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Healthy Dish Ideas To Start Off The New Year Right

If you're looking to start off the new year right with a healthier lifestyle, look no further. We've compiled an amazing list of 30 healthy dish ideas to inspire you to cook healthier and look...

January 2, 2024 Cathy Liu


10 Foods That Can Cause Rosacea Outbreaks & 10 That Help Prevent Them

Outside of proper skincare and sun protection, your diet plays a large role in fighting rosacea outbreaks—foods rich in healthy fats, antioxidants, or anti-inflammatory properties are often best to keep flare-ups at bay, but some…

by Maria Cruz Jun 13, 2024

Don’t Eat These 10 Foods Before A Colonoscopy, Eat These 10 Instead

What you eat before a colonoscopy makes all the difference between a successful and unsuccessful exam. While most patients know about the clear liquid diet leading up to their procedure, it’s just as important to…

by Maria Cruz Jun 12, 2024

20 Foods High In Antioxidants—And Why You Should Eat More Of Them

Everyone knows antioxidants are good for you - but what exactly are they? Well, in the simplest terms, antioxidants are molecules that fight free radicals in your body. Those free radicals are compounds that have…

by Landon Wexler Jun 12, 2024

The 10 Best Brain-Boosting Foods & The 10 Worst

Everyone knows that you are what you eat and that the food you use to fuel your body is going to have major ramifications on how well you perform day-to-day tasks. But this isn’t just…

by David Cunningham Jun 12, 2024

Don’t Eat These 10 Foods If You Want Good Eyesight, Eat These 10 Instead

Conditions like cataracts and glaucoma can strike at any time, especially when we’re older, but proper changes in diet are part of your eyes’ front-line defense. With that, let’s look at 10 foods that can…

by Maria Cruz Jun 11, 2024

10 Fast Food Items You Can Only Get in Canada & 10 Only Found In The USA

Fast food is quick, convenient, and quasi-affordable—and despite warnings of too many calories lost in puddles of grease, we’ll never part ways. Unfortunately, not every menu item is available in every country, so let’s explore…

by Maria Cruz Jun 10, 2024