People From Around The World Share Unbelievable Experiences They'll Never Forget

People From Around The World Share Unbelievable Experiences They'll Never Forget

Whether supernatural or just highly improbable, most people have had experiences that seem inexplicable. But then there are the stories that are so unreal and unlikely, so bizarre and even frightening, that other people simply can't believe they really happened. Maybe you haven't even tried to tell anyone else about this experience because you know it's going to sound so ridiculous and you don't want people to think you're crazy or making it up. Perhaps you have tried to share the story with other people, only to learn they insist it was your imagination.

Either way, you're not alone. Here are some of the most improbable and unbelievable things that people really experienced -- cross their hearts and hope to die.


50. You're On Candid Camera

After college, I went backpacking in the Canadian wilderness for a few weeks, by myself. To put this in perspective, I was in the middle of freaking nowhere (North of Atikokan, Ontario). The nearest "town" was a 3-hour bus ride away, and I only saw one other person (from a distance; he was in a canoe) during the entire 17 days.

I brought a few disposable cameras with me, as this was before digital cameras were too widespread, and took a lot of pictures. When I got home, I had them developed and took a look at them. The pictures were standard nature shots until I got about halfway through my first camera.

There were 2 pictures of me, asleep in my tent, in my sleeping bag. I literally freaked out when I saw it and had a complete breakdown. To this day, I have no idea how those pictures got taken. I haven't been camping since, and I sleep with my door locked and my curtains shut.

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49. A Friend In A Tuxedo

I spent a year at the South Pole. Everyone always wanted to know if we saw penguins and obviously we didn't as we were in the interior of the continent.

Well, the time comes to go and we have a stopover in McMurdo. We head out to Pegasus field, which is out on the thick permanent glacial ice. A C-17 lands to pick us up and we are literally 15 minutes from leaving the continent. Someone suddenly shouts, "Look a penguin!"

We all turn to them like they must be joking. Then we see that sure enough, a single Adele penguin is hauling butt down the runway toward us. It walked right up to us and hung out with us until we left. This was not the time of year to see many penguins at McMurdo and definitely not at the location we were at. In my opinion one of the least likely things I've ever witnessed.

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48. Nothing Like A Creepy Doll Story

About 15 years ago, my sister received a doll for Christmas that sang nursery rhymes. Unbeknownst to me, a few weeks later it had suffered some water damage and was malfunctioning.

So it's 2 am, and I'm getting up to take a pee. From a dark corner behind me, I hear the distorted and slightly demonic voice of a little girl.

"Little lamb, little lamb..."

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47. The Haunted Elevator

Another very recent one: I work in a psychiatry and there is an elevator you can only access with a key. Every time I use it, I hear voices talking in the elevator and every time I expect someone standing in there. But it's empty. Every single time. It's so scary.



46. A Dream Or A Vision Of The Future?

My twin sister dreamed that my soon-to-be-married cousin was going to die before her wedding in a car crash. She woke up sobbing and just a total mess.

"Relax sis, it was just a dream," I said. "Nothing is going to happen to Michelle, she is going to be very happy soon." She fell back asleep, still sobbing.

Two weeks later my cousin died in a car crash.

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45. Eye to Eye

I was 10-11 yrs old. It was Xmas eve and I heard gifts being wrapped and got curious. I cracked the door just enough to peek out and when I looked, another eye was staring directly back.

Makes the hair on my arms stand as I write this.


44. The Man Who Vanished Into The Night

Back when I was 17, I had just got my license and went driving around with some friends, as you do. Loud music, good times, random pitstops for no reason. The usual.

We decided that a drive through the back bush area into a rural area of Australia was a good idea at 10 pm. Off we drove down the one road that would lead us out through the bush into the darkness.

There were no lights along this road, only my high beams lit the way. As we were driving, we came across this elderly man in a cream suit with a bunch of slightly wilted flowers and his thumb out. He seemed harmless by all means, and we decided we would pick him up. It was no place for anyone to walk.

He was a really nice guy, well kept and trimmed beard. His eyes were incredibly bright aswell, a piercing blue color. He said he was out this way because he was visiting the site of where his loved ones died. Apparently he didn't drive anymore, after the accident that had killed them. We were a little unsettled, but in the end, we thought nothing of it; he was good-natured and polite to boot.

We came up around a corner and he asked if he could please be dropped off there. We did so, assuming that the site was nearby. He got out of the car, we shook hands with him, wished him well and sent our sympathy to his loved ones.

He replied with, "Have no sympathy for the dead, they are free. May God bless you all, children." He turned and walked straight into the dense bush and (I kid you not) disappeared within six steps. Like the darkness just swallowed him.

It's been a few years now, and there has been no news of any missing people in that area. My friends and I don't know whether it was a dream, a hallucination or what. We've gone past that same area a few times now, once walking out into the area he went. Found nothing, though.

I won't blame anyone for not believing this is real, because sometimes I think the same thing. But it's a memory in my brain I can't get rid of, so I guess it must have been real.

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43. Why Don't Emergency Responders Believe In Emergencies

A plane crash. Lightweight kit plane at my small, hometown airport. I had toured the airport weeks earlier during a high school class.

I was driving into town, past a field at the end of the runway, and saw the plane maybe 300-500 feet in the air, flying kind of wobbly. Suddenly, it barrel-rolled into a nosedive, straight into the ground.

I pulled into a local store, ran in, and told the clerk to call 911 -- he didn't believe me and pushed the phone to me to call. Even the 911 operator didn't seem to believe me. Unfortunately, the pilot didn't survive.

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42. Someone Saved My Life Tonight

I was driving home a few years ago in a car that was only a year and a half old. It was pretty late and the streets were completely empty. I stopped at a red light. When the light turned green, I stepped on the gas a few times. The engine revved but the car didn't move. It sounded exactly like it would if my car was in park. I remember being annoyed and checking to see if the car was in park NOPE, it was in drive. I looked up and a HUGE truck ran the red right where I would have been making my left turn. The truck passed and my car once again drove correctly. My car saved my life!

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41. Not Freaky But Certainly Inexplicable

When I was a wee lad, my school was shut down for an asbestos problem. My tiny public school was moved into the wing of a high school for four months during renovations. We were told to stay in our section of the school, but as a lonely child with few friends, I would sometimes go exploring.

Once, I was walking through the second floor of the school and wandered into one of the washrooms. A putrid smell hit my nostrils and I followed it into a stall to investigate.

The toilet was filled to the brim with crap. It was more than I had ever seen in my entire life. Logs and logs of it amongst some kind of mushy paste. And at the top, somebody had stuck in three uncooked hotdogs like little flags. It was like some kind of macabre crime scene from the movie Seven, but with poop.

Ever since that day, I've wondered how it got there. Was it one person? Did they collect it for weeks and dump it in? Or was it the work of many? Did a group of boys line up and take turns pooping on top of each others' efforts? Who came up with the idea? If they had hotdogs to stick in it, does that mean this was premeditated? How long had they been planning this?

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40. Nowhere To Hide

I was working at a 7-11, the graveyard shift. All unexplainable stuff happens at that time. But there's one that stands out.

It was 2 am and there were no customers. I was playing on my phone until this old guy entered the store, looking like he was running from someone. He told me that no matter what if anyone asked for him, don't tell them that he's hiding there. I told him okay.

By this time, I was so confused because he was holding a cage with two rats in it. Then he proceeded to get two things of Veet, a bag of Doritos and toothpaste. He asked me if anybody was outside and I told him no. So he gave me $50, told me to keep the change, then ran outside. I tried to give him his change still, but I tripped so I decided just to keep it.

The next day, a police officer came to the store asking if an old guy had come in the night before. I told him yes. He asked me questions (what did he buy? what was with him when he went here? etc.), all of which I answered honestly.

When he was leaving, I asked what the old man had done. The policeman just smiled, then walked out of the store. To this day, I still have no idea what he did and who he was running from.

I almost forgot the most important part... When I got a copy of our local newspaper a few days later, I saw the old guy in the obituary section.


39. Half Man Half Bat?

It was 3 am and I was driving home with a friend of mine. There was very little traffic on the interstate. Up ahead on the side of the road I see what looks like a man sitting on a guardrail. I got a horrible feeling in my gut. I had the feeling this guy was going to do something bad. I honestly felt as though he was going to jump in front of our truck or something.

As we get closer he stands up. I moved into the next lane. He starts walking into the road. I start panicking. There was no time to slow down and I could not swerve to avoid him for fear of rolling the truck. My friend and I start screaming. Just as we were about to hit, what I thought was a man, jumps and has wings, and jumps over the entire truck.

It was only visible for a second, but I can still remember it clear as day. It had the body of a man from the head to the waist, but from its waist down was hairy. The wings were also dark. The feet were the worst. Instead of human feet, were these horrible talons (similar to that of a chicken?), but also dark and hairy. The best comparison I can make is that it looked like a human-sized gargoyle.

I know this sounds like a load of crap, and I probably wouldn't believe me either, but I swear it's the truth. In total honesty, I wish it wasn't true. It was the most horrifying thing I've ever seen. If my friend hadn't seen it as well, I would think I'd gone crazy. On a side note, in the past few years since that night, I've met one other person that has seen the same, if not extremely similar, creature.

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38. Crazy Level Of Coincidence

Coincidence 1: I grew up on the west coast, and at age 16 (1980) my family moved to the east coast. Age 20 I went to college on the south coast. My best friend at college mentioned one night that he had lived on the west coast, and you guessed it, his family bought the house off us when we moved. The ultra weird coincidence is that his mother was born on the east coast, in the house that we moved into.

Coincidence 2: Dad was doing some family tree stuff, and it turns out we had a famous ancestor. While checking out his life history it turns out that he too was born in the east coast house that we bought in 1980.

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37. Through The Ceiling

Many years ago I was up in the attic of my parents' house. I slipped off of the boards and put my foot through the ceiling. When I looked through the hole that I had created, I saw the garage. That made no sense. I should have been looking at a carpeted hallway of the second floor since I was on the other side of the house.

I sat there for several minutes trying to wrap my head around what I was looking at. Eventually, I thought "I must somehow be confused about where I was in the attic." I climbed down, walked out of my room, and there was the hole in the ceiling, right where it "should" have been (2nd floor, carpeted hallway).

It's been nearly 20 years and I still can't figure out what happened.

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36. Jed Doesn't Get The Girl

This may sound crazy, but here goes. In college, my then-boyfriend and I lived in an old house near campus. The house always kind of gave off a little bit of a creepy vibe, but nothing ominous. After living there about a year, I started seeing things out of the corner of my eye, things I couldn't explain but would convince myself weren't there.

One day I was walking through the living room and could have SWORN I saw a youngish guy with long hair, wearing jeans and a bandana sitting on my couch. When I looked again, he was gone.

Shortly thereafter the boyfriend's things started getting messed with. He'd left a stack of magazines on the bed while he went to shower. When he came back they were spread out across the bed. Not like the stack had just fallen over, but arranged in a grid. Another time in the shower, the water turned suddenly cold. He reached down to turn the hot water up only to find that the hot water was completely off. He started to feel creeped out, but I never got a bad feeling despite the things I'd seen. I joked that we had a ghost, the bandana hippie guy I saw on the couch, and he had a crush on me.

One night, boyfriend and I were cooking dinner together. He came up behind me at the stove and started kissing my neck. I joked "Be careful, Jed (that's what we'd started referring to the 'ghost' as) isn't gonna like you doing that." He laughs and just says out loud, "Sorry Jed, you can't have her. She's mine."

No sooner had the words gotten out of his mouth, there was a huge CRASH in the next room. We go into the living room to inspect and find that the glass door to our entertainment center is completely shattered. Pieces of glass were flung all over the room like the glass had been hit with something HARD.

After that, no more weird things happened. No more creepy feelings. No more odd occurrences.

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35. Stereo Static

When I was a teenager I used to keep the remote to my stereo on the lip of my bedframe. One night around midnight I woke up to my stereo playing static at me. Only it was getting louder. I could see the volume number moving higher and higher. So it's pitch black and this static is getting louder and louder and the remote wasn't in its usual place for some reason. I had no choice but to jump out of bed to turn it off. I turned on the light while freaking out, and found it. Under my bed. Like, deep under my bed at that middle point that's super hard to reach.

Did not like.



34. Impossible Memory

My creepy experience was asking my mom about the dune buggies we were all riding in the sand dunes when I was little. She asked me how I knew about them as she was still pregnant with me (so I was VERY little). I described the orange rails, that it was very hot and sunny, and bouncing around in the vehicle. She had no explanation and it was in the 70s, she took no pics/camera that day and there was no way I remember it.


33. Man With The Crowbar

Was walking into the kitchen late at night when I was 11 years old and I saw a man at the kitchen door to the back porch with a crowbar. He looked up and saw me holding my glass of water. He just smiled, waved, and walked away. This all happened at 2 am and my parents still don't believe it happened and it was just a coincidence our garage was broken into a couple months later.


32. The Nauseating Kidnapping

I was maybe 4 or 5. We lived in a somewhat questionable neighborhood at the time. And looking out the window one night I swear I saw a neighbor from an apt nearby with her son. He was on one of those plastic trikes. I believe she ran inside to grab a jacket. In the 3 minutes she was gone, a vehicle pulled up and snatched the kid & took off. His mom came back and was looking for him. I tried to tell the adults in my apt but no one believed me or the other kids with us. Still the scariest thing that haunts me to this day.


31. Robbed In Middle Of Night

I was a missionary in South Africa. One of the creepiest things that happened to me, was on New Year's Eve. During that night, I woke up feeling really thirsty. I walked toward the refrigerator in the kitchen, and as I was drinking water, I turned around and the front door was wide open. I could see the stars in the black sky and hear the faint sound of crickets in the distance. Not thinking anything of it, I closed it and went back to bed. In the morning, my missionary companion woke up first and noticed the door was wide open. It was then that we realized we had been robbed throughout the night, and I still remember my heart dropping as I realized the perpetrators were most likely in the dark house while I was in the kitchen in the middle of the night. Still gives me goosebumps thinking about it.


30. The Creepy Crosswalk

Driving alone, middle of the night was driving slow as trying to find an address. Looked in front of me to see 3 sets of 2 leaves walking like feet, in unison over a crosswalk. Drove straight through them and felt an uneasy shiver.

Never sat right with me. Years later I did some research into the area for my job and found out a car had hit three kids at that crosswalk.


29. Small Talk With A Ghost

When I was like 10 I talked to someone all the time through the like 6-inch tall slit window to our basement. He would always tell me not to go in the basement when I'd ask to see him cause he wouldn't be there anyway. Talked to him for a year, year and a half. Told me not to tell my mom cause he didn't want to scare her. A few years later I was telling my mom about the guy in the basement (I quit talking to him by then) and she told me she could believe me because when I was a baby she would always see my door to my room open like someone was peaking in to see if I was alright and then shutting it quietly. Told me that she figured it was the guy who owned the house before us because that used to be his grandkids room. It was one of those small towns where our grandparents knew each other



28. Locked Out

I was out partying with my friends and came home pretty late. I didn't want my parents asking questions so I snuck in through the garage. The door was locked but I had a key. I turned the key to unlock it but then I heard an abrupt snap and the door locked again. I repeated this three times. Each time I unlocked the door, the door re-locked. Exasperated, I cried out, "Mom, it's me!"

Then I heard the door unlock. I opened the door and no one was there.


27. Shower and Shoes

I know this will probably be lost in the comments, but I might as well say it.

I was home alone and decided to take a shower. Call me weird, but I like to shower with the lights off. I think it’s more relaxing. As I was walking towards the shower, I distinctly remember tripping over my shoes. I got into the shower, did my thing, and walked out, making sure to not trip over the shoes again. Thing is, they weren’t there. I walked out into the hallway and they were nicely set up along my wall.

I 100% did not put them there, and no one was home at the time. I locked myself in my room until my family came home and I still haven’t said anything


26. The Body Tool

I was working in Lagos, Nigeria, sitting in a bar on one of the lagoons near Lekki when a body washed up naked except for underwear. I called the waitress over a bit frantically and pointed at the body. She pulled a face and went back into the bar where I was expecting that she would call the police but no! She returned with a long stick with a nail on the end, stabbed into his bum and pushed him out like they must have done in the past as they had made a tool for it!!


25. Frightened By Fiance

Woke up in the middle of the night to the face of my fiance bend over me and staring me dead in the eyes for probably 20 seconds. She then turned around like a robot and continued sleeping while I was still laying there in shock. When I asked her about it the next morning and told her that she freaked me out she said that she didn't even remember waking up


24. Great Grandpa's Visit

I was about 4 years old, visiting my great grandmother in NJ. She made a bed for me that sleep on in the living room. I fell asleep easily, but at some point, I woke up and saw my great-grandfather. He sat on the edge of my bed, smiled, patted my leg and got up. He put his jacket on and walked out the front door. He had been gone for longer than I had been alive and I had never met him. Adults the next morning all laughed at the silly kid with a big imagination. At grandmas request, I described exactly what he was wearing: flannel shirt, suspenders, khaki pants... Generic description of any grandpa for the last 100 years. Everyone was still giggling at my cute story. But when I got up to show her how he snatched his jacket from the hook by the door and slung it on in one motion, I turned around smiling only to see her completely pale-faced with tears running down her cheeks. Everyone got really quiet, and we never talked about it again. She knew I had seen him... No one else's opinion matters.


23. Man In The Top Hat

When I was young, from time to time I would see a man in a top hat in the basement of my childhood home. My mother never believed me and told me I was imagining things. Then accused me of being on substances when I was a teenager when I mentioned that I saw him. I hadn't seen him until I was in Crete 15 years later. The question lingers in my mind to this day, who or what.


22. Daddy, Close The Door

About a year ago I was up watching movies late at night when I got hungry and went downstairs for a snack. My room is across from my daughter’s room and her door was open. As I was coming back upstairs I start turning left towards my room when I hear, clear as ever, “Daddy can you close the door?” I turn around, don’t say much and just close it. Once I’m back in my room, I lie down to watch tv when it hits daughter isn’t there. She’s spending the night at my parent’s. I get up and go to her room and sure enough, it’s empty. I woke up my wife and she thinks I’m crazy. Says I was probably tired and maybe it was the tv. I remember the voice so clear and coming in the direction of her room. It’s very possible that it was just my head playing games but, it definitely made me question a few things.


21. Baffled By Bunk Beds

I was home alone one day when I was around 10 and was in my room I shared with my brother. We had bunk beds and I was laying on the top bunk when the bed started shaking pretty hard for a good 5-10 seconds. I was terrified but gathered the courage to look down under my bunk at the bottom bunk and there was nothing there. I jumped down and noped the heck out of my house and waited on the porch until my parents got home. When I told them what happened, they didn't really think anything of it and thought I was just making it up. I don't care what anyone says, that actually happened. I remember it clear as day still 20 years later.


20. Dripping Backwards

I was taking a shower and the water started dripping upwards. It was weird as heck and there was no ventilation or anything that could've caused it. I was so creeped out that I had to call my dad to take a look at it and he was just as confused as I was.


19. The Massive Dragonfly

I was peeing in the woods while camping and a huge dragonfly landed on my thigh. Body as long as my thigh, black and red, definitely a dragonfly and not a tarantula hawk or something. When I try to tell people, they say I must be exaggerating or misremembering.


18. Directions To The DC Snipers

I worked at a small gas station in my small town when I was in my late teens. I was stocking sodas around back in the storage room. A man startled me then apologized. He asked me for directions to Washington DC. I gave him the best directions I could. I sent him toward Philadelphia. He thanked me and went to his car. There was a kid about my age sitting in the passenger seat. He gave me the evilest stare I've ever seen. They pulled off and I forgot about it and got back to work. I remember watching the news sometime later when they arrested the DC snipers. It was them for sure. Sent chills through my spine. I'm glad they spared me. I've only told a few people because I'm afraid people won't believe me. It still makes me feel a bit uncomfortable when I think about it.


17. Assaulted During Video Games

I was home alone, playing games on my laptop when suddenly I was shoved out of my chair and fell to the ground. I felt no contact on my skin, but I vividly felt a force applied to the side of my head that pushed me to the ground. It was as if some invisible, unfeel-able hand was already resting on the side of my face, unnoticed until it shoved me out of my chair.

I have no explanation for it.


16. Hands On Scalp

I was dozing on the couch at my parent's place last year. Not comfortably because I was cold. Then a felt a wave of heat pass over me, which was pleasant enough until I felt these firm, pointed fingertips on my head like something was standing behind me with its hands on my scalp. I was frightened but then grabbed them and threw them off me. A few minutes later my mum came in and said she heard a door open and had got the feeling she should check on me. Probably a dream but it was super creepy.


15. Touched In The Treeline

For context, this is northernish Minnesota nearest town is Leader. We had a decent amount of land up there and we often had large bonfires. During one of these bonfires, I decided to play a joke on my family and hide in the tree line and scare my parents. After about five to ten minutes my parents started to get scared and my uncle decided to look for me. Two or three minutes later I felt a slight touch or maybe a push on my right shoulder and I came running and screaming out of the woods. I was certain that my uncle had somehow snuck up behind me but when I reached the bonfire everyone was waiting for me and my uncle was in the trailer and NOT in the tree line. Even now I still get odd feelings around that area and always thought that my dumb child brain was playing tricks on me, but even the family dog kept watching on that side of the forest. I’m not entirely certain what touched me but it was a terrifying experience for me.


14. SOS In The Subtitles

I was watching Degrassi with two friends at one of their houses. During a commercial, the screen cut to static with the black boxes, white font subtitles saying things like help me and I’m trapped. It was 2006 so I can’t remember exactly was written but it freaked us out and we shut the tv off. No one believed us.


13. Grandpa's Goodbye

I was 6 and remember playing in my room and my grandpa walks in and talks to me for a few minutes. After a bit, he gets up and tells me to “Be a good girl for mom”, kisses me on the forehead, and walks out. Mom comes in about 5 mins later hysterical and told me my grandpa had died overnight and we had to leave to go be with the family two states over where he lived.


12. The Shadow

Friend shined a flashlight on me in the dark in a forest. No one else around us. I turn around and on a bush where the light was shining, I see the shadow of a man just walk away to the left out of the light. I'm not saying it was a ghost, I'm just saying what I saw. And I could make out the person perfectly, it was a person's shadow. I could see he had a crew cut, button-up shirt, nice shoes on.

Maybe I hallucinated. But I've never hallucinated before or after the event


11. The Floating Head

I can remember when I was 8 or 9 me and my little sister were in the kitchen, and through the glass door to the hallway, we could see a floating head of a young boy, extremely pale with short black hair. I can still clearly remember and it definitely wasn’t a reflection, it was too opaque and he didn’t look like us at all (both of us being young girls with long hair). My sister was crying and screaming and I just remember laughing in shock. My sister would deny seeing anything until recently when picking her up from the pub she just casually said: “Hey remember that floating head when we were wee?”. To be honest I’m a bit ticked off that she actually remembered it because I was doubting myself for the longest time.


10. Traumatic Tying Of Laces

One morning I was getting ready for work and was in the hallway checking out my outfit of the day. I bend down and tie the laces on my shoes and when I look up there's this human-like figure but like demonic, it was white but had blackish long messy hair and black huge eyes and smiling(?) black mouth. I don't know how to explain but it was there for like a few seconds until it disappeared. scared the hell out of me.


9. The Strange Visitor

I was at home with my parents and the doorbell rang around 9 pm. I was in my room and my parents were downstairs so I went and answered the door. Standing there is a normal looking guy with glasses and decent clothes (so he doesn’t seem homeless). I ask can I help you? Nothing. Hello? Nothing. Then he tries to take a step into my house. I noped the heck out of that and slammed the door before he could get in. Don’t know who he was, what he wanted, nothing.


8. Traveling With Bees

Late, but my sister once saw a guy driving a car full of bees, loose, flying around the car. No one can come up with any explanation so no one believes her.


7. Moving Cup

Cup moved on my flat table. I watched it slowly moving to the left where it stopped near the edge. It was a new cup I never used before and if anyone was wondering yes I did throw that cup out.


6. The Fruit Thrower

A man with an orange followed me around my local park. He proceeded to stop anytime I did. I stare at him without making it too obvious and he throws the thing at me. An actual orange, you think it's over, no. He pulls out a real live apple and eats it while looking at me. Never going back.


5. Mailing You Your Own Possessions

I was living in student housing and the way the mailboxes were set up, there was one for each suite/group of six bedrooms tucked in behind the main office.

I went to collect our mail one day near the start of the month and found a slip of paper with my name on and the number 23 (printed on, not written). I assumed someone had put it in there to freak me out and just left it on my desk. Whatever.

A few days later, there was a black leather glove in there, also with my name on. Just one black leather glove that I didn't think was weird till I looked closely at it - I had lost this glove the winter before.

A few days after that, a hair ribbon of the sort I'd had a phase of wearing, narrow purple hair ribbon.

By this time I'd asked all my friends WTF they were doing, they all denied all knowledge.

A few days after the glove there was a lipstick, used, in a shade and brand I'd worn before. I had a few of those lipsticks but kept losing them and they'd been discontinued. The problem was, I was at university in a different country from where I grew up, and I'd stopped wearing that lipstick before moving.

I waited for the 23rd fully expecting some stalker-tastic event of horror and terror. But nothing happened, and nothing happened after that. I still don't know what was going on.

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4. The Ghost In The Attic

One night when I was home alone I heard some ruckus outside of my house while I was sleeping. I figured it was just my dogs (I have two large Dobermen) so I brought them inside so as to not let them bother the neighbors.

When I was trying to sleep, however, there was more noise. But this time inside the house. Again, I brushed it off as the dogs playing.

I was woken up by a third noise, which sounded like a cabinet closing hard, and I looked around to find my things strewn all over the floor. My room was just a complete mess. My attic door (outside of my bedroom) was slightly open, and my dogs were laying shaking in the corner of the kitchen. My doors and windows were all locked and secure. I really wish I was making this up.


3. Time Stops

After my father passed away, my grandmother's watch broke down. She didn't notice until half an hour later when she went to check the time and the watch stopped the minute my father passed.

Every time I tell friends about it they call it lies, I don't even believe in the paranormal but it's just super creepy.


2. Voodoo Ritual

I walked into a voodoo ritual in a church. Everyone dressed in white from head to toe bowing to or walking around a GOAT head on an altar.

I ran away as fast as I could


1. Package Delivered

I'm sitting in my living room, reading these stories on my phone and giving myself goosebumps. My 1-year-old is napping upstairs and my dog is napping at my feet. No one else is home. Suddenly, I hear a shuffling noise towards the front of the house and my hair stands on end. The dog growls low under his breath. I decide to stay put and see what happens but nothing does so I chalk it up to my mind playing tricks because I'm reading scary stories.

Two minutes later I get a notification from Amazon that my package was delivered.