20 Foods You Didn't Know You Can Make on the Barbecue

20 Foods You Didn't Know You Can Make on the Barbecue

When it comes to firing up the grill, we often stick to the classics like burgers, hot dogs, and ribs. But it's not just for meaty dishes; it's a stage for culinary creativity where even the most unexpected ingredients shine. Here are 20 surprising foods that you might not have considered firing up on the grill.

1. Pizza

Guess what? You can totally grill a pizza to mouthwatering perfection! The secret? Pre-cook that dough right on the grill until it's crispy to perfection, then pile on your favourite toppings. Voila! You'll be savouring a slice of heaven with a smoky twist that you can't get anywhere else.

pizza-5107039_1280.jpgImage by DesignDraw DesignDrawArtes from Pixabay

2. Avocado

Grilling avocados not only enhances their natural creaminess but also infuses a delicious smoky essence. Slice them in half, bid farewell to the pit, and let them sizzle cut-side down on the grill for a mouthwatering transformation. These grilled green gems are ideal for crafting a zesty avocado salad or stuffing with a vibrant salsa for an appetizer that's sure to steal the spotlight

avocado-5332878_1280.jpgImage by -Rita-👩‍🍳 und 📷 mit ❤ from Pixabay

3. Romaine Lettuce

Grilled romaine is a game-changer for salads. Cut the heads in half and place them cut side down on the grill. It only takes a few minutes to char slightly, giving the lettuce a crispy, smoky flavour that's perfect for your Caesar salads.

vegetable-5554160_1280.jpgImage by Валентин Симеонов from Pixabay

4. Watermelon

Grilling watermelon changes its texture and enhances its sweetness with a smoky note. Cut into large slices and grill each side briefly. The grill marks not only add a pleasing look but also a surprising depth of flavour.

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5. Pound Cake

The grill can transform your regular old pound cake into a dessert you can't find elsewhere. The heat caramelizes the sugars in the cake, giving it a crispy, golden exterior. Serve it with a scoop of ice cream and fresh berries for a delightful dessert. 

cakes-5251204_1280.jpgImage by congerdesign from Pixabay

6. Oysters

Indulge in the luxurious delight of grilled oysters. Place whole oysters on the grill, and cook until they pop open. Elevate the experience by accompanying them with a dollop of garlic-infused butter and a drizzle of fresh lemon juice

oyster-1522835_1280.jpgImage by Patou Ricard from Pixabay

7. Brie

Soft cheeses like Brie can be warmed on the barbecue to create a delicious, gooey dip. Place a whole wheel of Brie in a small cast iron skillet and grill it until melted. Pair this melty masterpiece with charred bread or crispy crackers for a divine taste experience that will leave your guests craving more.

brie-3496_640.jpgImage by PDPhotos from Pixabay

8. Peaches

Halve and pit peaches, then grill them until caramelized. Trust me, it brings out their natural sweetness, making them a slam dunk with desserts or as a tasty sidekick to your favourite meats.

peach-1074997_1280.jpgImage by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

9. Pineapple

Grilling slices of pineapple intensifies their sweetness and adds a beautiful char that's perfect for tropical salads or as a side to jerk chicken. Also, don't sleep on the idea of grilling them up as burger toppers for a juicy, island-inspired vibe that'll have everyone coming back for more.  

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10. Asparagus

Throwing asparagus on the grill adds a nice char and crunch. Simply toss them in olive oil, season with salt and pepper, and grill until tender. If you're feeling fancy, you can wrap them in bacon or prosciutto before you grill them. They make a quick and healthy side dish.

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11. Sweet Potatoes

For a tasty twist on sweet potatoes, slice them into wedges and give them a good coat of olive oil and your favourite spices before tossing them on the grill. Cook them until they're tender inside and crispy outside. They're also serve as a guilt-free swap for regular fries, adding a nutritious punch to any meal.

sweet-potato-1804451_1280.jpgImage by Bernadette Wurzinger from Pixabay

12. Bananas

Grilled bananas take this beloved fruit to a whole new level with their irresistible caramelized goodness. Just split them down the middle while keeping the skins intact, then throw them on the grill for a sweet transformation. Pair them with a generous scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream for a divine dessert that'll have your taste buds singing with delight.

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13. Quesadillas

For a speedy and satisfying meal, why not give grilled quesadillas a whirl? You can customize them with an array of delicious fillings like savoury chicken, gooey cheese, and crisp veggies. It's a surefire way to please your palate while keeping dinner prep a breeze.

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14. Scallops

Grilling scallops is a breeze, ensuring a flawless sear without any risk of overcooking. Whether skewered or placed directly on the grill, they cook up quickly for a succulent treat. Elevate their flavour with a zesty squeeze of fresh lemon.

scallops-4709349_1280.jpgImage by adamlot from Pixabay

15. Polenta

Grilled polenta can be a unique side dish. Cut cooked polenta into thick slices, brush with oil, and grill until each side is golden and crispy. It's particularly good with a topping of cheese and herbs.

roberto-sorin-ZgL-jyqtcK4-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Roberto Sorin on Unsplash 

16. Tofu

Grilling tofu transforms it into a delightful blend of crispiness and flavour. Before hitting the grill, marinate it in your preferred seasonings to infuse it with even more taste. This protein-packed option is not only a hit among vegans and vegetarians but also a crowd-pleaser for anyone looking to add variety to their meals.

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17. French Toast

Yes, you can make French toast on a grill! Soak your bread in the usual mixture of eggs, milk, and cinnamon, then cook it on the grill for a delightful breakfast treat with a twist. Serve with a side of fruit and whipped cream for the perfect combo. 

french-toast-4686248_1280.jpgImage by Larry White from Pixabay

18. Artichokes

Grilled artichokes are both mouthwatering and a cinch to whip up. Simply parboil them until they're halfway cooked, then halve and brush with oil before tossing them on the grill. Don't forget to whip up a dipping sauce like melted butter or creamy aioli to take it to the next level of flavour.

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19. Brussels Sprouts

For a flavourful twist, grill Brussels sprouts either on a skewer or in a grill basket drizzled with olive oil and your favourite seasoning. The result? Crispy exteriors, tender interiors, and a hint of smokiness that accentuates their natural flavour profile.

brussels-sprouts-3100702_1280.jpgImage by Leopictures from Pixabay

20. S'mores

Last but not least, s'mores can absolutely be made on the grill. Construct them as usual with graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows, then wrap in foil and grill for a few minutes until melty and delicious.

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