Hotel Maids Share The Most Disturbing Things They've Found In Rooms

Hotel Maids Share The Most Disturbing Things They've Found In Rooms

Could you handle dealing with bodily fluids and other forms of waste on a regular basis?  That's what hotel maids go through regularly as they deal with the worst waste that humanity has to offer. You've heard the hotel room horror stories in the news, but the following tales will disturb you even more.


50. A Scene To Remember

I work at a hotel but not as a maid myself. Though one day a maid found a woman who committed suicide. She checked in so her family would not be forced to find the body. It was in the middle of the day and the hotel was mostly clear of people. Nobody heard the gunshot and we have concrete floors that stopped the bullet from traveling out of the room. The way it was described to me was it was relatively clean. She was on the bed, put a pillow on her head, and shot through it towards the ground. It wasn’t until the cops came that blood got everywhere. The maid soon quit afterward.


49. An Unexpected Jackpot

My grandfather used to work maintenance in Manhattan. One day the cleaning lady calls him because she can't open the door to a room. They find a body on the floor. After calling the cops, they discovered suitcase with two million dollars in it.

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48. Searching For A Light Snack In The Fridge

I was a housekeeper on an island resort, and we had contractors living there during the week building a new high-rise. They would go home for the weekend, and we had to clean everything. They were getting free accommodation and did not care. They were always messy. Week old plates of food, spilt bong water etc. But the most confusing moment was in the bottom of a fridge. There was a layer of sand a couple of centimeters thick and rock hard. I proceed to chip away at the sand biscuit and as I do so, I start to see small curly hairs appearing. Loads of them. To this day I still don't know how so many pubes got into the sand, in the bottom of a mini fridge, and what had acted as the binding agent.


47. Not The Popsicle I Had In Mind

My grandma used to clean hotel rooms and I used to go with her because it’s a laid-back job and nobody else could watch me. My grandma was cleaning, and I was sitting on the counter playing my DS. I wanted to get a drink so checked to see if there was ice in the freezer. There was no ice, but there was a popsicle box! I got so excited. I ran into the bathroom and asked my grandmother if I could have a popsicle. Assuming they were in plastic wrap, she said yes. I ran back to the freezer and reached into the cardboard box and pulled out a long, purple dildo covered in human feces. I was 7.



46. Room Of Horrors

Ex-hotel housekeeper here who is ready to tell the story of why I quit. It was a regular day with a slightly smaller than the average schedule of rooms for the day so I was in a good mood. I had 12 rooms that day. Normally I'd have 14 - 16.

I get to my last room, excited to be close to finishing for the day and I open the door only to be greeted by a grotesque display of everything that is considered repulsive and dangerous to touch. There were... let’s see if I remember this right: used condoms, too much blood for there to have not been a murder, used needles, pipes, other random narcotic things, empty pill bottles, broken and unbroken liquor bottles, and cigarette butts. Then the bathroom: piss and vomit everywhere. I called the front desk and asked them to call the police. The cops came to investigate the blood and narcotics used in the room but the people who had rented it and already checked out. They wanted me to clean the room and forego a hazmat team. I left for the day and later quit.


45. Seeing Child Neglect Firsthand

My mom was a hotel maid, and I worked with her during the summers. I remember one day she was done early with her rooms, so she came to help me finish so we could go home. We walked into the room and were automatically hit with the stench of poo and vomit. The people staying there were a family of four in a suite and were put up because their apartment had flooded or something. They had refused cleaning for the last week and now we knew why. The bathtub was filled with garbage, one of the walls was smeared with feces.

Their two-year-old kid had apparently smeared his own feces unto the wall, and they just left it to dry up. There was a corner with a mountain of diapers. The older kid had gotten sick (probably from living in that filth) had thrown up everywhere. My mom and I refused to clean the room, and we asked the manager to come and see. It was so disgusting the family got kicked out of the hotel, and we had to call a cleaning company to get the dry feces out of the wall. Child protective services also came and asked us questions.


44. Caught In A Real Murder Reveal

One time I found a bunch of newspaper clippings on a murder that had happened in Belgium. Later, there was a news segment that this murderer was thought to be in Amsterdam, and a photo of the man was put up. It was the same man who had stayed at my work. We phoned the police, but he had checked out by then.


43. False Alarm Of A Lifetime

We had a lady who cleaned hotels tell us about the time she walked in and there were 10 heads in the bathtub with the hotel water running. She immediately left the room and had the manager call the police. Tons of police come to investigate with multiple guys with earpieces in place. The gentlemen who was in the room came back and was immediately taken down. He oversaw an ENT cadaver lab being held the next AM and needed to thaw the specimens. Tough to explain but it got sorted out once the heads were all accounted for.

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42. A Thank You Present For The Staff

I used to work part-time as one (I'm a man, so not exactly a maid). Once, I found a sticky, yellow dildo with a smell that will suffocate your soul and scar you for life. It was shaped like a deformed Neptune's trident. It was stuck under the mattress.


41. A Grudge Rears Its Ugly Head

I worked as a housekeeper in a hotel for a few months when I was 18. The absolute worst thing I've had to deal with was when I kept turning down the offers of sex to the room of 2 military men. They got super offended that I wasn't interested and went so far to trash the room. They took boxes of chips and crushed them all over the floor. There were so many bits of chips smashed into the carpet. There were also beer cans were thrown everywhere and trash stuffed between the mattresses. Also, I saw rolls of toilet paper shoved in the toilet and feces on the walls.



40. Coffee Anyone?

When I was 16, I worked for a hotel in southern Illinois. I walked into the room and instantly smelled feces, but nothing looked nasty, so I went about stripping the beds and going about my business. I was nearly done with the room and still confused about the odor until I got to the coffee pot. Someone had defecated where the coffees grounds were supposed to go and made a pot of hot feces water. I just bagged and threw the whole thing away in the dumpster. I went to the owner and told them what had happened and to request a new pot. I was told to retrieve the old one and just bleach it. I quit right then and there. I still refuse to use coffee pots when I am staying at a hotel.


39. Guess What’s For Dinner?

A single guy rented a room once for one night (checked in at 11 pm and checked out real early the next morning). Went to clean his room and nothing was touched at all. The bed was still made even. Except, there was an ax underneath the pillows.

Someone called because their toilet was clogged. Well, we went in and the toilet was indeed clogged. Except, it was clogged with an entire rotisserie chicken and feces. And the shower was also clogged with excrement. Not fun to clean up.


38. Cover Your Eyes, Jesus

I once walked into a room that was littered with dirty clothes and old food. There were stems from rotten grapes scattered on the bed and bread that was so old it almost disintegrated at the touch. Sitting on the bed was a laptop, open but turned off, a bottle of lotion and a roll of toilet paper. It was all seemingly normal for a 20-year-old-boy. Next to the bed was a black chair full of white spots on the seat. Sitting next to the chair, scattered about and obviously used, was a penis pump. Then on the dresser was a small Jesus statue turned away towards the window.


37. A Wedding Night to Remember

I worked for a nice hotel that was often used for wedding and honeymoons. I had already cleaned the bridesmaids and groomsmen rooms of their vomit and trash and next on my list was the couple’s room. I walked into the room to find vomit and other "sexual juices" in the mini fridge. The sheets had been removed from the bed because the couple didn't want to sleep on the blood. But they still had sex on the bare bed, with some candle play involved. The other table had Chinese food stuck to the table with hardened soy sauce. I left right away and told my manager it was a hazardous room, and she said I would be fired if I didn't clean it. I'm so glad I no longer work there.


36. This Is Not Your Grandmother’s Chocolate Shake

I’m not a maid, but my sister used to be. I think the worst story she has told me was when she just started working there. Three guys stayed in one room for four days, and it was nothing unusual. The room was cleaned daily. My sister entered the room, and there was a gross smell of human poop. In the middle of the bed there were probably 20 paper bags filled with liquid excrement. No clue why they did it or how they even got all that feces in the bags.


35. A Grisly End

A friend of mine was a hotel manager at an extended stay chain of hotels. One day their maid walked into a room to see the scene of a murder-suicide of a local and prominent couple. Nobody heard the gunshots but that was the method of death. This was higher profile given they were famous in our city. It should be noted that it was a planned murder-suicide due to medical issues. Husband and wife.



34. Urine Or Something Else?

I used to be a housekeeper at a hotel that housed gymnastics folks for various reasons. In one room, I would constantly have to leave the guest notes on the toilet because it was the sort that you had to hold the handle down to fully flush, and I was tired of lifting the seat to clean the toilet only to find this horrid yellow soup. Is it the weirdest? No, but at the time I felt it was terrible how they would peddle eating right to kids they instructed while secretly maintaining an eating disorder.


33. Someone’s Watching You

I once found a pen camera that had several clips of women using the bathroom. The last clip was a clip depicting a man (likely the owner of the device) and a woman having sex. After 2 or 3 minutes (not joking), they finished, and she got up and discovered the pen. She began yelling at him about it, but he kept telling her it wasn't a camera.


32. You Don’t Want To Know What’s In There

My friend signed up for a job as a maid for the summer. In one room he found a drawer of used condoms, three dildos that had blood on them, and the smell was indescribable. He then left his stuff at the room, went to the manager, and quit.


31. The Life Of An Addict

I opened a messy room to find a smell that hit me was almost a physical mass. I had never felt queasy from foul odors, but I wanted to throw up. I'm not sure what exactly happened. There was a trash can in the middle of the room that contained dirty toilet paper and a pipe. The toilet was also full of what appeared to be diarrhea. The bottom of the shower was also full of dirt and crud, with a brown-stained towel. I kept every half-cleaned room shut after that incident.


30. Human Molting?

I walked into a room that an old couple had been staying in. The floors were hardwood, and it looked like a box of soap flakes or talcum powder had been dropped on the floor. The floor was absolutely covered in them. It was only when I got down on my knees that I realized it was skin.


29. I Hope That’s Beard Hair

I was a new housekeeper at a little hotel in South Dakota. After entering a suite, I found trash everywhere. A lamp was knocked down, and the nice tub was covered in dirty water. There were also dirty footprints all over the place, but the worst was the hair all over the bathroom.



28. Think Of This When Lying On A Hotel Bed

One day my boss asked me to look at something in one of the rooms so obviously I was like sure thing and went to have a nosey. There was a HUGE wet patch and a stain that had gone through to the mattress (double mattress and it covered nearly half of the bottom of it). The duvet was also slightly damp. Some sort of liquid had been knocked over, or one of the ladies had peed herself. Either way my boss had to ring them to ask why the bed was left in such a state. The lady and her girlfriend came back and casually explained that she had ejaculated all over the bed. I touched it to see how wet it was.


27. The Bondage Of Addiction

I found a dead person. He had overdosed, and he had the do-not-disturb sign on the door for a few days. He was in the room at the end of the hall and guests were complaining of a horrible smell, so my manager sent me to check. I knocked a few times and then went to open the door, but the smell was overwhelming, and I had a horrible feeling, so I didn't open it all the way and ran to get my boss. I still had to work for the rest of the day. After the cleaning crew came, they rented the room out that night. I quit shortly after.


26. It Began With An Innocent Jewelry Box…

I remember one disgusting story from when my mom was a maid in one of the hotels on the Las Vegas strip. She had gotten to an older guy’s room and knocked to see if he was there. He opened the door. Seemed nice enough as my mom said sorry and that she'd come back later. The guy looked at her and said "Oh, I was just leaving. Left a nice tip for you too." The room was covered in feces, but they had her clean it anyway. She found the “tip” on the dresser. It's a cheap wooden jewelry box with a note on the top that says: "for the maid." She opens it to find a feces-covered $20 crumpled into a ball. When they confronted the old man, he said his colostomy bag broke. For some reason, the staff was cool with that excuse and let him go.


25. A Great Way To Start The New Year

I cleaned a room on New Year’s. There was vomit all over the bed and pillows.  The guest put a pillow on the puke and didn't let the maids in until leaving that day. The vomit was crusty and stuck together. There was also vomit in the bathroom, and feces-ridden toilet paper in the trash bins.


24. Staring Death In The Face

I saw a dead man slumped over the bed with an apparent cut to the head. He had a heart attack and fell on the corner of the dresser, landing on the bed. It was scary and sad all at the same time.


23. Someone Had A Great Party

In the bathrooms of the smoking rooms, there were big ashtrays and the housekeepers were taught as part of the routine of the room to dump them into the toilet and flush. One woman was cleaning and found cocaine after dumping an ashtray. She freaked out and instead of flushing called a manager. This was literally thousands of dollars of value dissolving in toilet water. The manager flushed it, and nothing came of it.


22. This Isn’t My Scene

My friend used to work at a hotel and told me about things their housekeepers find. One time he called me up because he feared what they found. It was a mural of the anarchy symbol that was painted in blood on the wall. There were candles everywhere and a dead goat on one of the beds. On the other bed was a Bible with symbols written in blood around it.

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21. A Dark Path

A kid I went to high school with was arrested after housekeepers found the dismembered remains of several dogs in his motel room. He apparently got into narcotics and began collecting dogs to slaughter them. I think he's been sentenced to over 30 years in prison. I could barely recognize his mugshot. He was a popular kid from a wealthy family before getting mixed up.


20. New Furnishing

I asked the maintenance man what was the most messed up thing he had seen. (I was there to work on the TVs. ) He said this guy checked in with cash. When the maid came around to clean the room, she called him to the room. Asked what was wrong with it. Apparently, the guy needed to stock his house. Had taken bed, dresser, tv. the works. And since he paid with cash, no record. I think they started asking for id after that.

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19. The Man With The Eerie Smile

I was 17 at the time and working as a hotel receptionist/maid. In one room, I saw blood everywhere. It looked like someone had been murdered, and I'm not saying this lightly. Blood covered the bathroom walls, floors, and entire shower. The first maid who got in there fainted when she saw it, so the receptionist sent me to check on her and the room's status. It was terrifying.

We obviously stopped the guest as he came back from his business meeting to ask him about the mess, upon which he smiled creepily and said: "I had a woman over. You know how they get sometimes, Heh, heh, heh."

I really wish I was making this up. I really, really do. We were a small hotel with just over 40 rooms and called the cops on the dude, which was terrible for our reputation. Quit shortly after, never found out what happened afterward.


18. Creepy Old Man Alert

For my first job as a teenager, I was a hotel maid. I've seen a lot of weird stuff, but one situation that stood out was this creepy old man who would hit on me and my friend. Every time we would clean his room, the top drawer of his dresser would be open with what seemed to be a strategically-placed unused condom. I guess he never got to use it.


17. Time To Change Jobs

We had to clean a room covered in feces. On the bed, on the towels, and everywhere but the toilet. And to top it all off, when I asked about being able to use gloves, I was told no. We had to make do with what we had. I hated that place.


16. What’s Up With Creepy Old Men And Hotels?

I saw a naked man in the bathtub. I was 16, knocked and called loudly before I walked in. He sat there with a big creepy grin on his face. Gross.


15. Swimming In Red

Not a housekeeper, but a former hotel employee, here. I once had to drain a bathtub full of blood after a botched suicide attempt, because the housekeepers couldn't stomach it!

On a lighter note, I once discovered a used earplug under my bed while staying as a guest in a motel. Fairly innocuous on its own, but my buddy and I sure had a laugh when we realized why it was there: for a tiny motel air-conditioner, that sucker sure roared to life like a jet engine!

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14. Autoerotic Asphyxiation

Deadman in bed, belt around the neck, with porn open on his laptop next to him.

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13. Still Here

Dead lady in a bathtub. All the lights were off and we thought she had checked out. Creepy as hell.

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12. Fetish Activities

2 gallons of vegetable oil, 2 pairs of black rubber electrician's gauntlets a Hello Kitty babydoll nightgown and a butt plug the size of a desk lamp.


11. Nowhere To Go

Worked in a hotel and one day a maid walked into a room and found a man spreadeagled and handcuffed to the 4 bed posts. The hooker he hired had robbed him and left him chained to the bed.


10. Crime Scene

I used to work construction on Motel 6. Basically doing new paint, carpet, and fixtures.

One room had previously had a murder in it and the carpet was blackish orange. Have found dozens of needles and razor blades hidden inside bathroom items; towel rack bar, shower bar, under the toilet lid, air conditioning units, the list goes on.


9. Mountain of Sugar

I feel mine are more weird/gross than disturbing.

  • Used Condoms

  • Trash can full of spit

  • A huge pile of sugar (well, I hope it was sugar) on the floor

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8. Poo Bag

My mom used to clean student housing during the summer before the new people would move in in the next semester. She once found a carrier bag filled with poo shoved behind a radiator.

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7. Not The Smartest Smuggler

Preliminary, not me, my girlfriend's mom works at a Hilton and after one guest had left, a maid went up to the room, looked under the sink for anything left over, found a huge duffel bag stuffed with bricks, upon bricks of narcotics. Guest later called and asked to be let back into his room because he forgot something, police were waiting for him on his return.

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6. My Bad

Poo all over the room. Literal feces. Lucky for me, I wasn't the maid. I was the child who pooed on the bed and had it fall out of my little whitey tighties as I hobbled to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, my brother who shared my bed was hardly spared from my creamy surprise. My parents (in the other bed in the same room) did their best to help clean up but there was just... Too much. That's when we learned that Dramamine gives me diarrhea. We got out of there first thing in the morning and never looked back. I feel so sorry to this day for the maid that likely had to torch that room to the ground.

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5. For Safe Keeping

Someone locked a full diaper into the safe once. I was expecting to open it up and find some cash or something. Nope, a full diaper.

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4. Creepy Crawlers

We found bed bugs in our hotel room this morning. At first, it was just one, then we checked under the bed. I don't think I will be able to sleep again.


3. Scat Porn

At Banff international Hotel, Room I was cleaning had underwear (tightie whities) covered in feces in the bathtub! When I took the bed covers off that is when I noticed the bedsheets were covered in poo too. A camera on a tripod was in corner of the suite. The room was a "stay" meaning they were still there for another few days.... I had to look at this weird German couple for days after and they knew I knew about there messy rocky roads party.


2. Enter the World Of A Hoarder

We had an extended stay guest who said he wanted to clean his own room and change his own sheets. We would stop by and drop off clean towels, sheets, and trash bags. He would tell us he would bring the dirty sheets down to the desk later. He got behind on his bill, and the manager wanted us to go in the room if he didn't answer to see if he was still staying with us. This guy was a hoarder and had trash everywhere. There was rotten food, a watermelon that was practically flat and oozing nasty liquids, and lots of chicken bones. He also had brought back four stools from different bars across the street. He never brought down dirty sheets because he would just keep putting them on top of each other. We also found a couple of his teeth. The bathroom smelled horrible, he apparently liked to do enemas in the tub. We had to kick him out and replace the carpet and mattresses. The room was empty for months because of the smell.


1. Fudge Hallucinations

An old boss of mine was staying in a hotel and had a package of fudges that had been laced with mushrooms that he and his buddies were planning on taking. One of the maids helped herself to the package.

I can only imagine what she must have gone through later that day, but I assume she learned her lesson by the end.

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