Give Your Pantry A Makeover With These 20 Organization Tips

Give Your Pantry A Makeover With These 20 Organization Tips

Spring cleaning is underway, and one area you definitely need to clean out is your pantry. When was the last time you did some organizing for it? Make your life simpler by following these 20 organization tips that will seriously give your pantry a much-needed makeover.

1. Categorize Your Items

Instead of just throwing all your goods everywhere, wherever, it's a good idea to group similar items together. Keeping things categorized is one way to stay organized! Put your canned goods in one place, your grains, snacks, and spices. This makes it a lot easier to grab what you need and know where everything is.

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2. Use Clear Containers

Clear containers allow you to immediately see whatever product you've stored away. Instead of having to open up the lid each and every time to check what's inside, storing your dry goods in clear, airtight containers takes away this hassle. Keeps things fresh too!

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3. Label Everything

Let's take things one step further and make it even easier for you to immediately know what you've stored away: labels. Whether it's labeling an entire shelf or just each individual container, it lets everyone know without a doubt where certain items belong and what it contains. Restocking just became a whole lot easier. 

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4. Implement a First-In, First-Out System

If you're constantly restocking on some goods, make sure you implement a first-in, first-out system so that older items get used up before the new ones. You don't want things expiring or going bad!

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5. Utilize Door Space

Make sure you're utilizing every inch of space available to you in your pantry! One great way to maximize your space is by installing racks or shelves on the inside of your pantry door. Providing you with ample additional storage, it's the perfect little spot to store your spices, oils, and other small items that are normally hidden behind larger containers.

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6. Keep a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning your pantry on a regular basis is a lot easier than having to do a massive deep clean every couple of months. We know you might think it's a hassle, but it's for your own good! Just give everything a quick wipe down and make sure you check to see if anything's expired.

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7. Maximize Vertical Space

Just because you only have a few shelves doesn't mean you can't store a lot in that space! Using stackable bins is a great way to make use of vertical space. You'll be surprised by how much you can really fit in there while still keeping things nice and organized.

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8. Create Zones for Frequent Use Items

What we mean by zones is placing your items in specific areas depending on their frequency of use. For goods you use quite consistently, it's probably a good idea to place them somewhere that's easy for you to access and grab. There's not really a point of storing it all the way in the back if you want to dig deep everytime you want to use it, right?

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9. Use Baskets for Loose Items

For those pantry staples that are too hard to stack or store, this is when baskets or bins will come into use. These loose or oddly shaped items should be stored in a separate basket to keep them from falling everywhere or cluttering up the shelves.

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10. Keep an Inventory List

If you want to be extra organized, consider making an inventory list where you can keep track of all your pantry items and update it on the regular. Not only will it help you remember what you do or don't have, it'll help prevent you from overbuying things and can even help you plan your meals more efficiently.

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11. Use Lazy Susans

Not only are Lazy Susans fun, but when you put them on your pantry shelves, they make it so much easier to access the stuff in the back. If you're finding that your pantry is way too full and it's too hard to grab things stuck in the back, these little swivel items will really be useful.

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12. Install Pull-Out Drawers

Another neat trick to making things easier to pull out from the back is adding in drawers or shelves to your pantry. Not only do they conveniently store certain items together in a clean, mess-free way, you simply have to reach out and pull it out to grab anything you need.

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13. Store Heavy Items on Lower Shelves

Always make sure that when you're organizing your pantry, you keep the heaviest items either on the floor or the lower shelves. You don't want any accidents to happen! It also just makes it so much easier to lift them out of their spots. Do you really want to grab a heavy bag of flour from the top shelf when you're already having to tippy toe?

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14. Create a Snack Station

We know that when you're feeling snackish, nothing will stop you until you get your hands on something you want to munch on. That's why creating a specific little area in your pantry for snacks is especially useful! You don't want to have to go through all your other goods just to find your chips in the back.

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15. Maintain a Consistent Layout

After you find a system and setup that works best for you, stick to it! There's no need to keep rearranging things - it'll only make you stressed and make you forget where everything is.

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16. Rotate Stock Regularly

Once every few weeks, it's a good idea to check up on your stocked goods and rotate things around so that anything that's about to expire is up front. You want to make sure that you remember to use up these goods!

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17. Use Shelf Liners

A simple and easy way to keep your pantry shelves a little bit cleaner is to place some shelf liners. Protecting you from any spillage that might happen, you can keep your actual shelves clean. They're so easy to remove and wash too, making any accidents so much easier on you.

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18. Keep a Shopping List in the Pantry

Here's a fun idea - why not keep a notepad or dry-erase board inside your pantry somewhere so you can jot down any notes for your next shopping list as you think of them. Maybe while rummaging through your pantry you realized you're out of sugar or breadcrumbs and need to pick some up. Instead of likely forgetting it, this little tracker will help you remember the little items you might normally forget.

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19. Store Baking Supplies Together

For all the bakers out there, keep things simple and store all your baking supplies together. Either store them on the same shelf or use bins or containers to make things extra easy on you. There's not really a point of keeping your sugar and chocolate chips on opposite ends of the pantry after all!

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20. Use Hooks for Hanging Items

To create even more space, consider installing some hooks in your pantry, whether it be on the door or shelves. This allows you to hang light items like aprons, bags, or even utensils! 

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