Don't Fall Off The Wagon, Here's How To Eat Healthy On Vacation

Don't Fall Off The Wagon, Here's How To Eat Healthy On Vacation

Eating healthy on vacation is one of life’s biggest challenges. However, a few smart choices can help you enjoy delicious meals without compromising all the progress you made! Here are 20 tips for staying healthy overseas. 

1. Bring Snacks

Grabbing your own snacks keeps you on track with an at-home routine. You stay healthier and save money in the process, not having to worry about buffets or buying ingredients. 

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2. Stay Hydrated

Drink water throughout your vacation—it keeps you hydrated but also prevents unnecessary snacking. Remember that hunger is sometimes mistaken for thirst, so chug some water beforehand.

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3. Protein Bars

Protein bars go a long way on vacation. They help fuel you through exploration and give you energy during the day. They also keep you away from menus or buffets. 

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4. Look for Amenities

A great way to save money and keep healthy is to cook your own food. Book a hotel room with a kitchen so you can prepare meals the way you want. You can also meal prep a few days in advance, saving you a headache down the road.

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5. Eat Breakfast

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day—skipping out leaves you lethargic and hungry, which only causes overeating later on. Even if you indulge in the hotel’s breakfast or go out to eat, it’s not hard to find a healthy option. 

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6. Avoid Overindulging

All kinds of new cuisine calls your name on vacation, and while there’s no shame in indulging, try to avoid eating too much. Overindulging not only knocks you off progress, but it also causes unpleasant symptoms like bloating and fatigue.

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7. Peruse Buffets Carefully

Jumping in the buffet line is completely fine! Just be sure you watch what goes on your plate. Buffets have plenty of options to choose from, so pick what you like according to your current routine. 

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8. Don’t Restrict Yourself

What’s the poin of being on vacation if you turn your nose at every delicious meal? Live a little! You can still remain healthy and indulge in what your vacay destination has to offer. 

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9. Maintain Routines

Stick to your routine as much as you can. It’s easier to stay on track than it is to veer away and rebuild. Remain on course by prepping food off the menu you built at home!

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10. Avoid Too Much Alcohol

A margarita here or there isn’t the end of the world, but remember that alcohol comes with empty calories and sugar. Try not to overindulge while you’re there, especially on those colorful cocktails. 

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11. Plan Meals

Peep menus before heading out. You’ll get a good lay of the land and avoid overindulging in calorie-heavy meals. You can also plan restaurant spots before you vacation, which make it easier to travel around. 

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12. Mind the Sauces

Even healthy meals can be doused in calorie-rich sauce or dressing. If you want to keep dressing to a minimum, ask for it on the side so you control how much you have.

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13. Shop Local

Homemade meals are nothing without local ingredients—and that includes those prepped on vacation. Whether you buy local ingredients or eat in local restaurants, opt for the fresher stuff. Not only is it healthier, but it’s also better quality.

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14. No Fast Food

Fast food seems like the best option at the end of a long day. While it is convenient, try and avoid them. Fast food is packed with calories, sugar, and grease, and it’s a swift way to knock you back a few steps. 

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15. Eating Slower

We know the cuisine is good, but don’t wolf down your meals! Eating too fast pulls the wool over your stomach’s eyes, convincing you that you’re still hungry. It also puts you at greater risk of stomach upset. 

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16. Find a Balance

There’s no shame in a sweet treat here or a hearty meal there. The best thing you can do is find a balance between your current routine and indulging on vacation. 

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17. Go to Local Restaurants

Local restaurants have far fresher ingredients than a fast food joint would. You can rest easy knowing you’re eating the best (and healthiest) stuff on the menu. Chefs or patrons may even direct you where to find your own ingredients!

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18. Reasonable Portions

We’ve all stuffed our faces, but we’ve also all succumbed to the aftermath of huge portions. Too much food deters you from progress and causes all kinds of stomach trouble, so stick to reasonable portions. 

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19. Don’t Skip Meals

Breakfast isn’t the only important meal of the day. Avoid skipping any food—you’ll keep your strength up, ward off hunger pangs, and load up on nutrients. Even if you “over ate” the day before, skipping meals the day after won’t help, and is incredibly unhealthy. 

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20. Forget the Diet

Sometimes the healthiest thing you can do is to just enjoy yourself. You’ve earned a vacation and if you want to reach for that pastry at breakfast, go for it! You can always return to regularly scheduled programming when you get back.

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