The Most Controversial Food Takes You'll Definitely Fight With Someone On

The Most Controversial Food Takes You'll Definitely Fight With Someone On

When it comes to food, people have a lot of different preferences. While most people respect these personal opinions, there are some topics that are just too controversial to stay quiet on. Pineapple on pizza? Cold leftover pizza? These are just some food takes that are wildly debated. People feel incredibly passionate about these takes, adamantly arguing their side and why it's the only acceptable answer. So today, we're throwing 20 of the most controversial food takes at you. Where do you stand?

1. Pineapple on Pizza

Arguably the most debated food take on the internet, the question of whether pineapple belongs on pizza remains an unanswered one. While some love that extra bit of sweetness and tanginess, others will adamantly argue that fruit does not belong in savory items. Which side are you on?

Pizza-5501073 1280Image by denithy from Pixabay

2. Vanilla is a Boring Flavor

Vanilla is seen as a flavour so basic, that calling someone "vanilla" is the same thing as calling them a "plain Jane". But is vanilla really that boring? Just because it's one of the most common flavours, is that really enough to garner so much hate? While some may argue that point of view, many supporters of this classic flavour will wholeheartedly defend its sophisticated flavour and endless versatility. Do you like vanilla?

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3. Ketchup on a Hot Dog

If you were born and raised in Chicago, this one will definitely feel personal to you. A hot topic in the hot dog world, do you think ketchup should go on hot dogs? While many will slather just ketchup, mustard, and relish onto this tasty snack, others stand confidently behind what they believe is the best (and only) way to eat a hot dog: Chicago style. Topped with yellow mustard, sweet pickle relish, white onion, tomato slices, and a dill pickle, many supporters will argue this is the only way a hot dog should be eaten.

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4. Bacon is Overrated

We know Americans love their bacon, but let's be honest - it's a little overrated. Bacon doesn't always go well with everything, and its strong flavour can often overpower a dish completely. From breakfast plates to desserts, there are many who wish we could cut back on our love for bacon. Do you agree?

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5. Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich?

If a sandwich is just ingredients and toppings encased in a bun, does that mean a hot dog is a sandwich? A timeless debate, many people have argued this question only to find no winner all these years later. This one is purely up to your personal opinion, so what's yours?

Hot-Dog-700113 1280Image by Ulrike Mai from Pixabay

6. Cilantro Tastes Like Soap

While cilantro adds a fresh flavor to many dishes, some people possess a genetic trait that makes cilantro unfortunately taste like soap. Although it's beyond their control, many people still advocate their love for cilantro, claiming that it's a "must-have garnish" for certain dishes. Which umbrella do you fall under? Fresh or soapy?

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7. Western-Chinese Food is Better than Authentic Chinese Food

Don't be offended but many Americans argue that Western-Chinese food tastes far more superior than authentic Chinese food. Western adaptations often taste much sweeter, more savory, and more greasy, appealing to Western palates moreso than the original. Of course, there are many who stand behind authentic cooking, arguing that Western-Chinese food can hardly be called Chinese food at all anymore. What do you think?

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8. Deep Dish Pizza Shouldn't Be Considered Pizza

Despite its popularity and interest worldwide, deep dish pizza, with its thick crust and pie-like structure, can hardly be called a pizza - at least according to critics online. Many argue that the deep dish is the worst type of pizza you can get, saying it's more like a casserole than a pizza. But of course, we'll have people on the other end of the spectrum, constantly arguing their love for the deep dish and admiring its innovation on the traditional dish. Where do you stand on this cheesy debate?

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9. Cheese Doesn't Make Everything Taste Better

Speaking of cheese, another popular food take is that cheese is way too overrated - it doesn't make everything taste better! People love to throw cheese on everything, but many online argue that it can be too overpowering or make dishes too greasy and heavy. If you're a massive cheese-lover, defend your side!

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10. There's Nothing Wrong About Using MSG

MSG unfortunately gets a bad rep, with many people believing it can lead to negative health risks. Because of this, people generally avoid using it in cooking and look down upon people who do. But recent studies have shown that MSG is safe to consume and simply enhances umami flavours, without the negative consequences many people believe in. Even though there has been a lot of research done, many people will still argue that MSG is bad for you. Where do you stand on this topic?

1024Px-Monosodium Glutamate Crystals (1)Ragesoss on Wikimedia Commons


11. Well-Done Steak Ruins the Meat

We're sure you've heard many times that the only way to have a steak is medium-rare. Nothing more, nothing less! But there are many individuals out there that love a good ol' well-done steak too! Cooked to the max, people enjoy it for a variety of reasons, including prioritizing food safety or personal texture preferences. But for medium-rare enthusiasts, the argument is that well-done steak dries out the meat completely and ruins the flavour! Do you think steak is only good when it's done medium-rare? How do you usually have it?

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12. Mint Chocolate Tastes Like Toothpaste

Mint chocolate is one of the most polarizing flavours out there - you either love it or you hate it. Some people will argue that the combination of mint and chocolate tastes uncomfortably similar to toothpaste, while fans of the flavour will argue it has an incredibly refreshing taste. So are you team toothpaste or team mint choco?

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13. Sushi is Overrated

Sushi has grown to have massive global popularity over the years, with America also following the hype. But as we know with anything that garners a lot of hype, there's the danger of it becoming overrated. And for many online, that's what they think: sushi is REALLY overrated. Are you brave enough to admit you think sushi is overrated too?

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14. Avocado is Too Bland and Overhyped

Despite avocado's trendy status, a lot of people don't seem to understand why. What's so good about it? Some people argue that it's too bland, the texture is too unappealing, and that avocado toast isn't even that good. While enthusiasts will passionately defend its nutritional value, versatility, and creamy flavour, there seems to be an ongoing debate whether avocado is actually good or if it's just because of the social media hype. What do you think?

Avocado-2644150 1280Image by Foodie Factor from Pixabay

15. Sweet and Savory Foods Shouldn't Mix

Chicken and waffles, salted caramel, Chicago popcorn mix. When we said those foods, did you think "Yum!" or "Ew!"? Well, turns out the combination of sweet and savory isn't for everyone. A surprising amount of people are ready to fight their side that sweet and savory foods shouldn't belong together and that they DON'T work. What's your take?

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16. Diet Sodas Are Worse Than Regular Sodas

Despite the word "diet" being used, many people will argue the topic of whether diet sodas are actually better for you. There's a lot circulating online that despite having fewer calories, diet soda is actually worse for you because of its artificial sweeteners, which people claim can lead to health issues and even cravings for more sugar. But for diet soda advocates, they'll argue that these calorie-conscious alternatives are only beneficial. With so much going on, what do you believe?

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17. Plant-Based Meats Can't Compare to the Real Thing

We've all heard vegetarians or vegans say, "it tastes just like the real thing!", but does it actually? Unfortunately, many people swarmed online to argue that no, plant-based meats can't be compared to the real thing. Although plant-based diets are growing in popularity, people have argued that these beyond meat options fall short from the real experience. But at the end of the day, they're more ethical, environmental, and have good health benefits too so does it really matter? 

Likemeat-Rtmf49Qymjm-UnsplashPhoto by LikeMeat on Unsplash

18. Breakfast Foods Should Only Be Eaten in the Morning

If you hate fun you'll probably agree with this controversial food take that breakfast foods should only be eaten in the morning. We're kidding! (But not really). There are two kinds of people on this Earth: people who love having breakfast for dinner, and people who don't. It's simple. Which kind of person are you?

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19. Oatmeal Raisin Cookies are Delicious

Have you ever felt that disappointment of expecting a chocolate chip cookie only to take a bite and discover you're eating an oatmeal raisin cookie? Yeah, us too. Despite the bad rep oatmeal raisin cookies get for destroying childhood expectations, many online came to this cookie's defence. People love them! While some will argue this is "an old person's kind of cookie," many people claimed they loved the combination of chewy raisins in the spiced cookie. Are you a chocolate chip kind of person or an oatmeal raisin?

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20. Leftover Pizza Tastes Better Cold

Here's a popular topic to debate: what's the best way to enjoy leftover pizza? While some will definitely fight you in saying it has to be reheated until crispy and warm again, others stand out in the crowd to say it tastes best straight from the fridge. That's right, we've got some cold pizza lovers out there. How do you enjoy your leftover pizza?

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