40 Disney Memes To Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

40 Disney Memes To Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

Did you grow up watching Disney movies? Are they an important part of your childhood? Well, today we're running it back to relive those good ol' days in the form of hilarious memes. It's time to see your favourite characters again as we see them in a completely (and hilariously) different light - in the form of a meme. Let's go!

1. Live-Action Nightmares


Unfortunately somethings are just better left untouched. Maybe Disney will knock a live-action movie out of the park soon?

2. All Grown Up

1698947506556.pngvia altarofgaming.comWow, it's so nice to see how Peter's changed over the years! Wait a second...

3. Get the Memo!

1698947575468.pngTheFunnyBeaver.com on PinterestSimple as that! Not everyone has friends in class, okay?

4. An Overlooked Detail

1698947641169.pngvia altarofgaming.comAnd thank god Shang didn't - or else we wouldn't have gotten this banger of a Disney movie!


5. Make A Decision Already

1698947702677.pngAmy on PinterestThere are just too many options! Do I want burgers, noodles, Chinese, Indian, pasta, pad thai...?

6. The Ultimate Weapon


Frying pans, who knew right? Guess you know what weapon to use if you ever have to face an intruder!

7. Love at First Sight

83064079bc4757dd8380285ff057147e.jpgiFunny on Pinterest

Mulan is just a real one, what can we say? 

8. Are You Sure That's Me?

1698948082044.pngvia altarofgaming.comAre you sure that was me? I swear I sounded like an angel earlier...

9. Which One Is It?!


This one definitely flew over our heads as a kid. But as an adult, we can't stop laughing.

10. Never Let It Happen

1f4474caf6efca9e990193486568372e.jpgDumpaDay.com on Pinterest

Don't ask any questions, just listen to me. You never want her to get to zero. Never.


11. Such Hypocrites


Take it as a lesson - if you want to be treated well when you're the guest, you have to play the job of a host well too!

12. The Most Relatable Character

1698948565147.pngvia BoredpandaLook, we still think Scar's evil and we don't forgive him for what he did to Mufasa, but dang, we feel that on a personal level.

13. Cringe Attack

684c8a24c09bcfaefdfc1bd28e61a3be.jpgCheezburger on Pinterest

It's definitely one way to guarantee you're going to get a terrible night of bad sleep. How am I supposed to fall asleep after remembering something as CRINGEY as that?

14. Siblings Reunited

1698948789513.pngvia altarofgaming.comIt's the Harry Potter x Disney crossover that we didn't know we wanted until this moment. Would it be terrifying or hilarious?

15. Don't Read the Originals


If you want to maintain that "Happily ever after" and "Disney magic" vibe, then NEVER ever read the original stories the movies were based off of. Trust us, we're trying to save you. 

16. I Didn't Lie Though


It's technically all true. Isn't that what you always wanted me to accomplish, Mom?


17. The Multifunctional Purpose of Utensils


Leave it to Disney to get creative and inspire an entire generation to use forks as combs and frying pans as weapons!

18. Say It Ain't So


What do you mean I can't? He's definitely the one I can feel it!

19. You Don't Remember Me?

1698949832891.pngvia BoredpandaWe can't deny how far Prince Charming will go to get back the love of his life, but seriously, you forgot how she looks?

20. You Must Be A Weasly

1698949917285.pngvia altarofgaming.com

She does check all the boxes...we back this!

21. The Surprise Comeback


We love Cinderella's boss surprise appearance at the end of the movie. That's one way to show up the people who looked down on her!

22. Where Are the Forest Animals At?

1698950492572.pngvia BoredpandaDisney's biggest betrayal was teaching kids that cute forest animals would comfort you when you're sad and help you clean up the house.


23. Hold Up, I Didn't Mean It


Wait a second. Girls can talk back?

24. The "I Can't Ruin My Makeup" Sneeze

1698950935658.pngvia altarofgaming.com

Only girls will understand the difficulty of having to sneeze right after freshly applying some make up. We can NOT ruin this perfect look we just created.

25. A Modernized Gaston


We didn't think it was possible but...someone managed to make Gaston RELATABLE?!

26. Nothing Beats the Classics


You just really can't be that iconic classic Disney dragon look.

27. A Real-Life Disney Animal

1698951131996.pngvia BoredpandaThere's just no way that dog is real. It looks like it came straight out of a Disney movie! How adorable!

28. Natural Makeup Where?

1698951183039.pngvia BuzzfeedYou're either going to get it all or nothing at all. If we're already in the process of putting stuff on our faces, why wouldn't we just go all out?

29. How Ironic

1698951246543.pngvia BoredpandaWow, how the tables have turned. It's one mouse getting revenge for all of his fallen brethren.

30. Long Hair Troubles

1698951301534.pngvia BuzzfeedLong hair and wind is just never a good combination. It ruins every single photo!

31. Customer Service Pains

1698951558678.pngvia Boredpanda

Working in customer service really brings out the worst in people. It's truly where their villain era all started.

32. The Real MVP

8a0ec02e48e24252b7ec021ebc536f48.jpgTheFunnyBeaver.com on Pinterest

Let's not forget about Kuzco guys! He's seriously one of Disney's best characters.

33. A Perfect Replica

1698951790746.pngvia BoredpandaOut of all the Elsa costumes we've seen over the years, somehow, this little guy manages to do it best. He really blows the competition out of the water.

34. The Daily Struggle

1698951872903.pngvia BuzzfeedThe most difficult struggle we face every day happens right when we wake up in the morning - it's the battle between sleep and willpower.

35. The Magical Power of Salad

1698951967368.pngvia BoredpandaStill nothing? Hm, maybe it just needs an extra day to really kick in.

36. Extra Precautions

1698952019476.pngvia BoredpandaSometimes you just gotta do whatever it takes to make sure you wake up in the morning. We all know how difficult that can be.

37. It's the Circle of Life

1698952070172.pngvia Boredpanda"I will not stop until I find the signal."

38. Keep Going, We're Interested...

1698952138057.pngvia Pleated JeansHey, that doesn't sound half bad. We wouldn't be opposed to a Ratatouille 2, you got any more ideas?

39. Everything Is So Not Fabulous

1698952223379.pngvia Pleated JeansOur spirit animal: Sharpay Evans.

40. A Child At Heart Forever

1698952326928.pngvia Cheezburger

We're here to relive our nostalgic childhood memories - don't judge us. Join us!