Why Erewhon is LA’s Hottest Place to Shop For Groceries

Why Erewhon is LA’s Hottest Place to Shop For Groceries

While you might think good deals, solid use of coupons, and bulk buying at Costco are essential staples when it comes to grocery shopping, out in Los Angeles, California, there seems to be a new trend. If you’ve never heard of Erewhon (where have you been?!), get ready to have your socks knocked off. For many LA grocery shoppers, it’s not about budgeting anymore, it’s about shopping in the hottest spot in the city - which also happens to be the most expensive. At Erewhon, you can expect to find $18 smoothies, $26 water, and $50 bottles of vinegar. That’s right, somehow, this incredibly expensive grocery store has become the new place to be. 

You’re probably wondering to yourself, “How could anyone want to spend so much money here when you could clearly get the same items for so much cheaper elsewhere?” Well, it comes down to a number of things, but let’s first start out with some positives. With a large prepared foods section and a fantastic smoothie/juice/coffee bar, many people online have raved about Erewhon’s food quality. Let’s take a moment to forget about the insane prices because clearly, Erewhon has shown dedication to creating delicious and healthy foods. Whether it's their famous breakfast burrito, salmon, or buffalo cauliflower, their ready-to-eat food has been greatly complimented online. And with so many people recording their positive responses towards trying Erewhon food, it’s led to a natural intrigue and curiosity from many viewers.

Brad-B0Ieltwbvt4-UnsplashPhoto by Brad on Unsplash

On the other hand, Erewhon’s focus on healthy and organic food also speaks to another growing trend. With many people turning to healthier diets over the past couple of years, Erewhon’s focus on organic goods is one that speaks to many. Accommodating all the different diets, from vegan to vegetarian, Erewhon is able to provide inclusive experiences to all its shoppers, once again, regardless of their prices. 

But of course, that leads to our biggest point today - TikTok. Thanks to Erewhon blowing up on TikTok, shopping for groceries here has become an easy way to become “fashionable”, “relevant”, and part of the latest trend. Because really, it’s all about the trends. So many creators and influencers have posted about their experience at Erewhon, whether it’s amazement towards the food’s quality or complete shock at the high prices, it’s bound to get a lot of views. And with certain products blowing up like Hailey Bieber’s Skincare Smoothie, it’s caused an even larger flood of people going out to try this $18 smoothie for themselves.

Solen-Feyissa-Yaw9Mfg9Qfq-UnsplashPhoto by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

A large part of Erewhon’s recent rise in popularity also has to do with the number of celebrities that shop there. We still live in a society where we idolize celebrities and want to live their lifestyles, so seeing them buy groceries at Erewhon makes it a no-brainer. From Miley Cyrus to Jake Gyllenhaal to Hilary Duff to Leonardo DiCaprio, all the hottest A-listers have been spotted there. This has created an illusion of exclusivity that makes it feel as if anyone who shops there is part of this new, inner circle. Because at the end of the day, it’s all about image - people will be willing to buy $15 strawberries if it makes them feel extra special.

While Erewhon continues to be an interesting phenomenon that is leading people to buy groceries that are way more expensive than they should be, what should we take away from this? Well, if anything, it goes to show you the massive power that TikTok holds and the power trends can have in influencing people’s decisions. Because the real question is, if Erewhon never blew up on TikTok, would you be shopping there?