40 Lord of the Rings Memes Any Fan Can Appreciate

40 Lord of the Rings Memes Any Fan Can Appreciate

Where are all the Lord of the Rings fans at? We all know the Lord of the Rings fan club has a giant online community, so today we're sharing with you the best LOTR-themed memes on the internet. Keep scrolling to get in some seriously good laughs at your favourite characters!

1. The Ultimate Spin-Off


Now this is one spin-off movie any Lord of the Rings fan would definitely head to theatres to watch. As long as they feature that iconic meme "We're taking the Hobbits to Isengard" song!

2. It's Doomed

1698856042027.pngYeah...sorry friend. Unfortunately, we know how lethal Gimli and Legolas are, so it's probably the end of the line for you.

3. Doors!

1698856153695.pngvia BuzzfeedJust a classic punny meme for you all! Thanks to the effort of the Fellowship, we can happily say Gondor isn't really "Gone"-dor.

4. The True Purpose of the Eagles

1698856250362.pngFor anyone who's ever wondered about the eagles in Lord of the Rings, this is indeed how your train of thought should go. 


5. Wait, What Did You Say?


Woaaaaah, hold up a second. Can we rewind and get some translations in here?

6. The Best License Plate


Now that's truly probably one of the best license plate names we've ever seen. Can't believe we didn't think of that first!

7. The Big Question


Shhh, don't worry about it. Just forget about that and enjoy the movie.

8. Don't Hold Me Back


The power of the chocolate compels you...

9. The Power of the Hairstyle

1698856903705.pngCheezburger on PinterestThat's why all the best characters have such great hair. Case in point: Legolas and Aragorn.

10. Quickly Now!

1698857027366.pngvia BuzzfeedLet's be honest, Shadowfax is lowkey one of the best characters in Lord of the Rings. Just look that majestic horse - so beautiful!


11. Who's That Again?


Come on Frodo, how could you possibly forget the name of the swaggiest and best character in the movie?! Seriously though, why doesn't Legolas get an excited shout?

12. A Perfect Replica

1698857311937.pngeBaumsWorld on PinterestWho knew some Spongebob took inspiration from Lord of the Rings?

13. She's Awakening...


Can you guys hear that? October is over and we can hear Mariah Carey in the faraway distance slowly waking from her year long slumber...

14. The True Test of Restraint


You can do it. We believe in you. Do not finish the entire bag of Reese's cups in one night. You got this.

15. The Annoying Requirements of Password Making


Oh goodness, okay. Let's go with...Mellon123!. How does that sound?

16. Another Great License Plate

1698857911938.pngvia BuzzfeedIt's safe to say this would be the only time we'd be okay with a car not letting us pass. Okay sir, you win this time.


17. Truly Worthy


Come on now, we all know with no doubt in our mind that Samwise Gamgee would absolutely lift Mjolnir. Without a question, he is worthy.

18. A Quick Wash


One of the best glow-ups - turns out all Gandalf needed was some laundry detergent.

19. Where's My Vote?


Guess that's just what it's like living in a time before democracy!

20. Party Pooper

1698859809878.pngKnow Your Meme on PinterestIt's safe to say the moment the Hobbits meet with Aragorn is when the movie really kicks off.

21. Witchcraft!!


Well, if this happened, Lord of the Rings would definitely be a very different movie.

22. Release The River!


If there's one thing you should take away from watching Lord of the Rings, just remember not to upset Mother Nature. Cause she fights back - HARD.


23. Bad Suggestion

1698860128388.pngSamuel Mills on PinterestMaybe listen to Gandalf next time Gimli. He clearly knew something was up with those mines.

24. She Moves On Pretty Quickly


Looks like Eowyn takes heartbreak pretty well. She moved on pretty quickly! But hey, Faramir is a pretty great guy so can we really blame her?

25. Friend or Foe?

1698860408258.pngCheezburger on PinterestGollum is that one friend that's always looking for the worst in people.

26. Misinterpretation

1698860506336.pngvia BuzzfeedWhat is Gandalf was really a knower this whole time and was trying to tell them the easy way out! 

27. The Real Hero


Let's not forget the little heroes throughout the movies! These little guys were pivotal for the overall success of the Fellowship!

28. Say What?!

1698860669107.pngRanker.com on PinterestOkay Sam, let's just keep that little detail between us okay? No one else needs to know...

29. This Is Really Suspicious

1698860749138.pngCheezburger on PinterestSomething's not adding up...where's the kicker?

30. You Didn't Need to Go That Hard!


Never forget that Howard Shore really gave his all into creating the musical masterpieces that exist in the Lord of the Rings movies. He didn't have to go that hard but he did - and we're all better because of it.

31. Who Do You Think I Am?

1698861011423.pngCheezburger on Pinterest

Those ghosts really thought they walked into their territory without a plan! Ha!

32. He's Definitely Dead

1698861127382.pngCheezburger on Pinterest

*Sees Faramir breathing still*. Yup, sorry everyone, he's definitely dead. Time to burn him alive.

33. Never Google Your Symptoms

1698861215026.pngvia Bored Panda

When you're sick, it's probably not the best idea to Google your symptoms. Unless you want some terrible news that you've got some rare, incurable illness.

34. Where Is It?!

1698861310846.pngvia Bored Panda

That feeling when you stop breathing until you find what you're missing. Which pocket did I put my phone in again?

35. It Can Not Be Stopped

1698861420648.pngvia Bored PandaOne of the worst things to realize when you're already in the middle of doing something that can no longer be stopped.

36. Worth A Shot

1698861493617.pngvia Bored PandaWe can definitely commend Eowyn for trying. Unfortunately, we all know Aragorn's heart lies elsewhere.

37. That Would Explain Some Things

1698861607028.pngnormalnie on PinterestGandalf is definitely Peregrin Took's number 1 hater throughout all 3 movies. Can we really blame him after the idiotic things Peregrin Took has done though?

38. The Only Way to Watch

1698861758942.pngvia Bored PandaAs any Lord of the Rings fan will tell you, watching the extended edition is the ONLY way to go. 

39. Po-Tay-Toes!

1698861855991.pngKelly Worthington on PinterestEnough said. Win me over with food!

40. No Closed Doors

1698861954878.pngvia Bored PandaAnd how could you say no to your dog with those puppy dog eyes going on full force?!