Don't Waste Your Money On These Overpriced Vegas Buffets, Here Are 5 Actually Worth It

Don't Waste Your Money On These Overpriced Vegas Buffets, Here Are 5 Actually Worth It

Heading to Vegas? It's sad to say but if you're looking to fill up at all the buffet spots, things have drastically changed over the years. Now, only a few good spots are left standing, ones that won't make you feel disappointed once the meal is over. To give you some insight on the current buffet situation over in Las Vegas, check out these 5 that are actually worth it, and avoid these 5 that are way too overpriced.

1. Bacchanal Buffet - Caesars Palace

One of the most popular buffets on the Strip, unfortunately, we're here to say that the Bacchanal is simply far too overpriced for what you're getting. While Vegas buffets used to be the talk of the town, there's been whispers of the decreasing quality and increasing prices over the past couple of years and the Bacchanal is no exception to that.

1024Px-Caesars 95 (28863391516)Christian Schmitt from Lohr, Deutschland on Wikimedia Commons

1. Bacchanal Buffet - Caesars Palace Cont'd

While the Bacchanal at Caesars Palace offers a variety of different dining options that are certainly pleasing to see, you can easily find just as satisfying options at a much cheaper price point. The one stand out? They have a great selection of seafood, but hey, if you're not even a fan of seafood, is there really a point in spending extra money to come here? While it was once worth the expensive price tag, it seems like people are starting to think differently...

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2. The Buffet at Bellagio

The Bellagio water show is a wonderful spectacle that garners so much attention for the casino. And with such an elegant, beautiful performance, you've likely grown to believe that the Bellagio holds that level of quality for all things regarding its casino - sadly, you'd be wrong if you thought that way about the buffet though.

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2. The Buffet at Bellagio Cont'd

Especially post-Covid, the buffet at the Bellagio has seen a significant decrease in quality. Some commenters online have said they've removed plenty of buffet items (including more expensive ones like crab legs!) and that the food is more or less on par with any typical buffet you'd visit on the regular. Safe to say it doesn't sound quite worth it anymore!

Dsc00631 The Buffet At BellagioKat Kellner on Wikimedia Commons


3. MGM Grand Buffet

Back in its heyday, pre-2020 and pre-Covid, MGM Grand's buffet used to be one of the favourites of both locals and tourists alike. However, since the pandemic hit, many have seen a significant change regarding the quality of food, availability throughout the day, and food selection.

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3. MGM Grand Buffet Cont'd

Arguably now one of the most disappointing buffets on the Strip, the MGM Grand buffet isn't even open for dinnertime anymore! Now only available for breakfast and lunch, you can expect a less than grand variety of food options to choose from. With so many other options close by, we don't see a reason why you'd choose this spot over the others.

Mgm Grand Buffet EntranceCalgary Reviews on Wikimedia Commons

4. Excalibur Buffet

At the Excalibur casino, where the exterior is built to replicate a castle, you'll feel like anything but a King or Queen dining at their buffet. Sadly, it's been deemed as a spot where "you get what you pay for." It's become one of those buffets that people would rather dine at a good restaurant than go to eat.

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4. Excalibur Buffet Cont'd

The sad thing is, the Excalibur buffet isn't even one people would consider to be expensive - it's considered a "budget" option. But when the food quality isn't great, the selection is rather limited, and the taste is subpar and borderline disappointing, it's hard to say it's worth the money anyway. 

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5. Circus Buffet at Circus Circus

Despite its prime location and family-friendly vibe, we suggest you head somewhere else for lunch and dinner instead of visiting the Circus Circus buffet. While many have said the dining area itself is rather clean and spacious, the food selection and value is beyond disappointing. Even with its low price point, it's still not worth it!

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5. Circus Buffet at Circus Circus Cont'd

Not to mention, the Circus Buffet is only open from Friday-Sunday now, seriously limiting when you can stop by. With reviewers commenting that the food doesn't taste fresh, the buffet has limited variety, and the overall experience isn't good value, it's going to be a pass from us. 

Circus Circus Reno BuffetMichael Ocampo on Wikimedia Commons


1. The Buffet at Wynn

Although the Vegas Strip used to be littered with top notch buffets at every corner, as we've already mentioned, there are only a couple left that still stand the test of time. One of those still remaining is the Wynn Buffet, one of the few left recommending. A couple searches online is all you need to do to see that people still love this place!

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1. The Buffet at Wynn Cont'd

While it is on the more expensive side, reviews will tell you that it's worth it. Thanks to its elegant presentation, classier vibe, and a wide selection of gourmet dishes (including seafood options!), The Wynn Buffet continues to win over hearts and hold long wait lines. The food just tastes better here, offering better value for your buck compared to other buffets which have fallen off. Consistency is key here, with the quality and ambiance of the buffet holding strong throughout the years, even after Covid.

Dsc07139, The Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, Usa (4385677491)Jim G from Silicon Valley, CA, USA on Wikimedia Commons

2. A.Y.C.E Buffet - The Palms

Two words: Lobster. Buffet. For all the seafood lovers, especially you lobster lovers, head over to The Palms casino for the best bang for your buck. At their A.Y.C.E. Buffet, treat yourself to some unlimited lobster for just $65 on Wednesdays and Thursdays!

Palms Casino ResortPhotos by flipchip on Wikimedia Commons

2. A.Y.C.E Buffet - The Palms Cont'd

The one caveat? The long wait times. But you can easily overcome this by making a reservation first. Besides, it's a good sign seeing a buffet that's still so busy - it means it's worth visiting. Plus the lobster is just one part of the experience, you'll still be treated to a variety of foods that'll make your visit a pleasant one overall. 

Palms Resort During Renovations (2018)Jeff Hitchcock on Wikimedia Commons

3. Garden Court Buffet - Main Street Station

Located not on the Strip but in Downtown Las Vegas, we're telling you it's worth it to make a stop here just to try the Garden Court Buffet at Main Street Station. For just $24-$33, you can enjoy a delicious meal that all the locals rave about. Although there are limited dinner options, their brunch menu is more than enough to satisfy your buffet cravings.

Main Street Las Vegas From I-515Noah Wulf on Wikimedia Commons

3. Garden Court Buffet - Main Street Station Cont'd

And compared to all the other buffets on this list that might easily cost you over $50, we can't complain. And offering a much more homey, cozy atmosphere, we can safely say you won't be disappointed. It's the best option for when you want a good value meal without sacrificing quality.

Main Street Station - Las VegasToohool on Wikimedia Commons


4. South Point’s Garden Buffet

With six live cooking stations and an incredibly wide array of food selections given the price point, South Point's Garden Buffet is a favourite amongst tourists and locals alike. Not only do you get great value thanks to the lower price of entry, the specialties are no joke. Juicy prime rib and champagne for brunch on the weekends? Sign us up!

South Point Casino Sep 2020 NightSoundsfancy on Wikimedia Commons

4. South Point’s Garden Buffet Cont'd

And once again, this buffet has managed to maintain its popularity thanks to one important factor: consistency. South Point has been incredibly reliable, even after facing Covid, by presenting customers with good quality food, good service, and a good atmosphere. Try and top this one!

1024Px-South Point Hotel - PanoramioOscar Flowers on Wikimedia Commons

5. Wicked Spoon - The Cosmopolitan

A top contender for one of Vegas' best buffets still open, the Wicked Spoon (it's got a pretty great name!) is an elevated all-you-can-eat experience. If you're tempted to go, make sure you head over early as it's still very popular! While you might be frustrated with the wait times, it's very promising seeing a buffet garner so much attention.

1024Px-The Cosmopolitan Hotel And Casino Las Vegas At NightEconomicOldenburger on Wikimedia Commons

5. Wicked Spoon - The Cosmopolitan Cont'd

Offering plenty of luxurious goodies like snow crab legs for you to devour, you'll also get to try some of Wicked Spoon's more adventurous offerings. Many people online have commented that they love the creativity at this buffet, offering unique and fun tapas that will surely enhance your experience.

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