The Ultimate Drinking Game for Super Bowl Sunday

The Ultimate Drinking Game for Super Bowl Sunday

Follow These Rules For A Fun Super Bowl Drinking Game!

Super Bowl Sunday is a much anticipated event that deserves good food, good company, and best of all, a good game. Let's spice things up and make things even more fun with this ultimate Super Bowl Sunday drinking game. Keep reading to find out 20 rules to follow, and feel free to take out or add any rules you feel necessary! Have fun!

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1. False Start Fizz

If there's a false start penalty, everyone must take a sip of their drink. It's a light penalty for a light penalty on the field. We're just getting started here.

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2. Touchdown Chug

It goes without saying but, every time a touchdown is scored, everyone must take a generous swig of their drink. It's all about celebrating the moment! Remember to raise your glass or bottle high before diving in!

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3. Commercial Cheers

Have everyone choose a common Super Bowl commercial theme before the game starts, like animals, cars, food, or celebrities. When the commercials start playing, anyone with a matching theme on screen has to take a drink.

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4. Field Goal Frenzy

Every time a field goal is successfully kicked, take a small sip to celebrate it. But if it's missed, take two big sips, just so you can share in the kicker's disappointment.

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5. Halftime Show Harmony

During the halftime show, it's time to party! Every time a new song starts, everyone has to take a drink. If a special guest artist appears, that's another round of drinks of everyone. 

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6. Penalty Shot

For every penalty called, it's a penalty for you too, so take a shot of beer or a sip of your cocktail. Hey, it makes the game's mistakes a little more bearable that way.

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7. Instant Replay Roulette

Whenever there's an instant replay, predict the outcome. Those who guess wrong must take a drink, turning suspenseful moments into a fun gamble.

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8. Quarterback Quench

Every time you see the quarterback sacked or making a run on screen, take a drink. It's a toast to both the defense and a nod to the quarterback's efforts.

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9. Turnover Takedown

If there's a turnover at any point (aka an interception or fumble recovered), everyone has to FINISH their current drink. That's right, not a sip, but down that drink! It's a game-changer on the field so it should be one at your party too!

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10. Final Score Fortune

Here's another one to do before the game starts - have everyone predict the final score. Depending on the size of the party, have a few who guessed the furthest from the actual score take a penalty drink at the end of the game. It makes for a fun and suspenseful conclusion!

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11. Kickoff Commencement

At the beginning of the game and after halftime, everyone must take a celebratory sip during the kickoff. It's a great way to mark the start of the festivities and the second half.

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12. Safety Sip

If a safety occurs, everyone has to take a double sip because it's a rare event! This rule adds a bit excitement to one of the game's most uncommon plays. 

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13. Challenge Flag Fling

Whenever a challenge flag is thrown, everyone must take a big sip. If the challenge is successful, take another sip! Whether you're celebrating or mourning the overturned call, drink up.

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14. Two-Minute Warning Waterfall

At each two-minute warning, start a waterfall. The person who draws the shortest straw starts drinking, and everyone follows in sequence, not stopping until the person to their left does.

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15. Unsung Hero Toast

Let's give some love to the lesser-known players too! Whenever a lesser-known player makes a significant play, like scoring a touchdown or making a key defensive stop, give them a toast with a nice chug of your drink.

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16. Announcer's Catchphrase

Pick a common phrase or word used by the game's sportscasters (like "unbelievable" or "incredible") an take a sip whenever it's said.

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17. Timeout Takeoff

Each time a team calls a timeout, take a sip. It's a simple rule that keeps everyone on their toes, especially during those strategic game moments.

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18. End Zone Dance Delight

Here's a really fun one to do - if a player does a touchdown celebration dance, everyone must get up and mimic the dance move before taking a drink. This is a fun and interactive element that'll keep everyone engaged.

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19. Fourth Down Dare

On every fourth down attempt, predict whether the team will convert or not. Those who guess incorrectly must take a drink, adding a stake to these high-tension plays.

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20. Victory Lap

At the end of the game, everyone takes a victory lap around the room with their drink for the winning team. The last one to finish their drink must do a small dare chosen by the group. Let's put some more stakes on the table with this rule!

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