Real Life Stories of People Who Took One For The Team

Real Life Stories of People Who Took One For The Team


Raise a toast to the heroes who put others before themselves, who brave terrifying conditions, social ridicule, legal troubles, or physical harm to help out their friends. Here are some stories of real life champs who made a sacrifice and took one for the team.

Good Guy Colleague


I had a junior developer on my team that made a mistake. He had only been there a few months and although the mistake was easy to make, it would end up costing the company $40k. I was a senior dev and relatively untouchable due to a lot of fixed mistakes that others had made.

For two days management was talking about who made the mistake and what they would need to do. As soon as I realized who it was (he was unaware at that point that he had done it wrong) I said I did it.

Nobody said another word about it except me who quietly explained the correct way to push code changes to the junior dev. Story credit: Reddit / Technical-Bet-2023

Saved The Wedding


My friend picked out terrible bridesmaid dresses. If you can picture it: Structured goldenrod cheap transparent chiffon with a body clinging tank top slip the size of a napkin underneath. Sort of that twee shabby chic prairie style that was en vogue a decade ago.

All the bridesmaids hated them but bride friend was type A and no one wanted to complain. I fell on my sword and begged her to let me pick something different because of my weight, as I was the chonkiest one in the party. I absolutely refused to stand in front of people in that handkerchief.

She wanted everyone to match so she switched to a much more flattering one. I got a group hug from all the bridesmaids in secret. It's been a decade and she still brings it up occasionally that the first dress was fine and everyone else liked it. Story credit: Reddit / throneofthornes

Smelt it Dealt it


Was in a car ride with my GF and some family, my GF lets out a nasty fart, and my uncle starts complaining about the smell.

It was the first time my GF met these people, and I figured it would be super awkward if they figured it was her, so I took responsibility for the fart. Besides some more complaints directed at me, nothing else happened.

The fart was so stinky so I don’t blame them for complaining at all. Story credit: Reddit / DellSalami

College Hero


Took a class in college that I didn’t want to take but if I didn’t, the class couldn’t be run and two other people would not be able to graduate. Story credit: Reddit / -Firestar-


Evacuation Delay


This past summer, on a trail crew in Alaska. Our crew was flown out to remote airstrips for maintenance. We were sent to one particularly remote area the week that a serious storm system was to roll in.

Six of us out there, two full time USFS staff and us four on the trail crew spending all of our time in separate tents. It rained over a foot while we were there and on the day we were to be extracted we were told that the conditions were too bad for the small plane to retrieve us so we spent an extra day in the field.

The next day comes and we are told the weather has calmed enough for the pilot to arrive that morning with only enough room for four passengers and our gear.

I volunteered to stay behind and wait for what we were informed would be another eight hours before the plane could return for us, if the weather stayed stable enough, if not the next day.

I stayed behind with one of the FS workers freezing in the rain while the rest of my team returned to the warm dry compound. Luckily we were evacuated later that same day but it was a few hours delayed from the initial estimate. I found the trip to be pretty fun still. Story credit: Reddit / Capn_Z_Muhnee

Sleezeball Excuse


Buddy was married with two young children, who was unable to get away from his job, wife and kids. His wife is also a bit of a helicopter wife if that makes sense. My buddy and I have a bond over baseball, hadn't seen him in a long time so we went to a Blue Jays game.

During the game his wife constantly texted him reminding he had to come straight home, when was the game going to be over. My buddy stated "It's a Saturday afternoon, I haven't seen you in ages or been out in a while, I want to go to a pub after for drinks but need an excuse that will give me an extra hour or two.

On Saturdays , the Jays would have Jr. Jays Saturdays, where 45 minutes after the game , if you were 12 and under, you could wait in a long line and run the bases.

I told my buddy to tell his wife that I was trying to hit on a hot single mom who had a baby but also a 4 year old who wanted to the run bases and offered to take the 4 year old around the bases with the intent to get her number.

Mission accomplished as we headed after the game for a couple beers. A month later I was at his house and the first thing his wife says to me, "you are such a pathetic sleezeball!" Story credit: Reddit / OMC78

Charity Never Faileth


I work for a small mental health charity when lockdown hit in 2020 I stopped being paid and took on all the administration as we had to make the admin furloughed. Hard times but we managed to continue supporting people for free during the hardest of times. Story credit: Reddit / playfulpenguin1

Livin' La Vida Loca


I was on a cruise, and they were doing auditions for the “end of trip” show where you’re impersonating a well known performer/song. We were over an hour into the karaoke time and no one had auditioned yet. I’d had a few drinks and figured “what’s the worst that could happen?”

That’s how I found myself performing on stage as Ricky Martin with backup dancers. Story credit: Reddit / Nokomisu



I was at Universal in FL with my best friend and our two boyfriends, waiting in the line for the hulk roller coaster. It was 97 degrees Fahrenheit and the air was like soup, and we had already waited in line for an hour.

I was feeling a little overheated but was ready to wait it out when I took a look at my best friend who looked white as a sheet, like she was about to faint. I finally called it and said “hey guys I’m not feeling it, Steph do you want to go grab food and shop in that store with the good HP stuff?”

I could sense the immediate relief from her as we walked out of the line. Her bf is a Florida native and she was trying to put on a brave face, but I knew two more minutes and that chick would have passed the heck out.

We ate ice cream and shopped while we waited ANOTHER HOUR for the guys to get through the line to ride the 2 minute roller coaster. Totally worth it to take the “weak” title for myself to bail. Story credit: Reddit / neko_brand

Grandma's Love


My grandmother was getting older & struggling to get to the bathroom everytime. Well one time she didn't make it & someone had to help her take a bath. I jumped at the opportunity. Got her all cleaned & pretty & smelling great, brushed her hair just before bed too. Why?

Because she raised me from 2-5. The learning years, the potty training, the reading/ writing, teaching me to tie my shoes, add & subtract, letters & numbers .... all her. She was patient & kind & understanding & loving & immensely wise. So me giving her a bath ..... heck, I'd do it again tomorrow. I miss her .... Story credit: Reddit / Aggravating_Client36


Impromptu Road Trip


A friend of a friend that I didn't particularly know got stuck without a ride home (3 hours away) while she was visiting my city. I had to drive her all the way home and then drive back to my house (6 hours total) after working 14 hours that day.

got to wake up and go to work the next morning still pretty tired, but my buddy was happy and I would hope if I got stuck in an unfamiliar city like that somebody would help me out too. Story credit: Reddit / danjons2

Legitimately Terrifying


My ex girlfriend and I worked at a bar in Montreal. she was a waitress and I was Bartender. One in a while a bunch of rich dudes from the states would come up and flaunt their money to the girls we worked with. Buying champagne and such.

One night she was serving them and I got cut early and was waiting until she was done and those dude insisted on giving her drinks. She was coming down with a cold and didn’t want to drink so she kept feeding me drinks intended for her.

Long story short there ended being roofies in the drink and I blacked out and I woke up on my apartment floor and my gf on the couch. Story credit: Reddit / Slurms_Mackenzie42

Taking the Blame


My best friend conviced me have a "couple of drinks" together, next thing you know im carrying him on my back at 1am to his house ( we were 16 at the time), police came and arested us, (it was when quarantine first started in greece, nothing really happened with the cops.

they just phoned our parents and waited, both our parents came to the police station, they asked whose idea was it, I knew that if I told it was my friends idea he would be ruined, so i just told them that it was mine.

I got grounded for 2 weeks and he got for 1, I actualy told my father a while ago that it was his idea and I took the blame for him, he laughed and said "My son is a loyal friend". Story credit: Reddit / Tzoumass

Promoted to Designated Driver


I was out with a bunch of my friends and the designated driver up and left us about 10 minutes into the party. I did not have my license but I knew the people I was with and I knew they would drive drunk, so I didn't drink and I drove them home.

Got pulled over by the RCMP, he asked for license and registration, I gave him the registration but said I didn't have a license (I had let my beginners lapse and didn't get it because I didn't have regular access to a car).

He started in on me asking me why I was driving without a license and I said pointed to each person in the car and said, drunk, drunk, drunk, drunk and I didn't drink. He gave me back the registration and said carry on. Story credit: Reddit / Wavemanns

Bailing Out a Friend


Friend of mine got on a late night fight at a bar and was sent to the closest police station, everyone left and I was left with him, rode the police car with him and called our lawyer and helped through all the legal procedures to pay bail and get him out. Still had to get to work by 8:00 a.m. Story credit: Reddit / Much_Committee_9355

Handbag Hero


Was at a house party, being the DD. Sloshed best friend told me he thought my mom was hot and then puked all over the table with all the ladie's purses sitting on it. I saved them all from doom and then cleaned up the barf while everyone got mad at me for allowing it to happen.

I remember apologizing profusely, but looking back, screw all them, I saved the handbags. Story credit: Reddit / ekomenski


Voluntary Pay Cut


I was an early employee at a game studio and we had fallen on hard times. Myself and the other founders all went to 25% salary for a few months to keep from letting people go.

It was VERY hard as I didn't have much slack in my budget. We made it through. Some of the best times of my life. Story credit: Reddit / lastMinute_panic

It's Always My Fault


I'm a lead tech at work. I always take one for the team. You messed something up? Let's fix it. Anyone asks? Blame me. I have the kind of personality that I never get in trouble.

Management really likes me. I get away with stuff all the time. So, yeah, let me take the hit and you learn from your mistake. Story credit: Reddit / iremovebrains

Father-Daughter Dance


I taught at an elementary school in my early 20's. At the end of the year, we would always put on a dance for 5th graders as like a last hurrah before moving on to middle school.

One year, we hired a DJ and it was really great. The kids and families were having a great time. Out of nowhere the DJ announces a "Father/Daughter" dance. Most of the girls pulled their dads out to the floor and started dancing, but not all of them.

A couple of co-workers and I noticed the girls who didn't have Dads kind of cowering in a corner of the dance floor. We walked over and started dancing with them.

This wasn't a big deal at all, and honestly was pretty forgettable, but cut to a few years later... I was attending a college graduation for a family friend. One of those girls was graduating that day as well.

She comes up to me and tells me how that meant a lot to her and that it's one of her favorite memories from school. Story credit: Reddit / Apprehensive_Walk_48

Always Use the Buddy System


A bunch of friends and myself were going on an 8 mile hike during a group camping trip. Before we left, one of our friends kept voicing his skepticism about being able to complete an 8 mile hike. His girlfriend kept urging him to go because she didn’t want to hang back with him, she wanted to hike.

So, he ends up going. About an hour and a half into the hike, we are going up a series of switchbacks and the dude just can’t do it anymore. He tells us that he is going back. We all kind of look to his girlfriend to see if she is going to accompany him back and she just turns around to keep moving forward.

A couple of us were in the back kind of looking back towards him and then up towards the others who are continuing on and then of of my other friends says, “should someone go with him?”, and we all kind of look at each other hesitantly.

I finally jump in and say I will go back with him so that everyone else can keep going. I catch up to him and he says I didn’t have to do that but I tell him that I don’t want him being alone all day.

We make it back to camp and he immediately goes to take a nap and I end up sitting at camp by myself for the next few hours until the rest of the people get back… I guess I should have listened to him when he said I didn’t have to come back with him… Story credit: Reddit / mrboom74

Slow Dance with Kindness

Real-Life-Stories-People-Took-One-For-Team-21.jpg.optimal.jpgWikimedia Commons

In my first year of high school, I was the fat unpopular kid that had about 2 people that I could comfortably talk to.

I was pressured into going to the social dance that year and did my thing of standing aside or making idle chatter with some of the teachers and making every effort I could to be on the other side of the room from the kids that would make life difficult for me at every opportunity.

Then some slow music came on and after a few seconds, some very lovely hearted girls darted around the room and grabbed any solo boy that they could find and gave them the privilege of dancing with them (or, more accurately, simply having someone to dance with).

One of them came right for me, and it wasn't even that I was the only one left to pick. For that one song I knew kindness and friendliness and I haven't forgotten it to this day. Story credit: Reddit / Dr_Chops

Not Staying Safe


The first year of the pandemic, I stayed on as one of the junior doctors on the COVID ward because I'm lucky enough not to have any medical conditions (and I live alone). Some of my colleagues would have had to make drastic life changes.

I remember walking into the tea room and a nurse was crying because her son had severe asthma so her family were temporarily living with the neighbours. She hadn't hugged her kids in a month. Story credit: Reddit / manlikerealities


Stepping Off the Ride


Earlier this year, me and my band mates were at Seaworld and in the line for Mako and while we were getting in, we tried to put our stuff away in the containers that were to the left of the ride after waiting about half an hour in the line.

We then discovered that only loose articles were allowed in the basket and that we would all have to get off the ride and go downstairs to get a locker then do the line again.

I realized it’d be a waste of time since it was a school trip and time was limited, so I grabbed everyone’s items, stepped off of the ride and took one for the team so they could all go on the ride. Story credit: Reddit / NickDaRedditor



We were 15 hours in our 2-event shift. Lots of clients, set up, moving around, etc, my watch recorded 14 miles of walking. It was also snowing. My 7 team members were barely walking straight and had knee pain, had to lie on the floor, by the end.

Anyway, both events were over and it's time for cleanup. The leader says "only one person needs to stay to sweep, so the rest can go home".

I'm in the military so I volunteered. My joints hurt but not as bad. They all hugged me on their way out and I stayed an extra 90 minutes to clean up. Story credit: Reddit / Iwork3jobs



In high school Spanish class we all had to write a story in Spanish outlining our summer vacation. When it was time to present to the class, no one wanted to go first. That awkward silence when the teacher asked ‘who wanted to go first’ was deafening. I decided to raise my hand and start everyone off.

I was terrified (hate public speaking) and was horrible at Spanish, so going first was a huge stressor. Anyway, after that class was over my teacher pulled me aside and thanked me for going first and gave me extra credit. Story credit: Reddit / BAM225

Finishing Together


A classmate was really behind on the school work we had, and I mean it, REALLY behind, they had to stay late to finish the work, I didn't want the classmate to be alone, so I decided to stay and told the teacher I could teach them a thing or two while they're finishing their work.

We graduated together, weren't really friends, but I would like to think he'll remember me in the future. Story credit: Reddit / YFNSMJL



I was 16 and working my first job at Wendy's. One of the older guys there was Native American, had been in the Vietnam War and knew a lot of martial arts. We were friends, but horsed around a lot at work.

One day, knowing full well this dude could fight, I lurked around a corner, and when he walked by, I faked a jab at his head with a mop handle. He had me on the ground bleeding in under a second, I didn't even see what he did!

He immediately started apologizing, the manager ran back to the dish room to see what happened. I flat out lied to the manager. Told him I slipped on the wet floor. My friend was trying to explain, and I just kept telling him to shut up every time he opened his mouth.

Totally wasn't his fault, I caused it, and he had a family to support. The manager kept trying to get him to admit what happened, but I would not let him speak. I didn't give a crap about that job, they could fire me and it was no big deal.

We ended up going out for beers after work and laughing about it, but he had busted my nose and given me 2 black eyes so fast I never saw it coming. Story credit: Reddit / Demonae

Poisoning Rescue


Went to a huge house party when I wasn't drinking just to hang out with friends and get anyone a ride if they needed. Cops busted it, and while they were there, my buddy began showing signs of severe alcohol poisoning- lips turning blue, convulsions, etc.

As literally the only sober person there, I had to convince the cops to call an ambulance for him, then got them to trust me to leave with the ambulance to be there while he was in the ER. Spent the night and the next morning sitting in a waiting room as he got IV drips all night.

They only brought me in when he was finally sober enough to start freaking out about not knowing where he was. He settled in at that point, and, once he was good and ready for discharge, I took his goofy butt to breakfast. We were solid friends up till then, but we've basically been brothers since then. Story credit: Reddit / seanathan81

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Dormie


Walking home from work one night, had just gotten off of a shift at like 2 AM. Was walking back through my college campus, and I hear a slight moan from the bushes in front of the library. Dude that lived on my dorm floor was passed out, vomit on him, completely wasted.

Wasn't really responsive, couldn't get any words out of him. I knew he needed help, like bad. I'm not a huge guy (6', 170 ish) but he was small (5'5, 130 ish).

I then made the executive decision to text his girlfriend that I found him, and fireman carried him 3 blocks to the emergency room on campus. He never even thanked me for it. Story credit: Reddit / PotentiallyViable

Stay in School


High school. 10th grade. Me and 3 of my classmates decided to skip P.E. It's was not my idea btw. Anyways, the teacher notices us being gone and starts searching for us. During this time, we were in the nearby café, drinking coffee and chatting.

When we decided to go back, the P.E teacher was waiting for by the school gate. She was mad as hell. She ask whose idea it was to skip the class. I said "Mine". The teacher dragged me to the principal's office where I received a long scolding.

The principal called my parents and my mom came after the end of the school day. To say that she was furious would be an understatement.

Long story short - I was suspended for a month, was grounded for 3 months by mom and she took my computer cable during this time. Looking back, it wasn't worth it. Story credit: Reddit / Kaiser93

Earning the Badge Twice


When I was a Boy Scout, we had to spend the night in a shelter we made to get Wilderness survival merit badge. The rule was at least two people for safety reasons. I already had that merit badge. My friend wanted the merit badge.

It was February and it was a super cold drizzling rainy weekend. Just barely above freezing so that it was rain rather than snow. We built a shelter with about 4 of us. In the night, as the cold rain leaked in, two guys quit and went to sleep in a tent.

I wanted to go get in a nice dry warm tent. My friend would have to quit too if I did. So, I spent that miserable night out there just so he could get the merit badge. Story credit: Reddit / angle_madeup

Missing the Wedding


My friend was on a flight to his brother's wedding from Switzerland to Jamaica with a layover in the Dominican Republic. His entire family and friends were on that flight, like 50-60 people.

They got drunk on airplane wine, and 6-7 (not my friend) snuck into the bathroom and started smoking cigarettes, 2-3 at a time. The crew (obviously) found out, and came to the seats and reprimanded the group.

They asked who smoked a cigarette in the bathroom, they know it was one of them. The captain came out and said if no one admit it he'd kick them all off the plane on their layover. None of them moved. He was ready to kick them all off until my friend got up and took one for the team.

He got kicked off of the flight, and missed his brother's wedding for it, while all the others had an absolute blast of a wedding. Oh, he also had to pay a $5000 fine, had to rebook his flight, spend 7 nights in a hotel in the Dominical Republic, and he's blacklisted from that airline for 10 years. Story credit: Reddit / Winged89

That's What Big Brothers are For


My underage brother and I were hanging out one day, and he had a vape he'd gotten from school. Mom came home suddenly and charged into my room. I was already at college and knew his life would be worse if they found out, so I lied and said it was mine.

Got 3 lectures including one on how awful it was that I'd do such a thing with my brother around. I'm the oldest and kinda used to always being in trouble so usually if it's super bad I'll pretend it was all me. Younger brother thanked me and then later left empty juice bottles he turned into wine under my bed. Story credit: Reddit / Nightthunder

Onto the Dance Floor


Went to a wedding a few years back. Groom and Bride invited all guests to come dance with them. Not a soul in the room would budge for nearly 15 minutes. Poor bride, She was visibly upset that no one would come dance.

After finishing a cocktail and a conversation, I grabbed my husband and proceeded to dance (I’m a terrible dancer) with him next to the newlyweds. The brides face lit up!

Shortly after other guests trickled to the floor and began to dance. After the couple returned from their honeymoon she called me to thank me. Story credit: Reddit / oceaneyez727

Going First


A-level result day in England, we were allowed to pick our results up from like 9am, they were just in named envelopes on a table in our common room. Most of the group waiting were just standing around, all a bit too anxious to be the first to open their results in front of everyone incase they were bad.

I was only doing 2 A-levels (I still wanted to do well mind) so I went up first, felt the whole room just watch me open my results to see how I did. Didn’t get what I wanted, but acted like it was a good grade and that spurred everyone else to start opening theirs. Story credit: Reddit / everybodyknowsadave

Closet Misadventure

Real-Life-Stories-People-Took-One-For-Team-01.jpg.optimal.jpgReddit / mermaidpaint

A coworker was looking for his blue blazer in a closet. The closet had shelves on three walls. Over the doorway, someone had placed a 2x4 wooden board as an extra shelf.

My coworker did something, and the shelves started to fall. He asked for help. Being a kind and helpful person, I walked into the closet to see how I could help him. The hefty board over the doorway tipped, then fell down and hit my right temple, edge on.

I remember raising my right hand to stop it, but was too late, my fingers just brushed against it. I remember it hurt. Apparently there was a terrible sound when it hit my head, but I don't remember that.

I ended up going to the hospital, where I was diagnosed with a mild concussion. The whiplash developed shortly after. My neck has never been the same. The hospital did x-rays but didn't find anything concerning.

Fifteen years later, I had an MRI that revealed I had a ruptured disc in my neck that was starting to compress my spinal cord. I had a disc replacement surgery shortly after. I still have osteoarthritis in my neck. I'm not going into any more closets with falling objects. Story credit: Reddit / mermaidpaint

The Great School Heist


I was still at school after the school day had ended. I was in a big group of my friends and one of them said they left their laptop and their dad's guitar in the closed music building and his dad would be really mad if he left it there.

So I snuck into the building, climbed through the window, and got the guitar and laptop. I saw a teacher on the way out so I bolted out of the front door and gave my friend his stuff. We ran out the gates to the school and to the nearest bus stop. Story credit: Reddit / HolidaySleep2946

Cushioning the Blow


My friends and I had a Christmas party and one of us brought over her bf, whom we were meeting for the first time. We all prepared presents for White Elephant and the guy brought cushions as gifts.

They weren't special cushions either, just cushions from Ikea… and it was traded away every time it landed on someone's lap. It was quite obvious no one wanted it, and I figured we're probably making this guy feel really bad, so I traded away something (movie tickets?) for the cushions.

No one took the cushions away from me. Anyway, I still have them, but the friend and guy split several months after. Story credit: Reddit / aahighknees



I was a bridesmaidzilla. I think there’s another term but I can’t think of it. The bride was one of my friends, and she is the sweetest, kindest people you will ever meet. However, a lot of people treated her like a doormat, especially her parents. Her mother in law was a genuine nightmare.

Like every stereotype you’ve heard about mother in laws, she embodied. Her mother and future MIL wanted to help plan her wedding but they weren’t paying for anything and didn’t care at all what she wanted and sometimes would make fun of her.

So she would take me and some other bridesmaids along to events and we would essentially bully her mom and MIL until the bride got what she wanted. Story credit: Reddit / cryrabanks



We were working in a mailroom, and Lucy (a 20 year old disney-loving nerd), had a crush on Luke, (a new employee who was into Anime). The mailroom boss, "Lisa", and myself were like, yes, let's matchmake this. Young love.

But then as we were being tossed mail bags by the couriers, one of them started teasing Sweet, Shy Lucy about farting. And sure enough, she had farted. Lucy's face was beet red, as Luke was right there.

So I claimed the fart. I myself had a crush on one of the couriers (not the teasing one), so this was a blow to my image, but seeing Lucy's embarrassment had me making cropdusting jokes to the room, telling them to "bring it" with the roasts.

Nicest effing thing I ever did. (Luke and Lucy have been together 4 years now, btw). Story credit: Reddit / mookie8

Saving a Friend


When I was in middle school we always wanted to take care of the soccer balls because we wanted them to last and play soccer, so me and my friends were in our classroom looking through the window watching at the younger kids in class at PE playing with the soccer ball that I brought.

Somehow the kids blew up the soccer ball and we were so angry a guy in our friend group said very angrily “They MESSED UP!” just as our chemistry teacher walked in to the classroom, she couldn’t recognize who said it but she heard it very clearly.

We got in our seats and she asked who said it, no one answered, she then asked again and said that if no one answered again she was going to take two points off everyone’s grade.

I thought “Well, I have two extra points for extra work so if I say that it was me that said it then I’m not going to lose any points, that way no one loses anything”. I told the teacher that it was me that said it and then the teacher says, “I’m taking three points off your grade”.

I didn’t say anything, I said what I said and took responsibility for what I stated and I saved everyone’s ass. At the end I got an 8/10 so it wasn’t that bad, and later that year my friend told me that if it wasn’t for me he’d be failing chemistry.

I told him not to worry and that I’ll always be there for him. Simpler times, man. Story credit: Reddit / mattsle22

ER Rescue


Was working on a big assessment for second year university on Halloween and all my friends had gone out to a party since they're in different faculties and didn't have much work left for the term.

Anyway at about 10:30pm when I still had about 4 hours of work to get through one of my friends called me and said he needed to be picked up because he fell and hurt his leg.

So there I was at the hospital from 11pm until 2:30am while my friend got his leg x-rayed and checked out. Lucky I took him because it turns out he had broken his fibula in two, popped the sac of fluid under his knee (? I think) and had hyperextended a bunch of tendons and things. Oh and he had a concussion.

Basically because I had lost out on those hours that I should've been working on my task I very nearly failed the module that that task was due for.

Guess it would've been a better story had I failed a module to help my friend out. Story credit: Reddit / Velocifapper2706

Bad Cousin


My best friend got blackout drunk and decided to try to message his really hot cousin and hit on her. I don't think he realised, he was so drunk and he sent some pretty weird stuff.

When he woke up he realised what he had done and he's freaking out because she's told their whole family and they're all messaging him saying that he's a weirdo and they're disowning him and all that.

I decided to take the blame and say I did it whilst he was passed out as some weird prank. It took a lot of work and i don't know how I pulled it off but eventually everyone believed it.

Then after loads of apologising and sympathising with her disgust, somehow we ended up hitting it off and hooking up. Story credit: Reddit / LuckyProfessor369

A Major Sacrifice


When my loving and dear mother went to the hospital last month due to terminal brain cancer. Only two people could visit for her entire stay due to covid security. My father was one of the two and the last spot was between my sister and me. I let my sister have the last spot without debating or arguing.

After two days of not being able to visit, they were able to convince the hospital management to make an amendment and let me in. Unfortunately I missed out on two of the last five days she had left.. Story credit: Reddit / tripleburn

Claiming Possession


Me and 2 friends were smoking one night on a road by an old friends house. I was maybe 22 at the time? Unbeknownst to us, there had been a rash of break ins on the street and someone saw our cars parked next to the Field we were smoking in, and called the cops.

Cops roll up JUUUST as the 3 of us get back into my car. I am always super adamant about stashing stuff in the truck, but wouldn’t you know it, one of my friends forgot to put the mason jar away and it was in the cab with us. The cop came up to the window and we just reeeked.

He asked if I wanted to hand him the stuff now? Or if he should get us out to search the car.

I hand it over, he takes us aside looks through the car, back up arrives blah blah blah. At one point I step up to the cops and tell them it was my stuff, and the two other guys were just about to leave for college, and I didn’t want this to possibly mess things up for them.

And if there was any way that they could put the blame on me, and let the other two go, if they could please do that.

They talked for another few minutes, then let my friends go, cuff me, and put me in the back of the car. Luckily only ended up with a year of probation and about a $600 fine. My lawyer never even charged me. Story credit: Reddit / Spade18

Standing in the Corner


I was visiting my uncle's house and spending time with my older cousins, I was around 5 or so at the time. Older cousin, D for this story, and I were in the basement playing on a console, meanwhile my sister was hanging with a different older cousin who I'll call N in the upstairs/bedroom area.

At some point, we hear a loud crash. D and I rush upstairs to see what's going on. My sister and N did the same, and we walked into the kitchen where a glass bowl was shattered on the ground.

My uncle, ignoring the fact that none of us were in the kitchen, proceeds to scream at us and demand someone confesses. We sat there for probably around 10 minutes with no one coming forward.

D tried to reason with their dad that it could have been the dog jumping up to get something on the counter, but he wasn't having it. Having been fed up with it, I just claimed I did it so everyone else could go back to what they were doing.

For my punishment, I was told to stand in the corner, where I stood for several hours until my mom picked me up. Story credit: Reddit / sorryimindisguise

Roadside Rescue


Not sure if this counts but pulling my family out of a crashed car when half unconscious myself. Don’t remember much after it, just smoke, my sister on the grass obviously screaming in pain but I could only hear a loud pitched noise in my ears then boom hospital ceiling. We all survived. Story credit: Reddit / daartmeow

Washing Dishes


In high school, my best friend had a project to finish, but he was scheduled to work that Sunday at a local restaurant where he worked on the weekends. He was a dish washer. He asked me if I would work his shift for him, and I agreed to help him out.

I wasn’t even an employee at the restaurant and never worked a job like that, so it was a bit overwhelming as I was the only dish washer at the restaurant. They paid me cash which was the only other benefit besides helping my best friend. Story credit: Reddit / vabello

Cycling Accident


We worked in a fruit and veg warehouse and all the stock was picked by 5am. So this guy I got on with well started messing about throwing jabs at my body. I threw a few back, one made him step back but I didn’t think anything of it. He wasn’t in work for 2 weeks.

Found out it was because I broke 2 of his ribs. He covered for me and said he fell off his bike cycling home. Top man. Story credit: Reddit / Jonnie_r

Literally Taking One for the Team


Went to state softball tournament age 11. We had a runner on first, they had been walked. It was near the end of the game like 6-0 we had zero. I literally let this girl pitch a 45 mph ball and hit me, causing a walk. The runner that was on first was the only run we scored that game.

It wouldn't have happened if I didn't get pelted. I had a bruise for like 2 weeks. My team was V proud of me. Story credit: Reddit / dinorawrcaq13