20 Creative Ways To Make The Most Of Your Strawberries This Summer

20 Creative Ways To Make The Most Of Your Strawberries This Summer

Strawberry harvests can yield a seemingly endless amount of fresh fruit—what’s a person to do? Plenty, in fact! From sangria to homemade ham, here are 20 ways you can get the most of your strawberries this summer.

1. Milkshake

A good blender yields one of the best summer treats—the milkshake! You don’t need many ingredients to bring them to life and they’re a delicious way to get rid of your freshest picks. You can also top it with a healthy serving of whipped cream and another strawberry on top. 

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2. Sorbet

There’s no reason our lactose-intolerant or vegan friends shouldn’t enjoy a sweet summer treat. Sorbet is dairy-free, simple to make, and can help you use up a good chunk of those strawberries. You’ll need a few hours before you can enjoy, but it’s worth it for the result. 

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3. Parfait

Parfait is a classic breakfast item packed with strawberries, oats, and Greek yogurt; it’s rich in protein and flavor and can be made ahead of time to make mornings easier. Though some recipes don’t call for layering, we personally recommend getting a few layers of yogurt in there to really make it pop. 

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4. Jam

With so many strawberries on hand, what’s left to do but make homemade jam? Aside from a pound or two of strawberries, you don’t need anything besides sugar and a splash of lemon juice to better your breakfast. Best of all, it only takes about 40 minutes to make and can be stored for up to one month. 

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5. Cake

The kind of cake you make is entirely up to your imagination! Dozens of recipes invite you to mix those fresh strawberries with vanilla, chocolate, or even coffee. Don’t be afraid to get creative this summer. 

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6. Mojito

Who said you couldn’t bring strawberries to the party? Mojitos are traditionally reserved for rum, lime juice, and mint—but you can always toss in a couple of quartered strawberries for a refreshing twist on a classic cocktail. 

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7. Pancakes

Chocolate chips and blueberries are great but this breakfast staple calls for fresh strawberries. Most recipes only call for about one cup of them and you can spice things up even more with a dash of vanilla. 

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8. Muffins

So maybe cake isn’t your thing, but could we perchance interest you in muffins? Perfect for breakfast, snacking, or sharing, strawberry muffins only require a handful of ingredients and roughly an hour of your time from prep to bake. 

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9. Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Honestly, what’s better than this traditional dessert? It’s simple to make, uses up a bunch of fresh strawberries, and allows you to truly get creative with ingredients! The buck doesn’t have to stop with milk chocolate—sprinkle on shaved coconut, roll them in nuts, or try dark chocolate. 

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10. Salad

You wouldn’t think it, but strawberries can jazz up an otherwise bland salad. Toss a handful in with spinach, feta cheese, or onion for a tasty salad that doubles as the perfect side dish. You can also drizzle some poppy seed dressing on top to tie everything together. 

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11. Shortcake

If life gives you strawberries, you have to make a shortcake. Rather than the moist texture of an average cake, shortcake is more of a layered biscuit filled with strawberries and cream. It’s like the ultimate cookie and it’s a must-make treat.

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12. Strawberry Daiquiri

If mojitos aren’t up your alley, a traditional daiquiri will eat up some of those strawberries. What makes this cocktail perfect for summer is its frozen, blended texture—just don’t drink it too fast or else the dreaded brain freeze will come calling.

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13. Banana Bread

Banana bread seems like one of those classic treats we should leave alone, but what’s the point of a kitchen if not to experiment? All kinds of fruit and spices can give your loaf the kick it needs, which is where those fresh strawberries come in! Try mixing some in to score the beloved strawberry-banana flavor. 

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14. Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a simple way to use your harvest and show off your baking prowess. Not only can you throw strawberries into the batter, but you can also whip up a delectable strawberry buttercream frosting for the ultimate snack. 

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15. Sangria

Sangria calls for a fruit medley anyway, so why not incorporate strawberries? With a bottle of white wine, a couple of oranges, and some fresh raspberries you’ll have a pitcher no guest will walk away from. 

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16. Cheesecake

Cheesecake is so much more than a staple dessert, it’s a versatile treat that opens the door to all kinds of creativity in the kitchen. This summer, start with a classic cheesecake topped with glazed strawberries and a divine strawberry sauce. 

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17. Popsicles

Sure, you can buy a box from the grocery store, but there’s nothing quite like a fresh one. They’re super easy to make, too, with the average recipe calling for no more than strawberries, a splash of lemon juice, and some sugar. You can also play with consistency by adding some yogurt! 

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18. Overnight Oats

If you want to save some time in the morning, opt for overnight oats packed with strawberries, quick oats, and almonds. It’s an easy breakfast that keeps you full and comes with all kinds of protein. 

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19. Fruit Salad

If balsamic drizzle and strawberries don’t sound appealing, you can always put a fruit salad together instead! Fresh blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries make a perfect snack or breakfast option. 

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20. Pickle Them

Water, sugar, salt, and a touch of vinegar are all you need to pickle leftover strawberries—the added dash of tang makes them the perfect topping for salads or crackers. You can also use any brine as a homemade salad drizzle. 

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