Just a gig to keep the ps2 games flowing.

Anyway there was a tucker box everyone on site would go to, and we'd hit on the ladies working there. They'd flirt back. There's no tip culture in Australia, being salacious is just how people are.

One night I'm getting my drink on at literally the only club in town, this place that would play nothing but RnB underneath the local RSL. The tucker box ladies were present, and they were in fine form. So I start catching up, hammering vodkas, and I tell my mates I'm gonna go dance with them.

One of the ladies in question doesn't even pause when she sees me coming. Bear in mind I'm not good looking or whatever. But working construction you get hectic tan and a decent physique, and that can bridge quite a few gaps. Anyway this lady is on me in a heartbeat, and she is dancing nasty like. The woman I was actually interested in was nearby in the dancing circle, but this chick was on me, she was gorgeous and my friends were egging me on like I was a god so I got into it.

It's escalating hardcore, we're making out on the dance floor, off the dance floor, against a wall, and she goes "ok (my brother's name) let's get out of here." My heart sank a little, because I'd been trading on my bro's hard work. I'm also super embarrassed, because what if she thinks I deceived her? We'd never be able to go to that lunch place again. The guys on the site wouldn't like that. I'm full Larry Daviding out over here, but I own up to it anyway. "uhhh, actually I'm (my name)." I told her. And she replied "What? Who cares? You're the same."

So I went home with her.


6. A triad of trouble.

We were in high school. I was just walking through the halls between classes and this guy who I sort of knew rounds the corner and starts walking towards me. I give the classic lazy wave to acknowledge his presence but then his face hardens and he flips me off and starts yelling at me how ticked off he is at me. Now, this guy was normally pretty jolly and we barely spoke so this took me super off guard. He basically continued a verbal assault until I was out of earshot. When I got home I told me brother what happened and turns out they had a big argument in gym class earlier and the guy was still fuming and thought I was my brother.

Another one is when I was staying at a hotel with some friends, my brother, and his girlfriend. My brother was in the bathroom and it was dark and most people were asleep. I was brushing my teeth or something and sat on the bed my brother and his girlfriend were sharing. His girlfriend rises up and starts to hug me before realizing I wasn't my brother and recoiling. We laughed it off and still laugh about it today but there was a moment of awkward.

We switched classes on more than one occasion, but only once did we get caught and I still cringe thinking about it. Basically we had nothing important going on in most of our classes except for turning in an essay so we gave each other our papers and decided to switch classes for a day. Turns out we had to write a reflection on the paper we were turning in but we had each other's paper. My brother tries to play it cool and pretend to be me coming into my (his) class and asking for it. Unfortunately high-schoolers are dumb and the moment he opens the door a kid yells in front of the teacher "DID YOU GET CAUGHT?" I looked at the previously unassuming teacher and she had clearly figured it out. She gave me an absolute death glare then motioned silently for us to swap papers. I switched with him and she didn't say anything, just shook her head disappointingly and continued with class. Torture.


5. He didn't have his saxophone.

Here's my mistaken identity story with respect to my identical twin brother. We both attended the same university a long time ago, but had two different majors so our daily schedules stayed completely distinct.

School routines commence and I am attending music classes on a regular basis. In due course I start chatting it up with a cute saxophone player. She and I are getting along swimmingly for a while, but in a short while I start noticing a palpable cooling off of her attitude. I shrug it off as someone giving me the "back off, not interested" message and carry on with my other friends. Life goes on, so many fish in the sea, etc.

Fast forward four years, it's graduation day. My brother and I are dressed identically in our cap & gowns for the ceremony. We're standing there side by side while our proud parents are taking our picture. For adult twins, this is about as identical looking as you can get without coming across as creepy or lame.

When all of a sudden I hear, "Oh. my. God... I thought you were the biggest snob! You talk to me in the band room like we were best friends and then ignored me in the science building like you didn't want anything to do with me!"

Yes, it was that saxophone player. By this point, we're both in different relationships and school is over, so there's no real point to pursue anything. But it was certainly a good laugh and makes for a good anecdote.

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4. Complications with a side of benefits.

My brother and I are now 25, but in middle school being a twin was funny and embarrassing. We are one of the sets of twins who look exactly alike, get the same haircut and even our voices sound the same.

In 7th grade I was minding my own business in class when someone joked that I wasn't myself. Immediately everyone in the classroom and the teacher decided to investigate. Although I had all my papers with me and all my belongings they came to the conclusion that we could have switched them.

So these Harvard educated teachers did what they thought was best. They grabbed my brother from his classroom (across the hall) and started comparing us, trying to make sure we were who we said we were. After numerous times of us assuring them we were in the right class, I couldn't help but laugh some. After my laugh people in the classrooms started to laugh and come out into the hallway with us. The teachers found this amusing that nobody knew who we were and now 50+ students are in the hallway trying to tell them who I was and was not.

Needless to say this ended with both of us in the assistant principle's office with a stern warning to not switch courses, even though we were in the right class. Thinking back, what a bunch of morons.

Don't even get me started with girlfriends kissing and groping the wrong person in high school. Only positive was being popular by doing nothing but existing.

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3. Almost scored.

I have a twin sister. I'm a guy. We both have names that start with B. This was about 5 years ago.

She had a few hot friends in high school and they would always come around the house and hang out. If I was there, I would always joke around with them or playfully flirt with them. Nothing crazy.

However, one of her friends was always a little bit more flirtatious with me than any of the others. Never thought anything of it until I received a text from her one day out of the blue. "Wanna chill tonight?" I was so taken aback I really didn't know what to do. Did my sister know her friend had asked me to hang out? Should I tell my sister?

I texted her friend back still a bit surprised but curious. "This is kind of unexpected. What would you wanna do?" She answered, "Just need to get a few things off my chest. Going to be home at 7. I can just head over then?"

Me: "Yeah that's fine. I should be home. What brought this on so suddenly?" Her: "You know. Just a lot of feelings and stuff" Me: "Okay well just text me when you're here."

My heart is racing at this point and I decided I'd see how things went that night and talk to my sister later. So I'm waiting for her to get there and then all of a sudden I hear her downstairs. I head down the steps to go get her and she's talking to my dad. He walks back to the living room, I say hey and ask her how she is and all that and say we can head out back to talk. She asks if everything is all right? I, a little confused, then asked what made her want to hang out tonight and why she waited so long. She gets all red and opens her phone real quick and quickly realizes what happened.

She texted me instead of my sister.

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2. Two for the price of one.

We were out with friends at a club and my twin decided to go to one of the back rooms which was set up for a private party with bottle of spirits everywhere. Well he decided to take a bottle and run off.

Cut to me in the club and some bouncers come up to me and take me to a back room saying, "We saw you on camera stealing a bottle." I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about and they thought I was just playing dumb to get away with it.

Somehow I finally convinced them I had a twin so they fished him out and they eventually let us go, saying we need to come back tomorrow to settle the 'damages'. That didn't happen.

Fast forward to about 2 weeks after I'm staying at my girlfriend's house and get woken up by her mum at 6am: "The police are here." Got arrested and put in the police van, where my twin is already sitting. Interviews...long waiting...disappointing polystyrene 'lunches'. Get off with a warning. Thanks Jon.

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1. Same birthday, same birthday suit.

My father spent a year abroad before returning to enrol in the same college as his twin brother. The first few days were pretty standard, acquaintances of my uncle mistaking my dad for him, business as usual. That was until one girl approached him, publicly mind you, and with a wink said, "You were really great last night. I gave your number to a few friends, I hope you dont mind."

Naturally my dad went from there to immediately seek out and congratulate his brother on his good fortune...and hopefully share in the spoils. On the way he found himself receiving a disproportionate level of sly smiles and sidelong glances from some of the groups he passed.

By the time he finally found my uncle, he was thoroughly perplexed. Surely his brother couldn't have been this lucky, they were good-looking guys, but this was just ridiculous. My uncle flushed and faltered when confronted by my dad. He stammered and tiptoed around the issue before my dad finally got it out of him. How had he managed so prolific a penile pedigree?

He hadn't. Turns out my uncle had spent all his money in the first few weeks and had turned to desperate measures for cash. He had been working as a stripper, doing mostly private parties, but naturally word got around.

So for the rest of the year my father had to contend with the fact that a good number of the people on campus had effectively seen him naked.