The 5 Best Coffees From Around The World

The 5 Best Coffees From Around The World

Wherever you go in this world, people want that cup of joe. It picks you up in the morning and prepares you to face the day. But the world's best coffees don't all look alike. They're prepared differently, with different textures and flavors.

For the sake of traveling caffeine fiends, let's take a look at the best coffees from around the world.

5. White Coffee - Malaysia

Ipoh_White_Coffee_Old_Town_Kopitiam_in_Australia-300x225.jpgAlpha / Wikimedia Ipoh white coffee

Coffee in Malaysia is very different from what you'll get at Starbucks. 'Ipoh' style white coffee is roasted with palm oil. The result is a smooth white coffee with a smoky finish unlike any other.

4. Nous-Nous - Morocco

louis-hansel-shotsoflouis-bKPTbZe-P2k-unsplash-1-300x240.jpgPhoto by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis on Unsplash

In French 'nous-nous' means 'we-we.' But in Morocco it means 'half and half.' Specifically, half coffee and half warm milk. That's the preferred method of taking coffee in Morocco. And believe us: there's no shortage of cafés in this lovely country.

3. Kaapi - India

Filter_Kaapi-1-300x200.jpgRohitvalecha / Wikimedia Traditional kaapi

Kaapi is a coffee preparation popular in southern India. The grounds are percolated and pulled through a traditional filter, then mixed with frothed milk. The blend is cool, refreshing, and delicious. And oh so affordable!

2. Ca Phe Sua Da - Vietnam

24273283345_cfeb8a44ec_o-1-300x200.jpgPaul Arps / Flickr

This is Vietnam's take on iced coffee. And boy is it tasty! First, hot water is filtered through a percolator full of grounds into a glass. A puddle of condensed milk is waiting for it at the bottom. Add some ice, stir, and you've got yourself Ca Phe Sua Da. Irresistible in the heat.


1. Coffee - Ethiopia

Ethiopian_Coffee_Ceremony_011-300x200.jpgSteve Evans / Wikimedia

We have to give number one to Ethiopia. Ethiopia invented coffee; the coffee plant is in fact native to the country, and its export remains crucial to the economy. As you would expect, drinking coffee in Ethiopia in an event. The traditional consumption involves an hour of preparation that will make you appreciate our centuries-old obsession with this drink.