20 Refreshing Dishes To Beat The Summer Heat

20 Refreshing Dishes To Beat The Summer Heat

Summer is just around the corner, meaning you've got to prepare your list of summery dishes that'll taste amazing in the heat. These dishes are cool and perfectly capture the summer flavours we know and love the most. That's why we've prepared 20 refreshing dishes for you to consider and add to your summer cooking repertoire.

1. Bingsoo (Korean Shaved Ice)

When the summer sun is just too unbearable to deal with, there's nothing like some ice to cool you down. In particular, this popular Korean dessert consists of shaved ice that is so thin, it just melts in your mouth. The best part is, you can customize it however you want with toppings that fit your taste preferences. From fruit to red beans to condensed milk, it's yours to enjoy the way you like it.

Bingoo Crystal Jo on Unsplash

2. Watermelon Salad

Never thought you'd hear the word watermelon and salad in the same sentence, right? Although you may not be convinced from the name, one taste is all you need to realize that it's the perfect summer dish. Just imagine juicy, sweet watermelon paired with the richness of feta cheese, fresh mint, and a hint of lime. It goes well together, trust us!

Melon-1606061 1280Image by Mogens Petersen from Pixabay

3. Ceviche

Is there any dish out there more refreshing and vibrant than ceviche? Featuring raw fish that's been marinated in a light and tangy juice, you'll appreciate the the way the acidic flavours burst in your mouth. It's best enjoyed during summer when you just want something cool and not heavy.

Ceviche-639900 1280Image by Pilar Fernandez from Pixabay

4. Summer Rolls

Summer rolls (also known as salad rolls) have a chewy exterior thanks to the rice paper, but a filling interior that's made of fresh vegetables, herbs, and a protein of your choice. Dip it in a complementary sauce made out of hoisin and peanut butter and you've got a light and healthy meal that's great for any summer dinner.

Food-5298932 1280Image by Светлана from Pixabay


5. Mango Sorbet

Fruity, cold, and sweet, mango sorbet makes the best of summer fruit and icy cold goodness. This sweet treat is everything you want in a refreshing summer dessert that'll cool you right down. It tastes best when it's made with simple ingredients - we want the mango to be the star of the show!

Scoop Of Mango Lime Sorbet (3474865544)Joy on Wikimedia Commons

6. Grilled Vegetable Platter

The moment summer comes around, it means it's also time to bring out the grill. And when you're all set to cook, we recommend grilling up the meanest vegetable platter that's full of the best seasonal veggies. We're talking bell peppers, zucchini, eggplant, and so much more. Not only does the dish scream summertime, it's a healthier option too.

1280Px-Grilled VegetablesSalimfadhley on Wikimedia Commons

7. Greek Salad

Simple yet so refreshing to enjoy, Greek salad combines the best of cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, and feta cheese, all tossed in a simple and light dressing. There's nothing super special about this dish, but its simplicity is where it shines best. 

Food-3337621 1280Image by Julia from Pixabay

8. Peach Caprese Salad

Ever thought of combining juicy peaches which shine in the summer with a simple salad like Caprese? Well, here's your inspiration to try it. The freshness of the peaches goes so well with the flavours of the Caprese, bringing a bit of extra sweetness to the dish. There's a nice summery feel to it when peaches are added in!

Caprese-114028 1280Image by Bettina Schöbitz from Pixabay

9. Lemon Basil Pasta

When summer hits, we typically want lighter, more fresh tasting dishes that encapsulate the brightness of the season. That's why lemon basil pasta is a winner. It's light and zesty, delivering tons of flavour despite its simple preparation. Now that's a satisfying summer dish that'll cool you down from the heat.

Pasta-2358540 1280Image by Bernadette Wurzinger from Pixabay

10. Berry Fruit Tart

Desserts in the summer should be tangy, light, cold, and refreshing, and a berry fruit tart can give you the best of all those worlds. Creamy custard, buttery pastry, and fresh berries all layered on top sounds like a dream, doesn't it? Not only will the colours pop and create the most beautiful presentation, but every bite will burst thanks to those berries that taste extra good in the summer.

Pie-5133105 1280Image by Blandine JOANNIC from Pixabay


11. Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl

Poke bowls have become a hit across the country and for good reason too. The combination of all the different toppings paired with the rice and raw marinated fish is to die for! And in the summer, it's a healthier option that tastes refreshing and filling too. Perfect for any hot weekday night.

Poke-Bowls-Salmon-5420879 1280Image by Anna Jurt from Pixabay

12. Cold Soba Noodle Salad

While the idea of cold noodles might not sit well with you at first, just give it a try and you'll see why it's so addictive. A soba noodle salad is just the refreshing dish you need to cool you down, and with toppings like cucumber and scallion which are also light and fresh, the entire dish will definitely satisfy you.

Cold-Soba-6546406 1280Photo on Pixabay

13. Coconut Rice with Mango

Summer reminds us of beach getaways and tropical adventures, which is why tasting those flavours feel especially right during this season. And what better dessert is there than coconut rice with mango to bring those feelings out? Creamy, coconuty, and juicy, this dish is a deliciously light dessert that'll finish off any meal on a good note.

Mango-545222 1280Image by Jason Goh from Pixabay

14. Classic Vanilla Ice Cream

Sometimes, we have to go down the simple route we know and love best. And in the summer, that's ice cream. Specifically vanilla! Whether you're grabbing a cone from McDonald's, buying a bucket from the grocery store, or making your own at home, there's nothing like the sweet and cold taste of ice cream in the summer. Kids and adults alike enjoy it!

Ice-Cream-2104979 1280Image by Anthony Cheung from Pixabay

15. Shrimp and Avocado Cocktail

Shrimp and avocado? Just say those words and we're down! When it's all served together in a delightfully tangy cocktail sauce, the flavours just mix so well together, resulting in a refreshing appetizer that's a great way to start off any meal. Works great as a light snack too!

Shrimp-Cocktail-6645338 1280Image by Daniel Soto from Pixabay

16. Frozen Yogurt Bark

For a healthier dessert option, consider freezing some thinly spread yogurt to create a cool and creamy snack to help you get through those hot days. You can even top it off with some ingredients of your preference, like fruits, nuts, or seeds that give it some extra flavour and texture. It's so easy to pack for a picnic or outdoor getaway too.

1024Px-Yogurt BarkOatmealover on Wikimedia Commons


17. Prosciutto-Wrapped Melon

Okay, hear us out. While meat and fruit don't sound like they would pair well together, prosciutto and melon somehow works. The sweet, juicy meat of the melon complements the salty flavour of the proscuitto, creating an appetizer so tasty, it'll convert all the skeptics easily.

Prosciutto With MelonPen Waggener on Wikimedia Commons

18. Gazpacho

Fun to say and even more fun to eat in the summer, Gazpacho is a Spanish soup that is, yes, cold. If you're wondering how a soup could ever not be hot, you've got to try this to understand. Primarily a blend of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and onions, each sip is a punch of flavour that'll bring you back to life during any heat wave.

Tomato-Soup-2288056 1280Image by Ирина Кудрявцева from Pixabay

19. Homemade Fruit Popsicles

Popsicles are so easy to make, making them the go-to icy dessert that families love to have on hand during the summer. Just blend your favourite fruits together with a bit of juice or yogurt to create that fresh and creamy taste we love in storebought popsicles. You can combine whatever you like, meaning the possibilities are endless. 

Popsicle-1482976 1280Image by Aline Ponce from Pixabay

20. Fresh Fruit Platter

Let's keep things simple for a moment; not everything always has to be complicated! There's nothing like a fresh fruit platter to keep you hydrated and refreshed. They're great for picnics, beach outings, or simply out back on the patio. You can have an array of your favourite summer fruits, from watermelon to mango and kiwis, creating a healthy snack option you'll never be disappointed with.

Fruits-5133300 1280Image by Alon工作室 from Pixabay