20 Late-Night Wedding Snack Ideas That Keep Everyone Happy

20 Late-Night Wedding Snack Ideas That Keep Everyone Happy

When guests finish partying their hearts out, there’s a good chance stomachs will rumble before round two. Late-night snacks are an appreciated gesture that satisfies everyone—and here are 20 ideas for your big day.

1. Burgers

Whether it’s sliders or full-blown cheeseburgers, a hearty helping of red meat will wake everyone up. Burgers are also a traditional comfort food that won’t scare away any basic palettes.

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2. Pizza

After hours of drinking and dancing, guests will crave a savory classic, and pizza is versatile enough that you can please just about everyone. Another great thing about it is that you control how much you order, keeping food waste to a minimum.

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3. French Fry Bar

French fries are a must-have side—but they’re also a must-have snack. You can help keep waste down with french fries, too, as guests don’t need more than a cupful or two. If you’re looking to jazz it up, convert your fry cups into a poutine bar.

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4. Tacos

The only downside with tacos is that they’re messy on the best of days, let alone when everyone’s in the bag. But a hired taco truck can provide the right cartons or wraps needed to keep both mess and hunger down.

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5. Pretzel Bar

There’s a reason Stanley Hudson waited for pretzels. A soft pretzel bar is a great way to settle grumbling stomachs as they’re best for all tastebuds. You can also spice it up with toppings or various drizzles. 

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6. Hot Dogs

When we’re hammered, sometimes a burger can be too much. The last thing you want is a rock of food in your stomach before round two on the dance floor. Hot dogs are a happy medium of savory comfort that’s a bit easier on tummies.

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7. Chicken and Waffles

You don’t need full-blown plates, but mini chicken and waffle dishes give guests the best of both worlds. Kind of like dinner, kind of like breakfast, this perfect pairing always hits the spot. 

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8. Charcuterie Boards

Keep things simpler with a charcuterie board. Dozens of meat and cheese options cater to nearly everyone’s tastes, and it can be as fancy or casual as you want. 

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9. Churros

Tacos are already here, so why not toss in churros? Coated in cinnamon and begging for caramel dip, guests might send you a second gift when they spot this beloved dessert after hours. 

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10. Ice Cream

An ice cream bar or food truck is a staple for summer weddings. Classic options are enough to tide guests over, but you can always introduce popsicles, snow cones, and sundaes. 

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11. Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese is one of those simple sandwiches we can’t live without. They’re easy to make, fun for everyone, and pair nicely with a cup of tomato soup. Don’t count this option out!

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12. Leftover Cake

The hope is that plenty of cake will be gone by night’s end—but that’s not always the case. Make the rounds again after hours to see if anyone wants seconds. It’s a good way to eliminate waste and keep guests happy.

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13. Dessert Bar

A dessert bar opens the door to all kinds of options for you and guests. Cupcakes, cake pops, muffins, and donut holes are just some of the ways to satisfy sweet tooths. 

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14. Breakfast Sandwiches

It’s probably past midnight, which means it’s technically time for breakfast. Sandwiches are hearty options loaded with bacon, eggs, and veggies! They’re more filling than you think, and nothing is funner than breakfast for dinner. 

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15. Fast Food

Fast food never let anyone down…just our stomachs. But when everyone’s tipsy or tired or both, it’s a terrific go-to. Fast food joints have plenty of options to soothe late-night cravings, all for a lower cost.

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16. Kebabs

Kabobs can be as sweet or savory as you want, and that’s why they’re a great late-night snack. Serve fried meats, veggies, or even fruit to give guests a much-needed second wind.

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17. Donuts and Coffee

Donuts and coffee give everyone the pick-me-up they need, and heaven knows inebriated guests will appreciate a little caffeine. It’s also a good option for those on a budget.

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18. S’mores Bar

All that gooey flavor with none of the bugs. A s’mores bar transports everyone to the cottage, keeping guests happy and full. There’s also something so fun about building your own little sandwich.

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19. Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese is simple yet savory, and great for sensitive palettes. There are so many ways to make it your own, too—different seasonings can take it from basic to spicy in an instant, offering a welcomed kick.

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20. Nacho Bar

Something about nachos just hits differently. Maybe it’s the salt, maybe it’s the ground beef…maybe it’s all those delicious ingredients packed into one. Whatever it is, nachos never fail to disappoint and are a perfect late-night treat.

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