The Best Saint Patrick's Day Drinking Games To Play

The Best Saint Patrick's Day Drinking Games To Play

This Saint Patrick's Day, light up your party with these fun and festive-themed drinking games. Putting an Irish Twist on everything, these games will have you and your friends rolling in laughter and good vibes. Which ones are you going to try?

1. Irish Poker

Irish Poker is a fun way to combine traditional card guessing with a drinking twist. All players have to do is guess different aspects of the card that are drawn next, like colour, higher or lower, and suit. If you guess wrong, bottoms up! It adds a fun and unpredictable element to your St. Patrick's Day Celebration

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2. Green Beer Pong

Put a festive twist on the classic Beer Pong by using green beer instead of regular beer! This small change adds a whole lot of fun to this familiar game. To make things even more fitting of the holiday, try setting up the cups in a shamrock shape to keep with the theme.

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3. Leprechaun Flip Cup

Flip cup is a competitive, highly intense, and incredibly fun game to play at any party. For Saint Patrick's Day, just add a little green food colouring to your drinks to give it some festive flair! Before flipping their cup, each player also has to say a fun fact about Saint Patrick's Day, or risk a penalty drink. 

FlipcuppersDave Stangl Jr on Wikimedia Commons

4. Shamrock Shake

Shake things up with this fun Saint Patrick's Day drinking game. All players have to do is take turns rolling a pair of dice, with each number corresponding to a themed action or drink. You can set each number to whatever you'd like! For example, rolling a seven could mean taking a sip of your cocktail while eleven might have you doing an Irish jig in front of all your friends.

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5. Pot of Gold Hunt

By "Pot of Gold," we mean drinks! Hide several mini bottles of Irish whiskey (or whatever you've got on hand!) around your party area and have guests go hunting for them. The first to find a bottle gets to make a toast, and everyone has to drink. It's a fun, interactive way to get guests moving and mingling.

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6. Rainbow Connection

Using food colouring, set up some shots in the colour of a rainbow, with each colour representing a different drink. Players take turns trying a shot of their choice and guessing the ingredients. Guess wrong? Well, we guess you have to try another till you get it right!

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7. Lucky Charms

Here's a fun and hilarious challenge to try with your friends! Sit in a circle with a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal in the middle. Taking turns, each person has to try and eat a marshmallow by grabbing one from the bowl with chopsticks. If you fumble and drop it, take a drink! It's a silly, light-hearted, and surprisingly difficult game that'll have everyone laughing.

1024Px-Lucky Charms (14803357412)Sarah Mahala Photography & Makeup Artistry from Oshkosh, WI, United States on Wikimedia Commons

8. Four Leaf Clover Hunt

Nothing screams Saint Patrick's Day like four leaf clovers! Create a scavenger hunt with clues leading to four hidden "four-leaf clovers" (can be any object you choose!). Each clover can earn the team or individual a drink or prize, turning your party into a festive and engaging activity.

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9. Irish Quarters

Just like the traditional Quarters game, but with an Irish twist! Instead of using a shot glass, use a large mug of green beer. As players try to bounce quarters into the mug, successful shots mean everyone else has to drink! But if you're the last person to make a shot, you have to finish off the mug. Down to try it?

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10. Kiss the Blarney Stone

This playful game involves a stone (or an item acting as the "Blarney Stone") placed at the bottom of a pitcher of beer. Players take turns attempting to drink from the pitcher without using their hands, trying to get as close to the stone as possible without touching it. The person who ends up "kissing" the Blarney Stone (touches it with their lips) has to complete a dare or take a penalty drink. How risky will you play this game?

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11. The Leprechaun Leap

If you're holding a party outside in your backyard or an open space, this is the perfect hilarious game to play with friends. Players will take turns attempting to leap over a series of obstacles, all while holding a cup of green beer with the goal being not to spill it. The difficulty increases with each round, ensuring lots of fails! Spill your drink, and you're out! The last one standing wins and gets to assign drinks to the rest.

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12. Emerald Isle

If you love a good memory game, this one's got a fun festive twist. Sit in a circle with your friends and take turns naming things associated with Ireland or Saint Patrick's Day. It can be anything at all! As the list grows longer, you'll find it harder to remember and repeat everything. If you forget an item or repeat one, drink up!

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13. Dublin Down

For something more fast-paced, this drinking game requires players to sit around a table with just two dice. Everyone takes turn rolling the dice, and whenever someone rolls a double, you have to shout "Dublin Down!" Everyone else then has to drink! If you want to take things up a notch, you can add the rule where the roller then gets to choose someone to take a double shot.

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14. Gaelic Galore

For the trivia fanatics out there, pull out some questions focused on Irish history, culture, and folklore this Saint Patrick's Day. Guess the wrong answer? Get ready to drink! For a fun twist, you can add a rule where correct answers allow players to hand out drinks of their choice, encouraging everyone to want to learn a bit more about this beautiful country.

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15. Shamrock Shakes

Don't be confused with the singular version we mentioned earlier! This game involves music and dancing - think of it as the Freeze game, but for adults. When the Irish music stops, everyone has to freeze in their pose. The last person to stop moving or is the most-off balance must take a drink. It's a great way to get everyone laughing and moving.

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16. Celtic Charades

You can't go wrong with a classic game of charades with a St. Patrick's Day theme. Categories can include Irish movies, songs, and celebrities. Failure to guess correctly results in drinking, while successful guesses allowing the guessing team to assign drinks to others.

Game Of Charades - 05 (1)


17. Irish Eyes Are Smiling

This game is pretty self-explanatory - it's all in the title. Players simply take turns trying to make each other laugh using only their eyes. If you smile or laugh, you drink! It's super simple, requires no other materials, but can lead to a lot of laughs.

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18. Green Glass Guess

Force everyone to put on their thinking caps by setting a collection of different green liquids on the table. Prepare them in identical cups, with players having to guess the drink. If you guess wrong, make sure you have a beer or cocktail on hand because you've got to take another chug!

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19. St. Patrick's Day Bingo

Create bingo cards with typical St. Patrick's Day occurrences (someone wearing all green, someone speaking in an Irish accent, etc.). As guests mingle and notice these occurrences, they mark off their bingo cards. The first to get bingo must shout a designated Irish phrase and can assign drinks to other players.

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20. Blarney's Balderdash

This game involves making up definitions for obscure Irish words or phrases. Players vote on which definition they believe is correct. Those who pick the wrong definition drink, while the player who fools the most people with their fake definition gets to assign drinks. It's a surprisingly silly game that will definitely create tons of laughter.

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