10 Dishes Commonly Associated With Seniors & 10 Trendy Dishes Teens Love

10 Dishes Commonly Associated With Seniors & 10 Trendy Dishes Teens Love

Food can be categorized in many different ways, and one such way that you might not have thought about is how we associate certain dishes with being made for seniors and some for teens (younger generations). If it's not something you've really thought about before, you might be interested to see what these 10 dishes commonly associated with seniors & 10 with teens are. How many do you agree with?

1. Rice Pudding

For some reason, rice pudding often gets the reputation for being a dessert made for seniors. It's likely due to its soft and mushy texture and easily digestible nature, with many younglings associating that with being ideal for seniors. But don't knock on it till you try it! It's creamy, sweet, and heartwarming. Each bite tastes so comforting thanks to that hint of cinnamon.

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2. Oatmeal

Not only is oatmeal following that trend of mushy textures, it's also highly nutritious and pretty straightforward in taste, which can be ideal and not overwhelming for seniors. It's very commonly recommended as a breakfast staple thanks to its heart-healthy benefits, which is why so many seniors eat it.

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3. Mashed Potatoes

When we talk about classic comfort foods, mashed potatoes is easily up there. Throw in some butter and gravy with it? Talk about delicious! While it's definitely a festive staple during holidays, it's also a food commonly associated with seniors thanks to its ease of eating.

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4. Applesauce

For a light and easy to enjoy snack, applesauce is a common go-to for seniors. Made with simple ingredients, it's got familiar flavours and a smooth texture that seniors who have bad teeth can comfortably eat. 

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5. Chicken Soup

Known for being a comforting dish when sick or under the weather, chicken soup that's homemade is beloved for its soothing properties. And for seniors, it's liquid base makes it easy to eat, while it being packed full of nutrients make it a healthy option too. There's something "old school" about this dish that younger generations tend to associate with adults.

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6. Custard

Soft, creamy, and smooth, custard is another great soft dessert option that many seniors can enjoy comfortably. Not only will it satisfy their sweet cravings, its milder flavour makes it easier to stomach without being overwhelming on the senses.

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7. Meatloaf

A classic American dish, most people consider meatloaf to be more traditional and old school rather than trendy and hip. It's a dish for the older generation, bringing back memories of when it was a common weeknight staple made with a lot of love. 

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8. Jell-O

While some people might consider Jell-O to be a kid's snack, many people also think of it as a popular senior's dessert. That's because it's fun, soft and squishy texture makes it possible for any senior to eat. And with so many different flavours to pick, it's both a nostalgic and enjoyable option.

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9. Bread Pudding

Giving a similar vibe to rice pudding, bread pudding uses up leftover bread to create something cozy and warm. It's a rather comforting snack or dessert, one that relishes in its simplicity. It's definitely considered a more old-fashioned dessert though, not being something most younglings would consider making or eating.

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10. Shepherd's Pie

Arguably one of the most popular dishes among seniors, the older generation loves a good shepherd's pie. It's an incredibly hearty and filling dish, consisting of mashed potatoes, soft vegetables, and savory minced meat. Not only is it easy to eat, it's packed with so much flavour, making it a satisfying taste experience for adults and seniors alike.

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1. Avocado Toast

In recent years, avocado toast took social media by storm. Everyone and anyone was making this for breakfast! And with social media mainly being targeted at kids, teens, and young adults, you best believe which generation fell for this trend.

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2. Poke Bowls

The current food trend for younger generations is healthy and nutritious. People love learning about dishes that are super tasty but still packed with great health benefits! And one such up and coming dish is the poke bowl. This Hawaiian-inspired dish has everything you want - great protein, great toppings, and great sauces. Teens love customizability and poke bowls definitely offer that.

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3. Smoothie Bowls

Another popular breakfast trend are smoothie bowls. Not only are they visually appealing and ready to be posted on Instagram at any given moment, these bowls are just as tasty too. People have grown to love how healthy and nutritious it is, on top of it being pretty to look at and fun to eat too.

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4. Ramen

Japanese cuisine is truly taking the world by storm! And one dish that teens are currently loving is ramen. No, not instant ramen. We're talking real and authentic Japanese ramen served in restaurants. It's got an incredibly rich and savory broth that might not sit well with seniors, but younger generations definitely appreciate the punch of flavour.

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5. Sushi Burritos

Any and all trendy foods are always associated with teens and young adults. So when you put two favourite dishes together to combine something entirely new? Yupp, that'll definitely speak to the younger generation. Case in point, the sushi burrito. Giving sushi rolls an entirely new way to be eaten, it's a fun and hassle-free option that appeals to many.

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6. Baked Oats

Baked oats are currently all the buzz. While oatmeal in considered bland and boring to most teens, transforming oats into brownie or cake-like concoctions is more up their alley. People love the versatility in flavour and ingredient combinations, but more than that, they love how delicious it tastes.

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7. Chia Seed Pudding

Chia seeds are truly a unique and strange wonder. How do those little seeds become so gelatinous and thick? For a filling yet incredibly nutritious breakfast or snack, many teens will likely recommend chia seed pudding for you. You can top it however you like, showcasing again how teens love customizability.

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8. Beyond Meat Burgers

Plant-based burgers are a rising trend, one that definitely wasn't around when your grandpa or grandma was young. That's why it's considered a new and young idea, perfect for the younger generation who is growing more and more concerned about the environment. And with more people adopting vegetarian or vegan diets, it's a trendy dish that checks off a lot of boxes.

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9. Korean BBQ

While going to a restaurant and having to cook your own meat may seem confusing to many seniors, Korean BBQ is a growing phenomenon that is seriously taking America by storm. Whether it's beef, pork, or chicken, people love the variety of meat options you get. The food is only half the experience too - people love how interactive and communal eating Korean BBQ is. It's great for social gatherings!

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10. Bubble Tea

If you ever buy bubble tea for your grandpa or grandma, make sure you fully explain what it is first. Sucking up those pearls will definitely be a surprise for them if you don't warn them first! Bubble tea is arguably the trendiest drink on the market. It's grown a massive following among the younger generation, highlighting how fun flavours and toppings are what sells best right now.

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