45 Things Only 90s Kids Will Remember

45 Things Only 90s Kids Will Remember

If you were born in the 1990s, it's time to take a blast to the past by revisiting some of our most nostalgic childhood memories. From bop-its to Polly Pockets to Dunkaroos, how many of these 90s items can you remember? 

1. Tamagotchi Pets

These virtual pets on tiny keychain devices required constant care. Missing a feeding or cleaning session meant your digital friend could die.

cosmoh-love-unlm6Fxxvjw-unsplash.jpgPhoto by COSMOH LOVE on Unsplash

2. Dial-Up Internet

In the 1990s, accessing the internet meant enduring the screechy sounds of a dial-up connection. Kids knew the pain of being kicked off the internet whenever someone in the house needed to use the phone.

federica-galli-aiqkc07b5pa-unsplash-1.jpgPhoto by Federica Galli on Unsplash

3. Floppy Disks

Before USB drives and cloud storage, saving your school project meant using a 3.5-inch floppy disk. These plastic squares held a measly 1.44 MB of data.

fredy-jacob-t0SlmanfFcg-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Fredy Jacob on Unsplash

4. VHS Tapes

Watching a movie meant popping in a VHS tape, and rewinding was a courteous step before returning it to the rental store. Over time, tapes would wear out or get "eaten" by the VCR.

josh-chiodo-RN7IEWv-aMU-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Josh Chiodo on Unsplash


5. Pogs

Collecting and playing with these cardboard discs became an international craze. A game of pogs could be friendly fun or intensely competitive, depending on the stakes.

emre-turkan-YWoYKROaZOA-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Emre Turkan on Unsplash

6. Pokémon Cards

While Pokémon is still popular, the original card game craze of the late '90s was unparalleled. Kids spent hours trading and battling with their deck of cards.

thimo-pedersen-TWCnHKKhqSo-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Thimo Pedersen on Unsplash

7. "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"

This sitcom introduced the world to Will Smith as a teenager who moves from Philadelphia to live with his rich relatives in Bel-Air. The show's theme song became an anthem for '90s kids.

Fresh_Prince_Bel_Aire_logo.pngPhoto by NBC on Wikimedia Commons

8. The Macarena Dance

This catchy Spanish dance song became an overnight sensation. Everyone, from kids to grandparents, was seen doing the Macarena at parties and school events.

macarenareally15214570346.jpgPhoto by Kirt Edblom from Albany, Oregon, United States on Wikimedia Commons

9. Y2K Fears

The turn of the millennium brought with it widespread concern that computers would malfunction. Kids born in the 90s remember the Y2K hype and subsequent anticlimax.

matt-mech-KH0o-C1Z7lU-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Matt Mech on Unsplash

10. Blockbuster Video

Before Netflix and digital streaming, the highlight of many weekends was a trip to Blockbuster. It was always such a fun time picking out a physical copy of the movie you wanted to watch with your family.

1024px-Exterior_of_last_Blockbuster_Video.jpgPhoto by Coasterlover1994 on Wikimedia Commons


11. HitClips

These were miniature music players that played ultra-low-fi snippets of pop songs. They were a hit among teens and pre-teens despite their limited functionality.

HitClips_with_player.pngPhoto by Jason Curtis / Museum of Obsolete Media on Wikimedia Commons

12. Gel Pens

School notes and doodles became works of art with the array of colorful and glittery gel pens available. However, they were notorious for drying out quickly.

kenny-eliason-GlRS5I5fpYk-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

13. Beanie Babies

The stuffed animal craze of the '90s had kids and even adults collecting and trading these plush toys, believing they might be worth a fortune one day.

momsbeanies9120344523.jpgPhoto by daryl_mitchell from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada on Wikimedia Commons

14. AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)

Before social media and smartphones, AIM was the way friends kept in touch online. Your "away message" was crucial for letting friends know your status.

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15. Butterfly Clips

Fashion-forward girls in the '90s adorned their hair with these colorful and decorative hair clips. The motto was, the more the better!

Butterfly_and_floral_hair_clips.jpgPhoto by Faylyne on Wikimedia Commons

16. Walkmans and Discmans

Before the age of smartphones and Spotify, portable music meant carrying around a Walkman for tapes or a Discman for CDs. And yes, CDs skipped if you moved too much.

florian-schmetz-Rks6FTfX5OU-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Florian Schmetz on Unsplash


17. Surge Soda

This citrus-flavored soft drink was all the rage and was known for its high caffeine content. It briefly disappeared from shelves but has since made a nostalgic comeback.

ben-moreland-rALeKuOlfK8-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Ben Moreland on Unsplash

18. "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?"

This computer game had '90s kids chasing the elusive Carmen across the globe. It was not only fun but also educational, teaching geography and history.

sandiegocomic-con2012-carmensandiego7585281394.jpgPhoto by William Tung from USA on Wikimedia Commons

19. "Passing Notes" in School

Before texting, students communicated during class by discreetly passing handwritten notes. Getting caught meant potential embarrassment because if you were unlucky, your teacher might read your note aloud!

kelly-sikkema-_HtKNv8zs5s-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

20. Furbies

These fuzzy, owl-like creatures were the must-have toy for a time in the '90s. They spoke "Furbish" but could learn English phrases over time, much to the amazement (or annoyance) of parents.

Furby_Connect.jpgPhoto by Jirka.h23 on Wikimedia Commons

21. Lisa Frank Stationery

Brightly colored and shimmering with rainbows, unicorns, and dolphins, Lisa Frank products were the epitome of '90s school supplies. From stickers to binders, owning these made you the coolest kid in class.

dee-copper-and-wild-yf61jhXNmYo-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Dee @ Copper and Wild on Unsplash

22. Skip-It

A toy that counted the number of skips you could do, the Skip-It wrapped around one ankle, challenging kids to jump over the attached ball and counter. Many '90s kids spent hours perfecting their technique.

1024px-rememberskip-its13064331794.jpgPhoto by Saskatoon Public Library on Wikimedia Commons


23. 'NSYNC vs. Backstreet Boys

The '90s pop music scene was dominated by these two boy bands. Fans passionately debated over which group was superior, and everyone had their favorite member.

Bobbleheads_of_NSYNC.jpgPhoto by AverageSizedMuskrat on Wikimedia Commons

24. Bop It!

A handheld electronic game, Bop It! issued commands like "twist it," "pull it," or "bop it," and players had to follow along. It was a test of reflexes and provided endless entertainment.

1024px-bop-itextreme2greenside.jpgPhoto by Matthuxtable on Wikimedia Commons

25. Nickelodeon's "GUTS" and "Legends of the Hidden Temple"

These game shows had '90s kids dreaming of scaling the Aggro Crag or assembling the Shrine of the Silver Monkey. They combined physical challenges with puzzle-solving.

1024px-Nickelodeon_at_Comic_Con_2008_by_Gage_Skidmore.jpgPhoto by Gage on Wikimedia Commons

26. Game Boy Color

Before gaming went predominantly digital, kids clamored for the Game Boy Color, a portable gaming system. Classic games like "Pokémon Red and Blue" and "The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening" became staples.

mike-meyers-ip15nC1LJ0o-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Mike Meyers on Unsplash

27. Squeezits and Capri Sun

Packed in lunches across the country, these drinks were the epitome of '90s refreshment. Whether you were squeezing out fruit-flavored liquid or poking a straw into a pouch, these were the beverages to have.

AlexCarr.jpgPhoto by AlexCarr on Wikimedia Commons

28. Stretch Armstrong

This action figure could be stretched to several times its size, only to return to its original shape. It was oddly satisfying to pull apart and became a beloved toy for many.

Stretch_Armstrong_toy.jpgPhoto by Alex Beattie on Flickr on Wikimedia Commons

29. Slap Bracelets

Fashion met fun with these bracelets, which started straight and slapped onto the wrist to wrap around. However, schools often banned them due to safety concerns.

1024px-Slap_bracelet_wiki_loves_earth_logo.jpgPhoto by Anntinomy on Wikimedia Commons

30. The Magic School Bus

This animated TV show followed Ms. Frizzle and her class on extraordinary field trips. The series made science engaging and fun, with memorable characters and catchy songs.

1024px-thumbnail.jpgNational Archives at College Park - Still Pictures, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

31. The Oregon Trail Game

Many '90s school kids remember playing this educational computer game, making decisions to successfully navigate their way to Oregon. Of course, the dreaded "You have died of dysentery" message became an inside joke.

Oregon_Trail_Handheld_Game.jpgPhoto by FeldBum on Wikimedia Commons

32. Dunkaroos

This snack consisted of small cookies that you dunked into a frosting dip. It was a coveted item in lunchboxes, and its discontinuation left many '90s kids nostalgic.

1024px-32dunkaroos3626901761.jpgPhoto by :kirsch: from Raleigh, US on Wikimedia Commons

33. Goosebumps Books

Written by R.L. Stine, these spooky tales were a staple in '90s children's literature. The eerie covers alone were enough to give some kids goosebumps.

Werewolf_of_Fever_Swamp_Scholastic_american_illustration.pngPhoto by RhôneA7 on Wikimedia Commons

34. Stick-On Earrings

These adhesive gems allowed '90s kids to sport multiple earrings without any piercings. They came in various shapes and colors, from stars to hearts.

kateryna-hliznitsova-P6NiFTyI294-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Kateryna Hliznitsova on Unsplash

35. Inflatable Furniture

Whether it was a chair or an ottoman, inflatable furniture was a trendy addition to many '90s kids' bedrooms. Though they weren't necessarily the most comfortable, they were definitely a statement piece.

1024px-Inflatable_animal_air_chair-1-xavier_cottage-yercaud-salem-India.jpgPhoto by Yercaud-elango on Wikimedia Commons

36. TRL (Total Request Live)

Airing on MTV, this show counted down the day's top music videos, often with celebrity guests. '90s kids rushed home from school to catch the latest hits and artist interviews.

1024px-2017-09-18_-_MTV_Music_Television.jpgPhoto by Alberto Garcia on Wikimedia Commons

37. Polly Pocket & Mighty Max

Compact playsets that fit in your pocket, these toys had tiny dolls or figures and intricate scenes. '90s kids had so much fun spending hours creating stories and adventures with them. The fashion choices were also endless and a great addition!

Rubber_Polly_Pocket_clothing.jpgPhoto by EvelynGiggles on Wikimedia Commons

38. Platform Sneakers

Made famous by pop stars and the "Spice Girls," these high-soled shoes were the height of '90s fashion. They gave wearers a few extra inches and were a bold fashion statement.

davide-ligabue-u9NdSgsrsOc-unsplash.jpgPhoto by davide ligabue on Unsplash

39. Mood Rings

These rings changed color supposedly based on the wearer's mood. While their accuracy was debatable, they were undeniably popular and a fun accessory to sport.

amanda-mocci-Zyp3t67rrP4-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Amanda Mocci on Unsplash

40. Bubble Jug Gum

Powdery bubble gum that came in a small jug, this gum transformed from powder to chewy goodness in your mouth. The unique experience made it a favorite among '90s kids.

thought-catalog-zDC552cHU4s-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

41. Crystal Pepsi

This clear cola confused many with its transparent appearance but familiar Pepsi taste. Launched in the early '90s, it became a cultural phenomenon, even if it wasn't around for long.

Crystal_Pepsi_20oz.jpgPhoto by Smuckola on Wikimedia Commons

42. The Baby-Sitters Club Books

Chronicling the adventures of a group of young girls running a babysitting business, this book series by Ann M. Martin was a must-read for many '90s kids. The characters' friendships and challenges resonated with readers everywhere.

christin-hume-k2Kcwkandwg-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Christin Hume on Unsplash

43. Windows 95

The launch of Windows 95 brought a significant upgrade to personal computers. '90s kids remember the iconic startup sound and the introduction of the Start button, making computer navigation easier.

Disquetes_y_CD-ROM_de_instalacion_de_Windows_95.jpgPhoto by яіску ѕнояє on Wikimedia Commons

44. JTT Mania (Jonathan Taylor Thomas)

One of the biggest teen heartthrobs of the '90s, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, known as JTT, was best known for his role in "Home Improvement." Posters of him adorned the walls of countless bedrooms, and he graced the covers of teen magazines everywhere.

Jonathan_Taylor_Thomas.jpgPhoto by MavsFan28 on Wikimedia Commons

45. "Are You Afraid of the Dark?"

This Canadian anthology series aired on Nickelodeon and featured a group of kids called "The Midnight Society" telling spooky stories around a campfire. Every episode began with the iconic line, "Submitted for the approval of The Midnight Society," instantly giving '90s kids chills.

1024px-nickelodeonbooth35729497380.jpgPhoto by Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America on Wikimedia Commons