40 Harry Potter Memes Any Fan Will Love

40 Harry Potter Memes Any Fan Will Love

Harry Potter fans unite! Here to make your day, we've got a huge collection of hilarious Harry Potter-themed memes that are sure to brighten your day. Of course, if you've yet to see the movies or read the books, you're just not going to get these. So, what are you Potterheads waiting for? Scroll on for some laughs!

1. Turn Off the Lights!


Hey, he's not wrong here. Any if Dumbledore's telling us the same thing, of course we've got to listen!

2. Who Are You?


3. Sorting Hat Headaches

1698343804560.pngCan any of you Ravenclaws out there relate or confirm? What goes on in that head of yours...

4. A Versatile Actor

1698343858402.pngThe many impressive forms of our favourite actor, Daniel Radcliffe. Just look at that range!


5. Remember Prison Mike?

1698343915819.pngFor all you "The Office" and Harry Potter fans, this is the crossover we didn't know we wanted until now. Can you just imagine how hilarious the combo would be?

6. Gryffindor For the Win!

1698343985093.pngLook, yes, Dumbledore might be a little bias towards his own house, but if it means our beloved trio gets to win the House Cup every year, we're okay with that! We can look the other way...

7. Real Estate Battles

1698344072486.pngPulling a Harry vs. Snape, I see. Well, we all know how that turned out...

8. What Ravenclaws Do

1698344126741.pngBehind that clever brain of yours, we all know you Ravenclaws are really a bit like Luna Lovegood deep down!

9. Dumbledore, You're Acting A Bit Suspicious...

1698344184826.pngDumbledore's actions can be a little bit of a hit or miss it seems. Hey, it all turns out in the end though!

10. Voldemort's Experienced


This is definitely Voldemort after splitting his soul apart seven times. Guess he sees Harry as a rookie.


11. Uhh, Harry...

1698350905147.pngLooks like you didn't really think this one through, Harry. Though we are pretty curious, what would he have said?

12. The True Power Couple

1698351040630.pngThese two were seriously an unstoppable force together. Thank god for Gromp helping to get things back into order...

13. I'll Accept That

1698351451469.png"Hey you know what, that was pretty good so I'll accept it."

14. Professor Trelawny Knew All Along?

1698351599146.pngWho knows, maybe Professor Trelawney secretly knew all along. Who knows what she saw in her orb.

15. Never Forget


Kobe Bryant is truly a legend - his memory and legacy will continue to live on forever. Never forget to yell Kobe before throwing in your best shot!

16. Always

1698352080119.pngWe're absolutely positive Snape would love this Blink-182 song. If you know, you know.


17. Is This Not Platform 9 and 3/4?

1698352513588.pngWell, that's surely going to leave a mark. But what we're concerned about is the embarrassment of running into a brick wall...

18. Ginny Swooping In


That moment when Harry is all eyes for Cho Chang, but suddenly he immediately switches to Ginny Weasly. Wonder where that change happened.

19. Voldemart

1698355242857.pngWe love funny puns and plays on words! Voldemart anyone?

20. Snapes On a Plane

1698428150801.pngWho doesn't love a good Snape meme? And a punny one at that!

21. Super Outdated

1698428313413.pngVia thegamer.comHarry Potter was definitely set in the age when phones and internet were around, so is it safe to say the owl mail system is a bit...outdated?

22. I've Been Lied To!

1698428460495.pngVia thegamer.comWhen you watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 but realize it's all just fictional and there is no magical toilet transportation system.


23. Draco Malfoy's Story

1698428538493.pngVia thegamer.comWell, can we really say those titles are wrong? We think those titles pretty much tells Draco Malfoy's story throughout all 7 books.

24. The Azkaban Effect

1698428600235.pngAzkaban is supposed to be a horrible, dreadful place. Not even Cinderella's fairy godmother can withstand the evils in there!

25. That Hair Though


Listen, we can't exactly say we've had that experience happen to us, but if it were to happen, we're pretty sure we'd hate it too.

26. The Mean Girls Crossover

1698428724451.pngvia Tor.comIf you've ever wondered what a Harry Potter x Mean Girls crossover would look like, here ya go!

27. Movie vs. Book

1698428773422.pngvia Tor.comThis scene is arguably one of the most talked about moments in all of the Harry Potter movies - it's as if every Harry Potter reader collectively went, "Wait, what."

28. Game of Thrones Diff

1698428849627.pngvia Tor.comWe're pretty sure we wouldn't have been able to handle any more character deaths, J.K. Rowling. So you know what, we're glad you had a hard time with it.

29. The Power

1698428917055.pngOnly Harry Potter fans will understand the true weight of power one holds if you're capable of using that deathly spell.

30. We Need Butterbeer!

1698428974068.pngLet's be honest. The one recipe any Harry Potter fan really cares about is the butterbeer. We really wish we could get a taste of it!

31. Naming the Kids


Looks like Harry's gotten a little selfish with naming their kids. We wonder what name Ginny would've gone for!

32. Dumbledore, Get It Together

1698435039601.pngVia thegamer.comAlthough this is definitely true, if Dumbledore didn't hire these "unstable and dangerous" professors, we never would've gotten these books and movies! Let's just ignore these finer details.

33. Harry Potter, The Thief Who Lived

1698435125008.pngThanks to Hagrid, Harry's a real pro by the time book 7 comes around!

34. Hermione's Sacrifice

1698435189630.pngJust bringing in some levity to an otherwise very emotional and powerful scene in Harry Potter!

35. Introducing Wizards to Pokemon

1698435269715.pngYou might want to keep Pokemon away from the Wizarding World, Harry. You know, just in case something like this happens.

36. Not Your Parents Though

1698435323944.pngJust another meme flaming Dumbledore and his inability to set things right.

37. Harry Loves Chocolate

1698435373985.pngThe classic, two boys like the same girl battle. Hint: it doesn't go very well for either of them.

38. Harry Brings the Trouble

1698435440164.pngVia thegamer.comThey've got a point here - it seems like danger is wherever Harry goes. No Harry at Hogwarts = nothing to worry about.

39. A Little Genius

1698435497573.pngVia thegamer.comThis little girl seriously deserves a prize. Her revelation blew our minds too!

40. Santa's A Wizard?!

1698435551333.pngVia thegamer.comIf you're a Christmas and Harry Potter fan, this is one fan theory you can definitely get behind. It's certainly a fun way to twist up old traditions!