Bizarre Memories That Just Had To Be Shared

Bizarre Memories That Just Had To Be Shared


The mind is an odd thing. Our brains have a habit of either misremembering things, or simply inventing completely false memories out of thin air. Sometimes, though, our brains aren't playing tricks on us - our weird memories really did happen.

Here are some bizarre things that people remember, which may or may not have really happened.

Last Visit From a Friend


They say kids have wild imaginations, but… When I was about 6 years old I was jumping on the trampoline on a nice warm day. My best friend (7) came walking over and hopped on.

I asked him how he got there and he said he walked (which was weird because his parents would never let him walk along the 2 mile stretch of highway between our homes). We laughed, played, he reminded me we were best friends and I jokingly said 'DUH'.

I went inside to get us some otter pops and when I came back out he was gone. I went inside and started looking for him and that's when my sister came over to me, crying. My friend who I was JUST playing with had apparently been hit HOURS earlier by a drunk driver and was pronounced dead on the scene.

His dad was in critical condition. I could not possibly have been jumping/talking with him that day, but I remember that entire day so vividly.


A Child's Paradise


My brother managed to get his head stuck in the scrollwork of an iron/wood banister at a hotel, and in the ensuing panic I wandered off to this wonderful place where there was a table full of cookies and candy.

As I'm eating the cookies and the candy and whatever I can find - some really angry adult yells at me, picks me up and carries me out of this amazing room filled with sweets.

I was about 3 or 4 years old. I think I crashed a wedding or a bar mitzvah's dessert table while my brother was bI was about three or four years old.

Now that I’m older, I think I know exactly what that magical place was—I think I crashed a wedding or a bar mitzvah’s dessert table while my brother was being extracted from the banister. It was amazing, but my parents claim it never happened.




When I was about 10 I was at my aunty and uncles house in Sydney for Christmas and my cousin who’s a hairdresser PERFECTLY straighten my crazily curly long hair, which takes over an hour.

One of my presents that morning was new pyjamas and I put them on and went to walk out into the garden to show my mum my new pyjamas and tripped and fell into their pool, soaking my new PJ’s and ruining my perfectly straight hair (to my cousins dismay).

I literally have such a vivid memory of it happening but I brought it up to my mum once and she doesn’t remember it, so I have always questioned myself.


Graveyard Visitors


4 year old me sleeping next to a big picture window and two long windows on either side able to be open. Fell asleep and woke up to what seemed to be two men just looking at me through the darkness.

The windows backed out onto our back deck and I remember the people knocking on the window and motioning. I was completely frozen in fear and just closed my eyes and fell back asleep.

Not sure if it was a dream or real. I should also mention my childhood home backed onto a graveyard for the town so weird things seemed to happen often.



Hit the Nail on the Head


I stepped on a roofing nail and got a huge hole in my foot that I had to soak nightly for a month. My mom said it didn't happen, but my dad and sister say it did happen.


Something Fishy


One time when I was about 8, we were at a relative's cabin and I went to go tell my dad it was lunchtime when I saw him standing stock-still in the river. I called out to him and he just slowly motioned for me to be quiet.

I watched him standing there, looking into the water for maybe a full minute before he lurched into the water and snatched up an enormous carp. I just watched my dad hold onto this giant, glistening carp for several seconds before he threw it back into the river and wade out of the river like nothing happened.

He didn't say anything about it when we got back to the cabin and we've never talked about it. I could ask him about it now, I suppose, but there's something magical or surreal about the fact that it was never spoken of again.


Papers, Please


I was in middle school, up way past my bedtime reading — I don’t remember what I was reading, but I recall it being intensely creepy. The main character was alone in a house and starting hearing muffled sounds of people approaching the house, coming after him.

At that exact spot in the book, I hear quiet footsteps and people whispering outside my bedroom window. I was absolutely petrified. I froze, I couldn’t move. After about ten minutes of shuffling footsteps and urgent whispers, they went away.

Turns out it was some of my older brother’s friends TP’ing the front yard. Dad was super unimpressed when I casually mentioned that yes, I had heard them and no, I did nothing about it.


Mysterious Cut


I was staying with my aunt and uncle. I remember seeing a man come in my bedroom window. The next morning I had a cut on my head and lots of dried blood. I still have a scar. No one could ever figure out where/how I cut my head.


Magic Ice Cream


I clearly remember my mom telling me as a kid, that if I put vegetables in the freezer. They turn into ice cream. I told her now years later how it was a funny joke. But she swears she has never said it.


Playing Through the Fence


There was an old couple who lived on the other side of my backyard fence, they had grandkids who were a bit older than me or younger than me so we weren't friends.

When I was three or four years old I met a kid who was visiting them, across the fence, he told me they were his grandparents and I would talk with him through the fence.

It was awkward and we would mostly just sit there and play with our own toys in silence or just look at each other for hours, a lot like the two kids in the boy in the striped pyjamas. His name was Brian and every time I played with him his grandfather would give me a weird look.

We moved cities shortly after and years later I brought it up with my brothers and my mom and they don't remember the neighbors having a grandkid my age, they remember the older kids and the younger ones but not anyone my age.

They don't remember me ever playing with anyone out there, they don't remember anything about it at all. It still freaks me out to think about that.



Fountain of Blood


I remember when I was a child there was this fountain in my city that had some kind of spikes at the bottom (some elements of a construction).

And I vaguely remember that once my mom and I were passing by the fountain and there was no water in it, but there was a man lying there in a puddle of blood, pierced by the spikes as if he had fallen on them accidentally. And my mom was like "Oh, let's go, let's go".

Now, I asked her about it when I got older and she said "What? This never happened!" I guess, she wouldn't lie about it and it's not something she'd just forget, so maybe it never happened, indeed. Not sure why I remember this though.


Wizard Battle


There was a thunderstorm one afternoon. I very vividly remember two lightning bolts travelling horizontally and colliding, forming this spherical cage of lightning in the sky. For just a moment.

I can see it so clearly in my mind - the color of the sky, the room I was in, the way the air felt, the shapes the lightning took; but I haven’t found any example of a similar phenomenon anywhere online.


Pepto Abysmal

Bizarre-Memories-Had-To-Be-Shared-13.jpg.optimal.jpgFlickr / ajay_suresh

I remember when my mom was having a baby my grandma took care of me when I was sick at the same time. My stomach hurt and i was throwing up when she grabbed a bottle of Pepto Bismol and made me drink about 60% of the bottle.

I then threw up pink and that scarred me so much that I throw up every time I drink Pepto Bismol.


Seeing Through the Womb


I vividly remember going to see my dad in hospital after he had been in a car accident. I remember the bruises on his chest from the seatbelt and his old school hairstyle.

He had a hip to ankle cast as he had broken his leg in three places and I remember that leg wasn’t covered by the blanket so I could see the cast.

My mum was actually pregnant with me when this happened so there’s no chance I could remember it. However, I’m convinced my mum has got her dates wrong.


Probably Painkillers


My most vivid childhood memory is not real. I remember leaving the hospital after I broke my arm in a wheelchair and there was the most beautiful bright sunset I had ever seen. There was also a few rainbows and flocks of bats flying in the sky.

According to my mom it was early afternoon and raining. I can still see it so clearly though.


Two Naughty Siblings


I have a vague memory of me and my twin brother being visited by the Bicho Papão, a creature that visits naughty children in Brazilian and Portuguese culture, when we were very young, pretty sure a creature like that is not exclusive from my culture.

Anyways, the freaky part is that my brother also have the same memory, to this day we don't know if it was real or not, but if it was, maybe it was somebody trying to play a prank on us, since we were naughty children indeed.



Playing Catch


I had only just started walking and I remember throwing a teddy bear back and forth with my grandmother, who was pretty ill at the time.

I could never catch it because I lacked the hand eye coordination so she would throw it a little short, and I kept throwing short as well because I wasn't very strong. I had just started practising walking, but couldn't fully walk yet.

Whenever I would throw the bear way off course, I would get up to try and walk to it but kept stumbling so she would always go and get it for us. Now, my grandmother died when I was about 1 year and a few months old so everyone in my family swore this never happened.

They said even if I somehow remember something from that early of an age, there is no way it happened because by the time I started to walk, my grandma was too ill to walk herself.

Creepy part about all this. I remember my aunt taking a picture of us on our really old film camera while doing we were playing with that bear but could never physically find the photograph. I hadn't went back to my home country for a few years.

I went back to visit when I was 11 and we were going through old albums and it was there. My aunt swears she never took that picture. Everyone in my family I've asked swears they never took it either.

The picture is me and my grandmother sitting across the living room floor, with that same teddy bear, both of us looking at the camera with holding the bear out as if she was about to throw it, but my aunt (or whoever took the photo) caught us by surprise so we both looked at the camera.

It wasn't on my mind as we were leaving so I didn't think to take it back, I wish I did. I was maybe one year old in the photo and did not look like I could walk at all so I'm not surprised my grandma didn't even let me try.

The memory is so clear in my head and to have everyone tell me it didn't happen is just off-putting.




I was at home with some cousins over for lunch. We were sitting in our living room which was in sight of the front door and front gate beyond that. I saw a newly wed couple go up to our gate, the man opening it for his bride very nicely, and walked up and into our house.

My aunt went up and explained that this is our house, and they walked off. No one who was there has ANY memory of this event, but it is very vivid in my mind.


Suspicious Doll


I have a vivid memory of being alone in my living room as a young child (4-5) and my sister's my twin doll stood up and looked at me. I immediately ran from the room and have always wondered about how it could be so vivid.

During elementary school, my parents worked and my bus got home like 20 min before my older sister. Every single day I would run to the kitchen grab a knife and threaten that little doll not to try anything funny. At 24 I'm still weirded out by the doll and don't trust it.


Apocalypse Cloud


One time when I was about 5, I was in the backseat of my moms car and saw a huge black raincloud right over us. It looked extra terrestrial or like it could be in a movie about the apocalypse or something.

It was probably just a normal cloud but the image of it stuck with me and I think about it it every so often.


Burn, Baby, Burn


My very first vivid memory is false. I got a shape sorter for Christmas. When my parents left the living room, my older brother walked over, picked up a block, and threw it in the fire.

I was reminding my mum about this in my early twenties and she laughed. We didn't have an open fire, and my older brother couldn't walk yet. I still think he did it.


Chomp Chomp


I have a memory from when I was young enough to be in a crib. I remember my mom putting me down and I was scared and teething, so I grinded my teeth on my wood crib and I remember that feeling still.

The wood was so soft it felt amazing lol after that I remember laying down on my stomach and falling asleep right away. I had to have been about 1 so I feel like how could I remember something from that long ago?

But on the other hand, my mom said me and one of my brothers used to bite the crib a lot.



Disappearing Dots


I remember when I was 6-8 having a picture of a yellow duck on a red background that I've personally drawn. I also remember having to "feed" it by drawing yellow dots near the duck and I've done it multiple times too. Strange thing is that every morning yellow dots disappeared as if the duck ate them.

My parents didn't know that I fed the duck so they couldn't draw over the dots, and I remember seeing same picture without the dots much later, in my teens. Still don't know if that was my imagination or some strange reaction with the paint.


Footsteps on the Ceiling


One time when I was about 7, I was sleeping over at one of my parents friends house. As I was lying in bed trying to sleep, I started to hear footsteps from the floor above.

It was just me and this woman in the house and I knew she was asleep. Then I swear to God, I saw footprints forming on the ceiling, slowly walking across it.

I'm absolutely convinced that this happened but when I ask my parents about it they have no idea what I'm talking about and don't even remember this "friend". I refuse to believe that it was a dream.


Pest Control


I went into the kitchen one morning when I was like 11 and looked out the window to the fence, to see a squirrel, with a mini Hershey’s bar in hand with just enough rapper pealed down you could read Hershey still and munching on it like a human.

I thought it was hilarious at the time but also knew that’s probably going to kill you. I never found out what happened to that squirrel.


Biological Warfare

Bizarre-Memories-Had-To-Be-Shared-26.jpg.optimal.jpgFlickr / Donnie Ray Jones

Me at the age of about 5 or 6. I'm play fighting with my dad and at some point I end up sitting on his face and he's lying on his back. My mom made a joke like "haha and now fart" and I thought it was funny and farted.

They sent me to my room then. I didn't get sarcasm. I'm now too embarrassed to asked if I dreamed it or not.


A Long Fall


We used to live in an old farm house with a very steep long staircase right next to my room. When I was about 2 or 3 I fell down the stairs. I still remember it because it felt like I was falling in slow motion.

I lost my balance, started to fall and tried to grip part of the banister going down again and again but couldn't hold on to it. Through the banister I could see my moms shocked face in the dining room and her jumping up.

All still slowed down. When I reached the bottom I slammed against the front door and just kinda lay there and saw my mom running down the stairs towards me. Time sped up again.

I know it happened but I still remember falling so clearly it seems weird. My mom told me I kept saying " I couldn't hold on" in between crying.


Why Does it Always Rain on Me?


When I was around 5 or 6 years old I remember walking outside on a cloudy day and seeing it raining at my neighbors house across the street but not raining at mine. That’s the first time it ever occurred to me it doesn’t rain everywhere when it rains at my house.


The View From The Bottom of the Pool


I have this one memory, I most likely had just turned or was about to turn two years old, and my family and I was at my grandparent's backyard pool.

My mom was in the shallow end of the pool with my older brother, and he was clinging to her, too afraid to dip even a toe into the water, my dad was on the patio (on the side of the shallow end) with my Bumpa and Nana (Grandpa and Grandma), they were barbecuing and chatting about one thing or another.

I remember thinking my mom looked a little annoyed that my brother was being unreasonably afraid of the water, so my 2 year old mind decided I would show my brother how it was done.

I got out of the pool, and ran down to the deep end, I took off my water wings and life jacket then proclaimed proudly to my family about some random nonsense, before jumping in. The next part of my memory takes a very different tone.

I just remember how serene and peaceful it was, to be essentially drowning. Everything was quiet, and calm, to this day I haven't ever experienced anything similar to it. Next thing I know I see my dad and Bumpa plunge into the pool fully clothed swimming towards me.

Don't know who got to me first to pull me out, and I don't remember anything after that. I asked my parents and grandparents about this and they essentially changed the topic on me, so I have a suspicion it is true, but no confirmation.

It just sticks out as extremely vivid, and an oddly happier memory from my childhood.


Wild Gunman


I am maybe 4 years old. I follow my sister up the outside stairs of our apartment building to where a man is sitting on the top step. He is cleaning a handgun and I don't know him, so I am afraid. My sister chatters away about the gun. "How does it work? What's that part for? Can I hold it?"

I'm frozen-- I want to not be here, but I don't know what to do. I have to wait for my sister, she's the oldest, she should know. The man gets up, puts the gun inside his jacket, and looks at me.

That's all I remember. I have no idea if this happened or if it was a dream, but the memory doesn't feel like a dream. My sister doesn't remember it at all, must have been a dream, right?


Spider Babies


When me and my friend were in elementary school, we always went down to the park behind his house, and would catch bugs/spiders/whatever and put them in little plastic containers.

But I have a vivid memory of one day making a little habitat for a (non-poisonous) spider in a shoe box to bring to show and tell, and then finding out the spider had laid eggs, and I vividly remember spilling spiders ALL OVER my moms car.

It was so vivid and exaggerated (I can remember spiders like flowing out of the box) that I, for years was sure that it was a dream I had, until I brought it up to my mom one day, and she explained how very real it was….


Badminton Bicycle


I remember playing badminton in the house with my sister. At one shot, I had to back up quite a bit to get it, I tripped and fell backwards and hit my head.

I “dreamt” of myself riding a bicycle and then when I came to, my legs were in the air like I was riding a bicycle. My sister says that never happened.


Alien Abduction


I remember talking to one of my friends in primary school who mentioned he'd been abducted by aliens. I've asked him a few years ago and he doesn't remember having that happen at all, or mentioning it to me.




I remember waking up early on a Saturday morning when I was 4 or 5. I walked out to the big area behind our back yard and saw a hot air balloon taking off.

The rest of my family says it was impossible.


Very Hungry Caterpillar


This is one of my most vivid childhood memories and I just accepted it as true until recently when I gave it an extra mull over. I don't know if it was a dream or what honestly.

There was a worm/caterpillar thing on my tricycle and I remembered being told they can be poisonous and not to touch them.

My parents were telling me to get onto my tricycle so I was telling them no, theres a caterpillar on there. My dad's asking me where and I'm screaming/crying that it's near the handles, my parents are telling me theres nothing there and make me get onto my tricycle despite me screaming.

The caterpillar then crawls onto my hand and eats through the fleshy part between my fingers and thumb, on my left hand. This obviously didn't happen but until I really thought about it I'd just remember that bit as where the worm ate through each time I looked at my hand.

If I was screaming beforehand, I was definitely screaming after. I remember my parents not being able to see it and telling me nothing happened but eventually I got my dad to put some TCP on it.


Grabbing a Beer


There was a trucker drinking a beer going down the highway - my mom told me to hang on to the wheel while she hung out the window to catch a beer he tossed to her!

Story credit: Reddit / andy3675

Home Alone


I vividly remember one time where I was 10 or 12 and I found myself home alone. I franticly searched around the house for any sign of my parenting units, but I couldn't find them.

They didn't tell me where they went and I just remember waking up and looking for a couple hours. I was honestly really scared because I had never been left home alone before.

So eventually I didn't know what to do so I fell back asleep. I woke to my mom's voice saying it was time to get up. I asked where they had been, but they said they didn't go anywhere.

They had no idea what I was talking about. To this day, I still wonder if I dreamed up that first day alone at home or if my parents have some type of hidden agenda they don't want me knowing about.

Story credit: Reddit / Newdul1

Far Out, Man


When I was 4 I had surgery and I remember them putting a breathing apparatus over my nose. It smelled funny so I started breathing through my mouth. The doctors instructed me to breathe through my nose in English, but I didn't speak English yet at that age.

This was 40 years ago and there wasn't really any multilanguage people around at that time, especially doctors. In my memory, I followed this instruction, and everything turned black fairly quickly. I was conscious, but in pure blackness.

Like I was floating in space all alone, but with no stars or planets, etc…just blackness. I remember thinking thoughts to myself. It was completely silent. I was all alone, but at peace and not scared.

Then suddenly I felt a buzz and I was in my hospital bed with those round sticky monitors/ sensor things all over my body.

Story credit: Reddit / Oliver_Klosov

Unwanted Gift


I remember my third birthday. My grandpa got me a toy fire truck and I didn't like it, but I remember thinking that I had to pretend I liked it. I brought it up to my grandma years later and she confirmed that that was the gift he got me.

Story credit: Reddit / FearlessLingonberry

Blood Branches


I was about 3 or 4 at the time, just before my parents divorce, I remember my mom being asleep and I was hungry so i was getting jelly from the fridge. The jar broke and I cut my hand, it's really vivid the way the blood was moving through the lines in my hand made it look like tree branches to me.

My mom swears it never happened but I know it did, Im pretty sure she is saying it didnt in denial of the depression she was in at the time.

My dad was cheating and gone all the time, so she didnt exactly do her best and brightest for me and my siblings which is why we moved into my grandparents not long after the divorce.

Story credit: Reddit / OwlGuin

Long Crawl


One of those pools that were tall enough to go up to a kids waist or so but be underwater if you got on all fours.

I vividly remember some kid holding my back down so I couldn't stand up and breathe until I had crawled all the way around the pool. Thing is, I don't recall ever owning a pool like that or how I would have known that I'd be let up.

Story credit: Reddit / Guiltnazan

First Day of Consciousness


I distinctly remember waking up one morning, walking into the kitchen, and asking my dad who he was. Then I did the same with mom. I refer to this day as my first day of consciousness, even though neither of my parents remember it.

Story credit: Reddit / Lanz37

Obvious Bad Idea


I remember driving down a very busy highway with my mother and grandmother in the front seats of the car. I looked at the handle and debated with myself on whether or not to open the door.

This was before child safety locks were a thing. I actually clearly remember thinking to myself “don’t do that. It’s a stupid idea.” I opened the door anyways.

Story credit: Reddit / Zeroshim

Memory Erased


I've had ECT (shock treatment) and it basically saved my life, but it also erased most of my memory from birth until 24 years old, when I had the ECT.

Because of my medications that I'm on for my schizoaffective disorder, though, I have INCREDIBLY vivid dreams that I often can't differentiate from reality.

That said, I remember VIVIDLY, from back in my old BBS (Bulletin Board System, basically a message board, games platform, and IRC, but from before the internet was a big thing) SysOp days,

that I drove out to meet up with a friend that I knew through my BBS, and we both went out to meet up with the SysOp of a similar BBS in the same town.

His girlfriend was the daughter of a politician, so we drove up to her house and hung out there for a few hours, then I drove back home after dropping off my friend. Her house was MASSIVE, there was a giant pool, white marble inside, a gigantic television, I remember she had a Gibson SG in dark red...

And I remember this vividly. I kinda fell off the face of the earth socially for a few years before and after the ECT, and I found the other SysOp on facebook a few years back (he has a VERY unique last name, so it wasn't hard once it came back to me) and I asked him if this really happened.

He never replied. I've NEVER gotten closure.

Story credit: Reddit / bigangry

Seems Legit

Bizarre-Memories-Had-To-Be-Shared-48.jpg.optimal.jpgFlickr / daysofthundr46 / CC 2.0

I walked into the wrong apartment and I swear Hulk Hogan and Mr T were yelling at me to get out.

Story credit: Reddit / Tekkenmonster36

Bad News


When I was seven, my mom died of a heart attack. I watched her collapse and saw the ambulance take her away (while we still didn’t know she had died/was dying).

The part I am unsure of is how the hospital staff broke the news to us. My memory is that a female staff member came into the room, and very matter-of-factly said, “we have some bad news. She’s dead.”

I can’t imagine a trained medical professional delivering news to a family with a young child present in that manner, but that’s how I remember it.

Story credit: Reddit / ThankYouMrBen

Wile E. Petting


A wild coyote allowed me to pet and touch it. When I was in elementary school we moved to a house close to a lagoon. I've always loved animals, dogs in particular and I thought it was a lost dog. It was trotting down the street alone toward me.

So I checked it for a collar. I did all the "I'm not a threat" dog body language to approach. It stood there, watching, while I eventually got close. It never acted submissive to me. Never licked my hand like a dog does.

But stood relaxed and dominant. It allowed me gently to run my hand up over its shoulder and into the thick red ruff of it's neck while I checked for a collar. No collar. It smelled warm. Like sagebush or chapparal. It smelled...wild? It smelled nothing like a dog.

It gave me this side eye look while I had my realisation of just who or what I was petting then trotted off again. Middle of the empty street. Owned the whole world. Easy peasy, no big deal. My coyote.

Story credit: Reddit / SparksFromFire

Baby Goes to the Movies


I have a memory of seeing Revenge of the Sith in theaters. With it being released in May of 2005, I would have been only three years old around the time of its release. I'm still not sure if it actually happened or if its just something my brain made up.

Story credit: Reddit / Chronos_the_Cat

The Missing Room


When I was between 4 and 6, there was a playroom in our unfinished basement. It was accessible through a door beside the freezer and my dad's workshop. When you opened the door, there was this medium sized white-walled room with a grey carpet, a used fabric sofa, an old cathodic tv and SNES.

There was a doorless closet with few boardgames and hard-cover comic books. There was also a tiny restroom with only a toilet. There was 2 small windows in that room, facing our backyard.

I would go there to play with one of my big sister and sometimes a neighbor friend or another. I remember the smell of the dust and the way it danced in the afternoon light. My parent didn't want us to go there too late at night.

One day I wanted to go play but the door wasn't there anymore. I searched, but there was no access and I was angry at my parents. I yelled at them in incomprehension and they told me there never was such a room in our house.

I went to bed super upset that they made a fool out of me. After a few weeks I kind of forgot I guess, but would remember that every 3-4 years or so, asking what was up with that room, only to be weirdly looked at and dismissed.

I once brought it up as an adult (around 21, I'm now 29) and both my dad and sister try to evade the question, saying there was never such a room in our former home.

I tried to talk about it to my psychiatrist because it really feels like a missing piece, but I received no help in deciphering this mystery. I guess I imagined it? I still miss the secure feeling of that place tho'. It feels good to be able to talk about it.

Story credit: Reddit / hkkhpr

Haunted Toy

Bizarre-Memories-Had-To-Be-Shared-53.jpg.optimal.jpgFlickr / Tony Alter

I remember taking a trip to another province and being in this small local toy shop and getting lost or being left and forgotten in there because I was entranced by one of those cups with the string and the ball.

I’ve had the same recurring dream of this ten to twenty times when I was younger so I thought it was just a dream, however I had the toy in my house and when we moved and left it there I stopped having those dreams.

Story credit: TrappyGilmore_

Pillow Talk


When I was really young, maybe 5 or 6? My family lived in an apartment for a while that I'm pretty sure was haunted, but it could have easily been my overactive imagination. I remember one night in particular I threw a green pillow out into the hall, and then a few seconds later something threw it back.

I couldn't see anyone else around and nothing was making noise. I did this a couple of times before I went back to sleep. That might have been a dream but thinking back it was kinda spooky.

Story credit: Reddit / ZestyWalrus

Beam Me Up


Looked out my window to see a giant ufo mothership hovering over the cemetery about 200 yards from my house.

Story credit: Reddit / Logjammin91

Basement Buddy


When I was 6-7 I had a friend who lived around the block. She had a few brothers and lived in a bigger old and kinda creepy house. We were not allowed in the house when her mother wasn't home, which I found odd as a kid (but makes total sense that you don't let 6 year old play unattended in your home).

My memory is that one day we were in the basement of the house, which was unfinished with concrete floors in the main areas and some off rooms that had dirt floors. We were getting paint brushes (the big house kind) which we used to play paint the patio with water.

In my memory I went into one of the off rooms with the dirt floor, in the corner of the room was a small raised area (that if it was outside would look like a flower bed) and in there was a human skeleton. And not like a Halloween decoration, but like an actual skeleton, in the dirt.

I am 40 now and this has always stuck with me. Was there really a body in their basement? If so, whose was it? you have no idea how much I would LOVE to go back down there and at least look in that room.

Just to see if the room even exists, if the raised area full of dirt is actually part of the room. The family still lives in the home. I am still FB friends with them. So much of me wants to just write and be like "so, mind if I search your basement?"

Story credit: Reddit / Patzy_Cakes

Family Ferry Ride


I have a memory from the first time we went on the ferry near my parents house. My brother was about to turn one.

I remember details from the day, like the smell of the salt water, the way the paint was chipped on the stairs, and watching my brother run around, but the weird thing is, my brother is 13 months older than me.

My mom, dad and brother did go on the ferry ride, and I guess technically I was there, but my mom was 7 months pregnant with me. What makes it more strange, I remember the colour of the boat, the colour of the stairs, and smaller details of it that you’d only know from looking at them.

That ferry stopped running when I was 3, we never took a trip over to the island again until I was 8, and there are no photos of the trip from my memory.

Story credit: Reddit / Ashleighbell032

Old Smokey


I have very clear memories that my aunt used to smoke. She babysat us kids so I was around her a lot and I definitely remember her smoking cigs. I found out recently that she apparently never has and I even asked my sister because she was babysat too and confirmed my aunt has never smoked. I'm confused.

Story credit: Reddit / NeonNick_WH

Easter Visit


Swear to god I saw the Easter bunny. In retrospect it was probably a human in an easter bunny suit, but the thought of seeing a man standing by himself in a bunny suit in my apartment building’s courtyard doing nothing is almost as weird as the real thing.

Story credit: Reddit / clocksailor

Life is a Blur


When I was 6 years old, I was in an induced coma for almost a week. I have vague memories of that period, but for most of them I don't know if it's dreams from during the coma or if it's from just after when I was high as a kite on morphine.

Story credit: Reddit / Richevszky

Ice Cream Surgery


I remember I cut a wasp (or maybe a bee?) in half (the part with the wings and everything was separated from the abdomen) with a spoon while eating ice-cream. After i realized what i did i felt sorry for the wasp and joined the two parts together with the melted ice-cream.

After a while it started moving then walking and finally flew away. It's quite vivid memory but I don't think such event is possible.

Story credit: Reddit / owjfaigs222

Blue Flame Train


We were on a train coming back from Arizona, when we had to stop unexpectedly because a couple a few seats behind us was smoking. Well, while we were stopped, I looked outside the window and saw we were in a boggy, swampy area with no trees and a thin layer of water on top of mud and thin grass.

In the distance, lights that looked like small blue flames danced around and kept getting closer and closer to the train. The train started again with a jolt, and we were moving again. Five minutes later, we arrived home. I still have no idea if it was a dream or not.

Story credit: Reddit / dragons_are_lovely

Hidden Cave


I remember going to a museum that had a artificial cave. It was super basic, just a big loop. But my brother and I found a secret passage up to a second floor area that was much more natural looking with really rough terrain and it was almost completely dark.

I later began to think that the memory didn't really make sense, so it was probably just a dream. Years later I went to grad school in a neighboring town and went to a local museum. I walked into a cave exhibit and realized it was the same one.

The secret passage was just a barely disguised stairwell and while the second story was more rough, it was fully lit. I think the second story was closed when I went as a kid, so they had the lights off, and had blocked the entrance.

It was kind of disappointing, because the memory was pretty magical. It was kind of like finding out Santa Claus was just a postal worker.

Story credit: Reddit / Foldedpencil

Poor Parking Spot


I remember this vividly, but I still can't tell if it really happened or not. My dad had run out of gas in his truck and needed my mom and me to take some to him. We head out and pulled over behind him.

My Mom goes out to talk to my Pops, and I look to my right and there was this big ravine with a river at the bottom, and we're just parked on the shoulder with no guard rail or anything.

I was afraid if I moved the weight of the car would shift and throw us over. It sounds so impossible that it had to be a dream, but I remember it so clearly.

Story credit: Reddit / ZekeR100

Celestial Mirage


My dad and I saw a comet in our back yard, in south Texas circa 1990. It was 3 different colors, head was yellow, then red and had a green tail. He had confirmed it years ago but now I avoid asking incase it wasn't real.

Story credit: Reddit / sprazor

Space Mountain Fakery


I know this ones not true, but I remember it so clearly. I used to lie a lot as a kid. Stupid lies, like that I was part cheetah, then I twitch and tell kids I just like, ran 30 ft and came back.

Well I went to Disney World when I was like 7 and told everyone I went on Space Mountain but didn't buckle in, and during the ride and fell out of my seat and finished going through the ride clinging to the edge. At this point, I don't even know if I went on that ride or not.

Story credit: Reddit / p3t3r133

Visit From a Panther


I used to live closer into the city and we lived in a shotgun house where there was an alleyway behind all the houses connecting everything and you'd have little paths between houses with fences on either side.

My dad got home and left the gate open, our dog usually stayed in the yard but this time it ran after something down the alley. I started running after it and it turned down one of the paths between houses that was super overgrown on both sides.

Then i see our dog run out, i looked down and swear i saw a black panther looking cat walking down towards me. It was one of those split second things because my dad came running and grabbed me so i didn't see anything else to confirm.

I was 4 or 5 so that memory is a bit foggy but i swear there was some sort of panther on the loose. I was uneasy about going outside for a couple of weeks afterwards.

Story credit: Reddit / AlphaVictor87

Puking with Santa


One Christmas Eve I was very sick, like so sick that I was throwing up at 3am (on Christmas Day). I swear that my parents opened the door and ‘pretended’ Father Christmas had come while I was throwing up because they knew I’d start to ask questions otherwise.

Both of them swear it wasn’t them but all I remember is a voice opening the door and going “oh thanks Father Christmas.”

Story credit: Reddit / abbie_whitehead1

Through the Looking Glass


I remember being out on my deck when I was young, probably 3-4 years old. One of my brothers said that a snake was crawling in the grass on the other side of the deck, so I ran over and stepped onto the nearest thing to get higher and get a better look.

The thing I stepped on was an overturned glass fish tank. It broke and my brother freaked out and got me inside to my mom to check me out. I didn't go to the hospital, so it must not have been that bad.

I brought up this vivid memory recently (I remember where I was, what side of the deck I ran to, what it felt like to step and then fall through the tank, my brother freaking out) and to my surprise, neither of my brothers or my mother can remember this at all.

It's really weird, I feel like I lived through a pretty scary experience and no one else remembers it happening.

Story credit: Reddit / Jade_GL

Grandma's Bathroom Trip


I always believed my great grandma got stung by bees in her bathroom, fell down, and cracked her head on the edge of the toilet. I told this story for 30 years. I just found out last year that it never happened. She died of old age in her sleep. Memory is weird.

Story credit: Reddit / Saganic

Bye, Kid!


When I was about 5 or so, my Mom had me in this daycare/day camp that was at a local church. We dared a kid to go into the scary basement. He went down. Daycare came to an end. Went home with my Mom. Don't remember ever seeing the kid again…

Story credit: Reddit / Nivlak87

Incubator Memories


As a child I had vivid memories of what took place right after I was born. I remember laying in the incubator with the heart monitor and other stickers all over me and my grandfather standing over me speaking to me.

I remembered clutching his finger and then being sad when he left me there. I was born pretty early and was in an incubator for several weeks. Obviously, I was too young to have this actual memory but I wonder sometimes.

Story credit: Reddit / Quinlynn

Sneaky Poop


I remember standing in the kitchen with my 2 sisters and mom. For some reason then, I pooped my pants but instead of getting smashed all in my pants, a perfectly unharmed turd just falls our of my left pant leg. It seems to go unnoticed so I grab some paper towels to pick it up and throw away.

Again everything I'm doing is going unnoticed. Once I finish with everything, nothing is said so I don't mention it either snd the day moves along as normal.

This is a very vivid memory and I recently asked if my siblings remember it. They laughed alot and told me they did not recall but maybe I was just that sly and they just didn't notice. I guess I'll never know if I really did poop in the kitchen.

Story credit: Reddit / Dankmonkey

Ghostly Grandparents


Before the age of seven I thought I was seeing my mother’s parents in the corner of my room at night waving to me goodnight.

They died before I was born and described their mannerisms that my mother would say were similar when I acted them out. My maternal grandparents were never in this particular house. We moved when I turned 8 and never saw them again.

Story credit: Reddit / 2AspirinL8TR

The Forgotten Kid


There was a kid at a birthday party who went missing during a game of Ghost in the Graveyard. He was supposed to be the ghost searching for all of us hiding, but he never found anyone and so then we started looking for him. We never found him. Ever.

Our parents said he never existed but we all remembered what he looked like (we couldn’t remember his name). There was also an extra present on the table downstairs with no “from” written on the outside, an extra chair and table setting at the big table, and the cake had been pre cut into 1-too many pieces.

Our parents swore up and down that he had never existed and we were making it up, but none of us believed them. It’s been a lot of years now and I don’t even trust my own memory of it anymore. But at the time I knew it was true.

Story credit: Reddit / BEETLEJUICEME

Holding a Spirit


I must have been around 4 years old. We were visiting friends and their son (around my age) showed me a "magic trick" where he balanced 3 coins on edge, one on top of the other. I was completely baffled. While he was doing it, his mother called him and he replied: "Can't come now, mom - I'm holding a spirit".

Story credit: Reddit / snoovable

Baby on the Roof


We lived in a multi family Victorian when I was a baby. Part of my parent's tenet duties was to clear the pine needles off the roof and out of the gutters that accumulated from the massive trees in the front yard.

Mom was grocery shopping and dad decided to sweep the needles while she was gone. What do you do with a toddler while you're out on the roof? According to my memory you plunk him down in the gutter so he can't get anywhere.

I remember mom getting home, seeing me, dropping the groceries and running inside to scream at dad and bring me in. My parents have never acknowledged this but it's clear as day in my memory.

Story credit: Reddit / JoeyTheGreek

Doorstop Surprise


I remember answering the front door as a kid (13 or 14) and a women pointing a gun at me. It was long ago, early 1980's and I didn't know much about guns then except from tv/movies. In this memory the woman breaks down crying and walks away.

Even though I never met her before I am sure this woman was the wife of a man who my divorced mother was seeing. The memory fades most days, until the doorbell rings……

Story credit: Reddit / nateus701

Taking a Tumble


I remember falling off my parents’ bed and hitting my head on the wall beside it, hard enough I broke cartilage. My mother says I can’t have remembered that... because I was 18 months old when it happened.

Story credit: Reddit / SheLikesTheWeird

Meeting with a Pixie


I was probably three or four years old and in daycare at a place in the middle of Sweden, i was out playing alone in the yard and met what i can only describe as an elf or a pixie, a man, as short as me, with grey hair and an old but childish face. He talked jibberish for a short while, then bowed to me and ran away.

Im not at all sure whats true in this memory since about 32-33 years has passed, but its just very strange, and i dont remember ever telling this to anyone before.

Story credit: Reddit / krixandy

Elevator Pitch


I could feel myself grow. It was the most bizarre feeling where I felt like I was rising then falling or sometimes both at the same time (yes I know that makes no sense). Almost like the feeling when you're going up in an elevator and you reach your floor, but over and over in a pulsing motion.

I had the sensation enough times as a kid that I can remember it vividly, but only a few times towards my late teens at which point I never got any taller. I am aware it's probably not that, but it feels more fun to think of it as growing!

Story credit: Reddit / ChickenMayoPunk

Disappearing Shed


When I was 8 or 9 I was playing with some friends in a wooded area with a small creek running through it. We were collecting rocks and I decided to squeeze between a shrub and a tree to see if there were any good stones by the creek.

Upon making it through, I noticed a faded red shed on the other side of the stream. I was very familiar with the area and had played there often enough to know that there was never a shed in the woods, so I was puzzled.

I squeezed back through the dense brush and went to find my friends and tell them to come explore the shed with me. When I led them to the EXACT spot, the shed was nowhere to be seen. I still think about how odd it was sometimes.

Story credit: Reddit / wrpnt

Bird in Training


I remember being ay grandparents house, I was maybe 5-7 years old. They had a second floor which was a big deal in my limited life experience.

I remember being at the top of the stars and using the handrails to help me leap down the stairs, and as I did, I was able to leap down and across the whole length of the stair case - but I didn’t just jump, I sort of glided through the air, almost floated down.

I was really excited that I was really close flying - as if this was a new skill to learn as I got older. Another time I remember sitting in the grass in the side yard, and closing my eyes for a longtime. If I concentrated enough I could make my self lift up off the ground and hover maybe 10 ft in the air.

As I would get excited that I was “doing it”, my focus would shift and I would start sinking down to the ground again. I really thought I was able to do this, and tried demonstrating this several times for a few years to family and friends. Marked as the weird kid for life.

Story credit: Reddit / gregsonfilm

The Lost City of McDonald's


That there was a McDonalds I went to when I was a kid that had a massive playplace was magical and wondrous. I hadn't been to disneyworld at that point but found it hard to believe it could be any better than this place.

And at the middle of this subterranean jungle gym, towering above his empire, was a 15 foot tall statue of Grimace, a purple deity rising above the city-to be deservedly worshiped.

My dad's friend took me to this place but now he's passed so the only one I could get to verify it is now gone. I ask everybody I know if they remember this place, which I am nearly absolutely positive existed, and they say that it didn't. I have no idea who to believe.

Story credit: Reddit / byrningdownthehouse

Knight Rider Was a Documentary?


Was at RAF cricket club with my dad. Whilst he played, I busied myself with usual 8 year old boy activities, namely exploring the woods.

Popped out of a hedge by the main road and was stopped in my tracks by a noise any young boy in the 80s would instantly recognise: a low 'woo woo' sound accompanied by a turbine whine. I turned round to see KITT from Knight Rider cruise past me, scanner sweeping back and forth.

As I watched it travel a ways up the road it braked and turned off into a very military looking entrance road, which upon quizzing my dad I found out to be a Ministry of Defence compound of some sort. I am 100% sure I saw this. Even at 8 I was aware of the unlikely nature of what I had just observed.

I can only assume some MOD guy was a fan of the series and took his custom car to work to show off to his buddies. Still, this was in the UK in the 80s and getting such a car would have been almost impossible without huge expense either in time or money.

Story credit: Reddit / [deleted]

Disappointing Library


I remembered being in this giant library in my late grandmothers home in southern Alabama. Reconnected with her ex husband a few years ago. Turns out it was just wallpaper. Crushed me.

Story credit: Reddit / Johnnywasaweirdo

Slender Man Spotted


This one day I was walking home from a youth club meeting (I used to live practically in the woods, at my parents). It was a normal road, large and with reasonable amounts of public light.

I was just walking and listening to music when suddenly I felt a weird cold breeze passing right next to me, it was like it had touched my shoulder and obviously as a normal reaction to that, I immediately turned around to see if there was something and guess what...

I saw this shape that looked like a man all dressed in black with a hat but no face, it was like his eyes nose and mouth had been washed away from his face, a bit like Slender Man.

Of course my first reaction to this was "HOLY MOLY" and just started running and never looked back, up until this day, every time I think about telling it to someone I just feel like no one would believe me and therefore, not sure whether it's true or not. This happened about 20y ago.

Story credit: Reddit / gilpimentel

Monkey Business


When I was around 4-6, I went to sleep wearing a coat with a hood and drawstrings. I was woken up in the middle of the night by a gorrila grabbing my drawstrings and furiously lifting me up and down screaming gorrila noses in my face.

The thing that makes it seem so real is that it was in complete darkness and I didn't see a thing. I just feel like a dream would've been more visual. I know it wasn't a gorrila though, but maybe a jerk brother.

Story credit: Reddit / jimbeam958

No Money Back Guarantee


I remember hiding a $20 bill in a big stuffed animal, which looked like the hulk but a cheap knock off version. Years later, I cut that thing open and found no money. I still dont know if i actually did it or not.

Story credit: Reddit / [deleted]

Montessori's Lettuce


I was in a good montessori school for preschool, and I’m pretty sure I remember large bags of green leafy substances, with the teachers saying that they’ll send the bags home once they get the money from our parents. I have to be misremembering something, right?

Story credit: Reddit / Bad_Idea_Hat

Disappearing Girl


This was the creepiest moment I've ever experienced, I swear its real but it just doesn't seem like its something that would be. When I was younger me and my sister shared a bedroom, we had bunkbeds I was on top she was on the bottom one.

We had a huge desk with a giant mirror on the other wall across from the bunkbed. You could see me and my sister while looking at it. Then at the head of the bunkbead was the door to the hallways, down the hall was my dads room and the bathroom.

Now one night I woke up randomly and I looked down the hallway. There was a girl standing there staring into the room, her hair was almost covering all of her face, I can't really remember what she looked like or what she was wearing. I assumed it was my sister so I whispered "Miranda what are you doing?".

Nothing, no response, still standing there. It didn't look that much like my sister so I looked in the mirror and my sister was in her bed. I looked back up and the girl was gone. I remember waking up and feeling that fear and anxiety. It was so creepy.

Story credit: Reddit / KittyGobler

Coming Out


I'm gay, and at some point shortly after I came out to my folks (I was maybe 17), we were at a family gathering. One of my Aunts - Southern one - hadn't heard the news.

My Mom, in one of those trick-of-sound moments, happens to say "Well, he's gay" right as all the surrounding conversation hit a lull. There's silence for a moment, and my Aunt goes, full sass:

"Well, at least he's not going to get some chick pregnant." Mom swears it never happened, but years later at my Aunt's funeral I mentioned the story, and my cousin said she remembered it.

Story credit: Reddit / alejo_sc

Sasquatch Sighting


A clear memory I have from about the age of 5 was going camping with my father. We are in a public campsite where the terrain sloped down to a small lake. I watched a bigfoot walk out from the woods on the other side of the lake and walk down to the water and begin to drink.

After a few seconds, he was followed by a mom and a baby bigfoot. At this point I remember turning towards my dad as some of the campers started to notice and react fearfully.

My dad picked me up and started walking quickly away from the lake. My dad died when I was still young enough that I never asked him about this, but I remember it clearly. This would have been in California somewhere.

Story credit: Reddit / XXX_Mandor

Toy Story


Once when I was very young, like 2 or 3, I was sitting in the living room, and these two people came in to the house. They looked like the dolls/action figures that were around and we played with.

(Multiple kids living in the home, it was a big house with an extended family living there) I had no idea who they were, but they saw me and were friendly to me, picked me up and carried me around the room.

This memory always sort of puzzled me, but thirty years later as I type it out, I realize it was probably Halloween and my Uncle and Aunt dressed up as Raggedy Ann and Andy.

Story credit: Reddit / jpalmerzxcv

Which One is Real?


When I was about 5, I had an orange and black moto-tricycle toy that was missing a front wheel. I left it on the floor in my room before going to bed. When I woke up, there were two of them, side by side, in the same spot.

And not just "seeing double", like I suddenly physically had two of the same toy, missing the same front tire. I held them both in my hands. I was not excited to have a new toy; it gave me a terrible sinking feeling that now in later years I can only describe as Eldritch dread.

Story credit: Reddit / muelboy



Growing up I thought I had a middle name. I remember as a kid my parents telling me it was Daniel. I even remember getting my library card with my mom and her telling that I have to put my middle name on the card. I don’t have the card with me anymore but it had my middle name on it.

Well a few years ago I was having dinner with my family and I casually brought up my middle name into conversation for whatever reason it was brought up and my dad looked up from his plate and said “Your middle name isn’t Daniel, you don’t have a middle name”.

I look towards my mom thinking my dad is getting old and he’s wrong but then my mom says the same thing too. I kept on insisting that they told me this was my middle name as a child but they kept thinking I was crazy.

I shrugged this off at dinner and a couple of years later my mom verified by looking at my birth certificate and it shows I don’t have a middle name.

Story credit: Reddit / nenadkrstic

Dead Clown Posse


When I was little, maybe around 6 or 7 at the time, I would go over to my cousins place to hang out and play for a few days. They were pretty well-off and had a bunch of things I never did so I was always pretty excited to go there.

One day we were riding around the neighborhood on their motor scooters and at some point we stopped on a ridge to look over some undeveloped land or something like that. I swear to god we saw a fat lifeless clown lying face down partially covered by a bush down there.

I have a feeling one of us noticing that thing is why we stopped to look down there in the first place. Anyways I think we kind of just noped out of there and left the dude to continue with our neighborhood stroll and never said a word.

Not sure if that ever actually happened but It’s still a fun memory nonetheless.

Story credit: Reddit / irotok_isBae

RIP Purple Power Ranger

Bizarre-Memories-Had-To-Be-Shared-99.jpg.optimal.jpgWikimedia Commons / Nicholas Moreau / CC 4.0

I was a huge power ranger fan as a kid and watched all of the episodes/movies of the first few series, up until about 2004.

I distinctly remember watching an "episode" one day at my grandparents house, in which the "Purple Power Ranger" passed while fighting in a forest (This still would have been around the time of the mighty morphin series).

However, there was no purple power ranger at that time, and no ranger had passed at any point in the series. Looking back on it now, I totally believe that I made up the scenario in my brain. But it's so weird how I have this distinct memory of watching it happen on the tv. It still confuses me to this day.

Story credit: Reddit / JediMasterMacky

Grandfather is Gone


My grandfather died when I was 9. My parents say I had a very loving relationship with him. I do not remember him at all. I am 29 now.

Story credit: Reddit / thefollowingevent

Missing Field


A few hundred feet behind my house growing up, there was a fence with a 3 foot gap in corner. I used to go through the gap to play because after about 50 feet of trees, there was this massive field. Dozens of acres of just green grass. It was gorgeous and I loved running through it and throwing frisbees out there.

The fence got redone with big 8 foot planks of wood when I was about 9, so I quit playing in that field. We moved away a few years after. Fast forward to me 10 years later. I visited my old house and snuck back to the fence. I hopped it and started walking towards the tree line.

I kept walking for 5 minutes through trees until I came out to a street that had always been a few blocks from my house. There was no field, and all the trees were at least 30 years old. It was incredibly creepy.

My parents and brother don’t remember the field, and there is no way dozens of acres of 100ft trees could have been planted back there. I have tons of VIVID memories in that field, and logically there is no possible way it was ever there.

Story credit: Reddit / Hiranyagarbha

Trains in the Fog


I have a pretty vivid memory of driving home from the nearby city when I was about 7 or 8. It was super foggy and I remember there were derailed train cars all over the highway. My dad had to slowly maneuver his truck around them. It was eerie.

The memory kind of freaks me out, but I'm not really sure why. I've asked my mom about it, but she can't recall anything of that nature ever happening.

Story credit: Reddit / babybluebukowski

Sliding Floors


I have a memory of playing at my friend's home when I was very small. We were running down the hall in socks and sliding on the linoleum floor in the kitchen over and over.

The reason that this is odd is because this activity was STRICTLY FORBIDDEN by my friend's mother, but on this day we did it over and over. The only thing I can think of is that this may have been the day of my mother's funeral.

My friend's mom was so upset that she was not able to attend the funeral and I have been told by others in my family that I went there during the funeral. 3-year-olds are rarely an asset at funerals. Maybe on this day my friend's mom was not in the mood to scold us.

Story credit: Reddit / warehousedatawrangle



I remember seeing my mom being intimate with some guy that I had never seen before downstairs in the kitchen.

It was nighttime and I was asleep in my room upstairs, but I woke up after hearing my mom making strange noises downstairs. I thought she was hurt because it sounded like a mixture of pain and something else. I went downstairs to go check on her and see if I could help her get to bed.

When I went downstairs, however, I didn’t seen her on the couch, so I went to the kitchen. There, I saw a man being intimate with my mom right in front of the sink. I remember in detail his naked butt, back, and skin. I was so terrified, I ran back upstairs and hid under the covers.

Definitely can’t talk to her about that to confirm lol.




I think this story was true, but maybe its not. Memory is weird. When I was 10 I was at a circus with my family, we were really close to the show just at the edge of the ring. At one point during the elephant show the elephant sneezed on me, it got all over my shoulder and neck.

I started freaking out while my family just laughed at me. I ran to the portapotty crying all macho and totally not crying to clean up and walked in on a woman breast feeding in there. She screamed and I was crying not at all crying.

Once she realized I was a small child macho manly man, she tucked her self back in and help me clean up, I was crying totally not crying the whole time and she was wiping up elephant snot with one hand and cradling a baby with another.

She is probably still wondering to this day what I was covered in because I didn't say a word to her the whole time, when she was done I ran away and made my parents take me home.


The Unwanted Visitor


I've been shouldering a secret, a shadow that followed me through the years, festering like an open wound. I was merely a teenager back then, just another night at home with my stepmother while dad was off visiting my uncle. I retired early to my room, the weight of upcoming school day compelling me to seek the comfort of my bed. The silence of the night was disrupted abruptly, a noise pulling me from the edge of sleep. My bedroom door creaked open, a sliver of light cutting through the darkness. 'Here she is, have fun!!', my stepmom uttered, her voice filled with unsettling glee. I froze in fear when I heard a man's voice. A voice that sounded eerily familiar. I recognized it instantly.

My heart pounded as the recognition hit me like a freight train. It was my uncle's voice, the man my father trusted implicitly. He was supposed to be my protector, not my predator. The walls of my bedroom suddenly felt like they were closing in on me, my sanctuary turned into a nightmare. With a surge of adrenaline, I made a split-second decision. I dashed for the window, climbing out into the dark night. I ran as if my life depended on it, because it did. I kept running and I never looked back. That night, I lost my home, my family, my innocence. But I gained a haunting secret, one that would shape the rest of my life.