20 Foods and Drinks With Shockingly High Sugar Content

20 Foods and Drinks With Shockingly High Sugar Content

Do you know how much sugar is actually in the foods that you eat? You'd be surprised to know that some foods have some serious hidden sugar content in them! Check out our list of 20 foods and drinks that have shockingly high sugar amounts and see how many you already knew about!

1. Flavored Yogurt: A Hidden Sugar Bomb

While yogurt is often touted for its health benefits, flavored varieties can be deceptively high in sugar. A single serving can contain as much sugar as a candy bar, undermining its nutritional value.

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2. Bottled Smoothies: Not So Smooth After All

Bottled smoothies may seem like a healthy on-the-go option, but they often contain excessive amounts of sugar, sometimes exceeding the daily recommended intake in just one bottle.

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3. Barbecue Sauce: A Sweet Culprit

Barbecue sauce adds a tangy kick to your meals, but it's also a hidden source of sugar. Just a few tablespoons can contain as much sugar as a chocolate chip cookie.

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4. Granola Bars: Sugar in Disguise

Often perceived as a healthy snack, many granola bars are laden with added sugars, diminishing their nutritional value and making them akin to candy bars.

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5. Fruit Canned in Syrup: Sweetened Fruits

Canned fruits may seem like a convenient alternative to fresh fruits, but those preserved in syrup are soaked in sugar, significantly increasing their sugar content.

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6. Salad Dressings: Sweetened Greens

Salad dressings, particularly low-fat versions, often compensate for reduced fat with added sugars, turning a healthy salad into a sneaky sugar trap.

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7. Energy Drinks: A Sugary Rush

Energy drinks are notorious for their high caffeine content, but they also pack a hefty sugar punch, which can lead to a quick energy crash.

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8. Instant Oatmeal: A Sugary Start

Instant oatmeal varieties, especially flavored ones, often contain hidden sugars, making your healthy breakfast less nutritious than you might think.

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9. Vitamin-Infused Water: Not So Pure

Vitamin-infused waters are marketed as a healthful beverage, but many contain added sugars, reducing their health benefits and increasing calorie intake.

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10. Store-Bought Soup: A Sugary Spoonful

Surprisingly, many store-bought soups contain added sugars, altering their nutritional profile and potentially undermining your healthy eating efforts.

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11. "Health" Cereals: The Morning Sugar Trap

While many breakfast cereals are marketed as healthy, they can be surprisingly high in sugar. Even those with whole grains or added nutrients often contain sugar levels comparable to desserts.

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12. Iced Tea: A Sweet Sip

Bottled iced teas may be refreshing, but they often come loaded with sugar. Just one bottle can contain as much sugar as several cookies, making it more of a sweet treat than a hydrating drink.

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13. Protein Bars: Hidden Sugars in Every Bite

Protein bars are a popular snack for fitness enthusiasts, but many are packed with added sugars, undermining their health benefits and potentially affecting blood sugar levels.

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14. Dried Fruit: Concentrated Sugar Source

Dried fruits are a convenient snack, but the drying process concentrates their natural sugars. This makes them higher in sugar per serving compared to their fresh counterparts.

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15. Sushi Rolls: Sweetened with More Than Just Rice

Some sushi rolls, especially those with sauces or marinated ingredients, contain hidden sugars, adding an unexpected sweet element to what might seem like a light meal.

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16. Flavored Coffee Drinks: A Sugary Start

Many coffee shop beverages, particularly the flavored ones, are high in sugar. A single drink can contain as much sugar as several scoops of ice cream, turning your morning boost into a sugar bomb.

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17. Balsamic Vinegar: Not Just Tangy

Balsamic vinegar, a popular salad dressing, can have a high sugar content, especially in its reduced forms. This can add a significant amount of sugar to what might otherwise be a healthy salad.

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18. Tomato Sauce: Sugar in the Sauce

Pre-made tomato sauces for pasta and pizza often contain added sugars. This can turn a simple Italian dish into a hidden source of sugar.

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19. Flavored Water: Not As Innocent As It Seems

While flavored waters may seem like a healthy alternative to soda, many contain added sugars or sweeteners, compromising their healthiness.

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20. Wheat Bread: Not Always a Better Choice

Many types of wheat bread, particularly the commercially produced varieties, contain added sugars. This makes them less beneficial than you might expect, compared to their whole grain counterparts.

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