The Weirdest Edible Bouquets You Can Gift For Celebrations

The Weirdest Edible Bouquets You Can Gift For Celebrations

Valentine's Day is coming up really quickly - are you prepared? If you want to surprise your partner with something truly special this year, why not switch things up and ditch the flowers? Make their stomachs just as happy as their hearts with these edible bouquet ideas that are sure to impress. Not only will they find these incredibly hilarious and entertaining, they'll also appreciate the effort you put into making them. Let's explore these weird but amazing edible bouquets you can consider making this Valentine's Day!

1. Candy Bouquet

If you're tired of giving flower bouquets that wither and die after a couple of days, switch things up with this delightful candy bouquet. It's a sweet and colourful alternative to traditional flowers, and if you pack it with your partner's favourite sweets, it's thoughtful too! From gummy bears to hard candies, you have so much room to play around!

1708725922798.pngEinPole on Wikimedia Commons

1. Candy Bouquet Cont'd

All you have to do is take the candies you've chosen and grab some skewers or sticks. Tape the candies onto the sticks until you're sure they're stuck, and arrange the candies around until the bouquet is to your liking. If wrapping it up is too difficult, use a vase or decorated container! 

1708725951737.pngEinPole on Wikimedia Commons

2. Beef Jerky Bouquet

You might be wondering how beef jerky even came into the picture, but that's because it's an actual thing! Thanks to Manly Man Co's beef jerky flower bouquets, it's now possible to transform this savory snack into a unique and unexpected gift. If your partner loves beef jerky, they'll be pleasantly surprised to receive this over flowers this Valentine's Day.

Food-2794787 1280Image by Daniel Albany from Pixabay

2. Beef Jerky Bouquet Cont'd

If you don't feel like spending the money and buying the actual product, you can make your own! You'll just need a bunch of beef jerky slices which you'll roll into flower shapes (we're going for roses here). Once you have the shape you like, secure them with rubber bands then skewer the bottom ends and arrange them in a nice vase.

Meat-6565718 1280Image by Tomáš Sova from Pixabay


3. Doughnut Bouquet

Does your partner have a sweet tooth? Combine their love of doughnuts and Valentine's Day with this fun bouquet of doughnuts. This edible arrangement is surprisingly versatile - you can pick whatever flavours they like, making it a delicious and visually appealing bouquet.

Donuts-2969490 1280Image by Edward Lich from Pixabay

3. Doughnut Bouquet Cont'd

It's really easy to make this bouquet! Just buy a box of your partner's most loved flavours and place them on skewers or long sticks. Arrange the skewered doughnuts until you're satisfied, then either wrap it up like a flower bouquet or use a basket or box if it's too difficult. We suggest playing around with the colours and toppings as if they're real flowers!

Doughnut-2592733 1280Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

4. Chicken Nugget Bouquet

If your partner has the opposite of a sweet tooth and loves savory foods or snacks, a chicken nugget bouquet will blow their minds. It's both hilarious and whimsical, demonstrating that you went out of your way to make them smile this Valentine's Day. It's a quirky twist on the classic flower bouquet that your partner will surely never forget.

Chicken-Nuggets-4565342 1280Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

4. Chicken Nugget Bouquet Cont'd

Step one is figuring out what fast food chain your partner thinks has the best chicken nuggets (it's probably McDonald's). But if you want to save some extra cash, buying a frozen pack from the grocery store will work just as well! All you need to do is skewer the nuggets, putting maybe two or three on one stick to hide parts of the skewer, then wrap it up in decorative paper to create your bouquet.

Chicken-Nuggets-246180 1280Image by ALFONSO CHARLES from Pixabay

5. Chocolate-Dipped Fruit Bouquet

For a more refined, sophisticated option, a bouquet of chocolate-dipped fruits is perfect. Not only will you get an array of vibrant colours and textures, it's a safe option because who doesn't love chocolate and fruit?

Fruit Bouquetgbern3 on Wikimedia Commons

5. Chocolate-Dipped Fruit Bouquet Cont'd

For this edible arrangement, we suggest you make the chocolate-dipped fruits yourself instead of buying them. It'll save you money! Buy your partner's favourite fruits (strawberries are a must!) and melt the chocolate until liquidy and smooth. Dip the fruits in and wait until the chocolate fully sets. Then all you have to do is skewer the fruits and arrange them in a vase or container. Do your best to play around with the colours!

A-Bouquet-Of-Fruit-5022021 1280Image by Tatyana Volkova from Pixabay


6. Bacon Rose Bouquet

Now here's a hearty bouquet your partner definitely won't be able to resist. Bacon roses! Who needs real roses when you've got these crispy, smoky slices of bacon? It's a totally weird but creative gift that will definitely get a laugh out of your partner on Valentine's Day.

Ham-Roll-237756 1280Image by Hans from Pixabay

6. Bacon Rose Bouquet Cont'd

Make sure you have enough bacon on hand to fill up a full bouquet before starting! Before baking, roll up your bacon slices until they're shaped like a rose. If you're worried they'll become loose, you can put a toothpick through them to maintain their shape until they're done baking. Once satisfied, throw them into the oven and bake until crispy. Once cooled, you simply need to attach each bacon rose to a skewer and arrange nicely in a vase.

Breakfast-5909430 1280Image by Joshua Van Hierden from Pixabay

7. Cookie Bouquet

Let's jump back to sweets with this delicious idea of a cookie bouquet. It's heartwarming, sweet, and customizable! You can use cookies of various shapes, sizes, and flavours! For a nice touch, you can even decorate them with icing and sprinkles, depicting loving words or images. It's the perfect way to add a personal touch, something your partner will surely appreciate.

Chocolate-2599637 1280Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

7. Cookie Bouquet Cont'd

Depending on your baking skill and time on hand, you can either bake the cookies yourself or buy a pack from the store. If you're baking them, make sure you insert the sticks before they go in the oven so the cookies can form around the skewers. If you're going the purchasing route, a pack from Costco can't hurt! Even if you decided to buy instead of baking them yourself, you can still decorate the cookies using icing! Once the cookies are to your liking, just arrange the cookies on sticks into a beautiful bouquet.

Cookies-1387826 1280Image by Petra from Pixabay

8. Rice Krispies Bouquet

For a fun and crispy nostalgic treat, why not go for a Rice Krispies bouquet? If you make them yourself, you can even mold the treats into heart shapes or flowers! It's a playful and sweet gift to give this Valentine's Day that'll instantly transport your partner to their childhood.

Rice-Krispy-Treats-4308945 1280Image by Larry White from Pixabay

8. Rice Krispies Bouquet Cont'd

For a more romantic option, make the Rice Krispies yourself so you can mold it into your desired shapes. You could even use food colouring dye to turn them pink or red! Just remember to insert the sticks while they're still warm. But if you decide to just buy ones from the store, it'll still work! Just be careful when inserting the skewers. 

RktsquaresImGz on Wikimedia Commons


9. Fried Chicken Bouquet

We love unconventional gifts and this fried chicken bouquet idea is just that. Who doesn't love fried chicken anyway? Making both your partner's heart and stomach happy, this is one mouthwatering arrangement that'll go down as one of the best Valentine's Day gifts ever.  

Republic-Of-Korea-4506696 1280Image by PooX2 from Pixabay

9. Fried Chicken Bouquet Cont'd

If you'd like, you can simply skewer pieces of fried chicken together to create your bouquet, but for a more visually stunning route, we suggest you tie a bunch of fried drumsticks together to create your "flowers". They can sit on top of the decorate wrapping or vase, but it'll definitely be more visually impactful if your bouquet is simply made of a bunch of drumsticks!

Chicken-5242617 1280Image by grandstream from Pixabay

10. Cheesecake Bouquet

We're ending off with something sweet, and what's more delectable than slices of cheesecake? Perfect for those who love desserts or for those who just simply adore cheesecake, this is, funnily enough, a more elegant option. The best part? You and your partner will have enough cheesecake to enjoy throughout the rest of the week!

Cheesecake-2867614 1280Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

10. Cheesecake Bouquet Cont'd

For a visually impactful cheesecake bouquet, we suggest skewering slices of cheesecake like the image above. Just think of those cheesecakes on a stick that's sold in various fast food chains or fairs! You may need to freeze them a little so they're more sturdy, but once you feel confident enough in forming your bouquet, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how nicely these slices work as flowers.

Cheesecake On A StickBertram Kreuter on Wikimedia Commons