People From Around The World Share Moments When They Realized They Were The Bad Guys

People From Around The World Share Moments When They Realized They Were The Bad Guys

Someone does something to offend you. You get angry, and then you decide to get even. So you work yourself into a rage, you put on your evil Machiavellian hat, and you're delightedly planning your revenge in your dungeon lair, when you suddenly realize... Wait a minute. All that guy did was scuff my shoe. And in response I'm planning to take over the world? Am... Am I the bad guy here?

Okay, it's usually not as dramatic as all that, but you take the point. We've all had moments where we had to face up to the fact that we're the ones who are in the wrong; we're the bad guys.

These people from all over the world recently went online to share such stories. Hey -- at least they realized!

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40. Every weekend is Halloween for them

A friend brought my group of friends to a bar on Halloween weekend. I was dressed up as a cowboy. I noticed that pretty much everyone else at that bar was dressed as a vampire. I went around and complimented a lot of them on their awesome vampire costumes.

We eventually left and hopped over to another bar. I'm telling my friend I thought it was weird that everyone there had chosen to dress as a vampire. He tells me that we were actually at a goth bar, and none of them were wearing costumes.

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39. They're in a better place now

I was adopted by lovely and caring parents, but throughout my entire childhood and teenage years I wanted nothing but distance from them for the sole reason that they were religious.

They weren't even the fanatic types. They were incredibly tolerant and respectful towards just about anything and anyone. They had the belief that they not only couldn't judge anyone, but also would be punished if they did.

When I was 11 I told them I didn't want to go to church anymore and then accepted it. I mean, I was 11 and they already respected my decision.

That just made it all the much harder for us to connect at any level. 90% of everything they did was to talk about Jesus and whatnot. In hindsight, I used to be kind of a jerk about it, while they were always perfectly calm and friendly, even when I downright offended them.

I lost both of them in a car accident when I was 18.

Now I see that whether someone is religious or not, old or not, male or female or neither, black or white, from your country or a foreigner, being a jerk is just that, being a jerk, where you come from and your general philosophy of life can't really do much to make it better or worse.

No matter how right you think you are, don't be mean! And take a moment to appreciate the people you have in your life, today, now.

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38. What makes kids want to do this?!

I think about this pretty often honestly. I had to be about 7 or 8. I'm in the mall with my mom and sister and it is just about closing time. On our way out of a department store we stop at the bathroom before the ride home. My mom sends me into the men's room on my own. Nobody in the bathroom. For some reason my stupid little brain thinks, "I'm gonna crap on a bunch of paper towels and slap it against the mirror..."

I try to think back to why I would ever have this compulsion and I got nothing. Having since worked many service jobs over the years I am profoundly sorry to that custodian.

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37. From the mouths of babes

As I was standing on my front lawn, spraying weed killer on dandelions, a little neighbor girl asked if I was watering my flowers. I replied, "No, I'm killing them." An expression of sadness washed over both of our faces. We shared a moment in silence. "That's mean," she offered and then pedaled off.

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36. Watch yourself

When I was a kid at summer camp I used to always find digital watches lying around. I collected like 3 of them one summer and was showing them off to other kids and one was like "hey that's my watch, I took it off when I went swimming". Thought about it and realized, wow yeah I do "find" a lot of these watches near the pool. Turned out I had just been stealing other kids digital watches that they were taking off and leaving by the pool side before swimming. I gave him back his watch.

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35. You can become a bad boss without even realizing

One of my first jobs I took seriously was in fact McDonald's. You can hate it all you want, but it's incredible how detailed the instructions are. From a processing/logistics point of view, they can make you a fresh hamburger in under a minute. That's amazing if you've ever worked in a kitchen.

I was usually working "initiator" which is like the leader of the kitchen. You decide what gets made first by toasting the buns and sending them down the line with the proper wrapper and condiments with a printed tag on it if it's special (no pickles). Generally speaking you also call out to the co-workers anything special, and if there's large orders of nuggets or something coming in. A hyper 20-year old "inish" can really put the strain on some elderly line workers. I kept them working hard during rush hours.

One particular dinner rush I really gave our only cook Terry a hard time. He was in a motorcycle accident was he was younger. I wouldn't call him handicapped or mentally challenged, he was just a really slow mover and thinker. He kept coming up short on things like nuggets, chicken patties, burgers and it was really slowing us down.

At one point he's holding a dirty tray, walking across the kitchen and I yelled at him to get more burgers cooking. He just stopped, gave me an evil stare, threw the dirty tray on the ground, and yelled, "Not everyone is perfect like you! Some people have to try harder to do normal things!"

My heart sank and I started feeling really bad. I still remember that moment almost 15 years later. If you've ever worked in a busy kitchen you know how those moments create strong bonds between co-workers. I ended up being good friends with the guy, and helped him out a bit more when I could.

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34. That 1% though...

I was at an intersection and the lane shifted once you crossed it. I honked at a guy because he got into my lane. I asked him:

"Are you trying to have an accident?"

He told me, "Your lane shifts you idiot!"

99% of the time I am a good driver and the other person is an absolute moron. A few days later I realized the guy was right and I was wrong.

I wish I could time travel and say, "My mistake, you were right."

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33. At least you realized you were wrong

A co-worker and I were not getting along. Something wasn't clicking and I thought she was just old, rude, and lazy. Eventually I got called into the boss's office and she was there, crying her eyes out. My boss informed me she had been telling them that I was being rude, aggressive, and overall a jerk to this person.

Turns out she felt she was under pressure because of my attitude, and she couldn't handle it. I felt awful, and apologized profusely. I was young at the time and it was a big wake up moment for me. I was at a point in my life where I was trying to turn myself around physically, but now I knew I had to do that for my attitude as well.

That co-worker and I became quite close over time, and even though I left that job 6 years ago, we still keep in touch.

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32. Good for her for calling you out

When I texted a girl to hang out (platonically) and her response was, "What would we do? All you ever wanted me for was hooking up."

It was about 10 years ago, when I was 19 and in college. It was one of the only regrets I've had regarding how I've treated another person. I've given her a formal apology and (barring details that reaaaaaaally show how I was the bad guy) explained how I saw things. Now, we're on not enemy terms and she's a mother and married to the best friend that consoled my bad behavior! Win-win?

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31. A biiiiiiit of an overreaction

So, I was driving my car into a roundabout, doing nothing wrong, not cutting up any other drivers, driving at a safe, slow speed, and suddenly HONK!!!! from another driver. I look up and there is a taxi about to join the roundabout and the driver staring straight at me. FFS, I think, these guys think they own the road. Now you're not even allowed to enter the roundabout when they want to.

In my own defense, I was having a bad day so I did something I would never normally do. I slowed my car down to a crawl, and gave him the finger, maintaining eye contact for several seconds, turning to look over my shoulder at him so as to keep up the finger and the eye contact for as long as possible. The look of astonishment on his face at getting the finger from this respectably dressed woman was priceless.

As I exited the roundabout, HONK!!! again, but this time I realized the sound had been from a commercial playing on the car radio. It must be tough, being a taxi driver.

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30. At least it's minty

I blew a Tic-tac through a straw into an old guy's face who was working at a car park booth when I was about 12 and still feel terrible about it a decade and a half later.

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29. Passing notes

I teach middle school, so I end up having to play the villain a lot. But one time stands out where I actually WAS the bad guy:

Last block of the day, we're working through something that is not terribly interesting. I hear a few whispers and giggles and my teacher sense goes off. Out of the corner of my eye I see that a note is being passed around the class and that's what's causing the distraction. I muster up my best stern teacher face and boom, "Put that in your backpack or I'm going to have to take it."

Someone had found out it was my birthday - they made me a lovely card and were all signing it.

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28. Never jump to conclusions

After being a bit of a tear-away and trying to get my shit together in school I told off a kid for wearing a hat that the school uniform didn't allow. I later learnt he was wearing the hat because he'd lost his hair to chemo. Did not feel good.

For some context, this was in a UK secondary with a blazer-and-trousers-style uniform.

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27. Yeah, yeah, whatever

In the past I'd subconsciously tune people out mid conversation and then give a rehearsed response when it was time for me to respond. I didn't even realize I was doing it so much until I'd ask my friends about things that they claimed to have already told me.

When I realized it was a problem to be such a crappy listener, I made a conscious effort to fix it and I'm much better about it now

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26. Some guys never learn this lesson

So when I was a neckbeard loser, I tried asking out this girl. She was hot but she was also in a wheelchair. I remember thinking how awesome it would be asking her out, since I figured not too many dudes would put up with a woman in a wheelchair. She would be just sooo thankful for me because I’m such a good guy to look past her insecurities!

So of course, I ask her out and she rejected me. At first, I was mad. I couldn’t believe a lady in a wheelchair wouldn’t go out with me. Like, who did she think she was? She couldn’t even walk!

But then, I realized I was being a truly evil person. I thought her being in a wheelchair would bring her down to my level but the truth was, she was still an awesome person that shouldn’t be taking scraps just because she couldn’t walk. I was the condescending jerk who was looking looking down on her. It was a wake up call for myself and how I thought of women.

It wasn’t easy. Had to do some self reflecting, found out I had no good qualities any lady wanted to date, and had to work on myself. I’m not perfect, still catch myself in toxic thought, but I’d like to think I’ve improved. Got a wife and she seems happy so there’s that at least.

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25. The common denominator

I didn't have any friends in preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school, or college. I wondered why everyone was mean to me. Then I thought maybe the thousands of kids who didn't want to be my friends weren't wrong, maybe I was. So I started consciously being extra nice to everyone. My first day of my first job out of college, a group of guys invited my to go out with them for a drink after work. I have friends now and am no longer a jerk.



24. Too soon?

A few years ago, while helping a friend move some furniture, his 70ish mother picked up a curtain rod from a pile of them leaning in a corner. Among them was a cast iron one that was very heavy. It fell and knocked her unconscious in a very cartoonish kind of way; it hit her, she straightened up and just fell over backwards. I laughed and could not stop. I realized after a few moments that everyone was staring at me as though I just took a dump on the dining room table. Yep. I am a terrible person.


23. Rock and roll all night

Back in my rage-all-day-everyday college days, we’d routinely party until the sun came up. One time, a roommate came downstairs and turned down our music. As he was walking back upstairs, I cranked it back up. He came back and started jawing at me about respect and I wasn’t having any of that. Huge jerk energy on my part.

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22. A change for the better

When I was a teen, I went to a restaurant with several of my friends. We had been at an arcade earlier, so I had a pocket full of quarters. My tip that night was quarters sprinkled in glasses, in food, and on plates. Thought it would be funny, but I look back on it now and it wasn’t. It’s something for which I’m deeply ashamed and it fills me with regret every time I think of it.

Now I am extremely nice to the wait staff.

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21. Lost and found

I was in Tijuana drinking it up and this was in the 90s. I left a bar and when I made it outside, I realized that I left my wallet on the table.

I went back in and saw that different people were there and no wallet. I asked them if they found a wallet and all said no. I got more aggressive with them and started to threaten them if they didn't return the wallet. I was a big guy in those days and I could tell they were scared.

By this time, the bouncer is noticing and I recognize that I'd likely get thrown out soon. So I told them that I'd be waiting for them outside and would beat them to a pulp.

I went outside and was looking in to scare them and plus I was mad. I then reached in my shirt pocket because I felt something there. Sure enough, my wallet was in there.

Felt like such an idiot and still feel like an idiot when I think of it.


20. This is like a knife in the heart

We were on a family holiday in a caravan park by the sea. I was probably 10 years old, maybe eleven. There was a large number of kids the same age as me who would hang around together. One of the kids was from the country and awkward. The crowd as a whole decided to exclude him from the activities by basically ignoring him.

Being young and easily led, I decided to follow the crowd. He came over to play football and everyone walked away from leaving him by himself and crying. He shouted out, “I thought you were my friend!” whilst bawling his eyes out. To this day, thirty-five years later, I can still hear him. Wish I had more backbone as a kid.


19. "Why won't women give nice guys like me a chance?"

I used to pull that nice guy BS. Ask a girl out, get rejected, desperately plead my case about how nice I was even though trying to guilt trip your way into a date is not a nice thing to do at all, then get frustrated when she avoided me and unfriended me on Facebook. Pretty embarrassing to look back on, but if you can't look back and realize you were a total idiot sometimes, you're probably still an idiot.

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18. Imagine their confusion

When I was a little kid, I mixed up the words “lesbian” and “pedestrian.” Long story short, there was a circular park near my house that my mom would walk around for exercise. I would ride my bike next to her. As she was walking, I was riding ahead of her trying to clear a path by saying, “Excuse me lesbians,” instead of, “Excuse me, pedestrians.”

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17. E.T. phone home

Back in seventh grade, this really shy girl used to have a HUGE crush on me. Her friends told me she would leave PE early to go to the changing room in order to look pretty for the next class that we were both in. Then her friends kept asking for me to talk to her and ask her out, but I refused because to me, “She looked like an alien.”

Unfortunately, her friends told her, and she was devastated. I was honestly just stating why I didn’t want to “date” her, but I realized how freaking mean and terrible my comments were. I apologized to her for being an insensitive jerk and she forgave me. We managed to become friends in eighth grade and all throughout high school.

I still feel bad about whenever I think of her.

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16. No such thing as free yogurt

I was out of town and I went into a frozen yogurt place I'd never seen before with so many flavors. I kept asking for sample cups until I'd tried like 20 of them and was only halfway. It was amazingly fun!

I heard a parent giving a lecture to their kids who wanted to copy me about 'how we don't act like that man and buy ours.' That just ruined it for me, so I dropped a $10 in their tip jar and left.

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15. Sneaky, sneaky

Went to a concert and did some pre-gaming in the parking lot. Start walking towards the venue and really have to pee. Getting to an area with lots of people around and no discreet location. Think I’m gonna pee myself. Get close enough where I can see the row of about 20 porta potties. Get tunnel vision towards my target and B-line it to the closest one.

Just as I reach for the handle, it opens up. Perfect timing. I go in and relieve myself. Come out and realize each porta potty had a line about 30 people deep. I just cut about 600 people. I felt bad, but worth it to not wet myself.

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14. The better brother

As a kid, my parents would always take my brother’s side on everything. Not in a bad abusive way, just if he forgot to run an errand “oh, he didn’t mean to forget” meanwhile if I forgot to do a chore it was “why are you being so lazy?”

When I was away at college I realized, and I don’t mean this in a vindictive way or anything, that my brother really has the most absolute pure intentions of anyone on the planet. I have good intentions like 90% of the time, I’m not perfect, but my brother seriously just wants everyone to be happy and help everyone.

So I realized that for most of our childhood I was the “bad guy.”

Seriously though, like I do keto when I’m cutting and he wants to drop a few pounds, (he’s not doing keto) so he meal prepped himself some food and he wrote the carb content on all of it and put it in the fridge and said I could eat whatever.

He literally meal prepped for me without me asking just because he can.

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13. That poor girl

In middle and high school I was a sort of proto-incel, before that was even really a thing (mid-to-late 1990s). I had never had a GF and I was convinced that there was some kind of conspiracy because girls didn't like me. I was super attracted to this one girl in particular, but in true incel fashion I never actually spoke to her; I simply got more and more frustrated over time. Let's call her "Kara".

Anyway, out of the blue one day her (less attractive) best friend and I struck up a conversation, and I saw it as an opportunity. Let's call her "Tina". Tina and I developed a legitimate relationship, but in my mind I would always end up with Kara eventually. Tina was obviously head over heels for me, but I just used her to stay close to Kara.

At some point in all this, Kara did eventually get a BF and I was crushed. I was so angry. I broke up with Tina (shortly after Valentine's Day, no less). It wasn't until a few months later, when I was cleaning out all the notes Tina had sent me, that I realized what a massive moron I had been.

Tina went on to find a much better man than myself, and I learned some valuable lessons. I'm grateful too, because that incident made me reevaluate myself and my approach to women. There is an alternate universe where I am single and on Reddit, complaining about "Stacey" instead of treating women like actual people and not just trophies to be won.


12. The best laid plans

I broke up with my girlfriend of three years from a subway station pay phone in Germany. I was getting ready to live there for the year, and she was planning on moving there with me in a few months (she was living in the U.S. at the time). She was supposed to come out to visit me and check things out that following week.

I felt terrible, but it was clear to me we had no future, and I hadn’t really been able to admit it to myself until then. I was totally the jerk. She blocked my email not long after that.

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11. I don't have the restraint to be this much of a jerk

I still feel bad about this even though it isn’t a huge thing. I went to a restaurant I am at all the time. I know the staff, they know me. I sat at the bar like I usually do and ordered a steak. The waitress isn’t paying much attention even though it isn’t busy. A runner brings out my steak and sets it down in front of me before disappearing back into the kitchen.

But, the problem is, I have no silverware. For some reason, this annoys me. There is no silverware set out on the tables I can grab, the waitress (who is also working the bar) isn’t paying much attention. So, I wait for her to come over. I could have yelled for her, I could have gone over and tapped her on the shoulder, but instead I waited.

30 minutes later she comes over with my bill. Looking down she sees that nothing has been touched. Surprised she asks, “Was something wrong with the steak?” I say, “I don’t know, I didn’t have any silverware to eat it with…” in exactly the ticked-off tone you would imagine. She apologizes and offers to go get silverware, but I tell her its cold now and I have to get back to work. I pay my bill, leave no tip and walk out.

There was no reason for me to be a jerk. I apologized to her over and over again afterward. It had been a frustrating day and I took it out on her. It was well within my power to get some silverware; I was just being a jerk.

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10. No, anxiety is the bad guy

My husband I weren't getting along. He was always doing something that ticked me off and I didn't keep it inside. He in turn was getting fed up with me and eventually it started pushing us apart. About 2 months ago I went to the doctor's office and after a conversation we had, she told me I had anxiety and it was causing me to be irritable and on edge. I immediately felt like a huge asshole and started reflecting back on everything. She wrote me a prescription and I've been feeling so much better. I really didn't realize how hard I was being on him about the silliest stuff. Hes such a great guy and does so much for our family. I was truly the bad guy.

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9. They got the wrong man

I had a terrible job in a warehouse and was getting bloody noses every single night because there was so much dust everywhere. One night, I put up a sign that said “This Job Sucks” on one of the pillars in the back. The next night, the line manager bought us all ice cream and as he was walking through the warehouse, he saw it.

Everybody knew that I had done it, but no one was going to snitch. Meanwhile, there was this annoying kid named Brandon who was making me angry and for some reason they suspected him. The next night, I almost got into a fight with him over some stupid stuff and at the end of the shift, they fired him, thinking he had put the sign up.

I totally got away with it.


8. You let them make you cold

I was bullied in elementary school, the worst of which happened around the fifth and sixth grades. In seventh grade, things began to improve a bit, and by grade eight they were pretty much okay, but I still carried a lot of that trauma. In eighth grade, a girl in my class, who was not part of, but who was friends with the people who had bullied me, asked for my number so we could text each other over the march break.

I gave it to her, reluctantly, and said, “Fine, but you know I’d never actually text you right?” I still remember the crestfallen look on her face. I still feel awful about that to this day. I let what those kids did to me embitter me to the point that I didn’t believe that someone who was friends with the “popular” crowd would interact with me without it being some sort of cruel joke.

I apologized to her a couple years later in high school, when I got over a lot of my misgivings about people, and she explained that she had felt so bad about what had gone on with her friend group and me because she had realized that year that everything they’d said about me was false. She was being genuine when she asked for my number, and she wanted to try and make up for all the horrible things they’d done.

Despite the fact that she was upset and initially didn’t understand my reaction, she said that she understood at that point what it had probably looked like in my mind, and that she didn’t blame me at all for reacting snottily. We’re all good now, but I’ll still always remember that moment as an important reminder for myself.

Sometimes people are genuine, and sometimes they’re kind, and that when you assume that everyone is bad all the time you miss out on some really great people.

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7. Some things you can never unsay

When I was in elementary school, there was this kid who lost his father to cancer during the school year. One day after he came back to school (can’t remember how long after), we got into some sort of dispute on the playground. I don’t remember exactly how it came to me saying, “At least my dad isn’t dead,” but that’s exactly what came out of my mouth.

I spent the day in the principal’s office. To this day, this is one of the biggest regrets of my life and I’m 23. I still feel terrible about it because I never got to apologize to the kid because we moved away shortly after. I don’t even remember his name, but I’ll never forget saying that.


6. "I stole it fair and square"

Back in the fifth grade, there was this kid with a really cool ruler (one of those blue and green ones that’s rubber and you can bend it and whatnot). One day, I decided I was going to steal it. It was during recess, and no one noticed me, and my plan was dutifully completed. I tried being smart about it and didn’t start using it until a few days later, but the kid found out and tattled on the teacher, so I lost the ruler.

10-year-old me thought, “That’s not fair! I stole it fair and square!” I eventually came up with the thought that if I couldn’t have it, neither could he. So again, I stole the ruler during another recess, but this time, I decided to drop it into a drain, never to be seen again.

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5. That's just how the Play Place smells

I was at the McDonald’s Play Place with some of my kids a few years back. Two boys who I assumed were brothers came down the slide. The bigger one said, “It stinks in there! I think somebody farted.” Completely forgetting that I’m not among my friends, I point to the other kid and raise my eyebrows like, “I think he did it.”

The other kid gets all sad looking and backs away from me. I said I was sorry and just kidding, but it turns out they weren’t brothers or even friends and the damage was done. The kid gave me the stink eye as he left with his grandpa shortly after. Basically, I was a Vince Vaughn character.

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4. My fist will fix it

Once I was having a smoke outside the bar in my hometown doing whatever, being young, when, on the way in, this guy makes some crack at me about how I was dressed. I got pretty mad about it and lipped off to my friends. This got back to the guy inside, who had some mutual friends or something, and he ended up asking me if I wanted to step outside.

My blood already having being fired up, I looked at him and just said, “Ya, let’s do it,” and another guy near my age steps out with us. In the lights of the entrance as we get outside, just as I’m going into get-ready-to-scrap mode, I get my first clear look at the guy… he had to be near 60 and was not a large man by any means.

It was at exactly this moment that I realized: A) I was going to fight an old man outside the pub and kick his butt, looking like a piece of crap or B) I was going to get my butt kicked by said old man and look like a complete tool. In that moment, I actually had the exact thought: “Oh, I’m the jerk here.”

He said he didn’t realize what he said would get me so mad and apologized, and I said I overreacted and made a fool of myself. We went off on our separate ways, but still, sometimes I look back on this whole thing and just think... man, what were you thinking?

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3. Pennies from heaven

I did this as a kid (8 or 9). There's a bar above the rink where my Dad played broomball every Friday night. I'd go to every game.

He'd go grab a drink with friends/teammates afterwards and I'd play air hockey with some other kids in the adjacent room.

Whenever we need a $1 for the machine, I'd go to the bar because there'd always seem to be a dollar or two just lying on the bar top.

I always thought the adults we're just forgetful with their money after the got a drink and that money was fine to take.

Guess I was just stealing from bartenders every Friday night for about a year...

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2. Yeah, you're a bad person

I ghosted a girl off Tinder after we slept together. Not long after that I got hired at a restaurant and found out she worked there too. Then I saw her changing her wig and my trainer told me she had cancer.

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1. There's a perfectly rational explanation for everything...

I suspected my wife of cheating and had had the feeling for some time, so when she received a late-night text, while she was sleeping, I decided I needed to check her phone. The text was from a known friend and was typical so no big deal, but I chose to scan through previous ones just to…I guess see if there was anything.

I wasn’t opening them, just skimming to see if there were any obvious signs. Not too far in, I found a number I didn’t recognize and didn’t have any name attached. There were all these romantic texts saying things like we never had enough time and stuff like that. I was upset and couldn’t decide if I should wake her or confront her the next day after having thought things over.

About an hour or so later, I heard her get up to use the bathroom. Without giving it much thought, I went to her. After a little small talk, I asked her who the heck the number was. She paused and stared at me, and it was then I had my answer. I told her about the texts I found and repeated some of them. I explained why I was going through her phone. And she laughed at me.

She said they were song lyrics she had sent to herself to look up later (this was pre-smartphone) and that I’m a dumbass for not knowing his own wife’s phone number. I pulled my phone out and, sure enough, hers was the number I had found. I was, indeed, a dumbass. And now a snooping jerk. She kept her phone locked after that, and we happily divorced soon after.

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