40 Hilarious Animal Memes That Will Instantly Cheer You Up

40 Hilarious Animal Memes That Will Instantly Cheer You Up

There's nothing like a cute animal meme to instantly put a smile on your face. If you've had a rough day, are in a bad mood, or just simply want to look at something fun, look no further - we've got a huge collection of adorable and funny animal memes just waiting below!

1. A Trespasser


Looks like this cat is now a criminal. The sign clearly says no cats allowed!

2. Read the Instructions


We're not exactly sure what went wrong here, but something looks very wrong indeed. Did you check the manual for help?

3. The Real Life Lesson


Take it as a sign folks - dieting isn't as easy as just eating greens!

4. Dang, Not Again!

1698705308343.pngvia Buzzfeed

It's a simple misclick, yet it drives us crazy!


5. A Nice Surprise at Church


Well that's a really random surprise to have in a church washroom. Can you really say no to that cute frog though?

6. The Big Binging Mistake

1698705395563.pngvia Yahoo!Sports

Classic rookie mistake - you'll only face disappointment if you don't pay attention to what episode you're on! What are you going to do when you expect more but finished it all already?!

7. The Desire to Do Nothing

1698767759572.pngIf you don't know what your spirit animal is, how about this lazy puppy lying around doing nothing? It sure will resonate with a lot of people...us included!

8. Deer Jokes, Anyone?

1698767857440.pngvia BuzzfeedJust a good ol' punny deer joke. Who doesn't love those?

9. A Relatable Thief

1698767936545.pngNow that's the face any food stealer makes before putting their plan into action. 

10. The Introverts Will Understand

1698768006805.pngvia Yahoo!Sports"Please don't leave me to fend for myself".


11. Frogs Instead of Clowns

1698770160883.pngThese frogs could have replaced Pennywise and it would be equally as scary. Just look at those death stares!

12. Nerves At an All Time High

1698770246810.pngvia Yahoo!Sports

Just going to be sitting here...staring at the wall...until I get a response...

13. It's Mine Now

1698770302559.pngvia BuzzfeedWhat's yours is mine and what's mines is yours right?

14. Why Now?

1698770358473.pngOf all places for this to happen, why does it always have to be somewhere not in my own house?

15. No More Monkey Business

1698770412484.pngWe don't know about you guys, but that monkey looks pretty suspicious doesn't he? He definitely knows he's in the wrong here.

16. What Did I Do Wrong?

1698770504772.pngvia Reader's Digest"I swear I followed every single step perfectly but why does it look like I missed 7?"


17. Dream Big

1698770603690.pngvia Yahoo!SportsDream big little pepper, don't let anyone tell you you can't be whatever you want to be! Even if it's a massive fictional character!

18. Different Types of Dogs

1698770792619.pngWe love a good pun, don't you?

19. We'll Get There

1698770841934.pngJust tone down the alien talk a little and we'll sure you'll be fine! 

20. Don't Judge Me

1698770889026.pngvia Reader's Digest

If you've got a big appetite, don't let others stop you. You go on and enjoy yourself to the fullest!

21. I'm Ready

1698771094276.pngvia Buzzfeed"I've gained more knowledge than I have all week. I'm more than ready now."

22. A Strong Resemblance

1698771148978.pngWow, the resemblance is incredible! We sure hope you named him Ed.


23. A New Do

1698771199146.pngIt really looks like he turned his life around! We're glad he decided to make the necessary changes - what a good boy.

24. Forgot to Set an Alarm, Oops

1698771254359.pngvia Reader's DigestHey, it was an honest mistake! Besides, sleeping is healthy right?

25. What Did I Have to Do Again?1698771304046.pngvia Yahoo!Sports

There's no feeling more annoying than forgetting what you were supposed to do as soon as you enter a room. I walked in here with a purpose, how could I forget so quickly?!

26. Show Off

1698771372843.pngJust a wholesome beaver meme for all you Canadians out there. Look how proud he looks!

27. Slow Waddling

1698771432493.pngvia BuzzfeedJust for that, I'm going to waddle across even more slowly now you jerk. 

28. The Perfect Accuser

1698771493350.pngYou might want to pay more attention to your cat now... who knows what tricks it's got up its sleeves.

29. Super Chill

1698771544545.pngvia Yahoo!SportsWe should all just aim to be capybaras in life. Let's just all be super chill and take things one step at a time. Not to mention, everyone getting along would be nice for once!

30. Silently Exposed

1698771617401.pngvia BuzzfeedWow, we really didn't need to see this Netflix. Just hurry up and put our darn show on again, we don't care how many hours it's been!

31. I'm Out

1698773488158.pngvia Reader's DigestYupp, nope, we're done. We're not about to test our luck today.

32. Nice Move Google

1698773553679.pngvia BuzzfeedWe gotta respect the cows too! 

33. The Wild One

1698773585689.pngvia Reader's DigestThat one friend is a complete menace. Who's that one person in your group?

34. Man's Best Friend

1698773683474.pngWho's talking now, Dad?! You could have missed out on your best friend for life!

35. Oops, What I Meant Was...

1698773762487.pngvia Reader's DigestAh yes, it's the class "you too" response that gets blurted out every time in a moment of panic.

36. It Was Temporary Love

1698773818635.pngThat feeling when you have to buy your dog's affection. Better than nothing we suppose.

37. Level 1 Loser

1698773871628.pngNow this is one struggle any gamer can relate to. The only problem is, normally you don't look as cute as this.

38. The Awkward Wave

1698773938660.pngvia Reader's Digest

"I don't know you enough to say hello, so instead, here an awkward wave where I acknowledge your presence."

39. Guessing Game

1698773990641.pngHow many pitbulls were you able to spot?

40. Unwanted Surprise

1698774029611.pngvia Reader's DigestThe sad moment of realization when you almost got through an entire day without any meetings.