20 Foods That Can Do Weird Things To Your Body

20 Foods That Can Do Weird Things To Your Body

While we usually just see food as consumables that taste good or have great health benefits that keep our bodies running, there are a couple of foods out there that can have some pretty weird effects on our bodies. Curious? Keep reading to find out all the interesting things these foods can do!

1. Beets: Turn Urine Pink

The next time you're in the washroom and you see a scary sight, like your urine or stool coming out pink or even red, make sure you take a breather first. Don't panic! Think about what you ate that day, and if beets come to mind, you're probably okay. That's because beets contain a harmless pigment that can turn your excrement into this colour!

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2. Asparagus: Creates Smelly Urine

For those of you who already hate asparagus, we've got an interesting fact that might make you dislike them even more. Turns out this vegetable contains compounds that can make your urine smell awfully weird. But on the bright side, not everyone can smell the difference due to genetics.

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3. Pineapple: Makes Your Mouth Tingle

Our mouths can be a very sensitive part of our body, which is why when we feel a tingling sensation there, we're immediately on alert. But if the tingling starts right after you've been eating a lot of pineapple, there's your culprit. Turns out pineapple contains an enzyme that, when consumed in large quantities, can create a tingling or even burning sensation in the mouth.

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4. Garlic: Causes Body Odor

While you've likely heard about all the amazing health benefits garlic has, which are true, here's one downside you never knew. Aside from leaving you with bad breath, also known as garlic breath, eating garlic can also cause body odour. Yes, apparently garlic can make your sweat smell a bit worse than usual.

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5. Rhubarb: Can Make Your Teeth Feel Gritty

Have you ever noticed a weird feeling in your teeth after eating certain foods? Like a sort of gritty, fuzzy feeling? Don't worry, you're not tripping out. Certain foods like rhubarb contain an acid that causes this strange sensation in your mouth and on your teeth.

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6. Legumes: Induce Gas

Beans and gas? Now that's one food-body relationship we're all familiar with. Because beans and other legumes contain a complex sugar that our bodies have difficulty fully digesting, they stay in our gut which causes us to produce gas and feel other stomach discomforts you've likely experienced before.

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7. Chili Peppers: Induce Endorphin Rush

We all know the pain of eating incredibly spicy foods, but did you know that chili peppers for instance, create more than just pain in your mouth? As your brain processes your body's reaction to the spice, it responds by releasing endorphins which can give you a temporary high. It's comparable to a "runner's high"!

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8. Sugar-Free Gum: Can Cause Laxative Effect

If you love chewing gum, specifically sugar-free gum, we'd advise that you be careful not to consume too many at once. That's because sugar-free gum contains a hidden surprise you don't want to know about. Many of the sugar alcohols it contains can actually have a laxative effect. So the next time you face stomach discomfort and diarrhea, your sugar-free gum might be the unsuspecting culprit behind it.

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9. Cilantro: Can Taste Like Soap to Some People

Whether you love or hate cilantro might have to do with your body's genetics. For some people, cilantro is a refreshing herb that they love sprinkling on many dishes. For others, one bite leaves behind a soapy, unappetizing flavour that you simply can't get over. 

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10. Turmeric: Can Turn Skin Yellow

While turmeric is often recognized for its plethora of health benefits, you should always be consuming food in moderation. Too much of anything is never good! This goes for turmeric too, as eating too much of it can actually cause your skin to turn a bit yellow.

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11. Coffee: Causes Jitters and Anxiety

Most people drink their morning coffee as a relaxing ritual that helps wake them up, but did you know it can have quite the opposite effect? Caffeine can be a rather nasty stimulant, increasing your heart rate and blood pressure which can leave you feeling antsy and anxious. 

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12. Nutmeg: Can Cause Hallucinations

Although you likely associate nutmeg with warm, wintery drinks, it turns out this spice is a lot more dangerous than it lets on. Apparently, if you consume large amounts of nutmeg, it can be poisonous, leading to hallucinations, dizziness, and nausea. With symptoms that serious, you definitely want to be careful of your intake.

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13. Soy: Can Affect Hormone Levels

Lots of studies have been done looking at the connection between soy and hormone levels. It's believed that consuming large amounts of soy products may affect your hormone levels and impact aspects of your body like fertility levels. 

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14. Grapefruit: Interferes with Medication

If you're currently taking medication, you'll want to be careful about when you eat grapefruit. That's because this fruit does a unique thing to your body - it can inhibit enzymes that are responsible for breaking down medicine in your body! That's why it's best to cut back on your grapefruit intake if you know you're going to be on meds for a while. Better to not risk the two mixing.

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15. Cinnamon: Can Irritate Your Mouth

Remember the cinnamon challenge back on YouTube many years ago? Seeing all those people spit out puffs of cinnamon makes you think this spice might not be great for our mouths, right? If that's what you think, you're correct. Because as it turns out, consuming large amounts of cinnamon can cause mouth sores or other irritations.

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16. Tuna: Can Cause Mercury Poisoning

We know a lot of you out there love tuna, especially if you love sushi, but we'd like to give you a warning. While this fish is certainly delicious when prepared well, certain species (like bluefin) can contain extremely high levels of mercury which can be poisonous to our bodies. That's why it's always crucial that you watch how much tuna you eat. Better safe than sorry!

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17. Horseradish: Can Clear Sinuses

Thanks to its pungent and strong taste, horseradish can be a surprising hero when you're sick. Containing compounds that can help clear your sinuses and mucus, it's certainly a unique side effect most people aren't aware of.

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18. Mushrooms: Can Cause Hallucinations

While mushrooms are usually delicious components of many meals, there are certain types you should steer clear of. That's because some mushrooms contain compounds that can cause hallucinations. Not to mention, these effects can last for hours!

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19. Tomatoes: Can Cause Acid Reflux

For people who are already prone to getting acid reflux, you might want to stay clear of tomatoes, or at least watch how much of it you're eating. That's because tomatoes are very acidic and can worsen conditions like acid reflux, heartburn, or throat irritation in more susceptible individuals. 

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20. Szechuan Peppercorns: Create Numbing Sensation

If you've never experienced the tingling numbing sensation that comes from szechuan peppercorns, it's certainly a one-of-a-kind feeling that's hard to explain. It's all thanks to a unique compound found in those peppercorns that causes this unique mouth sensation. It's certainly not something you'd enjoy if you're weak with spice!

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