The 10 Most Loved & The 10 Most Hated Foods in America

The 10 Most Loved & The 10 Most Hated Foods in America

Today, let's jump into the world of American cuisine to explore what the top most loved and hated foods in America are. While the country is celebrated for its love of certain iconic dishes like burgers, pizza, and apple pie, there's also a fascinating flip side - the foods people avoid. How many of these top items can you guess right?

1. Burgers

When you think of American food, is there any dish that pops into mind immediately other than burgers? Burgers are the quintessential American food that's beloved from coast to coast, state to state. From fancy gourmet versions with expensive ingredients to the classic cheeseburger, it's the perfect versatile food that blends together simplicity and flavour.

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2. Pizza

American pizza comes in a variety forms, like the iconic New York style or the deep-dish Chicago version, but regardless of its type, it's a staple in the national diet. With so much versatility and widespread appeal, it's certainly a go-to meal for everyone in the country.

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3. Barbecue

From the Texas brisket to Carolina pulled pork, American barbecue is a beloved staple that people around the world want to get a taste of. This slow-cooked, smoked method of cooking meat is a tradition that showcases America's rich regional diversity when it comes to flavours and techniques. Each state has their own unique spin!

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4. Fried Chicken

Is there anything more satisfying than biting into the crispy exterior of fried chicken, only to get a taste of that juicy interior? There's no question that fried chicken is a highly beloved dish all across America. It's comfort food at its finest, often bringing back nostalgic memories of family gatherings and southern hospitality.

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5. Macaroni and Cheese

Mac 'n cheese is a creamy, decadent, cheesy dish that's a favourite for both kids and adults. It's classic comfort food - a hearty meal that'll warm the soul. Perfect for days when you're feeling down, it's easy to whip up at home but also delicious when ordered in restaurants. 

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6. Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are such an American icon, popularized as baseball game snacks and a great summer barbecue option. It's an incredibly simple dish (can it get simpler than a stick of meat in a bun?), but it's so satisfying to eat and can easily be customized to fit each individual's preferences.

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7. Apple Pie

When you think of American desserts, the classic, iconic apple pie should immediately come to mind. This sweet dessert is popular across all of America - often made with cinnamon-spiced apple filling and a flaky crust, it's truly a symbol of the American tradition and home cooking.

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8. Tacos

Although tacos are originally Mexican, they have become deeply embedded within American cuisine. They're absolutely beloved all throughout the country! Thanks to their versatility and the infinite variety of fillings, it's become a celebrated dish.

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9. Bagels

Particularly famous in New York City, bagels have become a favourite breakfast staple across the country. You can have it anyway you like it - plain, topped with cream cheese, as a sandwich, and so on. There are also so many different flavours of bagels to choose from! It's such a delicious dish, offering you the perfect start to any morning.

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10. Pancakes

When it comes to an American breakfast, can you picture one WITHOUT pancakes in the mix? Fluffy, light, and drizzled with maple syrup and butter, pancakes are a comforting go-to breakfast dish. One taste will instantly transport you to warm cozy mornings with the family or other loved ones.

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1. Durian

Often dubbed the "king of fruits" though we don't understand why, durian is infamous for its awfully pungent smell. Many Americans find this exotic fruit very off-putting, which is why it's made it onto this list of most hated foods in America. The aroma has been compared to rotten onions or turpentine, making it evident why it's a challenging eat for the everyday person.

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2. Licorice

Licorice, or more specifically black licorice, is quite the polarizing candy in America. You either love it or you hate it! But unfortunately, more people hate it than love it; it has a strong, aniseed-like flavour that can be a major turn-off for people who prefer their candy to be, well, sweet. 

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3. Brussels Sprouts

For whatever reason, brussels sprouts often get a bad rep for being one of the worst vegetables out there. Many people have negative memories of overcooked, mushy sprouts which have caused them to hate the vegetable as they grow older. But did you know, when cooked properly, brussels sprouts can be delicious! Regardless, most Americans still shy away from this nutritious veggie.

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4. Lima Beans

Lima beans frequently make the list for being one of America's least favourite foods out there. Why? It's probably because their starchy texture and bland flavour don't make it exactly pleasant to eat. When we don't have anything nice to say about it, it shouldn't be a surprise why it's on this list.

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5. Blue Cheese

Blue cheese is a pretty divisive food item thanks to its incredibly strong flavour and moldy, unappetizing appearance. While some love its bold taste, most Americans stray away from its pungent aroma and unique texture. It's one of those rather cheeses that people DON'T like.

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6. Olives

For many in the United States, olives are a love-it or hate-it kind of food. Although its served in cocktails, used as a topping for pizza, and so forth, their salty and briny flavour combined with its peculiar texture hasn't won it any points. For those not accustomed to the taste, it's definitely easy to see why they hate it.

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7. Anchovies

Known for their intense saltiness and very fishy flavour, anchovies are typically a less than favoured ingredient in American cuisine. It's that one ingredient everyone hates to see on a pizza and it's the one ingredient everyone wants to avoid in a salad.

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8. Cottage Cheese

Due to its lumpy texture and mild flavour, cottage cheese doesn't always appeal to the everyday American. While it's a healthy food, most people just can't get past the weird texture. 

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9. Tofu

Tofu gets a bad rep in America because of its bland and unappetizing taste in its unseasoned form. Many feel confused by its appearance, and its texture, ranging from silken to firm, can be a point of contention for anyone unfamiliar with this food.

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10. Liver

Liver is frequently cited to be a disliked food in America thanks to its very strong, metallic taste and dense texture. Just hearing the name can be offputting - who really wants to eat liver anyway? Whether it's chicken liver or beef liver, it's not a surprise to hear most Americans will steer clear of this organ meat.

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