Rick Ross Has An Insane Car Collection

Rick Ross Has An Insane Car Collection

The average car enthusiast may use their hard-earned cash to purchase one luxury car in their lifetime. If not, they'll probably have to settle for the convenience of an economical vehicle that is good on gas or the soccer mom mini-van to seat the entire family on road trips. And others are a part of the affluent members of society and can afford just about any car they could dream of_here's a look into rapper Rick Ross' insane car collection.

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The Biggest Boss

Ross also known as "the biggest boss," is not only a rapper but the record label CEO of Maybach Music Group, an entrepreneur, and mogul. Hailing from Miami, Florida, where opulence is a lifestyle, Ross tends to acquire all things in extreme excess. He owns one of the largest estates in Georgia, sitting at 400-acres (the house used to film Coming To America 2) and, his car collection follows suit.

He has a profound appreciation for classic American cars and has added over 100 vehicles to his collection throughout his career.

The Classic Collection

In a recent Instagram video post, he displayed an introduction to his prized possessions showing only 12 of his rare vehicles. He has multiple second-generation Chevrolet Bel Airs including his custom red 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air, trucks like the 1980s Chevrolet C/K, Rolls Royces and of course Maybachs.

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He's turned his love for cars into just one of his business ventures, which he upholds by others paying large amounts of money to take pictures with his rides and even rent them for occasions. But rest assured, Ross owns every car showcased on his property and was recently interviewed by his car-collecting rival late-night show host Jay Leno.