5 of the Weirdest-Looking Fruits You've Probably Never Seen Before

5 of the Weirdest-Looking Fruits You've Probably Never Seen Before

As you walk down the fruits section in your local grocery store, you’re probably used to seeing apples, bananas, oranges, strawberries, and all the usual affairs. Delicious, nutritious, and dependable, we can always count on these fruits being there. But if you’re looking to spice things up and try something a bit more exotic, you’ll be shocked to learn about all the fruits around the world that you’ve definitely never seen before. From dangerous-looking spikes to wacky names, here are five unique fruits you probably didn’t know existed.

1. Salak (Snake Fruit)

With a name like that, it probably doesn’t sound the most appetizing, does it? Perhaps it even sounds a bit…dangerous? Although its name may be questionable, don’t be intimated by its scaly exterior reminiscent of a snake’s skin. The Salak fruit is a hidden gem in the world of exotic fruits. Native to Indonesia, it’s about the size of a fig and shaped like a teardrop. To eat it, you just have to peel back its reptilian-looking coat to enjoy. Inside you’ll find three lobes of sweet, slightly acidic flesh that encases a shiny, dark seed. But despite its terrifying appearance, they say its flavour is a fusion of pineapple, banana, and lemon. It sure sounds like a wildly tropical taste experience worth trying.

Salak-Ge89A4F7B8 1280Image by Steven Bol from Pixabay

2. Buddha’s Hand

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. So what do you do if life gives you Buddha’s Hand? With such a wacky name (and an equally wacky appearance), this fruit hails from Northeast India and China. With long and yellow tentacle-like sections, it certainly resembles multiple fingers, hence the name. Though the fruit doesn’t contain any pulp or juice, it has a unique lemon blossom fragrance that makes it popular for perfuming rooms or flavouring dishes. Next time you’re looking for a bit of citrusy zest, maybe it’s worth swapping out a lemon for Buddha’s hand.

Buddhas-Hand-Ga84Ff730A 1280Image by Norana Johar from Pixabay

3. Jabuticaba

You’ve heard of fruits growing from trees, but have you ever heard of a fruit that grows directly on the trunk? Behold, Jabuticaba, the fruit that breaks all the rules! Native to Brazil, it’s a fruit that looks similar to a grape but tastes more like a mix between a grape, lychee, and blackcurrant. Best enjoyed fresh, Jabuticaba is typically also turned into the most delicious wine, liqueurs, and jellies. For a delightful fusion of flavour, this one is definitely worth trying.

Jabuticaba-Gdccdbd27F 1280Photo by heloenniareis on Pixabay

4. Rambutan

Looking almost exactly like a sea urchin, you’d be forgiven if you mistook the Rambutan for this brightly coloured sea creature at first glance. Derived from the Malay word for hair, this strange-looking fruit is covered in hair-like spikes all over. While its appearance may seem a bit offputting, beneath its bizarre exterior is a juicy white flesh tasting similar to lychee. Found in Southeast Asia, Rambutan is a beloved fruit known for its sweet but slightly tart taste. Don’t knock it till you try it!

Rambutan-Gc39Bf1Ece 1280Image by Fathima Shanas from Pixabay


5. Horned Melon

The Horned Melon, or Kiwano, easily looks like the punk rockstar of the fruit world. With its spiky, orange exterior and vibrant green, jelly-like interior, it immediately stands out in any fruit line-up. With colours that bright, it’s surprising that it's completely natural! Originally from Africa, the Horned Melon’s taste is often described as a combination of cucumber, zucchini, and kiwi, with a hint of banana. As a peculiar fusion of flavours, this fruit is perfect for any adventurous eater willing to try something different. 

Horned-Melon-G51Afb3190 1280Image by Jasper from Pixabay

The world is full of so many exotic fruits and this list contains just a few of the wildest ones out there. If you’re tired of eating the same old bananas and apples every day, be adventurous for a change and give these weird fruits a try! Who knows? You may just fall in love with their weirdness.