People From Around The World Share Strange Stories They Can't Explain

People From Around The World Share Strange Stories They Can't Explain

Strange things happen every day, and most times they can just be attributed to a gas leak, or high-pitched sounds causing vibrations in your brain giving you a weird feeling. Other times there’s less of a reasonable explanation. Those are the fun ones. So for everyone interested in weird and unexplained phenomena, we had people tell us the craziest stories they had.

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25. Dreams Can Show You A World You Have Never Seen

I had a friend in high school who I stopped speaking to when she transferred in grade 10. Two years later, I have a dream that I visited her new school and sat at the back of math class with her. In the dream, her teacher was tall, brunette with curly hair, and wearing glasses.

The next day I get a message on Facebook from said friend, which is completely out of blue because we hadn't spoken in months. She asks me how I'm doing and I tell her about my dream.

She freaks out and tells me that she sits at the back of her math class, and her teacher fit the description I gave her from my dream perfectly.

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24. It’s Not Just Cats That Can See Ghosts

My mother passed away in 2008. When she finally passed and "gave up the ghost", my 2 brothers and I were all holding onto her and doing our best to comfort her. At the foot of the bed both my dog, and her dog, both Jack Russell's, were both very still and staring at her and when she finally passed both dogs heads went up and over to the corner ceiling. They were in complete unison as they watched something go up and out of that bedroom. I'm not a religious person, but I find comfort in what I saw that afternoon.

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23. Don’t Mess With A Dead Man’s Stuff

When I was a teenager we went to our local cemetery to visit our grandad's grave. On the way back to the car I saw one of those little white crosses on a grave (the kind you put on before you get a headstone). It was horizontal but the name had fallen off onto the grave. I felt bad seeing it so I picked it up and put it back onto the cross.

That night, I woke up and at the end of my bed I saw a guy sitting in a chair with his head thrown back. His throat looked like it was cut or something - it was an awful mess. He had brown hair, a blue shirt and jeans on. I was absolutely terrified and screamed out for my parents. They came into the room and it had gone. I haven't touched anything in a graveyard since.

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22. Minor Super Powers

I was at a bar with a friend and I was talking to some dude I just met and a girl came over and started chatting us up. Mid conversation out of nowhere she puts her hand on her head and says to the other guy, "You are from Brownsville" -- I don't remember the city name but it is a small town of like 500 people.

The dude looked completely dumbfounded and replied that indeed he was from that city. She said that is weird because once every 2 or 3 years she has these crazy flashes of information about people she is talking to but doesn't know them personally. It was really weird and the guy was blown away and I was kind of in awe. I don't believe in real psychic abilities or anything but this tested me.

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21. Family Bonds Know No Bounds

My uncle had passed the previous month or less. It was very hard for the family as he was the youngest of 8 siblings at 31 years old. I fell asleep on the couch and had a dream. I remember taking a train and at the end, my uncle that had passed gave me a huge hug. It felt so incredibly real, and he told me, "Everything is going to be okay."

The moment I opened my eyes, my mother informed me that my abuelita (great-grandma) had died. She and my uncle were ridiculously close and it was known to everyone that my uncle was her favorite grandchild. On top of that, around when my uncle died my abuelita started crying out of the blue. The nursing staff asked her what was wrong and she said, "I don't know why but I have a great sadness in my heart."

She had very severe Alzheimer's and my family decided it would cause unnecessary pain to tell her that my uncle died so she never knew.

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20. Dogs Are Just Guardian Angels In Disguise

A few years ago, shortly after adopting my dog, my then-girlfriend and I were getting ready to go out for food (or whatever it was). Right as we are getting ready to go out the door our dog starts FREAKING out.

He’s losing his mind whining, jumping at us, biting at our arms, and trying to pull us to the living room. We take a few extra seconds, calm him down, say goodbye and head out - we had a train to catch. Took all of 30-60 seconds.

As we were approaching the bus stop, about 30 seconds away from the stop, a BMW comes barreling around the corner and jumps the curb exactly where we would have been standing. Had we left when we originally wanted we would have been standing there, we never would have seen it coming.

To this day I’m convinced my dog knew, and he delayed us for that reason. He’s never had an outburst like that since.

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19. I Hope He Was Reading

I came out of a store one day and turned the corner to see a crow trying to read a paperback novel on a park bench. He was perched on the bench, turning pages with his beak. When he noticed me staring, he hopped away like I caught him red-handed, and took flight a moment later. Ended up getting a tattoo of a crow reading a book because the incident left such an impression on me. No one really seems to believe me, but dude, corvids are really smart. I figure it was either imitating a person, or trying to harvest the pages for a nest, but either way, strange experience.

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18. The Grave Stone

My friend and I used to love to go and hang out in one of the local cemeteries. I guess because we were just weird. This was an older cemetery and was no longer used so it didn't have any new graves in it.

One day while we were hanging out and just wandering around we stumbled upon a new looking grave marker. It stuck out like crazy because all of the other markers were old and gray and crumbling. On some of them, you could barely make out the names. This marker was much newer and the name and dates were clearly visible. It was also a rather neat red marble color which was really different from all of the others.

We didn't think much of it and just continued our trip through the cemetery. We sat down under this big tree in the middle and talked and laughed and did other stupid kid things. After an hour or so we decided it was time to leave. We crossed right by where the new grave marker had been and it was gone. We both kind of freaked out a little bit and searched the whole graveyard looking for the brand new marker and it wasn't there.

We checked for it several more times on different visits and never found it again. It was just weird and something neither of us could ever explain.

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17. Aliens!

Out walking around the neighborhood late at night with a friend one night, we would occasionally look up to the sky in awe of the stars. I saw a fast-moving light like a meteor, but slower, although much faster than an airplane. Then, it made 2 sharp 90° turns. First to the right, then to the left and disappeared. My friend and I both stopped and said "did you see that?" to each other. This was in the late 80s and I can still picture it like it was yesterday.

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16. I Think The Proper Term Is A “Plague Of Locusts”

When I was about 14 (I'm 50 now) we were driving in the middle of the day when we drove into a cloud of locusts. We were in the locusts for about 5 minutes. We stopped at a Pemex gas station to clean the hundreds of smeared locusts from the front windshield. A car pulled in right behind us. The man said he had been driving behind us and he wanted to know if we were OK because of all the smoke around our RV. We showed him it was not smoke but locusts. He said he didn't see any locusts and his car was clean.

About 18 months later we were again driving that section of road, but later in the day on a Sunday. We had been in Cancun for three days and were heading to Campeche. We were all hungry so when we saw a woman on the side of the road selling panuchos, we stopped and ate. There were 14 of us traveling in two RVs. We ate a lot. The woman had this weird look on her face the whole time, kind of like surprised but pleased. She told my dad that the night before she'd had a dream that a bunch of people would be stopping to eat and she had made extra. We ate everything she had made.

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15. So Long And Thanks For All The Fish!

On a boat, trolling for yellowtail amidst a school of dolphin about 4 miles off San Diego (dolphin are too smart to take lures, aren't shy near small boats, and feed on the same bait schools as yellowtail and tuna, so it's strategic to follow them). As if cued, all ~50-75 dolphins simultaneously stopped jumping and disappeared into the depths for about 30 seconds. Immediate, unnerving quiet. With great fanfare, they all suddenly burst out of the water in a near-perfect row about a football field wide, and for a while, synchronized jumps ahead of our boat. Then they were gone. Showing off for my dad and I? Normal behavior? Who knows, but it was awesome.

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14. The Music Box

Years ago my dad’s uncle passed away. Years before that, said uncle got my parents a fancy bottle of tequila from Mexico and it’s been on the front room display shelf with a bunch of other dust-covered sculptures and glasswork for at least 12 years. It’s out of reach and untouched (no one in my immediate family drinks). On the day of his passing, I’m in the front room reading and my dads doing his taxes. We get a phone call with the bad news. My dad continues his taxes while letting me know his uncle passed in a few short words.

Not 30 seconds later and the tequila bottle his uncle got my parents starts playing music. This is odd to me because I thought it was just a bottle so I ask. “Do we have a music box?” My Dad continues his taxes and tells me the bottle has a music box built-in, and that was the only reason he kept it. I clarify “Did you wind it recently?” And he just keeps filling and says “Nope” and I was ready to leave it at that but he says still all casually occupied “I imagine uncle David wanted to say goodbye one last time.” That is the only time it has made a noise as long as I’ve been alive. Of all days and times. I never knew what to make of it. It just made me uncomfortable.


13. Casper Is Not The Only Friendly Ghost

As a child, back in my home country, I used to sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and talk to three people near the foyer of our house. Two men and a woman, in their mid 20's or early 30's. Every once in awhile I would wake up in the middle of the night, walk to the foyer and talk with these three. I still remember how they were positioned, always the same. But I don't remember the conversations or their nature.

Only in my mid or late teens did I begin to question who those three people were. I would ask my parents sometimes and they would say there was no one else in the house but us, our maid and my uncle who lived in the attic (big house). And I am certain I never saw my uncle or our maid among the three. I am 29 now and I still sometimes think about it.

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12. A Cold Feeling

I was sitting in my college dorm room once when the temperature suddenly started dropping like crazy. I turned the heat up as high as it would go but it just kept getting colder. I took out my winter clothes and started putting them on. This was like in late September/early October in New York so it wasn't cold outside at all.

I was just about to go ask for maintenance when my roommate got back from hockey practice and asked why there were so many police cars and ambulances outside. I had no idea. Later that night, we were informed a girl who lived in the dorms had died. Everyone who I've told about this says that I felt her death. I was in that same room for 3 years and that was the only time I ever had problems with the temperature.

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11. Mysterious Legos

I was a kid playing with legos and noticed a few were in the bucket that didn’t look like mine/ the plastic was faded/ older/ definitely of a different generation. I would build spaceships all day then when I went to bed and woke up there’d be holes in the spaceships where the old bricks would be. Being a seven-year-old my biggest concern was all the air getting out and my crew suffocating before they went to battle so I’d quickly pull them apart and put new bricks in where the old ones were but now that I think about it that always stuck with me as odd.

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10. So This Guy Lives In Twin Peaks, Right?

My wife was making spaghetti and needed sausage for the sauce. Me and my son go to the local grocery store to buy it.

Now there are 2 stores in my little town. One is a nice new chain with over-inflated prices and the other looks like something from the 70's. Dirty floors, bad lighting, and poor selections. It's depressing and a little creepy. But this is where we go.

There is hardly anyone there, as always, and we head straight to the meat cooler in the back of the store. They don't have what my wife wanted, but there is a red button to call the butcher. I push the button and waited.

At first, nothing happened. Then over the intercom we hear: "Missus Sausage please come to the front. Missus Sausage to the front." My son starts laughing and asked if they are calling me Miss Sausage. I was equal parts amused and irritated.

Then a door near the meat department swings open and out comes the manager. I've seen him before and he, just like this store, looks like something from the '70s. Brushed back hair, big mustache, 3 buttons on his shirt unbuttoned, gold chain- think of a redneck John Travolta. He walks to about 10 feet from us, stops, points at me and starts laughing.

Then a customer comes from an aisle pushing a buggy and they both start laughing together and pointing. They were looking at each other and then back at me and my son. Laughing and laughing.

It was weird, to say the least. We just walked away and drove to the other store.

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9. A Dogs Force Field

Once I tripped at the top of the stairs. I was worried because I knew landing would hurt and because my pup was at the bottom and I was headed right for her. Anyhow, when I landed, it was like I fell on top of an air bubble. I didn't even touch my pup and she remained sleeping. No idea how neither of us was hurt.

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8. So Many Clowns

I went to a fair one time, for some reason my friends weren't with me can't recall why. I noticed there were surprisingly few people there, and an abnormal amount of clowns didn't think anything of it. Got on some ride, got one of those spiral cut potatoes. Took off after, went home went to sleep.

The next morning my friend calls me and says where I was last night because my group of friends had a hangout and no one could get a hold of me nor did I reply. I told them I went to the fair, he asked what fair, then I couldn't remember where it was. I just said the fair in town, he just laughed and said something to the extent of yeah whatever. I still have no idea where I went that night.

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7. Canadians May Be Too “Polite” 

I was walking down Commercial Avenue in Vancouver, which is like the alternative neighborhood there. This was like 15 years ago.

Just walking down the street and it was pretty busy as usual. Out of the blue, I see a fully nude woman walking down the sidewalk toward me. I remember her so vividly because I was so surprised and also she was super hot. But the thing I remember the most is that NO ONE ELSE REACTED.

Nobody was turning their heads. I saw nobody like elbowing their friend and pointing. People were just calmly walking past her and she strolled calmly down the sidewalk. She walked right past me and I spun around as she did. Again, people seemed to just be casually getting out of her way but no reactions. Conversations continued as she passed people. Not a single other head turned.

I dunno. Commercial Drive is known for hippies and alternative-lifestyle types, but I can't explain the absolutely-zero-reaction from people.

By contrast, years later, I visited the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood in San Francisco and saw a guy walking down the street with just a tiny loincloth on and everybody was pointing, laughing, spinning their heads and having big, obvious reactions.

So with the nude girl, I don't know how to explain it, but some part of me thinks I saw a ghost. A hot, sexy nude ghost.

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6. A Mirror Image

I once had this dream. I woke up, did my normal stuff, then walked into the bathroom. I knew that something was off and that this was a dream, but I followed through. I look in the bathroom mirror, and the most terrifying thing is in my reflection. I scream, and wake up. It is now dark outside. I go to my bathroom to wake up and splash some water on my face, hesitantly look in the mirror, the same thing happens. I wake up again, refusing to look in my mirror. It felt like hours. I waited for the dream to end.

I eventually went into the bathroom, looked in the mirror, same terrifying reflection. I wake up again, walk past the bathroom, go talk to mother, everything in my house was messed up. It was all very dark. She's standing alone in kitchen, I’m terrified. None of this feels like a dream at all. I wake up, do my normal thing, don't look in mirror, go to school, everything is normal. I go to bed. Wake up. I finally actually wake up. I dreamt an entire school day. I ask everyone about if anything I remember happening actually happened. It didn't.

I still am waiting to look in the mirror, and wake up in my bed again just to repeat the hell that that experience was.

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5. Hey! Listen!

When I was about 12, I was playing outside on a really windy day and a blue flying thing the size of a water bottle zoomed into my yard and got caught in some spider web in a bush. Its wings were clear so it wasn't a bird but the thing was huge and weird if it was a bug and freaking out tangled in the web and branches. It was thrashing so fast I couldn't get a good look at it and I just kept staring at it in disbelief cause I couldn't stop thinking "that's a fairy" I go over and try to detach it from the web and it breaks free. At the speed of light, it was gone again.

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4. Everything Seems Normal Here

Driving from Cancun to Merida at night. About 10 years ago. Middle of the road there's a huge pothole, so I swerve to avoid it. About 200 meters ahead notice a car's got its hazard lights on. It's parked on the side of the road so I decided to stop and check to see if they needed help - thought it might have been a flat tire.

I parked, approached the car and as I got closer I saw what appeared to be two passengers in the back.

There was no one in the driver seat and those two figures I had seen were mannequins with wigs and faces drawn with a marker or something.

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3. I’m Not Saying It Was Aliens, But Then What Was It?

One time, as I was driving home from work, I turned onto the street where I live on and noticed what seemed to be more street lights than I remember being there.

I didn't think much of it at all at first, but something made me do a double-take. I notice that the three "additional streetlights" are not street lights at all, but lights lined up perfectly in the sky in the distance.

Literally, as soon as I notice this, the lights in the sky beginning moving slowly and getting closer together. Eventually, they were close enough and formed a triangle.

Mind you, at this point I have managed to park my car in my driveway and I'm standing there staring at them. My parents, who are fairly religious, tend not to believe in aliens, UFO's or anything of the sort, so I decided to run inside and get them so they can see this for themselves.

We go back outside, the lights are still hovering, moving slowing in a triangle. No sound is being made by them. They do this for a few more seconds and all of a sudden, one of them speeds off super quickly. When I say quick, I mean quick.

The remaining two continue moving slowly in the sky for a few more seconds then they literally just vanish. Poof, the lights were just gone.

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2. Ghost Car

A few years ago me and a bunch of friends were on a trip at my friend's parents' cabin. It was in the middle of nowhere and it was late, so the road was pitch black. We were split up into two cars, and I was driving behind the person who knew where we were going.

At some point, my friend just starts speeding up, annoying fast. I start complaining that I'm barely able to keep up. Suddenly, she takes a sharp turn down into a wooded area with only a vague trail. I try to follow, but I'm desperately trying to avoid the massive potholes in my tiny-not-fit-for-off-roading car. Meanwhile, the car in front of me is gliding down the path seemingly no problem. I flash my lights for them to slow down, but nothing. I'm angry at this point, and am cursing my friend's name while my passengers sit in silent terror.

We finally make it down to a real road, but my friend's car is nowhere to be seen. It was like it vanished out of thin air. Again, the area is pitch black, so if there was any source light we would be able to see it.

We're lost and try to call, but we don't have a cell signal. We drive for about 10 minutes before we reach them, find them, and are finally guided to the cabin.

I mention to my friend about how annoyed I am that she took a dangerous off-road path without warning us and then just disappeared. She then gets a really weird look on her face and says, "What are you talking about? You guys were right behind me and then suddenly you just turned off into the woods. We had no idea where you went, we were really worried." Apparently, she had been on the road the whole time.

No one knows who the truck was, where they came from, or where they went. Everyone in both cars never saw a car pull out between us or saw us get broken up. The three people in my car are confident that the truck we saw lead us down the woods was my friend's car. Everyone else in the other car assured us they were on the road the whole time.

To this day, none of us know where that car came from or how they snuck in between two cars without 6 people realizing it.

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1. Then Skeleton 

In the summer I sometimes volunteer as a cabin leader at a summer camp for youth, some of whom are “troubled”. Last summer we had a kid who got random fits of rage and he would take it out on anything he could. (We later found out he had hidden his meds from the staff nurse because he came on a bus without any guardians. Obviously this withdrawal had major side effects.) His fits started to get more and more extreme, and one day during the daily nap time he erupted at full force and started breaking everything he could and ran out of the cabin and I was sadly the only person there at the time due to a staff meeting that was occurring. I called another cabin leader who was in the cabin next to ours and he ran out to find the camper because at this point my whole cabin of about 10 kids were panicking and worried, so I felt uncomfortable leaving them alone.

During, and after the fit, a few of my heavier sleepers stayed asleep and about five minutes later one of them woke up crying and screaming. Most young boys have a sort of pride issue with crying in front of other boys their age, so he asked if he could talk to me along on the porch of the cabin, I agreed and walked him out telling the other campers to try to go back to sleep. He ended up telling me that he was having a nightmare about a skeleton, he didn’t say much else about the dream because that wasn’t the bad part. The bad part was that he ended up describing to me what was essentially sleep paralysis. I told him about it and he had no idea what it was and was begging me to call his mom to come to get him because he said he felt like something was there trying to get him. I ended up researching sleep paralysis with him and showed him everything I could to assure him that nothing was out to get him and explained the science behind it.

Here’s where it gets weird and still freaks me out to this day. We later had a staff meeting for those who missed the earlier one, and I found out that while all of this was happening, another boys cabin and a girls cabin on the other side of camp each had a camper wake up with sleep paralysis both describing different nightmares both having to do with a skeleton. I also later had found out that the cabin leader who had gone looking for our ‘runaway’ camper had found him in a grove of trees talking what he called “gibberish.” and he was hitting a stick against a tree. We called his parents who explained his situation in more detail and we found out about him hiding the meds and we got him calmed down and the rest of the week went smoothly. After he left we ended up finding a small drawing pad we had seen him using throughout the weeks with very [strange] drawings in it. Nothing looked like anything, there wasn’t anything graphic or anything about them that was threatening, but for some reason, it just seemed unsettling to us all. Almost like the drawings extremely young children do when they scribble. We called his parents and we offered to ship it to them but they said he didn’t want it. A more skeptical cabin leader ended up burning it because of the situations that happened in the week.

I don’t really get scared by supernatural stuff but this was honestly the weirdest/scariest thing I’ve ever seen my entire life and I wouldn’t even believe it had I not witnessed it myself and the horror in everyone’s faces that were involved.

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