20 Amazing Benefits Drinking Water Has On Your Body

20 Amazing Benefits Drinking Water Has On Your Body

You know that your body needs water to survive, but why? Water is an essential part of keeping your body strong and healthy, and today we'd like to highlight 20 amazing reasons why. Don't deny your body sufficient amounts of water when it's doing all this good for you!

1. Hydration

Staying hydrated is so incredibly important for your body to function at its highest level. Drinking enough water daily helps with every aspect of your body (as we're about to get into) and is crucial if you want to maintain good health.

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2. Improved Brain Function

Whether you're studying or just about to take an important exam, make sure you're drinking a lot of water and keeping yourself hydrated. Drinking water can do a lot for your brain and can help keep your energy levels up. It also aids in many other aspects including maintaining optimal concentration, cognition, and alertness. You definitely want to be awake during your test!

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3. Kidney Health

The best way to keep your kidneys nice and healthy is to drink plenty of water every single day. Water consumption is what helps your kidneys flush out all the bad waste through urination. If you don't want to experience the pain of kidney stones, definitely make sure you're drinking enough water.

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4. Digestive Health

If you want to keep your digestive system happy, drink water! Water is vital when it comes to having good digestion as it helps your body break down food more smoothly. It also makes the waste in your body much easier to pass, helping prevent uncomfortable feelings of constipation.

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5. Detoxification

As a bit of a summary, water is necessary for helping your body detoxify all that junk that you put in your body. Whether it's through perspiration, urination, or defecation, drinking enough water on a daily basis helps make excretion easier for your body.

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6. Skin Health

If you're experiencing a random outbreak of acne, it's a good idea to reflect on how much water you've been consuming recently. That's because hydration is important when it comes to maintaining and improving skin health. It can plump up the skin, reduce your chance of pimples, and also reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 

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7. Weight Management

Turn down those sodas for water, especially if you're trying to manage your weight a bit better. Drinking water can actually help you in your weight loss journey be improving your metabolism. It also works as an appetite suppressant, helping you feel more full or helping you curb those random and sudden feelings of needing to eat.

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8. Physical Performance

Is it even possible to go all out on a workout when you're not hydrated or don't have any water nearby? Proper hydration is an absolute must when we're talking about experiencing peak physical performance. You need to be hydrated if you want to keep up your endurance, stay energized, and maintain good body temperature. It all has to do with how much water you're drinking.

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9. Temperature Regulation

Speaking of body temperature, water plays a major role in so many different functions of our body, including temperature regulation! That's why our body sweats - when it heats up to a certain degree, we perspire to cool our bodies back down.

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10. Pain Prevention

The next time you have a bad headache, don't just take some advil, make sure you drink plenty of water too. Staying hydrated can not only help prevent certain forms of pain (like headaches or cramps), it can also help alleviate the symptoms. 

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11. Enhanced Nutrient Absorption

All those healthy nutrients you get from your diet won't mean much if you're not drinking enough water to help dissolve it all! Water plays an important role in dissolving all those vitamins, minerals, and other goodies from your food. It also improves nutrient transportation throughout your body, helping you absorb them much better and faster.

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12. Supports Cardiovascular Health

Drinking enough water every day can help improve and maintain the condition of your blood and plasma in your body. It helps with your blood flow which can have plenty of benefits including reducing your risk of certain cardiovascular diseases like hypertension.

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13. Reduces Fatigue

Feeling tired? Maybe you should try drinking more water! Helping you to detoxify and flush out all the bad things in your body, this can help prevent you from feeling excessively tired and keep you energized. After all, when the body is dehydrated, you're bound to feel sluggish!

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14. Promotes Joint Health

Water helps out with your bones and joint health too! In fact, it's safe to say that water plays a massive role regarding the maintenance of the cartilage found in between your joints. Staying hydrated is what allows these areas to stay lubricated and cushioned, and is necessary for preventing joint pain. So if you don't want those creaky joints, drink your water!

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15. Boosts Immune Function

To keep your body strong and healthy, drinking water is a vital part of that. It helps your body to naturally rid itself of bad toxins, keeping your immune system much stronger and effective in fighting off infections. 

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16. Improves Mood

Even your mood can be affected by how much water you're drinking! When you don't get enough water, your brain isn't able to produce as much serotonin which is the body's "feel good" chemical. So drink up if you want to feel happier and reduce your risk of anxiety and depression! It's never a one step fixes all when it comes to improving mood, but this is a good step to take.

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17. Prevents Bad Breath

No one enjoys talking to someone who has bad breath, so to make sure you're not the one doing that to other people, drink up! Drinking water helps maintain your saliva production which is actually important in washing away the little food particles and bacteria that cause bad breath. It also just keeps your mouth clean - no wants their mouth feeling gross.

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18. Reduces Hangover Symptoms

The next time you go drinking, make sure you're drinking water alongside it and right before you go to sleep. Keeping yourself hydrated is an important step in reducing your chance of a bad hangover. 

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19. Aids in Respiratory Health

Water can even help your lungs; it helps keep them moist which makes it easier for you to breathe. It thins the mucus in your airways which is what helps your lungs function better. You can definitely see this working when you're sick for instance - water can help clear up your mucus like no other.

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20. Prevents Overall Dehydration

Lastly, we want to emphasize the importance of avoiding dehydration. It's a lot more serious than you might have known. If you're constantly dehydrated and not getting enough water into your system regularly, you might face some serious health complications. Problems like kidney stones, blood clots, and even seizures are all heightened when you're dehydrated, so make sure you avoid this at all cost!

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