What is The Monstera Deliciosa and Why Are You Seeing it Everywhere?

What is The Monstera Deliciosa and Why Are You Seeing it Everywhere?

The Monstera…what? That’s right, Monstera Deliciosa, a delicious but dangerous fruit that has been making its way all over social media. If you’ve recently come across a video where someone was trying this creepy-looking fruit and warning you that it could potentially feel like swallowing knives, well, this is the fruit everyone’s been talking about. Going on for a couple of years now, creators on various social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram have filmed themselves trying this unique fruit. As an incredibly uncommon food with a pretty frightening appearance, the Monstera Deliciosa has garnered plenty of attention.

So what is it exactly? Well, its scientific name literally translates to “delicious monster,” a description that is surprisingly fitting for this strange plant. As an added fun fact, the Monstera is also nicknamed the “Swiss cheese plant,” thanks to the plant’s excessively large and abnormally hole-covered leaves. While it sure works as a fantastic decor piece that would light up any room, the Monstera has been trending more so for the fruit it bears, a tasty treat you can eat.

Kara-Eads-Zcvartf8Frs-UnsplashPhoto by Kara Eads on Unsplash

But when it comes to trying this fruit, please be aware that you should proceed with extra care and caution. The Monstera should definitely come with a full-on instruction manual upon purchase! If you find yourself wanting to give this fruit a try, make sure you read our next instructions very carefully:

In order to enjoy this fruit, you must wait for it to be COMPLETELY ripe. Resembling an ear of corn, you can test the Monstera’s ripeness by gently nudging its scales - if the kernels fall off naturally, it’s ripe and ready to eat. But if there are any sections on the fruit that has scales still firmly attached and requires pressure to nudge off, DO NOT EAT IT. Eating the Monstera before it is fully ripe will leave you with a painfully sharp sensation going down your throat. To make matters worse, it’ll also leave you with a terribly upset stomach.

That being said, don’t be alarmed! Yes, this fruit can be dangerous to consume, but only if you’re not prepared. Now that you know the proper steps to follow, you’ll be introduced to a whole new world of flavour. Often described as tasting like a mix of the most amazing tropical fruits, some people online have stated the flavour is like a combination of banana, pineapple, and strawberry. Sounds pretty tasty to us!

1024Px-Monstera FruitPhoto by Olga1969 via Wikimedia Commons

Thanks to the vastness of social media, we’re able to be introduced to wacky new things every day. We for one never heard about the Monstera Deliciosa until we saw it on TikTok! If you ever find an opportunity to taste this seemingly delicious fruit, you should no doubt take it. By being aware of the dangers, you’ll be able to consume the fruit safely so you can enjoy its wondrous taste.