20 Herbal Teas That'll Do Wonders For Your Health

20 Herbal Teas That'll Do Wonders For Your Health

If you love a good cup of tea, it might be worth doing some research beyond your typical favourites like green or black tea to try some different ones. Why? There are so many herbal teas out there that have been studied to do amazing things for your body! Improve your health and find natural ways to combat symptoms with these 20 teas that will do wonders for your body. Always ask your doctor for more information!

1. Chamomile Tea

Best known for its amazing calming properties, chamomile will quickly become your go-to drink if you're looking for something that's both soothing and relaxing. Helping you to reduce your nerves and stress, a couple of sips is all it'll take your ease your mind. It also doubles as a helpful sleeping agent thanks to its sedative qualities!

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2. Peppermint Tea

If you're not a fan of peppermint, you're either going to have to get over it or miss out on the amazing benefits of peppermint tea. Typically given to help soothe upset stomachs or to help with digestion, this super tea contains plenty of properties that relieve you from common digestive discomforts.

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3. Ginger Tea

You've likely heard all about how ginger is an amazing super food with a plethora of health benefits, so it only makes sense that when you throw it in a tea, it's just as helpful. Ginger tea is great for those of you who suffer from motion sickness as ginger generally helps with relieving symptoms of nausea. So if any of you are suffering from morning sickness due to pregnancy, make sure you have a pot brewing!

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4. Hibiscus Tea

Thanks to all the goodies and antioxidants found in hibiscus tea, it's been studied that drinking this tea can help lower your blood pressure levels and relax the vessels. Drinking it on the regular will definitely lead to better heart and blood health, so it's time to stock up!

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5. Echinacea Tea

You might have seen echinacea listed in many throat lozenges, and here's why. Echinacea is commonly used to help with colds and other illnesses, so drinking this tea is one way to help boost your immune system as you fight off infections. It'll also help to reduce many other common cold symptoms like sore throats, bad coughs, and fever.

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6. Rooibos Tea

Thanks to its positive effects on blood pressure and cholesterol, rooibos tea (also known as red bush tea) is a great option if you're looking to improve your cardiovascular health. It's full of antioxidants that help protect the heart, and as a plus, it's caffeine-free!

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7. Dandelion Tea

Dandelion tea is highly regarded for its wonderful detoxifying properties, so much so that it's currently being studied for its effects on liver health. Early studies have found some amazing outcomes, seeing that drinking dandelion tea flushes out toxins that improves liver function.

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8. Green Tea

Green tea is a very common and popular drink choice, but did you know it's been studied to improve your metabolism? By giving your metabolism a friendly boost, it can aid in burning body fat. And that's alongside all of its other health benefits like helping with stress relief, lowering stroke risk, improving longevity, and so much more!

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9. Lemon Balm Tea

No, when we say lemon balm, we're not talking about the familiar citrus fruit you know and love. This is an herb, and it's got some amazing qualities to it you're going to want to hear about! Lemon balm tea is known for helping reduce anxiety and stress, promoting a comforting sense of calm when you drink it. It's great for leveling out your mood when you're going through a rough time!

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10. Licorice Root Tea

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties, licorice root tea has been used throughout history to help with many stomach problems, including ulcers. It's important to note that this drink must be taken in moderation though, as drinking too much can lead to unwanted side effects. Always check with a doctor first!

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11. Turmeric Tea

Thanks to curcumin, an ingredient found in Turmeric, this tea is renowned for being a powerful anti-inflammatory drink. There are plenty of benefits to drinking Turmeric tea, including improving arthritis symptoms and cardiovascular health! It might be time to research this drink if its benefits sound like they might help you.

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12. Sage Tea

Although sage tea has numerous different benefits, one big one is its ability to improve brain function. It's been studied that drinking this tea in moderation can help improve your memory and cognitive abilities, and is often given to Alzheimer's patients to help with their symptoms.

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13. Fennel Tea

Girls, listen up. If you suffer from extreme menstrual cramps and stomach pain while on your period, fennel tea might just be your saviour. Fennel is an ingredient that has been studied to help relieve painful period symptoms, meaning it might be time to grab some of this tea at the supermarket!

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14. Valerian Root Tea

Ever heard of valerian root tea before? It's not exactly as common as green or black tea, so here's what you've got to know. It's typically known for being a sleeping aid! Valerian root tea is most frequently used to help with sleeping disorders like insomnia thanks to its relaxing and calming properties. 

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15. Nettle Tea

Made from the leaves of the stinging nettle plant, it might sound scary to drink at first. After all, if it's potentially dangerous to touch, why would you want to drink it? However, this leaf is quite popular in Western medicine, thanks to how rich it is in nutrients. It's also been studied to possibly help with many health issues as well, such as reducing inflammation and lowering blood pressure.

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16. Cardamom Tea

While cardamom is an ingredient that is praised for its numerous health benefits, we'd like to focus on a more unique point: it's ability to enhance oral health. What does that mean exactly? Thanks to its antibacterial properties, drinking cardamom tea is said to be able to help prevent cavities! It's great at fighting off the bacteria that are what causes cavities to begin with. 

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17. Rosehip Tea

While rosehip tea has the potential to help with weight loss, reduce risk of diabetes, and so much more, one benefit that's more specific to this drink is its ability to improve skin health. Thanks to its high levels of vitamin C, rosehip tea can help with the production of collagen, which in turn helps protect you against skin aging.

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18. Yarrow Tea

While yarrow tea is still being studied and its effects are still unsure, one way it's been traditionally used across time is for its supposed wound healing abilities. It's been said that drinking this tea can help with speeding up the healing process for injuries, although it's still being studied. It looks promising though!

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19. Mullein Tea

The next time you deal with a respiratory illness, it might be a good idea to look up mullein tea. It's been said that this drink is used to help treat respiratory issues thanks to its ability to reduce inflammation in the airway tracts and improve throat irritation while sick. It's definitely worth bringing up to your doctor.

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20. Ashwagandha Tea

While it might be a mouthful to say, don't be stressed out by the pronunciation - ashwagandha tea is supposed to help you reduce stress, not give you more! It's most commonly used to help treat those with anxiety and restlessness, helping to calm the mind and body to promote better sleep to help you heal.

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