The Funniest Online Memes You'll Ever Come Across

The Funniest Online Memes You'll Ever Come Across

Let's start off the morning right with a smile and some laughs thanks to these funny online memes. The internet's a pretty hilarious place to be, and these memes are the perfect example to prove that. So grab a cup of coffee, relax before your day starts, and check out these 40 memes!

1. Beware of Dog


Wow, we're absolutely petrified. How about you guys?

2. The Onion's Final Stand


Who else absolutely hates cutting onions? Man, they sure know how to put up a good fight.

3. An Unwinnable Battle


Can peace between these two sides ever be found?! What is the middle ground?!

4. A Solid Review


This review is somehow 10x better than most restaurant reviews. The only problem? This isn't exactly a place we want to visit.


5. You're A Kind Soul


The true Gigachads on Youtube - truly looking out for the rest of us.

6. Trading Cards


Hey, there were some pretty intense trade battles going on! It was a pretty big deal back then and we're pretty sure it'd feel the same way now too.

7. Thanks For the Invite


Thanks, I totally didn't bring up this plan because I wanted to come along too. Don't worry about me, I'll just be doing nothing all weekend long.

8. What Gameplay?


To each your own, we suppose!

9. Can You Tell These Apart?


Hmmm, well, when you put it like that, it's hard NOT to see the resemblance. 

10. One In A Million


When you took a gamble and came out winning. Somehow finding the one genius in the class to copy off of is like winning the jackpot!


11. Eternal Darkness


Wait, what? Where'd the sun go?

12. Sweet Relief


Is there anything more satisfying than finally getting out that pesky popcorn kernel that's been stuck in your teeth for the whole day? It's just the sacrifice you have to take when eating popcorn.

13. Bro Talks


Gotta stay awake for the bros. You know it'd be disrespectful otherwise.

14. An Endless Loop


When you come across an amazing game and you just can't put it down. Sorry school, work, sleep, or whatever else - this game comes first. 

15. Figure It Out Yourself

5D142Ee3B9C86D641Db9Cabc845B3B66Unknown on Pinterest

So, do you know what you did wrong yet? I'm not gonna sit here all day waiting!

16. The Remote Dance

Fa2Aa0E3Ff31F1A4851B205B3B1Eaa72Bored Panda on Pinterest

Surely if I move around like this, the remote will start working again!


17. Body Expectations

74Ca4906F059E4D666D2C0A6Da378Ef3The Mom Edit on Pinterest

Come on world, at least make it attainable for women! 

18. We're Kind of Dumb

72Da07A5B0D442Ffd4D17446Ed400Cf1TruePrepper on Pinterest

Yup, that pretty much sums up everything nicely. We can't even deny it.

19. A Quick Betrayal

0194580Bdcb022E04145578E261D05AfKnow Your Meme on Pinterest

How could you do Elmo like that? Taking a picture and moving on so quickly...

20. Elmo Is Evil

E472Aa4199647E7B1Bcff1F3Fa14Af09FunSubstance on Pinterest

Looks like Elmo isn't as cute and cuddly as we always assumed. You definitely don't want to get on his bad side.

21. Peppa's A Monster

1E28Ff2E87F3408421207D240D0D1700Бизнес онлайн on Pinterest

Okay, that's just utterly terrifying. Which creator thought it was a good idea to have Peppa Pig be 7'1"?!

22. Never Trust What They Say


You can't trust a teacher when they say something like that - you know they're out to get you.


23. Bad Parenting


Hm, we have no idea why he doesn't talk to you anymore. It couldn't possibly be something wrong that you did, right?

24. The Joys of Online Shopping


It's like getting a present, except you bought it for yourself!

25. How to Whistle


You just...I don't know man, why can't you just do it? Explaining whistling is impossible! You either know or you don't.

26. What's Really Going on in His Head


You may this he's secretly cheating on you, but really, he's asking all the important questions in his head. 

27. The Secret to Talent Shows


The more emotional of a story you tell, the higher chance you have of moving forward.

28. Child Expenses


Raising a child is no joke - we're sure most parents would be a whole lot richer without any kids! It's just a choice you have to make.

29. A Sad Cycle


Soooo, at what point do you actually go and get a girlfriend? That's one dangerous cycle.

30. Picky Eater Struggles


Is it just a universal thing where all picky eaters only eat chicken tenders and fries at restaurants?

31. A Great Advice Giver, Not So Much A Taker


For some reason, we tend to give out good advice even though we don't listen to it ourselves.

32. A Young But Old Soul

1699554220862.pngvia BoredpandaEverything from the stance to the expression is just perfect! He really captures the essence of an old soul just perfectly.

33. This Shouldn't Be Allowed

B8Bb97B8Ed9Aa55Aabc1A5A743168292via Pinterest

Something about that just feels wrong! It's the crossover we didn't know was possible, but also one we didn't want.

34. It's Too Confusing

3249D31F8A8Dd202D26F56D010A870CaKnow Your Meme on Pinterest

For the sake of everyone involved, can we just agree on one term for each food?!

35. Walking A Dangerous Line

Fa7Ec1A7791804E10Ac905Edec760Bf5Cheezburger on Pinterest

That is an absolutely evil thing to do and we would be completely terrified. We would not trust this kid under any circumstances.

36. The Heroes We Needed All Along

1C660E1F6Bf05B328Fd4C2Bad2B5Cb5Fstella on Pinterest

All the chip companies are out there sweating right now thanks to these brave Korean students.

37. The Neverending Fight

Dcb6Cac7C71A727Fc170C9D815F3E0B0iFunny on Pinterest

So McDonald's, what's your comeback?

38. A Minecraft Joke

7096Ff5Ff36Bccfe41B0Bf6Ab91Ecba5WbtoOfficial on Reddit

Unfortunately your teacher didn't pass the vibe check, but don't worry kid. The rest of the internet's got your back.

39. Is He Wrong Though?

8B0398A75Afdbbeebe745F6011444A7FeBaumsWorld on Pinterest

While no, it's probably not the answer you were looking for. But how can you not give this beautiful art at least some points?!

40. A Good Reason

De499E5396966Efbba65233981Eaddb7Team Jimmy Joe on Pinterest

Now that's not a reason that usually immediately comes to mind, but you're right kid. We do love our moms for that reason too.