20 Things You Didn't Know About Gordon Ramsay

20 Things You Didn't Know About Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is a household name that's highly regarded around the world. Whether you know him as a TV personality, a celebrity, or a master chef, there's no way you haven't heard his name before. Today, we're giving him the spotlight, introducing you to 20 fun facts about him and his life that you might've never known before. How many of these surprised you?

1. Trained with the Marines

For his channel on YouTube, Gordon Ramsay spent a day training with the Royal Marines, getting a little taste of their strenuous activities. While we all know Ramsay appreciates a good workout, this was definitely on a different scale. But don't worry - he cooked for all the Marines at the end. If one thing's for sure, they all definitely appreciated his culinary skills.

GordonarmyJason Miller, Fort Irwin, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

2. Culinary Education

We all need to give a quick thanks to North Oxfordshire Technical College for honing the skills of the master chef that is Gordon Ramsay. Like many of us, he faced a complicated start in life and had many different paths he could've gone down. But with his mind set on cooking and conquering the culinary world, he was able to graduate and successfully complete programs that helped kickstart his journey to the chef he is today.

GordonramsayDave Pullig from West Sussex, United Kingdom

3. Early Sports Career

Did you know that being a chef wasn't always Gordon Ramsay's dream? Before he took his first steps on his cooking journey, he dreamed of becoming a professional footballer! No, not American football, we'll just call it soccer. He showed real talent in the sport, playing in a professional youth club in Scotland when he was just 12. Unfortunately, his dreams were cut short when he experienced a very serious knee injury that forced him to give it up.

Chaos-Soccer-Gear-Cjfl8R Eyxy-UnsplashPhoto by Chaos Soccer Gear on Unsplash

4. Training Under Master Chefs

If you're into professional cooking, there's no way you haven't heard the iconic names Guy Savoy and Joël Robuchon before. They're some of the most prestigious chefs in the world! Working under them in France, Ramsay continues to name the two as his culinary mentors, as they helped shape his path and his culinary style. Without these two master chefs, we might've never had Gordon Ramsay in his best form!

1024Px-Guy SavoyMARdF on Wikimedia Commons


5. Michelin Stars

We all know that the highest award a restaurant can be given are those elusive Michelin stars. Whenever we hear a restaurant has been granted one, we all know it's worth the time and money. Although Gordon Ramsay has plenty of Michelin starred restaurants around the world now, we want to highlight where it all started. His very first restaurant, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea, London, was first awarded three Michelin stars back in 2001. And the most amazing part? He's been able to retain them ever since.

Gordon Ramsay Colour Allan Warren (1)Allan warren on Wikimedia Commons

6. Television Producer

Although Gordon Ramsay is often seen as the fiery, hot-headed head chef in many of his television series, did you know he's also involved in the production side? While he's certainly created an on-screen presence for himself, he also dedicates himself to being involved behind the scenes. He owns his own company called Studio Ramsay, where he produces all of his shows and other food-related content. Now that's a multi-talented man.

Masterchef Judges At The Fort IrwinU.S. Army, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

7. Television Cameo

Aside from his usual cooking shows like "MasterChef" or "Hell's Kitchen," many of us were surprised to see him appear randomly in a different show. Ever heard of the popular sitcom "New Girl?" While he's appeared in a couple of others as well, this one was definitely the most notable. It was a fun cameo that everyone loved and found hilarious.

1024Px-Newgirltitless5New Girl, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

8. Writing Success

With a name as big and beloved as his, Gordon Ramsay has a massive collection of cookbooks that has found great success. It makes sense though - if people love and admire your cooking, they're going to want to know your secrets and recipes! It just goes to show you how Ramsay is able to excel in every aspect of his career though, not just cooking alone!

Dan-Gold-5O1Ddensm4G-UnsplashPhoto by Dan Gold on Unsplash

9. Strict Parenting

Turns out Ramsay is a family man too. Him and his beautiful wife, Tana, share a lovely home with five children. Five! And while Ramsay is definitely a very rich celebrity, he's made it clear that he isn't the type to spoil his kids. Wanting to instill the same respect and manners that he's grown to have, he wants to make sure his children have as normal as a life as possible. Even if it means they can't sit in first class with him and his wife!

Gordon Ramsay (8005696455)Abi Skipp from London, England on Wikimedia Commons

10. Exotic Palate

We suppose it is necessary for chefs to be as openminded and adventurous about food as possible. But exotic foods like raw buffalo meat or tarantulas? We're not sure we'd get on board with that. But nothing that's edible is too scary for a chef like Gordon Ramsay! Often documenting his exotic food adventures on his show, we sure get to witness him eat a lot of interesting foods we wouldn't dare come close to.

Fried Tarantula In Cambodian RestaurantJaiprakashsingh on Wikimedia Commons


11. Guinness World Record Holder

Back in 2017, Gordon Ramsay stunned the world by showing off his culinary skills - he managed to hold the Guinness World Record for "Fastest time to fillet a 10lb fish." He did it in just a mere 1 minute and 5 seconds! We couldn't imagine even being close to beating that! Although it has since been beaten, it's still an amazing accomplishment that showcases his talent and skill. But don't worry, Ramsay holds a new record now shared with famous Youtuber, Nick DiGiovanni: The World's Largest Beef Wellington. 

1714154022703.pngUnknown artist on Wikimedia Commons

12. Martial Arts Enthusiast

Although Gordon Ramsay is a master with his harsh criticisms, his words are not the only thing you should be scared of. He's also a black belt in karate! He states that practicing martial arts has been a helpful way for him to stay fit and focused, something that benefits his career as a chef. And with such a high-pressure career, we can see how this can be a massive stress-reliever. You go, Gordon!

Uriel-Soberanes-Ngd2Uo1Eyzg-UnsplashPhoto by Uriel Soberanes on Unsplash

13. Love for Indian Cuisine

For a long time, Gordon Ramsay has continuously expressed his deep appreciation for Indian cuisine. It's such a complex cuisine that requires a lot of care and time to master. With so many spices and different flavours incorporated into each dish, it's not hard to see why Ramsay has cited it as one of his favourite types to cook and eat! 

Lai-Yuching-Wxepxgrijbq-UnsplashPhoto by Lai YuChing on Unsplash

14. Early Career Struggles

As with anyone starting out in their career, there's bound to be a couple of hiccups along the way. Namely, financial problems. Having faced several major financial struggles at the beginning of his career, even one that threatened him to close down all his restaurants, all it did was push him to work even harder. And just look at him now - he's the biggest name in cooking!

Gordanramsey2013MuppetsThe Muppets on Wikimedia Commons

15. Love for Fast Cars

As much as Gordon Ramsay loves cooking, Indian cuisine, and sports, there's one more thing you should know. Ramsay is a huge car enthusiast, showing a particular affection for fast and luxurious models. Whether it's a Ferrari or Porsche, you know he's got one! Owning an impressive and wide-ranging collection full of luxury cars, it's clear that his obsession with quality and perfection in the kitchen also translates here.

Redcharlie-Vqvwisibafa-UnsplashPhoto by redcharlie on Unsplash

16. Passion for Soccer

We've already highlighted Gordon Ramsay's early career-ending knee injury, but we have yet to emphasize just how much he loves the sport! Football, or soccer, remains one of his greatest passions. Even if he's unable to play professionally, you best believe you can catch him out on the field regularly. Whether it's a charity match or a celebrity tournament, you'll catch him there in support of the cause and the sport.

Jeffrey-F-Lin-6K0Vd3Xnw6U-UnsplashPhoto by Jeffrey F Lin on Unsplash


17. Fitness Fanatic

Aside from soccer and martial arts, Ramsay's love for fitness goes so much deeper; he loves to challenge himself both in his cooking and athletic skill. Regularly participating in big marathons, triathlons, and even the famous Ironman competitions, Ramsay loves using physical challenges as a way to strengthen his mind and body. So if you're a participant yourself, maybe scan the streets next time - who knows, Gordon Ramsay might be right there beside you!

Martins-Zemlickis-Npfu4Gffz7E-UnsplashPhoto by Mārtiņš Zemlickis on Unsplash

18. Guest Appearances in Video Games

For all the video game enjoyers out there, you'll be happy (and surprised) to hear that Gordon Ramsay has taken his culinary prowess to the video game industry. Ever wondered what it'd feel like to be working for him? Well, with his own mobile game, "Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast," you can experience it for yourself! As you cook and compete in a variety of challenges, you'll have Ramsay guiding you along the whole way. Virtually, of course.

Alex-Haney-Lfqys-Tnqeg-UnsplashPhoto by Alex Haney on Unsplash

19. Scottish Roots

Hold on to your socks because we're about to break the news to you. No, Gordon Ramsay isn't British! Although he's commonly associated with the English culture, he was actually born in Scotland. Surprise, surprise. Be honest with us, did you think he was British?

CheframsayLeon Brocard from London, UK on Wikimedia Commons

20. Animated Character

Not just live-action TV, but he shows up in animated ones too! Gordon Ramsay is seriously everywhere. Appearing on one of America's most beloved shows ever made, Ramsay cameoed in an episode of "The Simpsons," where he played himself. This man really knows how to put himself on the map.

Simpsons Graffiti Unterführung FriedrichsparkHusky22 on Wikimedia Commons